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For the Week of March 8, 2010
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So many children, so many choices, so many hours making love to it any wonder that Ridge's head hurts? The guy is just not cut out for deep thoughts, let alone making important decisions.

So many children, so many choices, so many hours making love to Brooke... Is it any wonder that Ridge Forrester's head hurts? The guy is just not cut out for deep thoughts, let alone making important decisions, which is why he's such a lump of clay when it comes to the women in his life. First, his mother Stephanie has been pushing him around for decades. The lady's so locked in to her son Ridge's life that she probably knows when he has a regular bowel movement. (Sorry, that was a bit TMI, but don't you think Stephanie would ask the question: "Good morning, Ridge. Did you do your business today like a good boy?")

Then there's Brooke. She has Ridge wrapped around her thumb, ring, and little finger. She knows the buttons to push and the way to manipulate him. Granted, he wants to be manipulated. He knows at the end of every Logan request or suggestion is some time between the sheets. So, Ridge is definitely Brooke's lap dog. It's easier that way; letting her be the decider.

This week, however, we saw the latest lady who has Ridge under her thumb. The villainess on the rise, Steffy. What a piece of work this girl has become! She knows how to use the waterworks to make Daddy bend. She knows how to rewrite the past to lay on the guilt trip. And she knows how to give Papa just what he wants more than Viagra-free potency - Forrester Creations.

It wasn't surprising this week that when Ridge learned how deceptive, deceitful, and dishonest Steffy had acted to get Bill to sell back Forrester Creations to R.E.S.T., he decided not to show any backbone and blast his daughter. In fact, he barely registered that his child had been using her sexuality as a weapon. Nothing wrong with that if you're a Forrester, I guess. Although isn't that what the Forresters accuse Logans of doing? So it's all right when a Steffy does it, but it's wrong when a Brooke does it? And based on Ridge's reaction, Steffy learned not one damn thing. She's going to go on in her life continuing to think that playing dirty is the way to go. I don't know how these people sleep at night.

Oh, by the way, did you notice that when the Forresters were celebrating in the office, Stephanie showed not one aftereffect from the stroke. Wouldn't life be great if medical problems like stroke damage just disappeared when the writers decide to forget what they wrote?

One last thought about Steffy and Ridge; did you find the heart-to-heart between daughter and father just a little too intense. It was almost incestuous how much love Steffy wants from dear old daddy. All the love for her and nothing for Brooke, his wife, or any of his other children. R.J., Thomas, and Hope can suck eggs. Steffy needs all Ridge, all the time. There's something out of whack with this storyline development. A year ago, Steffy was on a plane with Rick, ready to fly off to Hawaii to marry him. She had no interest in the business and wanted her father to respect her choices. Now she's a Vampira who needs to feed on the blood of Logans and worship at the altar of her god-like Father Forrester. It's gross.

Of course, the big story of the week was on the other side of town. Bridget's meltdown after Aggie lost the baby was really, really over-the-top. Sure, it was heartbreaking that she's lost another child. Sure, it seems like the odds are against her ever having a child of her own blood. But what about adoption, Bridget? What about taking responsibility for your actions? Her treatment of Aggie was reprehensible in the last week of the pregnancy. What was she thinking? Then she blames Nick for his misguided actions. At least he was trying to do the right thing.

Bridget's turning to Owen was completely out of character. I don't understand the soap convention that has someone so upset about something - like a miscarriage - and having sex to ease the pain. What does sex have to do with anything? Owen's hot body was not what Bridget needed, but it's what she reached for. It doesn't add up to me. And Owen has said over and over again that he loves and adores Jackie. Why risk his marriage for a roll in the hay with Bridget? Two people bonding in grief... no, I don't buy it.

Will Bridget make things right by confessing to Nick? I doubt it, but that's where we're going, I think. She'll bare her soul and make him feel like hell. Owen's marriage will be on shaky grounds because he's going to be forced to keep a secret. What a mess!

Finally, we had Hope and Oliver and the groundwork for a story that's going to be a bit of video nonsense. Why did he video what was happening at Owen's? I don't know. Neither did he. But the video is going to be in play and everyone will want it. Who would make a video of something like that when they're a frigging visitor in Owen's home? Wasn't that sort of disrespectful? Again, I find this the dumbest kind of writing. It's not natural. It's contrived.

But then wasn't the girl fight in the koi pond contrived? It was insulting to the women. Taylor and Brooke know better. Taylor, in fact, is acting like a ninny. Why would she risk her entire fortune and her children's future to invest in Forrester Creations? A money manager would have advised her to keep her money in the bank. In this economy, investing in a fashion business that's already on the rocks is financial suicide. It would serve Taylor right to wind up in a trailer like Aggie. Oops, I put my money in the wrong business.

One last story point: will someone please explain Donna's weight gain. I know she's pregnant in real life, but maybe it would make a good story if Eric noticed that all that honey had put about 20 pounds on his lovely wife. He could use it as an excuse to design size 14 dresses or make a deal with Lane Bryant for large-size fashions? Just a thought....

Okay, that's all for this week. Except we here at Soap Central, have received some wonderful notes from the readers. Take a look:

• Brooke is such a tramp... I can't even imagine being married to both a father and son, and sleeping with not one, but two of my daughter's husbands. And Donna is cut from the same mold obviously. I rather like Katie or did, before she got carried away with the CEO thing. The Goddess thing was a joke ... totally laughable. Just exactly what were they selling? I like Taylor with Whip and hope it works out. As for Steffy/Bill/the deal ... this is soapdom where anything is possible. - Kathy

• You are soooo right. Bridget is a bitch, and going way overboard! - Lisa

• Good Two Scoops. I agree that Bridget was over the top, but her character has been that way since the current actress took over the role. It was nice to see the writers bring back the 'slit your throat' Bridget. The way she handled herself while Nick was married to Brooke and Taylor was scandalous. I still don't believe that the egg switch was an accident... I love Sarah Brown's acting. I don't want the show to start writing her as a crazy insane woman obsessed with Nick. he deserves to let this character play out as normal and draw in the viewers to her side. What better summer match up could there be if Sandy were to win over Stephanie and Jackie while her rival started to come unglued all by her lonesome. - LC

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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