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Bo's always been someone who flies by the seat of his pants. It's an interesting dynamic to watch him deal with having any kind of foresight, much less accurate foresight.

We've all seen this coming. To say that we're shocked by anything that happened onscreen or off screen this week would be false. We've all known from the second that Sami decided to hide her pregnancy that Nicole would end up with Sami's baby. We knew that the hit man would eventually get caught. And, in the most painful of all storylines, we knew that there would be more budget cuts at Days. Just like before, I've taken the business stuff to my blog. Head over there for the group hug that I'm sponsoring for anyone who needs to vent and worry about the casting moves Days is making. The rest of this column will deal with the storyline material. And, there's a slight relief now that everything has happened. So if you dare, look around. You'll notice that the world is still rotating and that (gasp!) there might be some enjoyable things ahead.

Kayla recognized Mr. Killer and then called Hope to tell her about it. Hope arrived at the hospital. Mr. Killer held Kayla hostage. Steve and Bo rushed to the hospital. Lexie called Roman to the hospital. And the whole thing ended when a police officer tried to sneak up on Mr. Killer, Mr. Killer shot at Hope, she fired back hitting Kayla, and Bo shot Mr. Killer. Mr. Killer is dead. Kayla is recovering from the wound.

People, if I've said it once, I've said it 100 times: If you have visions that your spouse is going to shoot your sibling, you TELL your spouse about it! Geeze! Dr. Phil did a whole episode about this! I guess Bo's been too busy to watch Dr. Phil because he kept this vision from Hope. I do not like it when Bo tries to keep secrets. He's so dang bad at it. Hope and her all-knowing eyebrow can get confessions out of hardened criminals. Bo stands no chance. Normally self-righteous Hope irritates the heck out of me, but this time I'm totally on her side. Things look much better on this side of the eye brow.

Hope has to report to IA (Internal Affairs?) about the shooting. Really, there should be no problem here at all. Not only were there tons of witnesses that included several doctors, but IA cleared Bo for tampering with evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case, so Hope should be fine. But, I can't say the same about Bo. He'll probably be sleeping on the couch for a while. Too bad the only two shrinks in Salem left town two weeks ago.

I liked Chelsea trying to comfort Hope. Chelsea knows exactly what Hope is feeling right now. Plus any scene with Rachel Melvin and Kristian Alfonso makes me happy. I also hope that Bo's visions continue. Bo's always been someone who flies by the seat of his pants. It's an interesting dynamic to watch him deal with having any kind of foresight, much less this accurate foresight. I am interested to see how this plays out.

I have to hand it to Nicole. She totally pulled it off. And, she did it with a supporting cast of misfits that included a pregnant teenager, a recovering drug addict, and a bumbling doctor who has no where near the resources of our beloved Dr. Rolf. With a sob story laced with blackmail, she convinced Dr. Baker to switch Mia and Sami's baby. Then, she threw on a gown and hopped into a hospital bed just in time to fool EJ into thinking that she had given birth to his daughter minutes before he entered the clinic. Honestly, Nicole could have given birth through her ears and I don't think EJ would have suspected anything was wrong. But she did it. Nicole and EJ brought "their" daughter home and named her Sydney Ann DiMera. Nicole spent the rest of the week dodging questions about blood testing, breastfeeding, and the clinic. It is really impressive to watch this broad work.

And, I have to applaud Arianne Zuker. She didn't have it easy; yet she managed to carry the storyline on her back and even has an appalled viewer like me actually hoping that after this whole baby swap storyline comes out, Nicole stays in town and some how manages to dust herself off. I can't explain it. But part of me is looking forward to seeing her go down for all her lies just so I can watch her get back up again. Nicole is the next-gen Kate. And, I happen to be a fan.

However, my hopes for Nicole's success are in the future and right now we need to concentrate on the present. I have some horrible news for my scooping partner, Tony. Just when he thought that Nicole hit an all time low last week when she promised Mia that she will always love her baby only to chuck that baby at the first sight of baby Ejami, Nicole hits us with the line "Sami can have that other baby". As if babies are like busses that come around every 15 minutes. I'd been holding out hope that maybe there was a part of Nicole that was still hurting from the loss of her baby. Alas, Nicole is just grieving over the loss of EJ's baby. Apparently only babies conceived by magic EJ-sperm are worth keeping. All other babies are just a means to an end. She still abandoned Mia's baby- hoping that the confessed BABY BROKER would give the baby to Sami. I'm baffled to think that Nicole really believes she can keep both secrets forever. I'm even more baffled that she thinks she deserves some "reward" for "how hard she worked". That's like expecting to get away with speeding because you went through all the work to Google to see where the cops would be.

I'm glad that Brady is back in this storyline. Someone who Nicole can't blackmail needs to be telling her to come clean. And, I like how Eric Martsolf and Arianne Zuker work off each other. What I don't like is how EJ looks like a schmuck every time he walks in a room and interrupts Brady and Nicole. I remember rolling my eyes every time Lucas walked into a room with Sami and EJ. Now EJ has become Lucas. Boo. It is yet another complete disservice to the character of EJ DiMera.

If that isn't reason enough to wonder how long the show can survive with EJ and Nicole as a couple, how about this one: Stefano backed down when Nicole yelled at him. Are you kidding me? Stefano is going to let Nicole man handle him like that? This makes me worry more than anything I've seen in months. Stefano is the mustache-twirling, boo-hissing, cackle-laughing villain of Salem! What's the use of a Stefano that isn't evil? He has no use! My own mom called me this week and asked, "So, who's the villain now in Salem?" I couldn't answer her.

It's amazing how much more I like these two when they're not screaming at each other. For a second, I actually didn't want Rafe to leave. Scratch that, I don't want Galen to leave. He brings something different to the show. It's that humor thing that we need. (And, I LOVED when Rafe talked about the hot girl "Jenna" who wouldn't give him the time of day since "Jenna" is Galen's real-life wife's name!) I still don't see a romantic pairing for this couple. Sami talks about her appreciation for Rafe the same way she talks about her appreciation for Hilda. But, I like the idea of Sami having a friend after this whole thing is over. She's going to need one.

I still don't see how Sami is going to leave Grace (oh yeah, that's what she named "her" baby), even for just a little bit, but we'll have to wait and see if Sami actually goes through with it. She's in a tough spot and unlike Nicole, I actually understand where Sami is coming from. And, she's not alone in Days history. A mother wanting to keep her child away from the father's dangerous family is hardly new. I guess it would be easier if Sami had an affair like Caroline did. Then, keeping the baby away from the father's family wouldn't mean she had to keep the baby from her own family too. Darn that Sami for not having an affair! Or, I guess Sami could go the route of Celeste and give her baby to a family member to "adopt". But that would mean that she actually had a sibling in the tri-state area and that just ain't the case.

Still, I'm having a hard time believing that Sami hasn't come up with a plan yet. I've watched her scenes. She's done NOTHING over the last few months. She had ample time to come up with a plan. And, let's not forget that this is Sami "Scami" Brady we're talking about. For her to have no idea what to do is a little out of character for Ms. Brady. Don't you think?

I'm very disappointed in Maggie. I'll come right out and say that it's completely unfair because there are other people doing way worse things than Mags. But, in the same way that people are frustrated when the honor roll student gets a" C", I just expect more from Maggie. Case in point: She called Chloe out on that bogus sob story about Lucas reconnecting with Sami when the whole time Chloe was sleeping with someone else. I almost stood up in the middle of my living room and applauded. But then Chloe pleaded to Maggie about how much she loves Lucas and topped it off with a guilt trip about Kate not being healthy enough to handle any stress. AND Maggie agreed to keep quiet for now! NO! It's not Maggie's job to decide whether or not Chloe should be forgiven. That's Lucas's job. Maggie needs to get out her cell phone and start spilling. Maggie knows better. I hate to do this but she has to be punished. I'm going to stop recycling for one whole week, Mags, and if you don't start telling the truth I might just take my SUV out for a joy ride after I fix my hair with my aerosol hair spray AND leave every light on in my house when I leave!

I also found her scene with Daniel utterly unbelievable. From what I gather, she was sticking up for Chloe and blaming Daniel for "messing with that girl's head". Whaa...huh? Would any of you really do this? If you found out that a loved one was being cheated on, would you actually stick up for the one doing the cheating? I don't mean to sound like I'm defending Daniel, but technically he's not the one cheating on Lucas. If Lucas gets hurt, that's Chloe's fault. And if she waits any longer, Maggie will have a piece in that too.

Cheating on soaps is not a new thing. Evil twins, amnesia, and love affairs are the "holy trinity" of soap operas after all. Generally, there are two acceptable reasons to cheat on a soap- and by "acceptable" I mean "actually make sense in the context of your storyline": 1) the person that you're with is not treating you well (see: Jeremy/Stephanie/Max) or 2) you have a huge history with the person that you're cheating with (see: Shawn/Belle/Philip). Ummmm....yah, Chloe has neither of those reasons. Unless you count the severe mental anguish that Lucas is putting Chloe through by buying her a dream house, encouraging her career, and calling her a hero all the time. Jerk.

Chloe went to see Nicole about her problem. Nicole is the last person in Salem to ever take relationship advice from (she's cheated on almost every man that she's ever been with), yet even she got this one right! Nicole told Chloe that she might not be ready to get married. And she told Chloe to make a decision between Lucas and Daniel and then go with it. Actually, it's pretty good advice. Problem is, Chloe interpreted the advice to mean "go over to Daniel's apartment and sleep with him again". Stop me if you've heard this one before- Chloe goes over to Daniel's apartment to break up with him. He answers the door wearing very little. They end up sleeping together. What's that? You've heard that one before? Oh. You mean to tell me they've been doing that exact same scene for the last three weeks? Huh.

This storyline might seem all hot and steamy, but I am a bit worried. What's soap opera rule #26? That's right. Pregnancies are 750% more likely to occur when a person has more than one current bed partner. I wouldn't be surprised if Chloe ends up pregnant and, of course, not know who the father is. Good news? There's no way it can be EJ so at least she won't have to worry about Nicole stealing the baby.

I am so on board with this storyline. I love that at least one storyline will be a power struggle. AND if it involves Stefano AND Victor....whoo....pass the smelling salts. That idea just makes be giddy with excitement. Do I wish that Melanie wasn't involved? Yah, I guess. But she's so out of her league that I almost feel sorry for her. Plus, I think that everyone knows that Stefano and Victor can't get pushed around the way Philip and EJ are.

Did anyone else find it odd that Titan didn't make Melanie sign anything? They've been working on this project for a while now and I just don't see Philip, much less Victor, working off a "verbal" agreement that no one can actually prove. We'll see if the "automatic renewal" on Mel's project happens or if EJ works his lawyer magic to give Mel an out.

Get this: Philip and Stephanie not only go on dates, but when they get interrupted, Philip and Steph actually finish their dates! Whoa! That's a true novelty on Days today. And these two actually said the "L" word BEFORE they hopped into bed together. It's almost like this relationship is following a normal course or something. Writers, please take note- do more stuff like this! Sure it might have been nice to bring up the point that Victor and Steve weren't exactly buddies in their past lives, but I can't ask for too much. I'm pleasantly surprised that Philip and Steph both acknowledged that they've known each other for a while before they dated. And, I'm MORE thrilled that Philip owned up to his not-so-great track record with the ladies. True, it takes more than killer dimples to keep some girls around. (Not me of course, I'm good with the dimples.) And Philip might just be onto something with Steph. In the world of soap operas, if you want to keep the girl, you have to avoid red-headed temptations.

Stephanie is on the right path too. She told Maggie that she's happy again. And she didn't think she would be after Max. Because let's face it, Caroline is getting a little too old to adopt another boyfriend for Stephanie and the long distance thing just wouldn't work with Frankie. Eventually Stephanie would have to look other places besides family reunions to find a boyfriend.

EJ noticed a birth mark on the back of Sydney's head. He said it is identical to the birthmark on the back of his own head. Yes, dear readers, EJ has eyes in the back of his head....which may explain how he is unable to see things in front of his face.

Kate wants Lucas and Chloe to get married before Sami comes back so that Chloe doesn't feel threatened by Sami. Lexie suggested something similar to EJ. Any guesses on which couple will tie the knot? My guess is that it will be both.

Steve's scene at Kayla's bedside was amazing. These two still have that good connection that makes them a viable "supercouple".

I'm actually enjoying watching Lucas's smirky jabs at EJ. Everyone and their mobster father asked EJ how he feels about Sami coming home. EJ keeps saying that his dedication is to his family. Yet, Lucas knows better. He knows first hand that Sami's plans always blow up in her face. This time, it will be EJ's face too.

Nicole made Chloe promise not to tell anyone that Nicole knows Sami is pregnant with EJ's kid. Great. The Chloemeister is really awesome with promises these days. Sorta like she promised Lucas that she wouldn't say anything about Sami and like she promised Maggie that she'd end things with Daniel. Imagine how fast Nicole's plan would unravel if Chloe and Brady went out for a friendly drink.

Extra Scoops

Shelley Hennig is one of those few actresses in daytime that cries well.

Those babies are the cutest things ever!

Hope reminds me that I really do need to add more posh jewelry to my wardrobe.

Did anyone else notice that EJ and Chloe seem to have the same hair stylist- one that swooooooops the hair in the front and teases the crap out of the hair in the back?

I thought it was really sad that Johnny wasn't part of the EJ/Nicole/Sydney family fest. You'd think that if EJ is really into this idea of family, he would have his son meet the new baby. I hope it happens early next week.

Two predictions struck me this week. Take them as you will. I am the chick, after all, who was convinced that Philip and Morgan would make it:
1) Nicole and Stefano will team up. What she did is text book Stefano- right down to delusional feeling of entitlement. If EJ breaks it off with Nicole, Stefano might just marry her himself.
2) Sami will end up with both children. Nicole has no right to Sydney what so ever (legal or biological) and if Mia (or Grace's father, who I don't believe signed away his rights) doesn't come back for Grace, I don't see why Sami would ever give her up or any court would take her from Sami.

Philip and Victor. Tell me I'm not the only one who got chills when Victor said that "Melanie must be dealt with". I'm so glad to see Victor and Philip playing nice. That whole Victor firing Philip thing was so out of character for Victor and I'm glad to see this Papa Bear back on track. Victor's presence adds so much more class to every storyline. I'm all for him staying around in this one.

So, Roman calls Sami and tells her that Mr. Killer is dead, the investigation is still ongoing, and that Kayla has been shot. Would it be too much to just toss in there that John got his memories back, was attacked, and then left with her mother to go seek treatment in Switzerland for his paralysis! I mean, he said that he wanted to let Sami know about Kayla before she heard from someone else. First, WHO else? And, HOW? From the newspaper? The newspaper that surely would have covered two of Salem's most prominent citizens being attacked. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stefano, after making a disgusted face at his espresso: "No wonder the Irish have to put liquor in their coffee."

There you have it! What do you think will happen next? Which couple will make it down the aisle? When will Hope forgive Bo? How long before Sami finds out that her mom and John are in a different hemisphere? And, most importantly, have you cast your Dankies vote yet?

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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