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For the Week of February 9, 2009
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Ridge seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Either that or he's on mood altering drugs. He's been wildly swinging back and forth on an emotional rollercoaster that's way out of control.

I think Ridge Forrester is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Seriously. Either that or he's on mood altering drugs. This guy has been wildly swinging back and forth on an emotional rollercoaster that's way out of control. Have you noticed that he's become so fixated on the death of Phoebe and his fears for Steffy that he's forgotten about his two sons? Um, Ridge, when was the last time you talk to Thomas or took R.J. to the park? I'm not minimizing your grief over Steffy, or Taylor's either, but all this tearing of the hair and beating the breast is out of whack. Ridge should be taking comfort in Steffy and Thomas and R.J. (and Hope and Bridget, too, since they're like his daughters) to fill the void left by Phoebe's death. Instead, he's a raging hate-filled gorgon who has his sights set on Rick. As if hating Rick will make the pain of Phoebe's death vanish.

You know what Ridge needs? A few sessions with Dr. Warrick. James was on this past week to give Steffy a mini-intervention. Her addiction is loving Rick Forrester, and James was doing Taylor and Stephanie's bidding by telling her that Rick wasn't really in love with her. He was simply using her to get revenge on Ridge. Now, let me ask you something... If you were Steffy, what would it do to your psyche if your mother and grandmother and a psychiatrist teamed up to tell you that you were not being loved truly by a man. You were just being used. Doesn't the subtext of that message make you feel like you're unworthy of love? It's got to make you feel like you're just a means to an end. Don't they realize that in their zest to make her disbelieve Rick's love they're hurting her? I would love to see Steffy turn to her mother and say, "Maybe he wasn't really in love with you, Mom, but his feelings for me are real. I am worthy of that love and I feel the same about him."

To be fair, I'm not sure that Rick can be trusted when it comes to Steffy. He sounds sincere. He seems to be doing everything in his power to win her over, but what if Warrick was right about Rick being obsessed with Ridge's women - that is, his ex-wife, ex-loves and daughters? There is a pattern to Rick's lovers. Could Steffy simply be a pawn in Rick's diabolical scheme to destroy Ridge? I don't think so, but Warrick got me thinking.

While we're talking about Brooke's children (and considering her fighting for custody not long ago, where are Hope and R.J. being stashed these days?), will you please explain to me how Bridget could possibly take a leave of absence from her medical career to design dresses for Jackie M? I know, I know, this is only a soap opera, but this storyline is a jaw-dropper. Remember, just a few months ago, Bridget was saving lives. She was living her dream of being a doctor. Now we're supposed to believe that one portfolio of sketches is enough for Jackie to offer her a job as the new designer for Jackie M? Really? You want me to believe that?

I did think the Madame X scene was fun and funny. It reminded me of the old Sally Spectra days. Sally was always dressing up and pulling stunts like that. Fortunately, Nick was not fooled and he asked Bridget some of the same questions that I've raised. There's something very weird about Bridget's latest turn, especially since she was panting after Owen less than two weeks ago. Now she's back on Nick's doorstep. Why? Does she think three times the charm with Popeye? And what about Katie - remember Katie, the girl with the new heart and the engagement ring from Nick on her hand?

On a more serious note, I was glad to see Beth at Brooke's the other day. It would have been even nicer if there had been some mention of her memory problems. Remember, she's supposed to have early onset Alzheimer's, but to see that scene with Brooke, you would assume that she's completely well. Listen, writers, it only takes one sentence to remind audiences that you haven't magically made her ailment disappear.

B&B has been in a bit of a rut lately, spending too much time on just a couple of characters. It's time to broaden the scope and become more inclusive. What happened to Pam's crochet line? Is Marcus still working in the shipping department? Has Felicia gotten over being ignored by her father? And what's going on with Donna? After all that honey, I expect her to pop up pregnant any day now, don't you?

You think I'm right about Donna? What about Rick and Steffy - are they true love or is he up to no good? Write me and share your thoughts. Also, check out my new Soap Central daily blog -- Lathered Up. I squawk every day about what's going across the dial on all the soaps, the good, the bad and sometimes the bold and the beautiful, too!

Allison J. Waldman
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