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Shauna and Ridge's wild night in Las Vegas ended when Brooke had the Forrester pilot track Ridge down and fly him home. Wyatt asked Sally to move out, and Sally figured it was because of Flo. Finding her way onto Penny's laptop, Flo discovered shocking information about Sally.
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Shauna and Ridge's wild night in Las Vegas ended unexpectedly, and Flo discovered shocking information about Sally
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Wyatt is stunned Flo wants Sally to move out Wyatt is stunned Flo wants Sally to move out
Monday, April 13, 2020

In Las Vegas, Shauna and Ridge kissed. She couldn't believe Ridge had run off with her on his private jet. She was sure he hadn't imagined he'd be with her instead of with Brooke. Flashing back to seeing Bill and Brooke on video, Ridge replied that the reunion hadn't happened, and leaving Los Angeles had seemed like the right thing to do.

Ridge remarked that not every conversation had to circle back to Brooke. Shauna knew Brooke was on his mind, but he claimed Shauna had chased thoughts of Brooke away. Figuring that Vegas had a knack for distracting people, Shauna gave Ridge a teaser of one of the things she had in store for the evening. If Ridge was still up for going out after all the other activities she had planned, she intended to take him to dine where the famous Vegas chefs ate.

Later, Ridge wore a suit and buttoned his cuffs. Shauna donned a red dress with puffed shoulders. He asked where they were going. She asked who'd said anything about going out. He reminded her that she was taking him to see the local sites.

"There's local, and then there's local," Shauna said, showing him the drinks she'd set out on a minibar and motioning to the candles around the room. He asked what it was. Shauna announced that it was his own VIP room. She flipped on her sound system, and a club sensual instrumental song played. Yelling over the music, she asked if he wanted a drink.

Ridge asked what Shauna had. Shauna had "vodka, vodka, vodka," and more vodka. As she made him a double drink, he recalled the time he'd passed out while having drinks with her. She noted that nothing had happened. She'd just curled up next to him to sleep. He asked if she had a different idea for that night. She said the night was still young, and anything could happen.

Recalling their day, Shauna said things had gotten a little crazy when they'd been out. The attractive women around them as they'd explored the city had been thrilled to meet the celebrity Ridge Forrester. He was sorry if it had made her uncomfortable.

Shauna had thought it had been sweet, and she was sure the same thing would happen when they went out later that night. For that reason, she requested a moment alone with Ridge and one dance together before they headed out.

Ridge took Shauna into his arms. As they danced, they seemed to fight the temptation to kiss, and several times, Shauna diverted his wandering hands back to platonic places on her frame. Needing a breather, he stopped dancing and refreshed his drink.

Ridge thanked Shauna for helping him relax and have fun. She was glad it was working, and she liked letting him get to know her life there. He said she hadn't had to leave Los Angeles. She replied that she had needed to. He asked if she'd go back. Shaking her head, she said she wouldn't, but he would. Shauna believed that he'd make up with Brooke, and it would be painful for Shauna, who at least wouldn't be around to see it.

Ridge asked if Shauna would pick up where she'd left off in Vegas. Something had changed Shauna while she'd been in L.A., and she didn't think her life would be the same. She'd never imagined she'd meet an incredible man like Ridge. He'd made her want things she'd never thought she'd want.

Ridge figured that Shauna had never given her heart to anyone. Shauna hadn't, and she'd never met anyone that she'd thought about spending the rest of her life with -- "until now." Ridge put down his drink, cupped her face, and kissed her.

At Eric's house, Eric was sketching by the fireplace when Brooke arrived, anxiously wondering if he'd talked to Ridge. Ridge wasn't talking to anyone as far as Eric knew, and Eric wasn't surprised about that after what had happened. Brooke insisted that it had been a terrible mistake, and she loved only Ridge.

Eric supported Brooke's marriage, but he couldn't understand why she'd kissed Bill Spencer. Brooke didn't have an excuse. At the time of the kiss, Ridge hadn't been listening to her, and she'd felt frustrated and exhausted. Eric asked if she was saying she'd given in to Bill. Brooke said it hadn't been like that. They'd gotten caught up in a moment.

"You're saying it was mutual?" the confused Eric asked. Brooke claimed that she and Bill had instantly regretted it and that she would have told Ridge about it herself. She was sure they would have gotten past it if it hadn't been for Eric's wife. The problem had been that "damned" video, and Quinn had finally sabotaged Brooke and Ridge's relationship.

As Brooke spoke, she wasn't aware that Quinn had entered the living room and was leaning on the chaise chair closest to the foyer, listening to the whole thing. "Why would I need to sabotage your relationship when you already destroyed it?" Quinn asked. Quinn told Brooke to stop blaming Quinn, because Ridge actually had left due to Brooke's unfaithfulness.

Eric attempted to convince Quinn not to "do this," but Quinn refused to let Brooke blame her when everybody knew what had really driven Ridge away. Brooke suggested that they discuss how the video had gotten onto the frame, and Quinn assumed Brooke was there to badmouth Quinn and cause her marital troubles.

Brooke said she was there to find Ridge. Quinn suggested that Brooke look elsewhere. Brooke declared that she could fix it. She just needed to talk to her husband. Quinn wondered if it had occurred to Brooke that Ridge didn't want to be found. Eric said he'd advised Brooke to give Ridge space. Brooke remarked that the last time she'd done that, Ridge had run into the arms of another woman. "You ran into Bill's," Quinn added.

Eric admonished Quinn because her statement wasn't helpful, and Brooke needed support. Affirming that she didn't need anything from Quinn, Brooke owned her mistake and accused Quinn of taking advantage of it to attack Brooke's marriage. Quinn said Brooke made it sound as if Quinn was out for revenge. Brooke said it was true and bitterly repeated Quinn's threat to make Brooke sorry for interfering in Quinn's marriage.

Eric stated that Brooke couldn't blame Quinn for Ridge leaving that time. Brooke asserted that she could, adding, "If Ridge is with Shauna, I can." Brooke pointed out that Quinn was thrilled that her best friend would have a second chance at Ridge. Brooke told Eric not to let Quinn fool him, and Brooke demanded that Quinn say where Brooke's husband was.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Flo kissed. Sally was at a doctor's appointment, and Flo thought it was strange that Sally hadn't asked Wyatt to accompany her. Flo was curious about how Dr. Escobar had seemed when Wyatt had met her. Flo's visit with Escobar had seemed off, as if Escobar had felt like she was being interrogated.

It didn't surprise Wyatt, who mentioned that doctors had to abide by confidentiality laws. Flo sensed it had been more than that. Escobar had been edgy and defensive, and Flo asked if he knew that Escobar was a "wannabe" fashion designer. Wyatt hadn't known that.

Flo found it strange that Escobar had been so cavalier about it when Flo had informed her that Sally was a designer. Wyatt reasoned that Escobar might have felt embarrassed to be a fashion fan when her patient was deathly ill. "She's not going to ask her to take a look at her portfolio," he concluded.

Later, Flo said she hadn't gotten any information from Dr. Escobar and was ready to start thinking about the next steps. Wyatt asked what Flo had in mind. Flo replied that it could be time for Sally to move out. Caught off guard, Wyatt reminded Flo that the living arrangements had been her idea. Flo replied that she no longer felt it was the right place for Sally.

Wyatt said he understood where Flo was coming from, and he missed her, too. He wished they could be working on their future, but Sally had gotten sick. Flo added that Sally was only getting sicker. Wyatt was in disbelief, but Flo repeated that it was time for Sally to leave.

In Dr. Escobar's office, Penny wondered how long the plan was supposed to continue. Sally couldn't believe she'd overplayed her hand by kissing Wyatt so soon. Penny felt that Wyatt wanted Sally to get better. Sally quipped that he just wouldn't give her a reason to heal. Penny decided that if "dying" wouldn't get Sally what she wanted, then it was time to end the charade.

Sally said they were in too deep to back out, but Penny asked if Sally cared what the act was doing to the people around her. "It has made them kinder, Penny," Sally asserted. It had made others realize how short life was and that they needed to all be good to each other. Penny asked about Wyatt. Sally responded that he loved her and had wanted to marry her before. In Sally's mind, Wyatt wasn't the problem -- Flo was, and they needed to just be careful.

Noting that she and Sally couldn't prepare for everything, Penny revealed that Flo had been there and had seen one of Penny's sketches. The matter concerned Sally, who hoped Penny hadn't revealed her desire to work in fashion. Dismissing Sally's worry, Penny said she'd totally downplayed it. Sally asked if Flo had bought it.

Flo hadn't seemed suspicious to Penny. Sally asserted that Penny could no longer talk to Flo, who wasn't Sally's friend. Sally advised Penny not to give Flo any information at all. Penny didn't believe Flo would unravel the scheme from seeing a drawing, but Sally warned her friend not to let the green-eyed blonde fool her. Sally insisted that Penny couldn't trust Flo.

Penny said that if Sally felt that leery of Flo, then Sally should leave town and lay low for a while. "And just hand Wyatt back to her?" Sally asked. Sally declined that option, but Penny said Sally could get "cured" while away and return to really fight for Wyatt.

Sally was adamant that there would be no cure until she got Wyatt back. There would be no miracle remission or lab mix-up. Though she wanted it over with as much as Penny did, Sally couldn't break Wyatt away from Flo if Sally was off in an imaginary facility. Sally needed to be as close to Wyatt as possible, and she refused to leave town.

Drunk, Ridge and Shauna stumble upon a chapel Drunk, Ridge and Shauna stumble upon a chapel
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

At Eric's house, Eric had gone to bed, and Brooke bet it was because he'd grown tired of Quinn. Quinn quipped that she at least knew where her husband was, unlike Brooke. Brooke claimed that Ridge just hadn't gotten back to her yet. "Well, duh. Maybe that should tell you something," Quinn quipped and said Ridge didn't want Brooke to find him.

Quinn suggested that Brooke give Ridge some space. Brooke claimed to be doing that but needed to know that he was okay. Quinn responded that he was an adult and had been through it with Brooke a thousand times. Brooke just wanted to hear from her husband.

Quinn advised Brooke to spend time apart from Ridge. "You know, Brooke, it's not going to kill you to be alone," Quinn snapped. Brooke figured that Ridge wasn't alone; he was with somebody, and she and Quinn knew who the somebody was. Brooke assumed that Quinn loved the thought of her best friend with Brooke's husband.

"It's not my fault," Quinn responded. Brooke insisted that it was all Quinn's fault, and Brooke contemplated having Shauna arrested for trespassing on private property. Quinn replied that nothing would change what Brooke had done, no matter whom she blamed. She wondered why Brooke had chosen Ridge's number one enemy, who was also "practically Katie's husband."

Brooke roared that she hadn't chosen Bill, and nothing had happened between them. Quinn concluded that Brooke would have to own up to her betrayal of Ridge. Brooke claimed that it was just a minor setback for her and Ridge, and she demanded that Quinn say where Ridge was. Quinn guessed he was somewhere detoxing from Brooke's drama.

Brooke figured that Quinn was obfuscating matters to protect Shauna. Quinn replied that Brooke had been the one who'd chosen to kiss Bill. Asserting that she'd made a mistake, Brooke was sure that Quinn had made her fair share, too. Quinn claimed she wouldn't treat a sister, if she had one, the way Brooke had treated Katie.

Brooke vowed to find Ridge and make sure he understood that she was committed to him. There was nothing Shauna or Quinn could do to stop Brooke.

At Brooke's house later, Brooke called Ridge's pilot, Nat, to find out where Ridge was. Nat said he wasn't supposed to reveal that information. Brooke said it was urgent, and Nat revealed that Ridge was in Las Vegas.

Brooke asked if Ridge had been alone or if he'd had a companion named Shauna Fulton. Nat sighed. Brooke grimaced, figuring it was true. "Look, Nat. You're gonna have to find Ridge and bring him home," Brooke instructed.

In Las Vegas, Shauna stated that she'd never imagined wanting forever until meeting Ridge. She figured it was too much too soon because of his complicated life, but she would have regretted not telling him what he meant to her. Ridge was glad that they were there together.

Shauna freshened Ridge's drink. Seeing his far-off look, she assumed that he was thinking of Brooke and Bill again. Ridge couldn't shake them. Shauna asked if it was possible that he loved Brooke too much. Ridge began stammering. He didn't really understand the question.

Shauna noted the tumultuousness of Ridge's relationship with Brooke. "But it wasn't all bad," Ridge reasoned. He said there had been great moments, too. He asked if she thought he was addicted to Brooke. Ridge didn't know the answer, and he didn't know why Brooke "can't not be with Bill." Shauna wasn't sure a relationship should be that much of a struggle. She asked if he really wanted to keep living his life that way.

Changing the subject, Ridge said Shauna had held his hand through his problems long enough. He wanted to have fun in Las Vegas. Shauna cracked a joke about having sweaty hands and asked if he knew that she'd tried to be a stand-up comic. Ridge didn't think she was that funny.

Ridge was drawn to Shauna because of her optimism and sense of adventure. "So, come on. Show me what you got," Ridge challenged her. He wanted to see the best of Vegas "with the best of Vegas." She said, "Let's do it."

Ridge and Shauna soaked up the Vegas nightlife in a montage of glitzy scenes. They took taxis from place to place and never seemed to have an empty glass. Eventually, the inebriated pair stumbled in front of a neon-lit chapel. Ridge spun her around, and they kissed.

At Dr. Escobar's office, Sally wanted to get home to prevent Wyatt from spending too much time with Flo. Penny snapped that it was Flo's boyfriend, and Flo had been nice to let Sally live with him. Sally asserted that Flo was doing it to impress Wyatt, and Sally asked if Penny had forgotten that he'd been Sally's until Flo had stolen him.

It was out of control for Penny, who asked when they could stop pretending that Sally was dying. Sally reminded Penny of what she stood to gain, but it no longer seemed worth it to Penny. Sally refused to stop until she got Flo's claws out of Wyatt.

As Sally put on more makeup, Penny asked Sally to see the lengths to which she was going to be "sick." She asked how long Wyatt would keep falling for it. Sally claimed that Wyatt loved her and was being sweet. Penny believed it was because he thought Sally was dying. Sally insisted that she deserved to be with Wyatt, not Flo, who was pure trash.

Sally was determined to fake it until she got rid of Flo. Sally willed her hands to tremble, and Penny couldn't believe Sally was practicing that, too. Penny advised Sally to remember the lightheadedness and the dizziness, which had been brought on by stress. Sally thanked God that stress had been the only problem, but she'd been able to enhance the symptoms to sell the story that her life was almost over.

Persisting in her efforts to talk Sally out of the plot, Penny offered to make up a plausible story or cure. "Not yet," Sally said and asked if Penny still wanted to be in fashion. Penny didn't care about that any longer. She implored Sally to consider going away and returning cured -- or better yet -- telling Wyatt the truth. Sally asked why she should leave Wyatt. She said that Flo should leave, and Sally remained determined to make sure that happened.

At the beach house, Wyatt was shocked that Flo wanted the dying Sally to move out. Flo didn't want to be insensitive; however, she said they couldn't get Sally to seek treatment, and it wasn't a good idea for Sally to keep staying there. He didn't want to just kick Sally out, but Flo said that, after hearing what Wyatt had told her, she felt that Sally had had enough time with him.

Wyatt asked where Sally was supposed to go. Flo was willing to help Sally make other arrangements and was adamant that it had gone on long enough. He didn't get it. He'd been under the impression that Flo had wanted to help Sally. Flo had, but it felt like "a lot right now" to her. "Her living here, spending so much time with you, and her feelings for you -- I know you're trying to help her, but I can tell that it's taking a toll on you," Flo stated.

Wyatt agreed that it was taking a toll on him, but he didn't mind. Flo asked if it was strange that, for as long as Sally had left to live, Sally hadn't deteriorated at all. He asked what Flo was saying. Flo said it was only a matter of time, and they didn't know when the sickness would take a turn for the worse. Flo was concerned that Wyatt wouldn't be prepared to care for Sally properly when the time came.

As Wyatt thought about it, Flo reasoned that Sally should be in a place with medical professionals who were trained to care for her in the last days of her life. Flo uttered that it was time, he couldn't take care of Sally, and Sally needed to go. Wyatt feared that Sally would be devastated and feel abandoned, but Flo insisted that Sally needed more than he could give.

Wyatt asked if it was about Sally's attempted kiss. Flo looked away. He called her name. She said she didn't like that Sally was trying to guilt him into recommitting to her. Scoffing, he figured Sally hadn't been thinking straight.

Flo said it was possible, but the point was that Sally was deathly ill and would need hospice care. Flo asserted that Wyatt wasn't equipped for it, and neither was she. She figured Sally would need around-the-clock care. It was more than Flo and Wyatt could do. Flo asked if he realized that. Wyatt did. He'd been thinking about what to do it if got to that point.

Flo reasoned that the time could arrive sooner than she and Wyatt knew. Wyatt remarked that Sally seemed to be holding up well. Flo said Sally looked amazing for a woman at the end of her life. She figured that Sally might be around for a while, or the illness could take her down quickly.

Flo missed Wyatt and wanted things to go back to normal. She claimed to have Sally's best interest in mind. She didn't think it was healthy for Sally to live there when she wanted so much more than Wyatt could give. It wasn't fair to Sally. Flo knew that it would be hard. She knew he didn't want to do it, but he had to ask Sally to leave.

Wyatt and Flo ask Sally to move Wyatt and Flo ask Sally to move
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
by Nel

At Forrester Creations, Quinn was frustrated because someone hadn't responded to her text messages. Bill walked in. She said she'd known Bill would come after her. Bill asked if she'd had to expose him and Brooke to the family. Quinn said that the truth would set him free. Bill said that he and Quinn had been doing well avoiding each other. Quinn said that things didn't have to change, but Bill stated that Quinn wouldn't get off that easy.

Bill asked if Quinn had tried to destroy his and Katie's relationship, but Quinn said Bill had had nothing to do with the incident -- it had been about exposing Brooke's commitment to Ridge. Bill said he refused to let the kiss ruin his future with Katie. He said that moment would not be repeated. Quinn wished him luck. She claimed that Ridge wouldn't forgive Brooke because Ridge hated Bill, and Ridge had seen it as the ultimate betrayal -- hopefully the final one.

Bill noted that Quinn really had it in for Brooke. Quinn admitted she did. She said that Brooke had told Eric to get rid of her, and Brooke had had Quinn's friend Shauna thrown off the property. Bill accused Quinn of making the situation all about her. Quinn countered that it wasn't about her but about not allowing Brooke to disrespect her.

Quinn told Bill that the family needed to remember where Brooke had come from. Quinn said that she was the matriarch, and she needed to make sure the family remembered. Bill hid his chortle when Quinn referred to herself as the matriarch. Quinn said that her portrait was above the mantel, and she had every intention of erasing Brooke from her family . She'd make sure that Ridge ended up with the woman who deserved him.

Bill said that Quinn had had her fun. She'd accomplished her goals: she'd humiliated Brooke, and Ridge had been blindsided and hurt. He said it had included Katie, and that was unacceptable. Quinn said there wouldn't be a video if Bill and Brooke had kept their lips off each other. She said that if Bill really wanted to preserve his relationship with Katie, he needed to stay away from Katie's snake of a sister.

At home, Brooke watched as Ridge woke up, hungover. Brooke greeted him and said she was happy he was alive. She asked if getting out of town had been worth it, but Ridge claimed he wasn't sure. Brooke told him that she'd forced the pilot to reveal where he'd flown Ridge. She'd discovered that Ridge had been in Vegas with Shauna. She said the pilot had helped her bring Ridge home. Ridge claimed he didn't remember anything from the previous night. Brooke said it was the same situation as had happened at the Bikini Bar.

Brooke asked Ridge how they'd gotten so far off course. Ridge didn't know. Brooke stated that they were going to reunite. She knew that Ridge felt betrayed by her, and she admitted she had no idea why she'd kissed Bill. Perhaps it had been because she'd felt dismissed, and Bill had been there. She knew it wasn't an excuse.

Ridge said he wished Brooke hadn't kissed Bill -- Brooke said she wished she hadn't, either. Ridge asked her how she could kiss Bill, knowing how he felt about Bill. Brooke said she couldn't take it back. She knew that she'd broken Ridge's trust, but she said she wasn't going to give up until Ridge trusted her again. She believed they were meant to be together and that they were soul mates. She said she was really sorry the kiss had happened.

Ridge asked Brooke how many times they'd apologized to each other. Brooke admitted there had been many times, but they were together. She said that she wouldn't allow Quinn, Shauna, or her stupid mistake to come between them.

When Ridge was alone, he received a call from Shauna. She wanted to check up on him. Ridge admitted that he didn't remember anything after they'd left her apartment. He asked Shauna if he'd had fun. Shauna said she hoped he had. Ridge asked her when she would return to Los Angeles.

Shauna told Ridge that being close to him wasn't a good idea and that she'd slipped into self-preservation mode. She admitted she hadn't been subtle about her feelings for him. She admitted that she loved him, but she would cherish all the memories. Shauna said he was a beautiful man, and she wanted nothing but the best for him. Shauna said goodbye and disconnected the call. Ridge was upset.

At the beach house, Wyatt was on the phone with Flo, and they discussed whether asking Sally to move out was the right thing to do. Flo said Sally needed professional care, and at that moment, Sally had been using her condition as emotional blackmail. She reminded Wyatt that Sally had refused to fight for her life unless she and Wyatt reunited.

Sally entered the room, and Wyatt said they needed to talk about their future. He said he couldn't sit around and watch her die. He wanted her to reconsider medical treatment, but Sally said she wouldn't change her mind. Wyatt said that he couldn't just drop Flo and reunite with Sally. He said he couldn't be the reason Sally fought for her life because Sally's life was worth fighting for. He said she'd been given a month to live, and she'd beaten the odds. He asked Sally to do it for him and fight for her life.

When Flo arrived, Wyatt said there was something else they needed to address. Wyatt said he was grateful that Sally had spent the time with him. Sally said that Flo's generosity was humbling. Wyatt said that he and Flo had wanted to make things easy for her. Flo said it was time for Sally to move out. Wyatt said they'd had to look ahead because if Sally didn't want to receive treatment, down the road, they wouldn't be able to meet Sally's needs, and they wanted the best for her.

Sally told Wyatt and Flo that she was grateful. She said she was convinced she'd been doing better with their care and support, but she realized that they had put their lives on hold for her. Wyatt said that wasn't the reason Sally needed to move. He said she needed to find the best facility that could help her. Wyatt offered to help her find that facility. Flo said the facility wouldn't be required if Sally accepted treatment. Sally asked if she could stay with Wyatt if she received treatment.

Sally told Wyatt and Flo that it was too late for treatment, and she acknowledged that she'd overstayed her welcome. Wyatt tried to apologize, but Sally said there was no need for an apology. Flo could have objected to her moving in with Wyatt but hadn't, and she thanked Flo for that. She said that none of it would have happened if it hadn't been for Flo. Wyatt hugged Sally, and Sally glared at Flo over Wyatt's shoulder.

Flo is stunned by what she finds in Sally's medical file Flo is stunned by what she finds in Sally's medical file
Thursday, April 16, 2020

At Forrester, Quinn encountered Katie in the CEO's office. Katie figured that Pam hadn't warned Quinn that Katie was in there. Quinn guessed Katie was still upset about the outing of Bill and Brooke. Katie snapped that Quinn had torn Katie's relationship apart when Quinn had thrown a hand grenade into the middle of a family gathering, not caring about the collateral damage as long as Brooke had gotten her comeuppance. Katie wished Quinn had just stayed out of it.

Quinn asked how Katie thought she'd find out about Bill's unfaithfulness. Quinn was sure it wouldn't have been from him or Brooke. Quinn was sorry because, admittedly, she could have handled it better, but she said Katie shouldn't shoot the messenger. Katie asked if she should be grateful. Quinn thought it should count for something that Katie was no longer in the dark.

Katie received a business call, and after it ended, she curtly asked why Quinn was still there. Quinn wanted to make sure Katie understood Quinn's viewpoint. Katie acknowledged her understanding that Quinn had been playing God with Katie and Ridge's lives.

Quinn said she gave up, but Katie should still be grateful for having the truth. Katie conceded that she was grateful for that. She didn't want to be played for a fool. As bad as the kiss was, Katie had other things in her life that helped put it into perspective. Learning about the kiss hadn't been as bad as finding out that she'd die if she didn't get a kidney transplant. Katie wished Sally could be as lucky as Katie had been.

Quinn noticed one of Sally's designs on the table. Katie said Ridge had worked on it, too, and it would be in the couture collection. It was a shame to Katie that they wouldn't know how far Sally would have gone in her career. Sally's prognosis had been a shock to Quinn, too, and Quinn had heard that Katie had been the first to know about it.

Katie revealed that she'd been sworn to secrecy, but she'd known that many people would want to be there for Sally, especially Wyatt, who'd really been there for Sally. Katie remarked that he'd put his life with Flo on hold. "Talk about going above and beyond," Katie stated. Quinn asked if they knew how much time Sally had left, but Katie replied that no one knew.

Quinn figured that having her designs in the couture line had really given Sally a boost. Agreeing, Katie remarked upon Sally being on the precipice of losing her job. Quinn was sure it would have happened if Katie hadn't spoken up.

Katie said she'd felt that certain people had needed to know -- like Wyatt. He and Sally had meant a lot to each other, and Katie suspected that they still did. Quinn preferred Flo, but as much as she knew Wyatt loved Flo, Quinn could tell that he still cared about Sally.

At the beach house, Wyatt sought to ensure that Sally understood his decision. Sally said he didn't have to keep explaining. She knew what it was about, and it was okay. None of it was okay for Wyatt, who felt that Sally was too young and beautiful for it to happen to her. Sally quipped that he shouldn't say that around Flo, who'd get jealous.

Wyatt claimed that he and Flo wanted the same thing -- for Sally to be in a place where she'd be well taken care of. "I thought I already was," Sally replied. Sally decided that if it was what he really wanted, she might as well leave immediately, so it wouldn't be harder than it already was.

Sally hobbled on her walker, saying she'd pack and be gone before Flo got back. Wyatt didn't want Sally to be hasty. Sally was insistent because he and Flo had a future even if Sally didn't. He asked her not to "do that." He wanted to be there for her, and he would be. He just felt that a top-notch facility could offer her what he couldn't.

Sally understood that and said she'd gather her things, call a car, and be out of his hair -- and Flo's. As she hobbled away from him, he replied, "Sally, stop. You're not going anywhere." Sally grinned to herself.

Wyatt was sorry he'd upset Sally, and he offered to make her something to eat. Sally insisted that she would leave and said he'd put his life with Flo on hold for long enough. Insisting that it hadn't been about that, Wyatt said they needed to prepare for what would be next. "When there isn't any hope," she presumed. He stated that there was always hope.

Wyatt just wanted to be realistic because it was only a matter of time. He wanted Sally to be able to get the care she needed when the time arrived. Sally asked about the possibility that things wouldn't turn out as he planned. He asked what she meant.

Sally said no one could predict the future. Wyatt asked if it meant she'd get treatment. She insisted that treatment wasn't an option for her. She had no choice but to see it through. Wyatt desired to see it through with her and be right by her side. "You really do love me," she uttered.

Wyatt didn't know why it was happening to Sally, but he couldn't think about his world without Sally in it. He wanted to do everything he could for her, and Flo did, too. Sally figured that he was only asking her to move out because of Flo.

Wyatt was silent. Sally prodded him to be truthful, saying she wouldn't be upset with Flo. Sally asked how she could be when Flo had been wonderful to share him with Sally. He clarified that Flo didn't see it as sharing him, but Flo supported him spending time with Sally because Flo knew how important it was. "Just not important enough to have it continue," Sally murmured.

Wyatt was puzzled by why Sally wouldn't fight to give herself more time. He yelled that she was a fighter, and fighting was what she did. He didn't get why she was giving in. He didn't want to lose her. Sally didn't want to lose him, either, but she felt as if it was what was happening. She felt as if she was being shipped off to a facility to live out her last days.

"That's not true! We just want you to -- like -- " Wyatt started to say. Sally cut him off and responded, "'We' as in Flo, right? This was all her idea, wasn't it?" Sally asked. Wyatt tried to explain Flo's intention to get Sally the best care, but Sally believed there was more to it.

Diverting the focus to Sally, Wyatt stated that he'd always cherish her, and she'd be with him no matter where she was. Sally asked him to promise that, when it was all over, he'd remember all the amazing memories they'd made together. She asked him to remember the laughter and fun and forget everything else. She figured it was a lot to ask because of her screwups.

Wyatt urged Sally to stop talking that way. Insistent about it, Sally said that when she'd discovered her illness, she'd thought her mistakes had gotten pushed aside. She was thankful that the illness had made them closer. It made her love him even more. Leaving would be hard for Sally, but in her heart, she'd always believe that she and Wyatt should be together -- and would be if it weren't for Flo.

At the hospital, Flo paid Penny another visit. Flo claimed that she'd make it brief. She had a few more questions about Sally that she hoped the doctor could finally answer. Flo noted that Sally had been given a month to live but hadn't been deteriorating. Sally seemed paler and was using a walker, but other than that, there wasn't much of a difference from when they'd first found out. Flo asked if there was a reason for that.

Penny didn't think Flo needed to hear how HIPAA regulations worked again. Flo claimed to understand the regulations. She was just confused about Sally's condition. Penny explained that conditions progressed at different rates. Noting that Sally's condition was supposed to be extremely aggressive, Flo explained that since they'd learned about it, there hadn't been much deterioration or changes at all.

"Something you, as Sally's friend, should be grateful for. You are Sally's friend, aren't you?" Penny asked. Not answering the question, Flo said everyone was grateful for each day Sally lived, but it was hard to help Sally without knowing what she was dealing with. Flo asked if Penny could tell her anything without breaking her oath. Flo wondered if Sally had gone into remission or if something had changed to give her more time.

In Penny's silence, Flo sensed that Penny wanted to tell Flo something. Flo urged her to say whatever it was. Penny said she'd repeatedly told Flo that it was confidential. Flo wondered if Penny was being protective because she'd formed a relationship with Sally. Referencing Penny's sketches, Flo assumed Penny and Sally's interest in design had caused them to form a connection beyond doctor and patient.

Penny asked what Flo's point was. Flo responded that Penny seemed like a nice person who wanted to help Sally. She asked if Sally's loved ones deserved to know what was going on so that they could help Sally the best way they could. Penny reasoned that no matter how well-intentioned anyone was, there was nothing anyone could do for Sally, and the sooner Flo could accept that, the better.

Flo didn't think Penny understood the impact Sally had had on Flo's life. She said she and Wyatt were in love but had had to put their relationship on hold, and she, in fact, was the one who'd suggested that Wyatt ask Sally to move in with him. He'd expected to help Sally during the time she had left, but Sally's condition hadn't changed. In the meantime, Sally was growing more and more attached to the man Flo loved. As a result, Flo had told Wyatt to move Sally out.

Hearing about such a development took Penny by surprise. Flo stated if Sally's condition was as dire as it sounded, Sally would soon need intensive medical care that Wyatt couldn't give Sally, especially if "both of us" didn't know what she was dealing with.

Penny received a page and hurriedly excused herself. Alone in the office, Flo noticed Penny's open laptop. Flo closed the door and began typing Sally's name into a database on the laptop. "No...Oh, my God," Flo said as she read the screen.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ridge whisks Brooke away from Bill and tragedy strikes (2014) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ridge whisks Brooke away from Bill and tragedy strikes (2014)
Friday, April 17, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, The Bold and the Beautiful opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode originally aired on June 2, 2014. In the episode, after punching Bill, Ridge flees with Brooke into a waiting helicopter, not realizing that disaster was about to strike. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1987.

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