Who'da thunk it? Thomas is a psychopath!

For the Week of March 23, 2009
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Who'da thunk it? Thomas is a psychopath!
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What does that say about Dr. Taylor Hayes, that she has successfully raised a son who has become a homicidal maniac? Thomas was quite clear about who he blames for his actions, too.

Well, thanks to the NCAA basketball tournament, we had only a scant three episodes of The Bold & the Beautiful this week. Still, even though it wasn't a full week, they sure served up a full plate. Let's start with the biggest bite -- the revelation that the person who's been going after Rick wasn't Ridge or Pam or Donna or Marcus. Nope. It was Thomas. Yes, Thomas! Go figure. Here's a character that has been virtually off-screen for over a year. He's turned up now and again for weddings and Christmas, but the Thomas I remember was a good kid in college. When he last worked at Forrester, he was dating some girl and choreographing tap dancing numbers with her. I liked that Thomas.

Now, of course, we're being told that Thomas has turned into Norman Bates. Okay, maybe not Norman (he had a mother fixation!), but certainly a psycho. The irony of all this is that Mommy is a psychiatrist. What does that say about Dr. Taylor Hayes that she has successfully raised a son who has become a homicidal maniac? Thomas was quite clear about who he blames for his actions, too. It was his reaction to watching his mother having an affair with Rick, then Rick being responsible for Phoebe's death (which I think was an accident and not entirely his fault), and finally Steffy falling in love and making love to Rick. Did Taylor miss every sign that her son was having trouble processing all this stuff? Talk about not being present in your child's life. All things considered, I think it's a good idea that Nick and Katie are raising Jack.

Back to Thomas, I have to say that while I don't approve of his actions - can you say "overkill"? - I can understand why he's fed up with his parents. Instead of directing that anger at his mom and dad, he's focused it all on Rick. He was going on and on about how disgusted he was with Rick shtupping his mother, but he really should have blasted Taylor. She was Rick's willing lover. Rick, at that point, was actually a caring and loving support to Taylor - which is more than she was getting from Ridge or Thomas or Phoebe and Steffy. It's funny how nobody remembers that now.

So, Thomas thinks he's invisible. That's basically what he told Taylor. He knew that nobody would suspect him of going after Rick because nobody pays attention to him. Wow! That is seriously demented. Maybe Thomas needs to start designing like all the other Forrester children wannabes. Didn't he inherit any of Ridge's fashion genius? I'll tell you what he has inherited from Ridge - his superior attitude. When he was going on and on about how sick Rick was, how Rick didn't deserve to exist, how Rick was a disease that had infected their family (okay, I made that one up), Thomas sounded just like dear old Dad. You know that Stephen Sondheim song, "Children Will Listen"? Barbra Streisand sang it. The words go, "Careful the things you say, children will listen. Careful the things you do, children will see and learn." That's exactly what has happened here! Thomas listened and learned from his father, and now Ridge has to find a way to fix his broken son.

Ridge and the family are huddled away in the mountains, which sure looks like Big Bear even though they're not saying it is, leaving Stephanie to run roughshod over Brooke and Rick. Considering that Stephanie is a Forrester and has more money and power than anyone else in Forrester-land, how is it that she cannot get Pam out on bail? All the evidence against Pam is circumstantial. What D.A. would be able to convince a judge that Pam had to remain in custody and not be able to post bail or be held under house arrest in Stephanie's home? They could give her a monitoring device. But no, instead, she's stuck in the county lock up where Donna got to visit her with gifts. Frankly, I didn't think Donna was that vindictive and cruel. Yes, Donna did horrific things to Donna, but isn't Mrs. Eric Forrester better than that? The crocheted handcuffs were a hoot, but really? What would Eric think of his bikini bride doing something that nasty? Not very classy, lady.

Stephanie seems more intent on breaking up Ridge and Brooke - AGAIN! Does this woman ever let up? I think Brooke should invest in a stun gun and every time Stephanie pops up to tell her that Ridge is meant to be with Taylor, Logan can zap her. Like Pavlov's dog, Stephanie might get the point after a few thousand shocks. What I find so funny about this is that Stephanie doesn't even knock on the door or ring the bell! She just charges right into Brooke's house and starts taking shots at Brooke and Rick. Maybe they should have pulled a "Stephanie" and called Lt. Baker to have her arrested for trespassing.

All hell should be breaking on Monday, unless you think Steffy is going to keep quiet about Thomas's shenanigans. I think not. I expect her to race home to L.A. and vent her anger about her big brother all over Rick. What Rick does then is anybody's guess! If he's as manipulative and sneaky as Stephanie and Ridge think he is, he'll use the information to get right where he wants to be with Steffy. You know, "Ridge, I won't press charges against your murderous son if you let me be Steffy's boyfriend for real."

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