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Bridget has usually been a character who's shown great empathy and compassion. She's usually kind and understanding, but her overreaction last week was questionable.

Was that really Bridget Marone we saw this week? Seriously, what a bitch! I'm sorry. I know she has reasons to be concerned about the baby, but the way she turned on Sandy after the ordeal with Graham struck a nerve with me. Is that how you saw it, too? Or were you with Bridget in being more concerned about the unborn child in Sandy's uterus than the woman herself? Granted, Sandy's kept a lot from Bridget, but she is essentially a good person. Don't you agree?

I was quite shocked to see Bridget act so forcefully and with so much hostility. She might be justified, especially after we heard Sandy gushing to Oliver about her admiration and love for Nick. But Bridget didn't hear that. Bridget was acting like a hellion from the get-go. There's a reason why Sandy did what she did. She wasn't trying to endanger Nick and Bridget's baby -- and she is more than a walking incubator. Bridget has usually been a character who's shown great empathy and compassion. She was a doctor; still is if she wants to be. She's usually kind and understanding. Her reaction -- overreaction -- made me question the writing. That's not the Bridget I know.

But is Sandy in any position to complain? No, she's not. She signed a contract and she is obligated to put the welfare of the baby first. She didn't do that when the DNA test confirmed that Graham was the man who had raped her five years ago. Sandy was emboldened by Nick's allegiance and the fact that she was going to get revenge. I don't believe she ever contemplated that she might have to chase the guy to the roof and get into a fight with him. And if Nick had chased Graham instead of Sandy, none of this would have happened. But Nick was emotionally caught up in seeing Hope, his little sailor girl, drugged and vulnerable.

Poor Hope. I felt so bad for her. It was hard enough learning about the questionable issues regarding her birth, but Ridge and Brooke's attitude was just inappropriate. Do people really talk like that? Come on -- at the office? And how about closing a door! You know, Ridge is a bastard child, too. Who is he to say that Hope's birth is a stain on the family? Wasn't Stephanie's affair with Dominic Marone a stain on the Forrester name? Talk about hypocritical. There are all kinds of skeletons in the Forrester family closet. Hope's hardly the worst. And where do Stephanie and Taylor come off acting all high and mighty? They've never been paragons of virtue.

So Hope got in over her head at Graham's and she should have known it immediately. She is a smart young woman and just because a guy hands you a drink, that doesn't mean you have to drink it. But what happened in the studio was not Hope's fault. She didn't create the situation. Graham's actions were monstrous. He's a rapist and a pig. I don't understand how he could do what he did. He's a sick person with some perverse desire to dominate women when they are completely incapable of responding. That's why he drugs them.

There's nothing bad enough that can happen to Graham now. I would have loved it if Ridge and Nick could have caught up with him and beat the crap out of him. But here's a thought: what made Graham choose to go after Hope when he knows about her family connections? When he raped Sandy, she was a bartender... a nobody. Didn't Graham think for a moment that he was jeopardizing his career by raping Eric Forrester's granddaughter? You'd think he was selfish enough to protect himself better. Now he's going to learn about a whole 'nother kind of rape in prison! You have seen a few episodes of "Oz," right?

Are you concerned about Nick and Bridget? I am. I think Bridget's going to be unforgiving of Nick, not understanding why he had to help Sandy. It's Nick's nature to be a rescuer. He's done it all his life. He couldn't see what a wounded bird Sandy was and not try to fix her wing. Now that she's regained her strength and wants to stand on her own two feet, Nick can let her go. But if Sandy is really in love with Nick... Trouble, trouble, trouble.

What is wrong with Ridge and Brooke? How they keep bouncing back and forth between what they can stand and what they can't stand is maddening to me. Ridge is such a freaking child! By the way, have you seen him or Eric design anything lately? What's the point of having the "Glamour" campaign or "Hope for the Future" if there are no dresses to go with it? And, excuse me for asking, but shouldn't the designers make the clothes first and then the PR department can figure out how to present it? This is the tail wagging the dog.

Bill Spencer has been MIA for a couple of weeks, but I anticipate that'll change because Steffy and Katie are about to detonate a nuclear bomb on each other. Seriously, what gives with these women? Katie has the power to marginalize Katie... and she's already tried to do it. But Katie is so much smarter than the way she's playing this. Steffy can't be this brilliant to outwit Katie, can she? And is it just me or do you wonder why none of these characters ever finish college? What kind of a message are they sending to people? Oh, right, be born into a rich family and go into the family business even if you really wanted to be a lawyer or a nurse or a physicist. If your last name is Logan or Forrester, you apparently only think about fabric swatches and models. And sex. That's Stephanie's thought, you know. She assumes all Logans are sexual deviants and insatiable hedonists.

Finally, I'm a little concerned about the lack of cohesion on the show. There are some characters that are just not getting any coverage. We spend a whole week listening to Ridge moan and bitch about the legacy of Forrester while Thorne and Thomas and Rick and Marcus are off on a desert island somewhere making basketball sneakers. Seriously, can't we get a little balance? Maybe Sandy wouldn't be so fixated on Nick if she met Rick? Yes, wouldn't that be interesting. Bridget introduces her brother to the baby mama. I want to know what's going on with these other people, don't you?

Okay, that's all for this week. Except we here at Soap Central, have received some wonderful notes from the readers. Take a look:

• The pairing of Nick and Bridget is horrible. We all know that Brooke is really the love of Nick's life. Bridget is not it for him. There is too many bad vibes with Bridget. She lied about aborting her child, she deliberately slept with her Mom's husband to get him back, she tried to pin her pregnancy on Nick, when it was really Dante's child, and ruined her Mom's marriage. She professed love and stuck her tongue down Ridge's throat, when she had spent a large part of her life thinking he was her Dad. She goes from a questionable talented doctor, to a designer at the snap of the fingers. Really! She is a liar and a manipulator and I don't like her at all. Nick deserves to have the woman he really loves -- Brooke. Also, Brooke needs to find that brain she used to have and get rid of the serial rapist that we all know as Ridge. -- Marilyn C.

• I loved your column this week! I am a die-hard Brooke fan and she deserves a lot more respect than she is getting from the jerks on this show. She created BeLief, which was so revolutionary that the Forresters based their future revenue on it. I was watching when they tried to trick her and she wound up with fifty percent of their company. What an awesome storyline! I also remember her lingerie line as well as the men's line, so whenever some jerk like Stuffy or Stephanie say that she got her position by seducing Ridge or Eric, it makes my blood boil. I am also disgusted with the way Thorne and Felicia, who are real Forresters, are being marginalized in favor of Ridge. It would make for some good drama if both of them woke up and decided that they were tired of living in Ridge's shadow and made a play for the company. -- Giovann

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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