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Rested, tanned, and confused
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When will Katie learn? Now she is practically forcing Nick to marry Bridget. If he wanted to do that, he would have asked St. Bridget after her most recent medical miracle, right?

I'm watching my DVR (best invention since air) to get caught up on the shows I missed last week and all I could do was sit there and say 'What is going on NOW?' I leave for a week and we have a hot new guy come in from out of nowhere looking to shake down poor Marcus, Katie having to TELL Nick to propose to Bridget (what's wrong with that picture?), the Forrester Brats complaining like they were 5 years old about a guy whose only offense is being Donna's son, and Beth Logan going on and on about strokes that have caused her to forget her life. that the best we can get from the writers? Where is the drama in all that? Pardon me while I scratch my head yet again...

As for Beth's explanation, I guess I was hoping foe something more interesting than know, like the fact that Eric was really Katie's Dad or something stunning like that. Or if the biological route is the way to go, give her Alzheimer's or something that is topical and an issue that so many have to face in their families. There is yet another great opportunity lost to showcase this epidemic among our aging population. I have to admit that I am glad they resolved it when they did because any more time spent watching her stare awkwardly off camera would have been too much to deal with. And while I am bitching...I'm not too pro on her anyway. I think maybe it's the scary and intense looks I'm having a hard time warming up to. I'll be patient and wait to see what they do with her character. After all, with Dr. Bridget Medicine Woman on the case and quickly finding a cure for all the ailments we face as human beings, Grandma Beth should live a long enough to have Willard Scott show her on the side of a Smuckers jar, right?

Katie, Katie, Katie...when will she learn? Now she is practically forcing Nick to marry Bridget? WHAT? If he wanted to, he would have asked St. Bridget after her most recent medical miracle, right? Ok, so Nick would feel too guilty to act on his feelings for Katie and instead does the cowardly thing and marries Bridget. Well we all know how that will turn out. At the last minute something will happen, something will be overheard, or something will be witnessed and all bets are off. Nick is about as lucky in marriage as I am at winning the Powerball. Hell...what am I saying anyway? I still think he should be with Brooke (ultimately) and there seems to be a LOT of viewer support for that but obviously not with Bradley. Maybe Katie can hook up with Thorne or someone else before we see her put on recurring status, too. I don't care...I like her character and hope something good is coming her way.

Bridget's halo was so bright I could barely watch the scene with Nick bringing in all the flowers! On the phone, fresh from searching for a cure for her grandmother's ailing memory, and fighting 'big pharma' to get meds for the needy! Wow. She's my hero. Ok, I realize she has always been portrayed as nearly-perfect from birth but isn't this a bit of overkill? I'm waiting for her split personality to show itself or maybe she'll go postal and kill every woman in the show that has had sex with Nick (OMG! That's almost everyone!!!!). I don't know...the longer I watch her character, the more I can't stand her. Maybe I should check and see if MY other personality likes her? HEHEHEHE....

I get a chuckle out of all the hip new 'LA cut-away shots' coming back from commercial! I guess the old tired music and same 5 exteriors were finally getting tired for Brad, too. And everyone certainly is spending a lot of time on the Aloha Deck of Forrester Creations, aren't they?

Owen is a little cutie, isn't he? It will be interesting to see who he 'does' next! Maybe Donna by the looks he was giving her (helps a little, too, that she is half naked on the upper deck). I can't figure out what his role will be in messing up the lives of the Forresters but I hope the writers give him a juicy story...something hot and sexy. Maybe he could take over the 'bad boy' mantle that Deacon left behind (though I doubt anyone could do it as good as he did). Maybe he can divert little Miss Pain in the Butt Felicia Forrester? She doesn't do anything in that company but rail on Donna and play Secret Squirrel to dig up the dirt all the let's give her some mattress action and shut up already!

I am getting so tired of the Greek Chorus of spoiled Brats running around the halls of Forrester! I can't stand it!!!! These are 30+ years old adults with children of their own and all they can do in every scene is bitch about Donna and Marcus. Blah blah blah. Enough already...we need to move on from this and quick. They all get fast-forwarded, too.

Ok, now I asked for everyone's opinion about what socially relevant stories you would like to see tackled on B&B and the Inbox was a little light. The responses that I did get, though, were really more of a general comment that Brad and his writers cannot do any socially relevant topic any justice since he has handled the last few so badly (see Soapbox for more details). I agree...I didn't like how the rape was written (particularly the aftermath) and the abuse story Stephanie was involved in was beautifully acted but too light on substance. You know what this show needs? A gay story. ATWT has successfully pulled it off and it has apparently raised their ratings. Why not have a lesbian start at Forrester and make a pass at Steffi or Phoebe and perhaps one of them could be awakened to their own secret leanings? Now THAT would be Bold for this show!

QUESTION---------Do you think Bridget and Nick belong together?

The Soap Box

Bliss skillfully says 'In the last year we were subjected to a couple of socially relevant story-line debacles. In break-neck speed Brooke "recovered" from a brutal rape. Viewers were not spared from the staging of one of the most hideously ugly violent daytime scenes ever filmed. Brooke miraculously recovered and returned to Ridge's bed without incident. In her foyer, Brooke has walked on that hideous parquet floor and passed by that round table and doesn't bat an eye. No one other than KKL could play this. In terms of Katie's heart transplant, there's something called an organ registry list that people are on for years and years, never receive an organ and die. Katie was shot and golly gee, she has an organ at warp speed. Are we to believe that Storm's heart did not match the needs of someone else on the list? No one gets booted up to first - even a relative of the deceased. Ok, the most incompetent doctor in the history of medicine, Bridget, pushed this through, but social relevance! e would mean that this would not happen and more importantly, another person on the donor list would receive his eyes, his kidneys, his liver - none of these people have surfaced because the show does not support social relevance. I can only assume his eyes and other vital organs were buried with him because it didn't support the Katie storyline. Anything that could be relevant supports a quick plot fix on this show. Now we are on to dementia. We already know that Dr. Bridget will save Beth. We know she has a laptop from the fake typing she was doing while trying to save Katie - let's hope she does a cursory Google search on the topic of dementia so we aren't subjected to the same lack of sensitivity. Yes, Marcus is black and the Forrester brats are afraid of scandal, but ooh, let's not mention race. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.'

April proclaims 'Oh, yeah, like Donna having an out-of-wedlock black kid, can compare to the crap that Ridge & family have done. If dumping a body in the ocean to cover your butt doesn't bring the company crashing down, then I doubt that Donna's baby she had when she was 2 will cause problems. I expect this type of behavior from Ridge, but I love Thorne and wish he would get a better storyline. How can Ridge stand there with all the mess he and Brooke put the company through, and claim that Donna will be the downfall of Forrester. Why has no one pointed out the obvious, that Marcus is black. In real life, this would have come up already. PS: I love Katie & Nick, anyone is better that annoying Bridget.'

Wanda asks 'Is it just me or did Beth look like a paranoid Bette Davis just ready to jump if someone said "boo!"? In her first scenes with her daughters they did all the talking and she just sat there like a frightened Chihuahua being screamed at by her owner. Awful!'

Kristine Cain
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