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Queen Stephanie was dethroned and given a new kingdom to rule all in the same week. Out with Forrester, and in with Jackie M. Last week, Stephanie got her groove back.

Queen Stephanie was dethroned, but was given a new kingdom to rule all in the same week. Out with Forrester, and in with Jackie M. Susan Flannery's rich and layered portrayal of matriarch as Stephanie Forrester has always been the heart of this show. And this week, Stephanie got her groove back.

With some not so subtle urging from Nick and Taylor, Stephanie emerged from her self pitying funk with a giant "I am woman hear me roar." By accepting the job at Jackie M, Stephanie can save Nick's company, make a fashion house a success without Eric's help, have something to do with her days other than "crochet with Pam" as Donna rudely suggested, and stick it to Eric and Donna all in one fell swoop.

The scene where Stephanie marched over to Donna and Eric's table after Donna spitefully called Stephanie "Grandma" was pivotal. It was in that moment Stephanie decided not to take anymore abuse from her philandering ex husband and his bimbo wife. And we got to see that realization flash across her face. A beautifully acted scene, any woman who watched it had to have felt suddenly empowered.

Taylor and Stephanie becoming roommates made perfect sense. They are both unattached and working to put their lives back in order. They've been best friends for eons, so having them live together and heal together was an inspired bit of writing. They are cheerleaders for one another, and always see the best in each other. I think they will both emerge stronger from their time together, and we as viewers will be able to witness their transformation.

Another pairing I enjoyed this week was the odd couple of Nick and Stephanie. Jack Wagner and Susan Flannery really light up the room together. I can't imagine Nick dumping Katie for a cougar type romance with Stephanie, but I am glad they are business partners. That ensures that the two of them will be in the room together more often, and we can see that passion they draw out in one another. Their dynamic is highly watchable. Then again, I have had a crush on Jack Wagner since he was Frisco Jones on GH, so perhaps I am biased.

Another exciting development at Jackie M is the triangle that is developing between Owen, Jackie and Bridget. I think Owen is hot for Bridget, but even hotter for Jackie's wealth and power. That Brandon Beemer dude is so handsome it hurts to look at him sometimes. With his piercing blue eyes and piercing smile, it's no wonder women of all ages melt into puddles in his presence.

I wonder if a twinge of jealousy will rise up in ex-hubby Nick when he sees Bridget interacting with Owen? This triangle could turn into a quadruple at any moment. I also wonder how much we can trust Katie. Katie knows far too many Jackie M secrets thanks to Nick's inability to separate business from sex. Has he considered the fact that his fiancée and his mom HATE each other? Methinks that Katie is one battle with Jackie away from giving up all of Jackie M's inside info to Eric.

Eric was reeling this week. He thought he could casually dismiss Stephanie from Forrester Creations, and no one would notice or care. He was wrong. When Jarrett interviewed Eric, and asked how Forrester would be able to carry on without Stephanie, it was clear that Eric didn't know the answer to Jarrett's question. You can see in his eyes that he wonders if he did the right thing, all the while reassuring Donna he's happy about his choice. But let's face it, he just wants her to keep pouring honey on him and licking it off. I don't think he's thought much beyond that.

Rick is gleefully finding ways to torment Ridge Forrester on a daily basis, and Ridge can't do a thing about it without jeopardizing Thomas' freedom. Don't hate me, but I am kind of enjoying watching Ridge squirm.

When Rick took everyone to his "surprise destination" a.k.a. the same beach where Brooke and Ridge were married on multiple occasions, you'd think Ridge would have recognized it as they pulled up to the coastal parking lot and said "HELL No!" Can't he read Rick's weasely little mind yet?

When Rick chose Brooke and Ridge's sacred spot at Point Dume for his and Steffy's impending nuptials, I thought Ridge's head was going to explode. Just imagine all that glorious hair of his piled up on the beach next to the kelp. Rick didn't stop there; he taunted Ridge further by informing Ridge he planned to nail Steffy with a bed on the beach the same way Ridge nailed Brooke after their wedding. (By the way, does anyone know if their fake wedding ever got legalized?)

Brooke and Steffy were both caught up in the romance and bought Rick's flowery speech about second chances and family unity. But Rick was just being a weasel again. I am torn - does he actually love Steffy, or does he not? I can't decide. I go back and forth on any given day. As soon as Ridge said "This wedding can't happen." I thought "Oh no, he's going to kidnap Steffy and take her to Big Bear again." Maybe our budding pyromaniac Thomas will torch that place next.

What will happen tomorrow? Will Jackie and Stephanie become BFF's? Will anyone ever notice baby Jack, R.J. and Hope are all missing? Will Donna have to start buying her honey in vats from Costco in these trying economic times? Will Thorne and Felicia go to work for Jackie M, too? Will Owen pick Jackie, or Bridget, or go back and try to steal Donna from Eric one more time?

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