Baby, you can drive my car

For the Week of February 16, 2009
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Baby, you can drive my car
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Ridge claims to love Brooke, and Rick claims to love Steffy, but they both put those women in jeopardy by driving like maniacs while Steffy and Brooke were riding in the passenger seats.

Rick Forrester is a better man than me. When I was in a tragic accident where a friend was killed, I didn't drive again for years, much less take off on a high speed chase a few weeks late on the same winding roads that did me in the first time. But hey, that's just me.

Rick had to drive like a maniac because Ridge was chasing him. So I guess Rick would rather have killed Steffy or died in a car crash than let Ridge punch his pretty face?

Of course Ridge is not blameless here; after all, he was the one chasing Rick. And we know they were going really fast because the cameraman showed us their shoes pushing down on the gas pedal. Both Brooke and Steffy were in the backseats of their respective cars like Miss Daisy yelling orders to drivers who totally ignored them. Testosterone can be deadly.

Ridge claims to love Brooke and Rick claims to love Steffy, but here they both were driving like maniacs with the women they loved in jeopardy just by being in their cars. Note to guys: Don't do that. If you are mad and chasing another guy to beat him up let your girlfriend out of the car first. Or chill. :

The Ridge/Rick rivalry is pretty annoying. Rick is a grown man and no matter how badly his Mom and step-dad treated him as a child, he needs to move on and stop dwelling on it. Set up sessions with Dr. Warwick (it has to be a guy because Rick would just sleep with a woman therapist) and deal with your baggage.

Over at Jackie M, Bridget dealt with her baggage by donning a dark wig and some retro Jackie O sunglasses. I am happy they are putting Bridget back into Nick's orbit, because frankly Nick and Katie have been a snooze lately. Why did I like them together more when Katie only had days to live? Something wrong with me obviously, but other than an unhealthy love for Nerf basketball, what do these two people have in common? They never say anything when they talk to one another.

Katie got territorial and jealous when she found out Madame X was Bridget, which is hilarious considering that she stole Nick from Bridget in the first place. That same dynamic is playing out on Y and R right now, as Phyllis is jealous over Nick and Sharon, when he was Sharon's husband to begin with before Phyllis started an affair with him. Hey ladies, here's a tip - if you are sleeping with a married man, when he marries you, he will cheat on you, too. Count on it.

Nick has been with Brooke, Taylor, Bridget and Felicia, and no one is calling him the same names they are calling Rick. Of course, Rick hasn't slept with Bridget since she is his sister. But with B&B, I'd never cross it off the list of possible match ups. Familial bonds never stop a Forrester.

I am happy they have resurrected Jackie M as a rival fashion house a la Sally Spector. Getting out of the Forrester offices and shaking things up a bit was a good move. B&B can get very repetitive very fast. There have been days where the same conversation is repeated on a loop and causes me to scream at my TV like a crazy woman.

Steffy: We have to end this.
Rick: We can't end this I am in love with you.
Steffy: I am in love with you, too, but we have to end this. Our family will never accept us.
Rick: They will in time, they will have to.
Steffy: No, We have to end this.
Rick: We can't end this I am in love with you.
Steffy: I am in love with you, too, but we have to end this. Our family will never accept us.
Rick: They will in time, they will have to.

A slight variation of this dialogue happened every day for the past two weeks. I had an uncle who used to say "Either [poop] or get off the pot." And I want to say that to Rick and Steffy but minus the family friendly asterisk.

Adding some new plot lines in there - Bridget going to work as a designer for Jackie M, stolen designs and such have opened up the storyline for more variety and that's a wonderful thing.

Rick's firing also opens the door for whiny Thorne to get his job back as President of Forrester. However, I noticed that Eric was non committal when asked. It would be hilarious if he made Donna the new president - Thorne's head would explode.

One thing I can say for the Forresters, they are big on family meetings. In my family, if one of our teenage nieces of cousins is dating someone we don't like, we just talk about them behind their back. We never take a family vote and vote them off like an American Idol reject. The only voice of reason was Donna who thought that perhaps since Rick was willing to lose his job and his family's approval to be with Steffy that perhaps his feelings might be genuine. She reminded Eric that his family didn't approve of their union either.

Eric left the final vote up to Brooke, much against her will. What a rotten position to be in, to have to choose between your child and your husband. Katherine Kelly Lang was wonderful in these scenes; you saw the internal struggle play out across her face. She wanted to believe her son and support him, but Rick had done so many awful things in a row she finally decided that she had to cut him loose. And it killed her to do it.

When Rick got the news he was being fired, he made a beeline to Steffy and proposed marriage. Will she run off and marry Rick? Oh, I sure hope so, just because Ridge and Stephanie will be so incredibly angry and that will make for great episodes. And maybe we can get Donna to stand up for them since Rick stood up for her and Eric. It could be such catty wonderful fun. Imagine if Ridge found out Steffy was riding in Rick's car all the way to Vegas! He would have the Forrester jet dive-bombing Rick's car at the World's Largest Thermometer in Baker, CA. (A cheesy tourist attraction on the road between L.A. and Vegas for my East Coast readers.)

What will happen tomorrow? Will Thorne team up with Aunt Pam for lessons on how to lure bears in to eat people you don't like? Will Madame X design a wedding gown for Steffy? Will Taylor calm her nerves with a little Jose Cuervo? Will Katie's heart scar miraculously disappear by spring like Maxie's did on GH so she can keep Nick by showing a little cleavage? Will Stephanie consider selling her pantsuit line on QVC? Will anyone ever notice that Owen and Marcus are missing? Will Forrester go bankrupt as all of the boutiques that sell their gowns go under? Will Brooke start getting hot flashes and lose the desire to shag Ridge 7 times a day?

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