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Wyatt confronted Sally for lying to him about dying, and a worked-up Sally wound up passed out in the hospital. Detective Sanchez investigated and drew conclusions about Steffy's motorcycle crash. Steffy awakened in tremendous pain.
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Steffy experienced intense pain and Sally found herself hospitalized
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The Bold and the Beautiful did not air The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Monday, July 27, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage of the passing of Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air a new episode. In areas where news coverage concluded before B&B aired, episode #7909, which originally aired on August 22, 2018, was rebroadcast. In that episode, Thorne urged Katie to seek full custody of her son. A complete recap of that episode is available here.

There were no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Tuesday, July 28, and picked up where the Friday, July 24, episode concluded.

Ridge rails at Bill for hitting Steffy's bike Ridge rails at Bill for hitting Steffy's bike
Tuesday, July 28, 2020

At Wyatt's beach house, Penny was amazed that Flo had managed to pen the message on Sally's underwear. She figured Flo had done it when Sally had been unconscious. Sally was certain Wyatt would flip once he found out that she'd been lying to him. She'd wanted to tell him everything herself, but he'd run out too fast. He was probably with Flo by then.

Sally said she'd tried to convince Wyatt that Flo was fine and that he and Sally could have one more night together. He hadn't been interested in anything she'd had to say. "Now comes the fallout," Penny said. She braced herself to lose the medical license she'd never wanted and to face her parents. Penny also figured Wyatt and Flo would grow even closer.

Recalling how concerned Wyatt had been for Flo, Sally tried to remember if he had ever looked at her that way. Penny said Sally was a wack job, but she wasn't delusional. Penny believed that he had looked at Sally that way and that their love had been real.

Sally was amazed by how fast Wyatt had torn out of there. It was clear to her that he was solely in love with Flo. Penny asked what Sally would do next. Sally didn't know, but she wanted Wyatt to hear her side of things from her, not Flo. Sally had to try to make him understand -- if that was even possible.

At Sally's apartment, Flo announced that Sally wasn't dying -- or even sick. Wyatt was elated to hear that Sally wasn't really dying. "Wait a minute. You said she was lying?" he stated. Flo asserted that Sally had lied about everything and had made up the terminally ill story because, out of some sense of misguided love, she'd wanted to get back with him.

In disbelief, Wyatt recalled that Sally, who'd been as pale as a ghost, had been using a walker and getting worse by the day. Flo asserted that none of it had sat well with her, and that had been why she'd decided to see Dr. Escobar about Sally's condition. Flo claimed that Escobar had hidden behind doctor-patient confidentiality. "Which I get," Flo claimed; however, in Flo's mind, Flo hadn't asked for anything confidential or out of line.

Flo informed Wyatt about the design sketch on Escobar's desk and said Escobar had avoided talking about that, too. On Flo's second trip to Escobar's office, Flo had accessed Sally's records when the doctor had left the room. "It's just stress. She just has stress," Flo explained.

Continuing to fill Wyatt in, Flo said that, later, to test Sally, Flo had tossed a rubber snake on the floor. Sally hadn't been able to toss her walker aside fast enough to get away from it. Flo had also figured out that Sally had used makeup to make herself look sick. After some wrangling with Flo, Sally had finally admitted the truth, but Dr. Escobar had knocked Flo out before she could message Wyatt. "I woke up here, tied up," Flo concluded.

It was unbelievable to Wyatt. Flo explained Sally's belief that she'd still be with Wyatt if Flo hadn't stolen him away. Sally had been trying to get time with Wyatt to make him remember what they'd had, but once her plan had been exposed, Sally had attempted to get pregnant so that she could be tied to him forever. He had a hard time believing Sally could be capable of it. Flo replied that he only saw the best side of Sally. She said he only saw what Sally wanted him to see; however, her other side was manipulative and deceptive.

Calming Flo down, Wyatt said they could deal with Sally later. He wanted to know how Flo was. Flo was okay, thanks to Wyatt. They expressed love for each other and kissed.

As Wyatt and Flo turned to leave the apartment, Sally and Penny quietly entered. Wyatt stated that he knew the whole story. Sally replied that he couldn't know, not until he'd heard it from her.

Wyatt told Sally that he knew she didn't have a terminal disease. He'd been grateful to hear it, but he asked if she knew what it had been like to think she'd only had a few weeks to live. He thought he'd been watching her deteriorate. The Sally he'd known would never have done something like that to people who cared about her. He asked how she could have done it to "us," how she could have made everyone believe she'd been dying.

At the hospital, Ridge sat with Steffy in her room and uttered that anything less than her recovery was unacceptable. She had a daughter to raise, and he needed his daughter. He couldn't do "this" without her. "Come back to your dad," he said.

Dr. Finnegan arrived to check on Steffy again, and Ridge told his slumbering daughter that he'd be right outside.

In the corridor, Brooke told Bill that the accident was upsetting, but his erratic behavior was becoming troubling. She asked if he was okay. He yelled that he wasn't the one lying in a hospital bed, but he would be a better choice for it than Steffy.

Ridge emerged from Steffy's room, wondering how it could have happened. Bill murmured that it had been an accident, a terrible accident. Brooke hadn't realized that Steffy was still riding her motorcycle. Ridge reasoned that Steffy, possibly a little rusty, had lost her balance and fallen. Bill uttered that he could shed some light on it.

Just then, Detective Sanchez stepped off the elevator. He greeted Brooke and Ridge, and Ridge assumed the detective was there about the accident. Glancing Bill's way, Sanchez stated that he was hoping to talk to Mr. Spencer. Bill said he had nothing to hide.

Confused, Brooke asked what was going on. Sanchez suspected that Mr. Spencer could tell them what had happened to Steffy. Ridge asked what Bill knew about it.

Sanchez conveyed that EMTs had placed Bill at the crash scene. Affirming it, Bill said he'd called emergency services. Ridge assumed Bill had seen the accident. Bill stated that he'd been about to tell Brooke and Ridge just before the detective had arrived.

Bill explained that he'd been trying to get Katie's forgiveness, but Katie hadn't been able to give it. He'd then decided to spend some time with his granddaughter at the cliff house. "I was just driving along...And all of a sudden, she just came out of nowhere," the emotional Bill revealed.

Bill had tried to hit the brakes, but he and Steffy had collided. It had happened fast -- too fast for him to react. He swore that he would have done anything he could have had there been time. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," he choked out through tears.

"It was you? You plowed your car into my daughter's motorcycle?" Ridge asked. Bill exclaimed that it hadn't been like that and that Ridge knew Bill would never hurt Steffy. Bill loved Steffy and wished he could exchange places with her. He wished he'd never gotten into his car.

Ridge stated that Bill was the destroyer of lives and relationships, and all Bill thought about was himself. Brooke reasoned that Ridge knew that Bill wouldn't intentionally hurt Steffy. Bill wanted to see Steffy, but Ridge ordered him to stay away from her.

Ridge went back into Steffy's room. Upset, he told Steffy's sleeping form that she should be with her daughter but couldn't be because of Bill, who just took whatever he wanted. Apologizing, Ridge realized his talk wasn't helping Steffy.

Ridge decided to be positive because Steffy had work to do. He believed she could pull out of it because she was the strongest person he knew. He asked her to listen to his voice and let it guide her out of the darkness. He asked her to return home to him.

Slowly, Steffy's eyelids lifted. Groggily, Steffy uttered, "Dad?"

Sally confesses and collapses Sally confesses and collapses
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
by Nel

At the hospital, Bill explained to Brooke and Detective Sanchez that it had been an accident. He'd seen the bike and hit the brakes, but he hadn't been able to stop in time. Sanchez asked if Bill had seen Steffy before the accident, but Bill didn't believe he had. He said that neither one of them had been speeding, and it had happened "so fast." Bill said he wanted to see Steffy, Brooke suggested they wait until Steffy woke up to find out what she remembered. Sanchez asked if the view of the road had been obstructed. Bill said there had only been the bike that had appeared out of nowhere, and he had hit it.

Bill told Sanchez that he had stopped the car, run to the biker lying in the middle of the road, and then seen who it was through the visor. Sanchez didn't believe he needed to investigate because it was obvious that it had been an accident. He said Bill's statement would be included in his report. Sanchez suggested that Bill and Ridge find some common ground about the incident because he didn't want to return because of an altercation between them. Sanchez left.

Bill asked Brooke what was taking so long. Brooke said she'd seen the doctor enter Steffy's room earlier. Bill claimed he needed to know what was going on.

In her room, Steffy opened her eyes and saw Ridge. She asked what had happened and immediately asked about Kelly. Ridge assured her that Kelly was safe with Amelia. Steffy was in severe pain. Dr. Finnegan entered the room after Ridge had him paged. Dr. Finnegan asked when Steffy had regained consciousness. Ridge said only moments previously, she'd remembered that she'd been involved in an accident, but she was in a lot of pain.

Dr. Finnegan told Ridge and Steffy that as soon as she'd been brought in, they had checked her for head trauma and a spinal injury. He said that the tests showed that everything was okay aside from the serious contusions and abrasions. He said that x-rays still had to be taken, and he would arrange those immediately. Steffy informed the doctor that it hurt when she breathed. Dr. Finnegan suspected she might have broken a couple of ribs.

Dr. Finnegan returned a short time later and gave Steffy some pain medication through her I.V. He assured her that she would feel more comfortable shortly. Steffy became very drowsy

Ridge left Steffy's room and asked why Bill was still there. Ridge stated that Steffy was awake, and he made it clear that he wouldn't allow Bill to see Steffy. He said that Steffy was lucky to be alive. Bill apologized and admitted it had been his fault.

Ridge said that whenever Steffy was in pain, it was always Bill's fault. Brooke tried to defuse the situation by asking Ridge what Dr. Finnegan had said. Ridge said that there was no head trauma or spinal injury, but Steffy would require x-rays because she might have broken ribs. Ridge looked at Bill and said that every time Steffy moved, it felt like a knife in her chest. He said his daughter was in agony because of what Bill had done.

At Sally's, Wyatt was very upset that Sally had allowed him to believe she'd been dying, and he couldn't believe she would lie to him. He stated that Sally had known it hadn't been true, yet she'd kept up the lie. He asked if she'd been trying to get between him and Flo. Sally claimed she hadn't meant for everything to get so out of control.

Wyatt asked if Sally had meant to tell him she was dying and if that had been the plan from the beginning. He said the only way her scheme would have worked was if he had really cared about her. Sally claimed she believed he still cared for her, and she would have done anything to make him stay with her. She asked if Wyatt remembered how good things had been before Flo had taken Wyatt away from her. Flo interjected that she hadn't take Wyatt away from Sally -- Wyatt had chosen her over Sally. Sally said that she'd told Wyatt that she couldn't lose him and that she wouldn't let it happen. Wyatt said he'd never thought she'd go that far.

Penny told Wyatt that she'd told Sally that the plan wouldn't work, but Flo said Penny had gone along with the plan, anyway. Wyatt said Sally had fooled everyone, including Katie. Sally explained that when she'd been at the hospital, she had believed she'd really been sick. When she'd seen Katie and how worried Katie had been, even though Katie had barely known Sally, that was when she'd formulated the plan to win Wyatt back. It had been nice to have someone care about her. Flo asked why Sally had involved Katie.

Penny said that she'd kept Sally's diagnosis vague so that no one would follow up. Sally said she'd known that Katie wouldn't ask for details after Sally had asked her to keep it to herself. Sally had also known that Wyatt would want to be there for her and that Flo would be jealous and fight it. Wyatt said Flo hadn't been jealous. Sally said she'd take it all back if she could because she'd never wanted Wyatt to look at her the way he was looking at her at that moment. She said it felt worse than dying.

Wyatt said that Sally had taken advantage of their concern, and she'd manipulated them. Sally claimed she knew it was wrong, but she'd done it out of love. Penny told Wyatt that she couldn't defend what they'd done, but the way everyone had pulled together for Sally had been really beautiful, even if the diagnosis hadn't been real.

Wyatt said that his problem was that Sally had kept up the lie with the makeup and the walker. She'd developed a whole new persona. Sally claimed she'd thought Wyatt would get suspicious if she hadn't appeared to be getting worse. Wyatt yelled that they had been relieved that Sally hadn't been getting worse.

Sally claimed that Flo had wanted Sally out of Wyatt's life and his house as soon as possible. Flo had been terrible to her. Flo said she'd had to prove that Sally had been lying, and she'd never been terrible to Sally until she'd seen Sally's medical records. Sally had been diagnosed with stress symptoms.

Flo said she knew Sally was sorry, but it was only because she'd been caught. Flo said that she and Wyatt had cared about Sally, especially Wyatt. He'd been scared to leave Sally alone, especially with what she'd been facing. Flo said Sally had done all that for the man she'd claimed she had loved and hadn't been able to live without, but all she'd done had been to completely betray him.

Sally claimed it had been wrong, but she refused to be discarded again and asked why it was so easy for everyone to throw her away. She said that Wyatt had betrayed her first. He had proposed to her and said they would be together for the rest of their lives and that no one loved her more than he did, but he had left her.

Sally claimed that Wyatt had betrayed her when she'd been under pressure with Steffy's collection, her work situation, and the showdown. She'd had to prove herself over and over again, and she hadn't been able to handle it. She hadn't had anyone to turn to for help, and when Katie had given her so much compassion at the hospital, that was all she'd needed, a little consideration -- but she'd had to be dying to get it. She hadn't been fired from Forrester, and her designs were in the couture collection. That lie had changed her life in a way she'd only dreamed of as a kid, especially when it came to Wyatt, because he'd said the most beautiful things to her. Wyatt said he'd meant them.

Flo told Sally it was over because she'd told Wyatt that Sally had planned to trick Wyatt into getting her pregnant. Sally was sobbing and said she'd hit her breaking point. That wasn't who she was, but she didn't want to lose Wyatt again and be pushed aside as if what they'd had hadn't mattered. She said she'd meant nothing to Wyatt when Flo had suddenly shown up.

Sally said that Wyatt had made a promise and a commitment to her. She said she'd moved to Los Angeles with all those dreams, many of which Wyatt had claimed they would share together, but they had all imploded. Sally said she didn't blame Wyatt if he called the authorities, but she begged him not to. She claimed she didn't want to be alone anymore. Sobbing uncontrollably, she kept repeating she loved him so much, and then she collapsed.

The Bold and the Beautiful did not air The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage of the funeral of Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air a new episode.

There were no "lost" episodes as a result of this preemption. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Friday, July 31, and picked up where the Wednesday, July 29, episode concluded.

Steffy attempts to hide her intense pain Steffy attempts to hide her intense pain
Friday, July 31, 2020

At Sally's apartment, Flo and Wyatt panicked when Sally collapsed to the floor. Penny flipped Sally over and called to her, to no avail. Penny yelled that they needed to call for emergency services.

At the hospital later, Dr. Griffith exited a room and asked if anyone was family. Flo and Penny listened as Wyatt piped up that he was Sally's former fiancé and as close to a relative as they could get at the time. Griffith conveyed that Sally, who was conscious and disoriented, had suffered a severe panic attack. Sally's body was suffering from extreme signs of stress, and from what Griffith could tell, it had been going on for a while.

Sally needed rest, but Griffith offered to let Flo, Penny, and Wyatt in for a short visit if they promised not to upset Sally. Griffith ducked her head into Sally's room and asked if Sally was up for visitors. Sally nodded, and Wyatt, Penny, and Flo silently filed into the room.

Sally felt embarrassed, but Wyatt said there was nothing embarrassing about a panic attack. She clarified that waking up in a hospital after pretending to be dying was the embarrassment. Sally repeated how sorry she was, and Flo stated that they knew it.

Speaking to Wyatt, Sally said she just needed him to understand. For Wyatt, watching Sally pass out had been as "scary as hell," and he asked that they not go through it again. Sally chuckled, stating that she had ended up in the hospital with a panic attack after constantly telling Penny not to panic. Sally noted that she'd lost Wyatt. She guessed that people got what they deserved.

Sally was surprised that Wyatt and Flo were there or cared about what happened to her. Wyatt didn't know how Sally could say that. Sally replied that he was right, and it wasn't surprising. It was just who they were.

Flo wasn't sure Sally should have them all there, and Penny stated that Sally should rest. Sally asked to speak to Wyatt alone, and Flo and Penny exited the room.

Alone with Wyatt, Sally noted that he was at her hospital bedside, just as she'd kept leading him to believe he would be. She swore she'd apologize to everyone for what she'd done. She didn't expect forgiveness, but she wanted everyone to know how sorry she was, especially Wyatt.

Sally said she loved Wyatt "so much," and she'd gotten desperate. Many times, she'd questioned how she'd gotten herself into such an enormous lie, but then she'd remember the life they'd been building. She hoped that when he thought of her, he'd remember that and not the lie.

Sally believed that she and Wyatt had had something special, and she was sorry she hadn't let him end it the way he'd wanted. She hoped the good memories would outweigh the bad and that he'd remember what they'd been to each other and understand why she'd been desperate not to give that up. "And maybe, just maybe, you can forgive me," Sally said.

In the emergency room waiting area, Brooke was still with Bill as Liam hurried in. He'd heard that Steffy had been in an accident. Brooke informed him that Steffy, who'd been unconscious for a while, was hurting, and everyone was waiting to learn the extent of her injuries.

Liam asked if some "bastard" had just plowed into Steffy. "The 'bastard' was me," Bill responded. Liam asked if Bill had been texting or drinking. "No and no," Bill said. He didn't know how the accident had happened. All he knew was that Steffy had appeared. He'd swerved, but it had been too late.

Liam concluded that it hadn't been Bill's fault. Liam wanted to see Steffy, and Bill nodded in the direction of Steffy's room.

In Steffy's room, Steffy grunted, bracing herself against her pain. Ridge told Dr. Finnegan that she needed more pain meds, and Finnegan agreed to up the dosage. Based upon her x-rays, the doctor understood why Steffy might need it.

Steffy claimed not to need more medication. Finnegan advised her not to suffer needlessly, but she still refused. Her x-rays showed that she had a back sprain and fractured ribs.

Liam entered and asked what he'd heard about fractured ribs. Steffy stated that it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. As he turned to leave, Finnegan again pointed out that the helmet had saved her life earlier that day.

Relieved, Liam was glad that Steffy was okay. "I don't know what I would have done if -- " he said. Cutting himself off, he repeated, "I don't know what I would have done. That's all."

Ridge quietly left the room. Steffy wanted her phone to call Amelia. Reminding Steffy that he was Kelly's father, Liam said he'd asked Amelia to take the child to the cabin.

Steffy asked if Hope was okay with it, and Liam said it had been Hope's idea. Steffy thanked him, and he said he'd always be there for their daughter. Tears sprang to Steffy's eyes as she realized that she almost hadn't been. "I could have died," she cried.

Sobbing, Steffy figured Liam thought she was horrible because of what had happened the other time she'd gone riding. Liam assured her that he didn't, and he urged her to rest and heal.

Steffy seemed to be hiding her pain. Liam asked if she was okay. She bit out that she was okay, but he wanted to get the doctor. More smoothly, she repeated that she was fine. She insisted that a little pain after an accident was routine. She had to show that she could handle it, so they'd discharge her sooner.

Steffy couldn't believe a freak accident was keeping her from spending time with her daughter. Liam asked if she remembered anything, but it was all a blur to Steffy. One moment, she'd been riding, and the next moment, the car had been there. Steffy said that she hadn't even had time to be afraid. She'd just awoken in the hospital.

In the corridor, Ridge updated Brooke and Bill about Steffy's x-rays. Bill wanted to see Steffy, but Ridge was against it. Bill reasoned that he needed a chance to apologize. "Please, Ridge," Bill said. He wanted Steffy to hear directly from him how sorry he was.

Ridge led Brooke and Bill into Steffy's room. Greeting them, Steffy said she'd just been telling Liam how strange it had been to awaken in pain, wondering how she'd gotten there.

Bill revealed that it had been because of him. He'd been on his way to see Kelly, hoping she'd cheer him up. He had almost been to Steffy's place when a motorcycle had appeared in front of him. He'd hit the brakes, but it had been too late.

Steffy was surprised to hear that Bill had hit her, but right away, she told him that it was okay. Struggling with pain, she claimed that she was fine, and it was just an accident. Ridge rushed to her side as she grimaced, voicing her pain.

Liam said it had happened earlier, and Steffy needed pain medication. He left to get the doctor.

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