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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Los Angeles during the week of October 29, 2007.

I write this column with a heavy heart...not long after I submitted last week's column, I read the news report that Hunter Tylo's son had tragically died due to a drowning accident. I felt bad that I was not able to express my sadness at that in time last week, so I will now. I have no idea if the actress reads this column or even knows it exists for that matter but I want to take this opportunity to express my condolence to her and her entire family as I could not imagine in a thousand lifetimes the pain of losing a child. Hunter Tylo clearly loves her family and I can only hope they can survive this tragedy. It's one of those times in life when you realize what's important and what's not so important. I also would hope that as I lurk the various B&B boards on the Net that the rather vocal group of 'Taylor Haters' out there have the decency and class to curb their comments regarding her character or her personally at least for the time being.

Ok, having gotten that off my chest, I will also go on record as saying that I really enjoyed the shows this week. For the first time in a long while I thought the acting was top shelf, the dialogue was engaging, and everyone's hair looked great! WELL? It did!! Thorne, Eric (cutesy messed up do), Stephanie (a little longer and not so manly length) and even Rick looked better. He looked really good for a change while he was sniffing around a soon-to-be dumped Ashley. But really, all the scenes that involved Stephanie getting her assorted tongue-lashings were fantastic. Eric----SLAM! Ridge....SLAMMO! And best of all, Brooke....EXTRA DOUBLE SLAM!! She deserved every bit of it and then some. I cracked up every time she tried to back peddle out of the tiniest bit of responsibility and even more so when she tried to deny telling Andy where the key was. The nerve!! But her memory came back when Donna cornered her and the confrontation with Brooke sealed it. Now I don't buy for one second that she would ever 'give her blessing' to a reconciliation with her and Ridge and believe even less that she really wants anyone's forgiveness. Why, you ask?'s the tension between these two women that absolutely, 100% drives this show, PERIOD. It's not the on-again, off-again a THOUSAND times romance of Ridge and's the 100 years war between Brooke and Stephanie. As a matter of fact, I don't think England and France have hated each other as long as these two have.

Stephanie was certainly missed these last several weeks. Her acting just blows me away week after week and it's also clear that her presence on-screen makes everyone else ratchet up their own performances (well, except Ridge but I guess he can't help it). Of all the confrontations, though, hers with Brooke was the best for obvious reason. I could have done without the play-by-play of the rape as I found it too disturbing to watch for a second time. The sad thing is that there is no doubt in my mind that Brooke is using the trauma to trap Ridge and their scene Friday proved it.

I have been half-expecting the dialogue to read something like this...'Come on Ridge...your mother helped engineer my rape...don't you feel bad for me? Shouldn't you be obligated to be there for ME for the rest of my life now?' Ugh...make it stop! All the Forrester men are rallying around her and that will make it impossible for Ridge to NOT be with her despite making a commitment to Ashley. Oh yeah....I forgot! And he has too! That poor woman is heading back to LA to a man that cannot think for himself and has no decency whatsoever. It would be laughable if not so ridiculous that Rick keeps running around after her saying Ridge will hurt her and go back to his Mommy. Well, at least Ashley doesn't have to be running around LA alone...Little Ricky and his truckload of hormones are just what the doctor ordered. I know I tend to say this a lot about women Ridge has screwed over for Brooke but she doesn't deserve this nonsense. Ashley is a great female character and I hope this break-up doesn't open the door for Brad to shove her out of the show. That would be a HUGE mistake.

Loving the little thing going on with Thorne and Katie! Very cute. I hope this is also not another 12 minute detour around the misguided mind of Brad Bell. They could be a very entertaining couple to watch if done right. Wow...I just thought of something...there will be a Logan woman for every Forrester man!! YIKES!!! This is SICK SICK SICK! Talk about keeping it in the family! YUCK! Give it a year and it will be musical beds...'ok everybody, when the music stops, jump out of bed and run to the next one!'

Poor Nick and Taylor. One can only hope that Ridge won't do something to piss Brooke off again or all best are off. Taylor better be afraid...very afraid. This crap Brooke goes on with about having such a powerful bond with her children only spells trouble for the Marones. Ridge will leave the toilet seat up and she'll run screaming for Nick! Maybe Ridge will forget to do the dishes and Brooke will feel so betrayed that she...runs to Nick. You see the picture, right? I thought so.

Cool name, though, for a little boy...Jack Hamilton Marone. Cute baby, too! As much as I wanted Brooke and Nick to end up together, I realize that Nick and Taylor really do make a great couple.

I know I promised a Halloween column this week but given the events of the weeks I felt my warped rants would be better left to next week's column.

As for last week's question about whether or not this show could survive without Susan Flannery's impeccable portrayal of Stephanie....well, it was unanimous. All the readers responded that B&B would really suffer without her. I agree.

One more all the readers I have in the southern California region, please know that everyone across the country shares your pain in the fire tragedy that has devastated so many homes. Let's all keep them in our thoughts.

The Soap Box

Loann says: 'I love seeing Brooke and Ridge together. I'm maybe the only one but I really do love them.'

Naomi writes: 'To answer your question. We definitely need Stephanie. She adds something that no one else can and at least she is consistent in her hate for Brooke! Well most of the time! If Susan is sick then maybe they could reduce her screen time a little but the show needs Stephanie.'

Anastasia says: 'NO WAY will the B&B maintain their #2 status w/out Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, at times I wish I could reach into the television and strangle her myself (which is the sign of a wonderful actress at her best). I think the show would drop in ratings like a ton of bricks without her. Whether you love Stephanie or hate her she draws raw emotion from the viewer. Unfortunately, no other character on the show has that ability.'

Have a great week!!!

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