Hypocritical Forrester kids

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Hypocritical Forrester kids
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Donna's secret child is hardly a scandal that can make Forrester Creations fold. If that's the case, the company should have closed twenty years ago, because they've been through much worse.

The writers must think we all have collective amnesia or something. Do they really think we can believe the huge steaming piles of doo-doo dialogue coming out of the mouths of the Forrester children? All week we have had to hear them drone on and on about Donna bringing scandal to the company (again, as if this is Microsoft...please!). I had to hit the DVR again just to make sure that I wasn't hearing things. Nope...I did.

Now I was glad that Eric made the point that everyone in the room had brought PLENTY of scandal to the company at one time or another. He's right and I just couldn't believe that all of them, especially Ridge, could stand there and threaten the man who started the company and built it from the ground up. And come on...it wasn't that long ago that Eric himself was photographed outside on a ledge covering up his 'family business'! No one's hands are clean and yet they all think Donna has something so evil in her past that an entire business can be brought to its knees? I don't know much but I do know that this part of the storyline is pretty weak as a bridge to the discovery of Donnas' secret love child.

And while I am steaming about last week's 'holier-than-thou' nonsense by the Borrester Brats, let me say Ridge should be especially ashamed of his role in blackmailing his father. How many times did Ridge shout from the rooftops that his precious Brooke was not to be attacked by the family and that she was an 'asset' to Forrester? How many times did we see him taking on the family when Brooke would do ANOTHER scandalous thing to garner bad publicity? How many times did his pictures with Brooke cause headlines while he was married to Taylor? How about Brooke's sleeping her way through the family...LITERALLY? No, we don't hear anything about all that. It's been blocked from their memory, right? Ridge actually gets worse every week, I swear! Is that possible? Can he become MORE of a 10 story weenie?

I say let the old man just have his little sex kitten wife and let the chips fall where they may. Donna having a child from her teenage years is hardly a scandal that can make Forrester Creations fold up. If that's the case, it should have closed 20 years ago because much worse has happened and they keep on going. He seems to love her and she seems to love him...or so the writers want us to think, so who cares? The more the merrier, right? Marcus seems like a nice guy and all we need now if for him to hook up with a Forrester (ooops! Steffy is on her way back, after all!) to give Ridge the ultimate headache and that actually might be worth watching!

And what's up with Pam? I thought she was done for awhile but here she is trying to start more trouble for no real reason. I guess in the beginning her and her antics were funny and a change of pace but no it's getting a bit old.

Could it be that I have misjudged Rick & Taylor? Brad seems intent on pushing this romance on-screen and with Phoebe's 'blessing', if you can call it that, gave way to their first mattress dance. Does anyone else notice they always use the same pseudo-80's soft rock track during most sex scenes? Time to update the soundtrack, Brad! As for them finally doing the deed, well, it was a little weird to watch but I guess I am willing to give them a break considering Rick is completely ga-ga over her. Wow...his character has never acted like this before...not with Amber, Caitlin or Kimberly. Maybe having his own 'cougar' has made him mature a little!

Nice touch having Taylor give him up right on the spot to save her daughter's feelings. Brooke was never strong enough to do that with Deacon until the very end. It shows Taylor's character hasn't gone that far around the bend I suppose. If they are going to get married, I hope they stay normal for a little while anyway...this show needs a decent marriage. I like Taylor's remark about her other marriages always had Brooke as the ever-present third wheel and now she has a man that loves no one but her. I'll keep watching....but you better not screw this up Brad!

Anyone catch Jackie's new hair color? All blonde now. Well, if she didn't before she definitely looks like Nick's sister NOW!

Poor Katie...first she has to have LA's worst all-purpose doctor take care of her and now her heart is rejecting. I'm sure if I wait long enough it will be Bridget's fault, too! But seeing as Heather Tom signed on for a few years I don't see her kicking just yet...there will be some miracle brought on by her hooking up with Nick on Catalina or something incredible like that. They will have this 'moment in time revelation' and Nick will figure out he doesn't want Malibu Barbie at all. I say the sooner the better...Brad needs to bring in a new man on the show for Bridget...she's becoming Brooke Jr. All she does is bed Mommy's leftovers anyway.

Things that annoyed me last week...Phoebe's hair! When will someone do something with that mess? YIKES! And why doesn't Brooke stand up more for her family than she does? She lets Ridge talk about her sister like yesterday's trash and all she does is tell him to stop. Ooooh...don't try TOO hard! I would have dumped Ridge like a bad habit for railing on a family member like that. I guess she has forgotten how many years she had few if any defenders when Stephanie was gunning for her on a daily basis. And when will Jackie get a story anyway? She shows up for a birthday party, makes a few smart remarks, gets a weird and inappropriate squeeze from her son, and that's it. And do I have to wait to be on Medicaid before I know a little something about this kid Marcus? Why haven't the writers giving us even a tiny bit of back story on him? That's what I am really curious about...come on!!!! And what's up with Donnas' hesitation to name the daddy? Maybe it's someone famous? Maybe it's Neil from Y&R? What a great crossover opportunity that would be!

Not much in the inbox regarding the question from last week about who the hottest couple was on B&B. Most said Brooke and Deacon and a few said Thorne and Macy (huh?). What? No 'Ridge & Brooke Forever' votes? Hmmmm...is it possible that the dew has finally fallen off the rose?

QUESTION: If you could change one thing about B&B right now, what would it be? Be creative...I will list them next week and hopefully Brad will read it, too!

The Soap Box

Kamal says: 'The hottest couple on B&B was probably Brooke and Deacon. I abhor Brooke for that betrayal but it was hot!'

Adelle writes: 'You hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for printing what everyone else is thinking. You couldn't have said it better.' Wow...thanks Adelle! Havne't heard that in a while!!!

Kimberly says: 'Kudos for B&B that they finally added some color on the show and that they aren't dwelling on the issue that Donna's son is half black. But is it just me or do they really think that we could believe that he is her son. When did she have him...when she was 9?'

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