Will the real Bill Spencer please stand up?

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B&B Two Scoops: Will the real Bill Spencer please stand up?
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Bill may be the ultimate swindler. He's very good at snowing people, and Katie may be his mark. Perhaps all of his actions are a ruse to get the ultimate prize, Forrester.

Were you surprised when Bill Spencer managed to get his hooks into Forrester Creations this week? I have to admit, I wasn't. After the fashion show competition weeks ago, I suspected that he had another plan in motion to get the company out from under Eric. It was just a matter of time. However, is Bill really just using Katie to get what he wants or are his feelings the real thing? I want to believe that he's really in love, but how can we trust him when we know so little about him.

Here's the problem with trusting Bill; he's not trustworthy. Does that sound too simple? I don't mean it to be, but think about it. Bill has done nothing to prove that he is a man of his word. Katie is very vulnerable to Bill for a number of reasons. He's wined and dined her, treated her like a queen, pumped up her ego, and even more than that, he's been upfront with her about his plans. When she saw that flowchart for Forrester Creations, it was right there in his office - not hidden away - and he didn't pretend it was anything other than his plan for the company.

Bill may be the ultimate salesman/swindler. He's very good at snowing people and Katie may be his mark. Perhaps all his actions are a ruse to get the ultimate prize, Forrester. That's what Brooke and Donna believe. They are convinced that little sister Katie is being hosed (and I don't mean it that way, get your head out of the bedroom!). They believe Bill is using Katie. But was it fair for the Logan big sisters to disrespect Katie the way they did. When Bill announced that Katie would be the new CEO of Forrester, Donna and Brooke were in shock. However, both Brooke and Donna have been CEO of Forrester with even less credentials. Why were they not laughable in that role, but Katie is?

I will say this, I want to apply for the job of CEO of Forrester. I think I'm as qualified as any of those people! I'm emailing them my resume! Eric tosses around that position like he's handing out Halloween candy. This week when Eric finally acknowledged Ridge's legacy as the heir apparent to the company, I thought I was watching a rerun. Hasn't he done this before? Or maybe that was Stephanie going on and on about the family entitlement? Was it really that long ago when Thorne was threatening to leave Forrester for Spectra because Ridge was the golden boy? Thorne eventually did make that move, but then he was sucked back to Forrester like they all are over time. The clock is ticking for Stephanie to leave Jackie M. and save Eric's butt again, don't you think?

I'm very, very concerned about Stephanie. She is definitely having mini-strokes or stroke like episodes. She must - MUST - take care of herself. Stephanie should also know better. Pam pointed out to her sister that she has a history of stroke. I recall a time when Stephanie suffered a serious stroke and wound up homeless and lost for a while. (It was a great storyline, by the way!)

Steffy had a chance to really step up and prove her worth. When she called the ambulance for Stephanie and went to the hospital with her grandmother, it was imperative that she call the entire family to attend to Stephanie. The fact that she didn't shows me that she's a complete and utter airhead. Stupid girl, this is a crisis! How could she not call her father and say, "Daddy, your mother is in the hospital and you have to get here now." That's family. That's how you react. You don't wait for the patient to bully you into keeping a secret.

Maybe the real problem with Steffy is that she's spending too much time thinking about Owen and his six-pack abs instead of her own life. Steffy, get a life, please! Owen is a married man. You may like him as a business friend - although what are you doing at Jackie M. when it's the competition? - but, girlie, he's a married man. Jackie is right to tell you to back off. How would Steffy feel if she was still with Rick and Jackie started taking him out to lunch or for a walk on the beach? Steffy used to be a smart character. These days I think she's as dumb as a box of hair! Seriously, go back to school and learn something.

Does anyone on this show have a business degree? We know that Bridget graduated from medical school and did a residency to become a full-fledged M.D. She has the diploma and stethoscope to prove it. Of course, you don't need a medical school education to design dresses, but why quibble. She's still the most educated person in the Jackie M. office. Of course, with that medical background, wouldn't it be great writing for her to recognize Stephanie's symptoms and diagnose her stroke condition before Stephanie tells the staff what she learned at the hospital?

On the subject of smart storytelling, I'm grateful that it only took Justin about 17-seconds to figure out that Marcus is his son. Did Donna really think that Justin wouldn't put two and two together and get four? I did think Justin's tears were a bit over the top. That much emotion was a little out of proportion. He hardly had a chance to process that Marcus was his son and he was ready to sing a chorus of "Sunrise, Sunset," you know - "Is this the little boy I carried..." Very Fiddler on the Roof to me.

I love all your comments, but the baby switch on The Young and the Restless has been overwhelming by email, so I think it's clear that the fans are more rabid about that than anything else going on CBS. However, I'll leave you with one exciting NEWS item (which you know if you're a regular reader of Soap Central): Sarah Brown is joining B&B as a new character named Sandy Sommers. She's best known as Carly as well as Claudia on General Hospital, and she's a dynamite actress, so she should bring a lot to B&B. Sandy is supposed to be involved with Nick and Bridget and Whip. Sounds great to me! If you want more info on this, click here to read the news article.

Thanks for reading and please, write me with your thoughts. What do you think about Bill and Katie? What would you do about Stephanie's strokes if you were Steffy? Come on, share. Also remember to read us here every day on Soap Central for the best in the soap world. Till next time, I'm your soap buddy...

Allison J. Waldman
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