Brooke and Deacon vs. Rick and Taylor

For the Week of May 26, 2008
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Brooke and Deacon vs. Rick and Taylor
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Is Taylor as bad as Brooke? They could both be accused of not thinking too clearly when it comes to men; Brooke just has a longer track record than Taylor.

HHmmm...nothing like starting out the week with a little 'Taylor vs. Brooke' controversy, huh? I thought this was a valid question and even saw the subject broached on the Boards. I began to ponder which sordid affair was most damaging for the ladies in the long term. Some say that Taylor is due for a little 'cougar-like' behavior and still others say Brooke's affair with Deacon was the worst ever in the history of daytime. Well, no matter how it washes out, at least both Brooke and Taylor's characters sure have had some fun!

Here's what I think...I would tend to agree that Brooke and Deacon's affair was worse due to one MAJOR element that Taylor doesn't have to worry about-Brooke's daughter was married to Deacon at the time. Yep, no getting around how bad that looked or what kind of collateral damage that caused. And then to make matters worse, she has his baby! When I think of Taylor and Rick, though, I just see a girl shocked that her mother would date/sleep with the man she WOULDN'T sleep with and a man that is young enough to be her son. Okay, well, that's not too healthy either but I think no matter how you slice it, it just can't be a seemly as having your son-in-law's love child.

Now do I think that whiny little Pheebs will get over this? Yes...and the boards kind of gave that away. She played the chastity card one too many times with Rick and let that sleazy Constantine mess with her head enough to make her break-up with the Boy was he supposed to live a celibate life forever and wait for her to come around? No way! He shares the same DNA as Eric Forrester and we all know his pants won't be on for too long anyway! Phoebe missed the boat and now Rick is running around after her mom claiming to be madly in love with her. Is he? I think the writers are trying to sell that bill of goods but it remains to be seen if they can pull off a long lasting relationship on-screen with them. I'm not even sure how many fans support it...not many that have emailed me, that's for sure! She has been directly been compared to Brooke in more than a dozen emails I received recently and there is no sign of letting up.

Is Taylor as 'bad' as Brooke? I'm thinking they could both be accused to not thinking too clearly when it comes to men (more recently with Taylor). Brooke just has a longer track record with this kind of thing and more kids to show for it than Taylor. Maybe she needed a new dimension to her good-two shoes persona but this is a little off the charts for me. I have a hard time watching it without laughing actually. I think I would have rather seen Taylor and Rick with people more their own age...and NO, I'm not a prude...I just have a hard time taking this story seriously when I remember Taylor and a little boy named Rick in scenes together not that long ago.

So which couple was hotter? Let's get right down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? Let's check our morals at the door and just look at the overall H-O-T S-E-X factor!! I did say this show has been lacking in the steamy mattress-dancing department for awhile now and was begging the writers to give us some hot romance. If I think back to Brooke & Deacon and their clandestine rendezvous' in her office-bed, and in Paris and in her house...well, I will have to give it to them hands down! They were SMOKIN'! I never missed a show when those two were due to hook up and I suppose just the 'forbidden' element alone was enough to make them easy to watch. Taylor and Rick? Well, it's a little flat for some reason. Is it because it is not AS sordid as the other affair? Maybe. Or maybe it's the actors. I like Hunter Tylo and Kyle Lowder a TON but it's still missing something. I think Deacon had that 'bad boy' thing going on as well and Rick is just too clean-cut and nice. Yeah...that's it. I like my soaps guys' head-to-toe in black, pork chop sideburns, and lots of silver man-jewelry holding a bourbon straight up and leaning against a bar. Rick's 'Hollister look' isn't dangerous enough. But hey, he's still better to look at than the last Rick Forrester, right?

Now that we have analyzed the differences between our favourite B&B May-December romances, let's turn our attentions to yet another stale triangle setting up at the Marone Home for Convalescing Transplant Patients. What's that saying... can't see the forest through the trees? I would say that to Bridget if she were a real person. This living arrangement is a disaster waiting to happen. The writers might as well take out a billboard on every highway in America saying that they will have Katie and Nick hook up this summer. It's so obvious...I say get it over with now and see where it goes. I think fans will like it if done the right way (but then again, when have the writers ever done that?). Bridget and Nick can't even get down to it without bringing Katie up so why wait? Just have Bridget walk in on Nick getting funky with Katie while putting on her vitamin cream and let her storm out of the mansion never to return. See? That was easy.

So much for a happy reunion for Donna and her long lost son! Yikes! What a way to end the week. The angry young man had some valid points but really people...aren't we really stretching here by even HAVING this guy be Donnas' son? All this is just a tired plot device to speed up the Dad vs. Kids Forrester war that is coming sooner than later. I know Donna is not the brightest character to ever grace the small screen but someone on the writing staff sure must hate her. So the Whiny Forrester Kiddies get wind of this kid and use that to force Dad out as CEO? Are they nuts? All of them combined would fill the pages of the National Enquirer a thousand times over with all their scandalous antics...HYPOCRITES!! And I almost choked on my lunch listening to Rigid call himself the 'Heir Apparent'! AHHHH! He's such a weenie. I swear I really do try to like watching his character but it's just too hard. And Felicia and Thorne have now firmly entrenched themselves in the 'Worthless Character List'...they are nothing more than an annoying Greek chorus standing behind Ridge in every scene now. You know what I hear when they speak? Blah blah blah.

I hope Stephen comes back...since they renewed Jackie's character, I think he should hook up with her and make things real interesting at the Marone mansion. I like him and have been real happy with Patrick Duffy's portrayal of him.

Weird thoughts...why is Clark still in the opening credits? Where are Thorne and Felicia's kids or do they even have them anymore? When will the new Beth hit LA and under what circumstances (I'm thinking it may be due to her being the only other one to know about Marcus, the forgotten Logan love child)? Why hasn't Brooke had the backbone, in the face of ALL the disrespect the Forresters have shown towards her family, to DUMP Ridge? Why would super-doctor Bridget tell Nick to send baby Jack to the crib with a bottle unsupervised? What will Stephanie do now with no husband to emasculate? When WILL Deacon come back and claim his relationship with his daughter? Shouldn't Hope be 20 and in college by now?

When I asked last week if you, the readers, felt the writers were doing a better or worse job lately, it was a resounding 'NO'! I suspected that...I have liked things here and there but there is still no consistency like you may see in other shows. There have been flashed of brilliance but I'm still bitching too much and that's not a good sign.

QUESTION---------Who was the hottest and sexiest couple on B&B? I mean HOT, people! Go the back of the rack if you have to!

The Soap Box

Laurie complains: 'OMG get Brooke back with Nick because they are just like each other now and get it over with. Get hunky Thorne back with Katie. They were just getting started. Does Bell care what his readers want????'

JFAYE observes: 'I would give the writers a C+. The Storm/Katie storyline started with promise and had some good dialogue but Stephen's behavior was ridiculous at times as was Donna's. I hated the way both of Katie's sisters kept telling her how she should feel, and Donna going ahead with the wedding was just lame. I hate the Bridget/Katie/Nick triangle. It's time for the writers to include all the characters in the storylines and keep some couples together for a while, starting with Rick and Taylor.'

DL Brown says: '"I feel like I'm burning in Hell". "He blew his brains out." I felt like I was watching the single worst scene in Soap Opera History, and wondered if any of the B&B writers have a brain to be blown out. I know a character is only as good as the material, so I'm willing to give Katie a break (I don't think Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren) could have made lemonade out of those lemons. But you stunned me by seeing it as a plus for the actress.'

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