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Mother's Day tips
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Stephanie, let your kids live their lives and make their own mistakes. Oh, and one more thing...remember that you have another son besides Ridge. Poor Thorne needs a lot of attention.

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I have a few bits of advice for all the B&B Moms that we watch everyday...

To Brooke may want to check out the kids you have at home instead of obsessing over controlling your oldest son's life! Little Hopeless and RJ might need a little something, you know? Also, stop with the Mother Teresa act when it comes to baby Jack...let him be raised by his PARENTS!!!

To Stephanie Forrester...let your kids live their lives and make all their own mistakes. They will all survive but remember, don't leave us have to show up every once in a while to remind us why you are so damn entertaining on-screen. Your kids are all grown up, all slightly dysfunctional but they'll be ok. Oh, and one more thing...remember you have another son besides Ridge. Poor Thorne needs a lot of attention (and a storyline!).

To you even have a kid? Oh yeah, Dino, right? I almost forgot! I don't think we have seen her with that child or even talk about him in weeks...maybe the writers should just SORAS him so he can hook up with Hope! Well, I love seeing you in every scene but it would be nice to see your kid every now and again. And maybe his eye-candy Daddy could come back, too!!!

To Taylor...glad to see you getting your act together. Don't hit the sauce and concentrate on raising your son before you embark on your strange May-Dec relationship with Rick. You'll lose the title of 'Greatest B&B Mom' though when your daughter finds out you are mattress dancing with her ex-boyfriend!!

To Ashley...great mom and Abby is very lucky but destined to be without a Daddy if something doesn't give with the Wooden One. Have Ridge make a decision once and for all or move on! Since there is a slight shortage of men on this show, I would say that your best bet might be Thorne at this rate. He is cute and would be a great influence for your daughter. Glad, though, that you're not obsessing about the great Victor Newman anymore! No woman should be that desperate for a kid that they steal sperm to do it!

This is a rather abbreviated column this week as I usually take this week off but I felt compelled to check in anyway and wish all the moms that read the column each and every week a HUGE Happy Mother's Day!!!! We all deserve to be adored, worshipped, and waited on hand and foot! My little guy has done all of the above and brought me a flower he grew at school. I used to think my mother was just making me feel good when she would tell me that it was the things I made that meant more to her than anything I could just buy. Now I know she was right all along.

This year is a little sad for me, though, as it is the first without my mother-in-law Nancy Cain. My husband and the rest of the family have moved through the day with a heavy heart but I know that she is up there somewhere watching Stephanie and yelling at the TV 'Yep! I would say JUST the same thing!!' She loved her scenes the most...Happy Mother's Day Nancy!!

I'll be back in full force next week..........have a safe week!!

QUESTION---------Do you like or dislike the Storm suicide angle to the current storyline?

The Soap Box

Candace says: 'I think its absolutely horrible that Storm was killed in such a manner. The writers should be shot for their lack of vision and creativity. If they so wanted him killed, they could have had the Lieutenant and officers corner him and he pulled out the weapon and mistakenly shot. Something, anything but suicide and then to let Brooke and Donna comment that it is a GIFT?! Laughable.... Who would accept suicide with such normal reactions? This is really a soap opera.'

Pamela observes: 'I really don't like the fact that they killed of Storm and then have Katie his heart. I thought it was creep and sick to me. I don't blame Katie for how she feels. I mean how is she supposed to live her life knowing that her brother gave up his life for hers. I think it's a sick storyline. I feel like it's just another storyline they have messed up just like when Brooke was raped and we all know what a mess that storyline was...'

Laurie writes: 'How come Brooke has no problem with the age gap between Eric and Donna, but it is "SO SICK" for Taylor and Rick. Oh that's right, she can't steal this husband away from Taylor by sleeping with him that would be incest. Oh! What I am saying, Brooke could always justify some emotional trauma and go running to Eric/Ridge/Nick for comfort and support. They know she didn't mean to hurt anyone, it just happened. She is a good mother. She is a stable person. And how come her nervous breakdown didn't come out at the custody hearing. I bet that information is with Beth.'


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