B&B Twins Downgraded to Recurring
Posted Thursday, November 17, 2005 11:40:41 PM

Would you recast the roles of B&B Steffy and Phoebe?
 Yes. I wasn't all that impressed with the Hoovers in these roles.   40% 
 No. I am not really all that interested in Steffy and Phoebe.   22% 
 Yes. I think aging the roles will make them a little more interesting.   14% 
 It doesn't really matter to me what B&B does with these roles.   13% 
 No. I thought that the Hoovers were doing a fine job as the twins.   10% 
 Other   0% 

A spokesperson for The Bold and the Beautiful confirms to Soap Central that twin actresses Addison and Alex Hoover (Phoebe and Steffy Forrester) have been taken off contract with the show.

The roles of Steffy and Phoebe have been recast several times over the past few years in an attempt to age the characters for storyline purposes. Simply put, there are more storylines available to teens than there are to small children.

Since January 2004, six actresses - three per role -- have held down the roles of Phoebe and Steffy. Chandler and Jordan Mella joined the show in late January and were replaced in March. The following month Keaton and Kylie Tyndall took over the roles. The Hoovers landed their roles in April 2005 as contract players, the first actresses to hold down the roles as contract parts.

While it would seem that the downgrade to recurring means that there will be less story for Phoebe and Steffy, backstage buzz hints to the contrary. There is buzz that the show is actually seeking out new actresses to take over the role. If that happens, expect it to happen sooner than later. Further buzz hints that the recast will help "age" the characters by a few years.

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