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Sally's forward behavior and Dr. Escobar's ''coincidental'' hobby raised Flo's suspicions about Sally. Wyatt laid down platonic boundaries for his lovelorn roommate. Quinn gloated as Brooke pined for Ridge, who deepened his relationship with Shauna in Las Vegas.
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Flo became increasingly suspicious of Sally and Dr. Escobar
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Sally bargains with Wyatt for their future Sally bargains with Wyatt for their future
Monday, April 6, 2020

At Forrester, Steffy was with Zoe. Steffy was eager to get the fall collection going, but she said things were still up in the air. Zoe mentioned that she'd had a meeting with Ridge, who'd gone out of town suddenly. Steffy didn't know what was up with her father or when he'd be back, but she did know that he was adjusting some of Sally's designs for couture.

Zoe said that would be special for Sally. Steffy looked surprised, and Zoe conveyed that she'd just heard. Sad, Zoe and Steffy agreed that it was hard to imagine the prognosis for the invincible Sally.

Zoe asked how long Steffy had known. Steffy revealed that it had been awhile, and she was thankful that the truth was out. Zoe remarked about Wyatt's living situation, and Steffy said Flo had gone above and beyond. Zoe questioned whether it was a bit much.

Steffy asked what that meant. Prefacing that she didn't want to be insensitive, Zoe wondered if it was necessary for Sally to live at Wyatt's place. Steffy said it had been Flo's idea, but Zoe conveyed that pushing Wyatt and Sally together might be a mistake for Flo. Noting that Sally was dying, Steffy asked what harm there could be.

Zoe wondered why Sally's family wasn't stepping up, and Steffy assumed that Sally hadn't wanted them to know. Zoe felt that it was all a lot for Flo and Wyatt to deal with. Sensing that Zoe's concern was for Flo, Steffy insisted that Sally knew that Wyatt was happy with Flo.

Zoe figured she might be overreacting. It was just that she'd spent a lot of time with Sally and knew how much Sally adored Wyatt. Steffy stated that Flo knew that, and it was why Flo had been so supportive. Steffy added that Sally didn't have much time left and asked why Sally shouldn't spend the rest of her life with Wyatt.

As the conversation went on, Steffy admitted that the situation with Wyatt, Flo, and Sally was unusual. Zoe asked if Steffy was saying Zoe wasn't crazy for worrying about Flo. Steffy claimed to have never said that. Steffy just hadn't realized how close Zoe and Flo were. Zoe didn't consider herself and Flo to be close, but they had bonded over what Reese had put them through.

Zoe was happy for Flo and Wyatt. Steffy assumed that Zoe felt that Sally's living with Wyatt could jeopardize that relationship. Zoe didn't want to sound inconsiderate, and she did want the best for Sally. Steffy figured that Flo and Wyatt weren't thinking of themselves. They were thinking of Sally, and that was what they all should do. Steffy believed that Flo and Wyatt could help Sally even more, since there were no more secrets.

At Flo's apartment, Wyatt and Flo discussed the possibility of Sally getting treatment. From what Wyatt knew, there was no treatment, and it was weird that Sally hadn't gotten a second opinion. Flo said there had to be something to buy Sally more time, and it didn't seem like Sally to not fight. Wyatt reasoned that they couldn't really put themselves in Sally's shoes.

Wyatt received a message that Sally wanted him to return. Flo decided that it was fine because she wanted to pay a visit to Dr. Escobar.

At Wyatt's house, Sally and Penny went rounds about exposing the truth about Sally's illness. Sally insisted that Penny stay focused, but Penny didn't believe she could continue the lie.

Sally sent a message on her phone and received one back. She told Penny that Wyatt was on his way, so Penny had to get out of there. Sally was sure someone would instantly know what was up the moment they saw the look on Penny's face. Penny urged Sally to end the charade. Sally asserted that she would win Wyatt back and have the future Flo had stolen from them.

Later, Sally smeared on more pale foundation from her compact and set cushions on the floor in front of the fireplace. Wyatt arrived, and she meekly welcomed him home. She asked if Flo had received her flowers. Wyatt affirmed it but said Sally hadn't had to send them. Looking around at the wine and candles, he asked, "What is all this?" Sally replied that she'd wanted to surprise him. It was amazing to him, but he didn't want her overexerting herself.

It hadn't been taxing for Sally. She didn't know how many nights she had left with Wyatt, and she'd wanted to do something fun. Wyatt felt that he was supposed to be waiting on her. She asked him not to worry and remarked that she'd been feeling pretty good that day. Wyatt was worried about her every second and said it wouldn't change.

Sally called Wyatt wonderful. She said Flo was, too -- wonderful and generous. Sally was soaking up every moment with him. It was like the old days. "I really miss that," she uttered.

Sally offered to pour some wine, but Wyatt took the wine bottle and glass from Sally's trembling hands and declined. She was sorry she'd made him uncomfortable with her talk about the past. He said she hadn't and didn't ever need to apologize.

As Wyatt helped her sit on the pillows by the fire, Sally said she'd meant it when she'd said she missed him. His care and concern made things more bearable for her. He stated that he was there because he cared about her, and Flo cared, too. He asked Sally to say that she'd seek treatment. Sally murmured that she couldn't.

Wyatt exclaimed that Sally was a fighter. He urged her to fight the thing. Sally noted that people kept telling her that. He believed it was because people knew it was true. Sally found it ironic that people started treating her better upon learning that she was sick. It blew her mind that she'd been on the verge of being fired, but suddenly, her designs were a part of couture at Forrester.

Citing her new situation with Wyatt, Sally said that the gestures, as genuine as they were, had only happened because she was dying. With a nervous laugh, he said it wasn't true, but she persisted, saying she wouldn't be with him or have the opportunities otherwise. It was just a fact.

Wyatt tried to convince Sally that people cared about her. He said people took others for granted, but in times of trouble, they banded together. He asked her to say she'd seek treatment or get a second opinion. "Maybe if I had something to fight for," she replied, adding, "Maybe if I had you."

Sally didn't mean to put "this" on Wyatt, who was with Flo. Understanding how she felt, Wyatt urged Sally to just try to be the fighter they knew she could be. Sally was aware that her stupid slip of the tongue was the reason they weren't together anymore. Wyatt said it didn't matter.

Insisting upon discussing it, Sally said she'd messed things up by calling Wyatt by his brother's name. Even though she and Liam had had a moment in time, that was all it had been. Liam was with Hope, and Sally was with Wyatt. Sally stated that Wyatt wanted her to fight. She'd fight to the end for Wyatt. She'd fight for a future with him.

Sally sobbed that she loved Wyatt. She didn't expect him say it back. Wyatt reasoned that just because he couldn't say it the same way didn't mean she had to give up the will to fight the disease. Sally didn't want to put it on the generous and patient Wyatt and Flo. Sally said he'd already been "so generous" with his heart, time, and home, and she didn't deserve him.

Wyatt told Sally that she deserved everything. Crying, Sally conveyed that she'd thought they'd have more time. She hated the thought of losing him forever, but she wanted him to remember the connection they'd had from the first moment he'd invited her to stay with him.

A montage of memories from Wyatt and Sally's time together played on the screen. Wyatt snapped out of his thoughts. Sally said that Wyatt wanted her to fight, and she wanted him to fight for them, for what they'd lost, and for what they could still be for as long as it lasted.

Touching his hand, Sally said Wyatt was the man she was put on earth to be with, and she couldn't believe she'd allowed herself to lose that. She wanted it back. She wanted another chance. She vowed to seek treatment and do what she could to prolong her life because she wanted him back. "I want you back," she uttered.

In Penny's office, Penny was sketching a design but stacked files on it when Flo arrived. Flo introduced herself as a friend of Sally Spectra and expressed worry about her. Flo doubted that the doctor could divulge any confidential information, but there were things about the case that Flo couldn't accept. Flo had a hard time accepting that treatment wouldn't help, and she wondered if there was any way that the doctor could convince Sally to seek help.

Penny told Flo that Penny and Sally had extensively discussed the matter, and Sally knew where Penny stood. It didn't add up to Flo, who didn't think Sally was one to just give up. Flo didn't know why Sally wouldn't do everything she could to save herself. Penny agreed that Sally was tough -- and stubborn -- and was hanging in there for as long as she could.

Flo asked about possibilities like a test or clinical trial or if there was anything the doctor could do to get through to Sally. Flo reasoned that Sally wouldn't listen to those around her, but Flo was sure that there was something Dr. Escobar could convince Sally to try. Penny said she couldn't force a patient to make the right decision, and Sally had to do it on her own.

Flo stated that she didn't even know what Sally had. Flo asked if it was a tumor or cancer. Penny said she couldn't reveal it. Doing so was against regulations. Flo had thought it had been worth a shot to ask. Apologizing, Penny said she was obligated to keep her patients' cases confidential, and she had to ask Flo to leave. Penny wished she could talk about it, but there was nothing more that she could do.

Wyatt sets Sally straight about his feelings Wyatt sets Sally straight about his feelings
Tuesday, April 7, 2020

During the evening at Forrester, Steffy was surprised to see Katie working at the table in the office. Katie said she wasn't going to slink away and hide. Steffy wouldn't blame Katie if Katie actually wanted to do that. Katie revealed that she and Bill were living apart. She didn't know what the future held, but she had work to do on the new couture campaign.

Katie asked if they'd do a slow build-up or quick announcement about Sally's role in couture. Steffy didn't think they could take anything slowly with Sally, who might not be around to see it.

Steffy said that Zoe knew about the illness and had expressed her concerns about Wyatt and Sally's living arrangement because Wyatt and Sally had loved each other. Katie said that love hadn't kept Wyatt from returning to Flo twice. Steffy reasoned that the stakes were higher, but Katie stated that there was no reason for Zoe to think Wyatt would return to Sally. Hating to be blunt, Katie added that the truth was that Sally would soon be gone.

It was hard for Katie and Steffy to accept that Sally was dying. Steffy recalled having no use for the design-stealing Sally at first. Katie remembered that time and asked what had changed. Steffy had gotten to know Sally and had realized that Sally was vulnerable and easily hurt.

Katie wished she and Sally could have been real friends without the thing looming over them. Steffy said the illness made people realize they needed to pay attention and tell people that they loved them before it was too late. Katie thought it was huge that Ridge and Steffy had helped Sally preserve her image as a designer. Steffy was glad Katie had told them in time.

It made Katie happy to see others rally around Sally. Emphasizing Wyatt and Flo's contribution, Steffy said Sally wouldn't have the time with Wyatt if Flo hadn't given her blessing. Katie was glad that Steffy was starting to realize what an amazing person Flo was.

In Penny's office, Flo persisted in trying to get answers about Sally's illness and disposition regarding treatment. Penny conveyed that a patient had a right to refuse treatment, even if others didn't understand why. Wanting to help Sally in any way possible, Flo requested that Penny shed some light on it because it was so out of character for Sally.

Flo asked if Penny knew what was preventing Sally from seeking treatment. Flo didn't think Sally wanted to die and wondered why Sally wouldn't help herself. Flo apologized for making Penny uncomfortable. Penny claimed to be pressed for time.

Promising not to detain the doctor longer, Flo said there was a lot she and Wyatt didn't know to expect. They didn't know the end or how to prepare for it. Penny couldn't give Flo the answers she sought. Sally's illness wouldn't take a predictable course, and Penny was limited by confidentiality as to what she could say.

Flo didn't want medical details. She just wanted a roadmap to enable her and Wyatt to help Sally the best they could. Though Penny thought it was kind of Flo, Penny persisted in her stance, saying Sally would have to tell Flo and Wyatt what Sally needed. Flo expressed that Sally was living with Flo's boyfriend, and Wyatt and Flo were invested in "this." Flo asked if Penny, without breaking rules, could say whether Sally was hiding something that she didn't want them to know.

Penny understood that Wyatt and Flo wanted to ease Sally's transition, but Flo was asking for information Penny couldn't give out. Penny asked Flo to excuse her. Penny lifted some files, revealing the sketch that was under them.

Flo saw the sketch on the desk and said it was beautiful. Flo asked if Penny had sketched it. Penny said she'd done it. She sketched in her spare time and loved fashion. Flo asked if Penny knew that Sally designed for Forrester. "Yeah, she mentioned that," Penny replied, shrugging. She thanked Flo for coming and apologized for not being of more help.

At Wyatt's house, Sally needed Wyatt and said he couldn't have forgotten what they'd been to each other. He claimed that he hadn't. She was determined to get it back and fight "like hell" for them. She'd seek treatment. She just needed him to say he'd go back to her.

Wyatt said he'd never deny what he and Sally had shared. She'd lit his world up. Sally replied that he was at least admitting that there had been love between them. He asserted that there still was. It was just different, and Sally could count on him and Flo for unconditional friendship. He clarified that he couldn't give Sally anything more than that.

Sally didn't believe that Wyatt could look at her and tell her that they were just friends. Wyatt replied that he could, and it was what they were. Sally insisted that love didn't vanish into thin air as if it had never existed. She knew that because she'd lived it with him. Through their ups and downs in the past, she'd never wavered. He uttered that he knew. He loved her, too, just not the way that she wanted.

Sally didn't believe it. Sally reasoned that Wyatt was being a gentleman because of Flo, but Sally knew that the feelings were still there. She guessed she had to settle for her knowledge of the feelings. She was just grateful to be in their home, happy and at peace. She wouldn't want her life to end anywhere else.

Wyatt said it might not have to be that way. He didn't understand why she wouldn't seek treatment. He asked why she couldn't fight for her life. Sally asked why she'd put her body through God knew what for no point. He wondered how she could say that. Sally explained that she'd do anything to fight if she knew there was something between them, but he'd made it clear that there wasn't. "Unless there is," she said and moved in to kiss him.

Wyatt let Sally move in on him, but suddenly, he flinched, turning his face slightly away from her. Sally recoiled and fought back tears. "Please don't be hurt by that," he stated. She shrugged, murmuring that it was fine, and he didn't have to say anything.

Wyatt felt that he did. In his view, the situation between the three of them was complicated, and they had to be on the same page. There had to be boundaries. Sally assumed he meant boundaries between her and him. "Yeah," he said in a breathy, affirmative tone. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her pain. He wanted her to be happy. He wanted to make her happy, but he couldn't let her confuse that desire and his compassion.

Sally said she kept going back to calling Wyatt by his brother's name. The stupid slip had caused "so much damage." Wyatt didn't want her to keep ruminating on that; it was over and no longer mattered. It did to her because it was the moment their relationship had changed.

Sally told Wyatt that it had been a mistake, she hadn't been feeling well, and she hadn't meant to hurt him. She wished she could take it back because it had caused him to believe that she'd been settling for him because she really had feelings for his brother. It hadn't been true.

Wyatt admitted that he'd reacted impulsively when it had happened. Sally wanted Wyatt to believe that, from the moment they'd met, she'd never wanted anyone else. She loved only Wyatt. "Always," she uttered. Wyatt pulled her into his arms for a hug.

Later, at Penny's office, Sally knocked on the door and hobbled in with her walker. She hadn't known where else to go. Penny said she'd thought Sally had had something special planned with Wyatt. Sally admitted that Penny wasn't the only one worried about the deception.

Sally had gone into the plan assuming that she'd have a breakthrough with Wyatt, and then Penny could find a "cure." Though Penny hadn't been around to see Sally and Wyatt together, Sally insisted that they had been a special couple. They'd loved and laughed. She could still see it in his eyes and hear it in his concern. She wouldn't be working the plan if she didn't think he still loved her. In her mind, he'd just gotten misdirected.

Urging Sally to listen, Penny said it wasn't working, and Wyatt and Flo were still very much together. Judging by Sally's emotional state, Penny could tell that nothing Sally had done that day had changed it. Penny asked if Wyatt had done or said something to hurt Sally.

Sally relayed that Wyatt hadn't on purpose. She revealed what had happened earlier with Wyatt. She guessed she'd misjudged the situation and had played her hand too soon because he'd told her that they were just friends. He'd pulled away when she'd tried to kiss him. Sally believed she'd let Penny get in her head when she'd needed more time.

Penny didn't know how much longer she could do it. Sally rasped that they'd had a deal, and she asked if Penny still wanted in at Forrester. Penny did. Sally asked Penny to help get Sally more time. Then they could end the lie and get out of the out-of-control situation they wouldn't be in if it hadn't been for Flo.

Sally admitted that it was getting out of hand. Penny urged Sally to tell the truth, but Sally believed that she was fighting for Wyatt and their love. Sally refused to lose the man she loved to that woman again.

Back at Wyatt's, Wyatt and Flo kissed, and Flo guessed they shouldn't do it with Sally around. Wyatt explained that Sally had left, and Flo noted that he was edgy. He revealed that Sally had opened up about her feelings and had tried to kiss him. He asked Flo not to worry because he wouldn't betray their relationship like that.

Wyatt conveyed that he'd told Sally that he'd always love her like a friend. He asked Flo what "that look" was. Scoffing, Flo said she'd talked to Sally and had thought Sally had understood "what this all was." Wyatt believed that Sally, facing her own mortality, was just emotional. He said he'd laid down the boundaries again.

Flo was glad about that. Wyatt went on to explain that when he pitched the idea of getting treatment, Sally had said she would -- if she had something to live for. "You," Flo deduced. Perturbed, Flo said Sally was making him a condition for life-saving treatment.

Wyatt hadn't seen it as an ultimatum. He described it as more like desperation. Flo didn't know which was worse. Flo didn't think it was fair to put Wyatt in such a position, and it certainly wasn't love, either. In her mind, it was emotional blackmail.

Quinn does damage control with Eric Quinn does damage control with Eric
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
by Nel

At Forrester Creations, Brooke left another voicemail message for Ridge. Donna entered the office and told Brooke that Ridge needed time because he was in shock over the video. Brooke hoped they could work through their issues before Quinn caused more damage. Donna didn't like what Quinn had done, but as much as she loved and supported Brooke, Brooke had allowed the kiss. Brooke expressed her regret for the kiss and said the moment had gotten out of hand. Brooke was adamant about getting through to Katie and Ridge, but Ridge and Katie had both shut her out.

Brooke said that if Ridge was with Shauna, then Shauna had taken advantage of Ridge with Quinn's help. Donna said the important thing was to get Ridge and Katie to forgive her. Brooke offered to go to Katie on Brooke's behalf. Donna said that Katie knew Brooke hadn't kissed Bill out of malice because it had happened many times before. Brooke thanked Donna for her support and understanding; however, she needed to get through to Ridge, but he was with Shauna.

Donna said that Brooke and Ridge had overcome many obstacles, and there was no reason to believe they couldn't get over this, as well. Brooke hoped Donna was right because she really loved Ridge. She said that she and Ridge had reunited after Thomas' downfall, but then the kiss had happened, leaving her and Ridge upside down again. Brooke said she hated that she'd hurt Ridge.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn asked Eric if he was still upset with her. Quinn stood her ground and said that she'd done Ridge and Katie a favor. Eric was floored and accused Quinn of deliberately sabotaging Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Quinn stated that the marriage was a sham. Eric countered that it wasn't a sham and that Brooke had made a mistake. Quinn accused Eric of constantly defending Brooke. She said that Brooke had been making out with Bill. Eric said that in spite of his history with Brooke, it didn't excuse Brooke for what she'd done, and he didn't excuse Quinn for exposing the kiss between Brooke and Bill.

Quinn told Eric she refused to apologize because she was sick of Brooke getting away with her bad behavior. She was sick of Brooke playing on everyone's sympathy, and Ridge especially should be happy about it. Eric said that Quinn should have gone to Brooke privately instead of showing the video to everyone. Quinn countered that she hadn't exposed Brooke to strangers -- it had been done in front of family.

Quinn understood that Brooke was the mother of Eric's children and that he would always support her, but she wondered what would have happened if the video hadn't surfaced. Eric asked if Quinn had been trying to save Brooke from herself, but Quinn said that hadn't been her intention and that Brooke was kidding herself if she thought she could fix things with Ridge. Quinn said she hoped that Ridge was with Shauna and that they were getting closer. Ridge would have a drama-free life with Shauna, and he would be a fool to ever take Brooke back.

At home, Shauna read the text message from Quinn, who asked how things were going with Ridge. She refused to respond. Ridge arrived and wanted to make a pact with Shauna that they wouldn't use their phones while Shauna showed him around the town. Shauna couldn't believe that Ridge had taken the time to fly to Vegas to be with her. She was still overwhelmed that she'd been in a private jet. She said she'd been nervous flying though the turbulence over the desert and apologized for squeezing his hand so hard. She claimed Ridge knew how to make a girl feel special.

Shauna told Ridge that she'd raised Flo in her home, and it had a lot of great memories. She said she could tell that Ridge was struggling, and she wished she'd never taken that video. Ridge said Quinn had made sure that everyone had seen it, but he pointed out that if she hadn't shown it, he wouldn't be with Shauna in Vegas. Ridge received another voicemail from Brooke. Shauna suggested that he call Brooke, but Ridge asked what he would say if he called her. He said he wanted to get to know Shauna, and she offered to show him the town.

Ridge told Shauna that her little house in the desert was an oasis to him, and maybe she was his oasis, as well. Ridge said he liked her little house, and he wanted to know more about Shauna and what made her tick. Shauna said that she had admired Ridge for years and had never believed that she would be sitting on her couch, talking to him. He said that anything could happen in Vegas, and he kissed her.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke was sending a text message to someone when Quinn arrived. Quinn told Brooke she was wasting her time if she was sending a text message to Ridge. Brooke asked what Quinn wanted. Quinn asked who Brooke wanted, Ridge or Bill. Quinn was certain it had been Bill all along. Brooke ignored her, but Quinn said she wasn't the villain. She hadn't been the one to betray her husband and sister for the umpteenth time. Brooke told Quinn that she wasn't giving up on Ridge and Katie.

With a look of absolute delight, Quinn told Brooke that Ridge was with Shauna and that Ridge had needed time away from Brooke. Brooke said Ridge needed time alone, but Quinn and Shauna couldn't help themselves. She said that as soon as they saw trouble, they swooped in. Quinn reminded Brooke that Ridge had left her. Brooke said that she and Ridge were taking a bit of time away from each other, but they would get back together. Brooke said Shauna would never be with Ridge because Brooke wouldn't allow it. Quinn said that Brooke had had many chances with Ridge and had thrown them away. Shauna would never let that happen.

Ridge and Shauna's adventure begins Ridge and Shauna's adventure begins
Thursday, April 9, 2020

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Katie was distracted from work by her thoughts of what had happened between Brooke and Bill. Donna entered, saying that no one would blame Katie for taking a day off. Katie preferred working to wallowing in self-pity.

Donna claimed to see right through Katie. Katie talked about how hard she'd worked to get over it in the past. She'd had therapy, and she'd finally been in a good place. Donna doubted that Bill and Brooke had meant for it to happen or to hurt Katie. Katie figured that they probably never "meant to," but it still happened. She wondered how they could do it to her and Will again.

Donna had reeled from the kiss, too, when she'd learned about it, but then Brooke had explained things to her. Katie asked how one explained and how kisses could mean nothing. Donna said it didn't have to mean anything. "It really doesn't," Donna emphasized.

Though Katie appreciated that Donna was trying to help, Katie had been burned too many times, and she had Will to think of. Katie had been making excuses for why Bill wasn't at home; however, she felt that Will was a smart kid who'd figure it out. Donna cited it as all the more reason to work it out. "Oh, Donna. Come on," Katie responded.

Donna realized that it was hard, but she urged her sister to think of Will and find it in her heart to forgive. Donna wanted Katie to live the life she was supposed to live with her family. Katie wished she could, but she thought that Bill and Brooke had finally pushed her too far.

At Brooke's house, Brooke left another message for Ridge. When she heard a knock at the door, she answered it. On her threshold was Bill, who said they needed to talk. Brooke asserted that he couldn't be there. She didn't want him there in case Ridge returned. "Are you really expecting him, Brooke?" Bill asked. Sighing, Brooke let him into the house.

Bill assumed that Ridge was lashing out. Brooke said it was worse. Guessing Ridge wasn't responding to Brooke, Bill reached out to her. She tensed, but he just patted her arm. He intended to be Brooke's friend, regardless of what anyone said.

Removing his hand from her arm, Brooke said she knew Bill was there to support her, but someone could see him there and misinterpret it -- even if it was innocent. She was paranoid that someone would even start recording them. Bill said she should calm down because he got what she was saying. She felt she couldn't calm down when her marriage was falling apart.

Bill noted that Ridge was angry and disappointed, but Bill didn't see a reason to think it was the end of Brooke's marriage. She asked why Ridge wasn't there, trying to work things out. She believed it was because she'd kissed the man he hated most in the world.

"No, no. It's because he's a child," Bill concluded. Ridge was a child who couldn't deal with it and had run off to make Brooke suffer. Brooke believed that she deserved to suffer, but Bill disagreed. Brooke was certain of it. She asked what she should expect after what she'd done. She asserted that Ridge saw it as the ultimate betrayal.

Fed up with the whole thing, Brooke decreed that she and Bill just had to stay far away from each other -- even if it was innocent. Nearing her, Bill responded that it was unrealistic because they were family. Brooke was adamant that it would stay that way. Brooke stated that Bill would have his "marriage," and Brooke would save her marriage with Ridge.

Later, Brooke was alone, ending a call with International. She clarified that she wasn't saying to expect Ridge, but she wanted them to direct him to call her if they saw him. A song with the lyrics "making destiny appear" played over Brooke's flashbacks of times with Ridge. Tearfully, Brooke asked where Ridge was.

In Las Vegas, Ridge and Shauna returned to her place. He hadn't known there was so much to do in the city. He'd been there before, but never with a local. Noting that he was eating like a local, she asked if the burritos hadn't been the best he'd ever had. Ridge wanted to have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day, but Shauna had other things planned for that day.

Ridge desired to see the boutique Shauna had worked in. Embarrassed to show him, Shauna said the store didn't stock anything close to Forrester quality. Ridge replied that he saw couture every day, and he wanted to see things through her eyes. She agreed to fit it in but remarked that the boutique wasn't on the way to the outlet mall.

"The what?" Ridge questioned. Shauna reminded him that he wanted to see Vegas through her eyes. Ridge stammered and affirmed it. She advised him to wear comfy shoes. Ridge received an alert on his phone. Assuming it was Brooke, Shauna offered him privacy to respond, but Ridge said he didn't want to talk to Brooke.

Shauna wasn't trying to be a therapist or trying to bring Ridge down, but she thought it might be a good idea for him to talk to Brooke instead of bottling up his feelings. Shauna didn't think he needed to pretend with her.

Claiming that he wasn't, Ridge explained that he'd deal with Brooke and her obsession with Bill at another time. In the meantime, Ridge wanted to learn about Shauna, have fun, and eat burritos. They'd have drinks and gamble if Shauna wanted, and he'd take care of things in due time. "But this time," he said cupping her elbows, "is for us."

Shauna couldn't believe that Mr. Beverly Hills wanted to know about her life in Vegas. Ridge said that it had been the burritos, and Shauna quipped that her mother had said that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Ridge said there was an easier way. It was by laughing and being in the moment. Shauna had filled his soul, and he thanked her for it.

Shauna told Ridge that he didn't know what it meant to her to have him look at her that way and say sweet things. She was "literally melting." He questioned that, and she told him that he knew what she meant. She was melting because he was the total package, James Bond without the violence. She'd admired him from afar for so long and had read the stories. She didn't know how she could not feel what she felt, since she was in his presence.

Shauna hoped she wasn't making Ridge uncomfortable. He wasn't uncomfortable. He said she'd told him before how she felt and with more than words. Shauna stated that the fantasy in her mind didn't compare to the man in front of her. It made "this" so much harder.

Ridge asked what Shauna meant. Citing that Ridge was still married, Shauna said she couldn't get carried away, and she had to protect herself. It was why she'd gone to Vegas. He assumed he'd messed it up by tagging along. She denied that he had messed it up, but as much as she wanted to fall into his arms and perpetuate her fantasy, she couldn't go there emotionally because he couldn't. He had a wife, life, and kids back in Los Angeles.

Ridge asked how Shauna knew what he was ready for. He didn't even know that himself. All he knew was that he was there with her. It felt right to him. She said it was because they were getting closer. Something had shifted, and it was no longer an innocent flirtation. It scared her. He didn't want her to be scared.

Gesturing around her, Shauna proclaimed that was her life: a tiny apartment, outlet shopping, and casino boutiques. It was where she felt at home, but he didn't belong. That was why she advised him to go back home to Brooke. He replied that Shauna thought that was where he'd end up, anyway -- back with Brooke. In Shauna's view, history leaned that way.

Ridge hoped Shauna was wrong. He wasn't there just because he wanted to have fun with her, break her heart, and go home. He agreed that things had shifted, and he said she wasn't the only one with feelings.

As Ridge kissed Shauna, Brooke was at home, tearfully glancing at photos and asking Ridge to return home.

CLASSIC EPISODE: Liam races to Paris to tell Hope that he loves her CLASSIC EPISODE: Liam races to Paris to tell Hope that he loves her
Friday, April 10, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, The Bold and the Beautiful opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode originally aired on March 23, 2017. In the episode, Liam races to Paris to tell Hope that he wants to be with her -- and Quinn pushes Ivy into the Seine. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1987.

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