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For Eric to spend his time and energy adopting Marcus is utterly ridiculous. Save it for a surprise at Christmas. Imagine how nice that would have been.

For weeks we've been hearing about how tough business is for Forrester Creations. Before the Royalty photo shoot -- I mean new line of clothes - was deemed a success (exactly how did they measure that?), they were counting paper clips and recycling sketchpads at the fashion house. Remember when Eric was facing jail time for dickering with the documents of illegal alien workers? Remember when Bill Spencer was angling to buy the company out from under Eric? Does anybody remember that the United States of America is in a recession? L.A. is still in America, isn't it?

The reason I mention all this is simple: they're not out of the wood yet. For Eric to spend his time and energy adopting Marcus is utterly ridiculous. Save it for a surprise at Christmas. You know, imagine how nice that would have been. Marcus reaches under the tree and finds an envelope from Eric. He opens is and Eric tells him, "I want you to be my son, Marcus. Legally. Merry Christmas." They drink a cup of eggnog and then go to the piano and sing "I'll Be Home for Christmas." Ahh...that would have been a really swell episode.

But, no, instead of that happy holiday tableau, we get an out of the blue week of scenes that are as sweet as an overdose of honey! Eric should be designing or brainstorming about business or conferring with Ridge and Thorne about marketing or asking Felicia about strategies to move product in the European and Asian sectors. Maybe Eric could be encouraging Brooke to get back into the lab to create a new BeLief fabric? In other words, Eric's mind has got to be on Forrester for 2010 and beyond if he's truly the man in charge. The personal connection with Marcus is nice, but it can't be his focus. Eric has more important business that needs his attention during business hours.

That brings me to Marcus. Nice guy. Sweet. Easy to like. But Marcus has no depth, he's too sweet. Why are they making him so uncomplicated? And have you noticed that he never - ever - loses his cool? B&B would be doing themselves a favor by adding some angst to the character.

Was there any question when Justin showed up that Marcus was going to be his son? Donna had previously told a tale about meeting a man - an older man - while working with her Mother on a catering job 20 years ago and getting knocked up. Now we're being told that Justin was her high school romance. Again, I have to wonder why Donna lied in the first place. Justin wasn't around when she first learned about Marcus. This seems to me to be a case of bad writing.

So, in other developments this past week, Bill and Katie made love. I don't know about all of you, but I thought they had done it weeks ago! Isn't there still a third date rule; you know, the one that says most couples make love by date number three? What took Bill and Katie so long? Was the long wait a nod to Katie because in her last "relationship" with Nick, she started out as the ugly duckling sister who'd never been loved and finally did the deed before dying? How else can you explain the delay? Bill's a player - a playboy. I can't think he was the one who was waiting for just the right moment.

The beginnings of a major new story started with Stephanie's medical symptoms appearing suddenly. After Eric's near-death experience, it's reasonable to wonder about Stephanie's health, too. She looks like a walking advertisement for high blood pressure medication! But I think Stephanie's showing signs of a stroke. This could be a great story for B&B, especially if Stephanie loses some functionality, the use of her arm or her eyesight or something else catastrophic. It would give Susan Flannery something interesting to play. Suppose she loses the ability to speak for a while and we can hear her on the soundtrack, but she can't communicate to the other characters? That could be dynamic.

On a far less serious note, Owen and Jackie seem to be okay again. I have to tell you that I find Owen's sanctimonious attitude to be completely out of character. He was introduced as a sleazy, pseudo private eye/paralegal. Who is he to judge Jackie for her indiscretions? When he talked about having this image of Jackie, what about her image of him? I don't believe Owen as a boy scout and I would have more respect for Jackie if she laughed in Owen's face and told him, "Dear boy, I haven't done anything for you to be upset about. You were playing with your little red wagon at the time!" (By the way, don't you love the way Leslie Anne Downe says the word 'anything'? Very British!)

Finally, a word for the new guy, Justin. So far, so good. I like him. At least Bill now has somebody to talk with about his diabolical plans to take over Forrester. You do know that's where he's going, don't you? Of course you do; you're a soap fan! We've all seen these stories before, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see them again!

I love all your comments, so keep 'em coming. Here's a couple of recent letters: o I am so tired of the Ridge, Brooke and Taylor saga. It's really old and has nothing going for it. It's time all three characters got someone new in their life. What's up with this saint picture of Donna? Come on! That's a lie and we all know it. Time for Forrester Creations to get a new name "LOGAN CREATIONS"! It would fit better because all of a sudden the Logans are the only ones who can fix everything. - S. Thompson

o The scenes where Ridge and Brooke went to city hall were cute. KKL and RM played the scenes with fun, life and humor. I have always said until this Ridge and Brooke is settled will the show won't be able to move forward. I hope there is more to Beth's story than just a plot device to bring Bridge together. Brad Bell's father had that horrible disease so he would be able to do a superb job. Somehow, I don't feel sorry for Taylor with her and Stephanie's machinations. I agree too happy couples results is boring and no storylines. Spoilers say trouble for Nick and Bridget and Justin Barber comes to town is Marcus's father and should enliven Donna and Eric with Stephanie returning to stake her claim. I see Eric and Stephanie getting together again. What do think of B&B winning Best Drama and Bell singing the praises and thanking Katharine Kelly Lang for her performance. For KKL, that was long overdue. I enjoy reading your columns. - Marie

Thanks for the nice comments! By the way, Marie, I was thrilled to see B&B win the Emmy after 22 years on the air! Talk about overdue. However, the Storm storyline was deserving and innovative. (Speaking of that, did you see Colleen's underwater scenes on The Young & the Restless last week? Looked just like the Stormy scenes!) Anyway, thank you all for emailing. Keep writing. Remember, read us here everyday on Soap Central for the best in the soap world. Till next time, I'm your soap buddy...

Allison J. Waldman
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