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Last week's revelations have helped to explain why crazy Aunt Pam has stuck around all this time with her catty shenanigans and poisoned lemon bars.

There was a time that I would have thought that this show could not push the envelope enough to make my jaw drop to the floor...but they have. This week was truly unbelievable and if this is any indication of the new writing we have to look forward to, hang on to your hats everyone-it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Not to say this is going to be a bad thing, just a little 'all over the place'. There have been some twists and turns along the way I really have liked such as Stephen and Beth rekindling their romance. I think that was a great scene though I am not sold on Beth too much but to have them together as a force to be reckoned with on the show is great. I know, the Forresters are the focal point and while I do agree, the ever-present Brooke Logan has made the Logans as a secondary family on B&B a necessity. You have to have that 'other rival family' to keep things interesting and since the Spectras are off the canvas, the Logans now have the distinction of playing spoiler to the Forresters.

So I am guessing all that has come to light about Crazy Aunt Pam last week explains why she has stuck around all this time with her catty shenanigans and poisoned lemon bars. Who knows...maybe someone listened to me when I demanded that B&B bring back an honest-to-goodness villain to spice things up a bit? She has been that...crazy and playing to the hilt! The 'evil' voice she had when attacked Donna at the mansion made me crack up laughing but then again that just punctuates all the camp that has gone into this character since she was first introduced. Alley Mills has done a fine job portraying her and while she would drive me crazy with the 'hot tamale' comments and baked goods, I think I will actually miss her once she either gets mauled by the bear or goes to the loony bin. Either way you know she'll be back at some point...she'll escape and come back to haunt Donna again.

Ok, show of hands...who laughed at the crazy camera angles during the cabin scenes? I felt like I was watching the old 'Batman' TV show from the 60's! And all that was missing when Pam came out packing heat was a set of 3-D glasses with the long butt of the gun angled towards the camera! I'm sorry...I'm sure the directors wanted that edgy rough effect to show the shear psychotic nature of her character but I couldn't help but chuckle. And the bear? What? Even the bear looked like he couldn't believe he was in the cabin shooting this weird scene. A honey drenched Donna tied up to a chair? Hmmm...a little kinky, huh? Sorry...I couldn't resist. I guess the bear was supposed to be interested in eating her because she smelled of honey...ok. Well, she ended up being saved at the last minute by her new champion and hot lover Owen.

Owen, Owen, Owen...don't you know that your time on this is short-lived? Husbands ALWAYS come out of their comas JUST as you think you have the sad wife in the sack! I still can't figure out where the writers are going with all this. Will he be noble and bow out gracefully when he realizes Eric is awake and Donna rushes to his bedside? Will he keep pushing his agenda and make her choose especially if Eric is having some kind of trouble as residual effects from the heart attack? But I guess the bigger question here is....what will Donna do?

The last shot of Donna was her rolling around on the bed kissing on Owen (with the family out in the other room). Is it the trauma of being bathed in honey and Pam's captive? Is she confused or is she falling for him, too? I'll bet the latter of the two. Come on people... Donna isn't known for her smarts or her keen sexual sensibilities. Poor Eric is all I can say. He's laying there wondering what happened and saying her name and she's getting an amateur tonsillectomy from Owen.

Meanwhile, back in the ob/gyn office, Katie really let Nick know who is in charge, huh? I like her...I know many don't but I think it's great to see a Logan woman with SOME spine and moral fiber. She wants to try to have the kid and though it will set up another insufferable triangle involving Bridget (GAG), I think it's cool that she's taking the bull by the horns. Nick, while still my favorite male character, needs to get a grip and figure out what-I mean-who is wants and stick with it. He doesn't love Bridget as much as he has loved Brooke and now as much as he obviously loves Katie. But it's would be too easy to have him be with her so we get more of Bridget walking through life painfully unaware of next non-Bridget related child Nick is about to have. Is any of this getting old for anyone but me? Ugh...well, I have to hope that this new crop of writers will have a new spin on the same old triangle romances of the past and do something fresh. I say tell Bridget now and cut her loose. She needs a new guy anyway...Owen may be available soon! Now that would be a cute couple, huh?

Not much to say about Romeo Logan and Juliet Forrester except that they better get a little more interesting or they'll be the next ones to be back-burnered. No, I'm not slamming them per say but we all know that the summer 'teen viewing window' is closing and if this is the only hot young couple to emerge, we likely won't be seeing much more of them unless they progress to something more interesting than sitting around on the Aloha Deck of Forrester in their swimsuits.

Quick note...I usually don't believe in using this column for any PSA-related thoughts but please...everyone keep the residents of the Gulf Coast in your thoughts as Gustav nears them. It's a horrifying site to see how big the storm has gotten and what devastation it could cause. It's my sincere hope that everyone comes out of this safely.

Kristine Cain
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