Is that the wicked witch of the west?

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Pranks on the runway only make Forrester look bad, and yet Steffy's blind determination to rid the company of Logans is making her do foolish things. No, not foolish; nasty.

I have been accused of being a Logan lover! That's right, a reader suggested to me that my bias for Brooke and her kin have blinded me to the fact that the Logans are not nice and I should rethink my Forrester bashing. Therefore, for this week's installment of Two Scoops, I'm going to be an equal opportunity blaster of hypocrisy and evil, giving it to both Logans and Forresters as warranted. Will this right the ship for future columns? hmm...I guess we'll have to see.

The Bold and Beautiful does seem to be a bit of bubble, don't you think? Since Steffy won back the family business, I'm still waiting for the Forresters to actually produce something. The "Hope for the Future" campaign was a PR move, but where were the fashions? Are Ridge and Eric doing any designing? If the Forresters really are intent on rising to the top again, don't they need some product to sell? Taylor and Stephanie were all for dumping the Brooke's Bedroom line, until they came up with the brilliant idea of having the Head of Public Relations become the model for the line. Why don't real models ever get the chance to be models for Forrester? If you have a family connection, you're in like Flynn.

But at least there was some business at Forrester this week -- the "Hope for the Future" presentation. I've been in business for years and never have I seen a company like Forrester where a potentially huge opportunity for a company could be undermined by a prank. Does Steffy really think that Pam is the right elder to turn to for advice in business? Where was Stephanie? Pranks on the runway only make Forrester look bad, and yet Steffy's blind determination to rid the company of Logans is making her do foolish things. No, not foolish. Nasty. Come on, really, you have to wonder about her vendetta against Hope. Hope's a kid. She's not responsible for any of the sins that Steffy feels the Logans have inflicted on her family. Even when Steffy brought up Phoebe, she failed to point out that it was Rick who the Forresters blamed for her death. Hope was just a little kid. She didn't take anything from Phoebe. That was sheer nonsense.

Also, while it's true that Steffy began in the mailroom, that was her choice. She flopped as a model and told her father she wanted to work with Marcus in shipping. She was a sweet, unassuming girl at that point. She had no ambition. We're supposed to believe now that Phoebe's death has resulted in her becoming a viper. A wicked witch with evil intent. Her logic is flawed, however, because even if Hope walked out of the company and decided to go to college in Boston, that sure doesn't add up to Brooke exiting Forrester. As long as Ridge is running the company, Brooke will be by his side. Stephanie, Steffy, and Taylor have to accept that as a fact of life.

One last bash on Steffy -- sorry, but it has to be said. If anyone looked like a "ho," it was Steffy trying to seduce Oliver. I'm shocked that he just sat there and let her grind on him. Is that really how kids act today? It was disgusting and completely inappropriate behavior. Would you do that to the boyfriend of a girl who'd been like a little sister to you most of her life? Steffy's actions were more suited to a strip club than a beach house. I would have loved it if Oliver dumped her on her butt and told her to act like a lady instead of a whore.

What about the Logans? Well, I'm keeping Hope out of the rant because she's still a young girl and a virgin, so the "ho" label was really off-base. However, I will declare that Donna deserves the title. She used her sexuality to land Eric and moved up the corporate ladder without any expertise or skill. She just flirted and flounced. She wasn't even particularly good on The Catwalk. But she did marry well. If you ask me, Eric was a fool not to have had a pre-nup when he married her. Honey boy had the chance to protect himself and his assets -- and the family's assets -- but he let his lust/love get in the way. He lives in Beverly Hills -- he should have known better!

Donna's grief over Beth has been overdone because her loss is no greater than Brooke or Katie's, but she's acting like it is. I'm not buying it. Furthermore, is she such a ditz that she cannot see that Bill is using her to get a Logan back onto the Forrester Creations board? Bill's a manipulator, but everyone knows what he's doing. He's flippin' transparent as glass! And yet Donna is being led around by her nose like a trained seal. Arf, arf, arf... She doesn't deserve half of Eric's part of the company, but she's probably going to get it.

I'd like to know how Brooke bungled her share? Sacrifices were made, but shouldn't Ridge have rewarded her for her loyalty by giving her back half of his share? They are married, after all -- isn't it what's yours and mine is ours? Apparently not.

Not to be overlooked, there's the Bridget, Jackie, and Owen situation. Brooke learned about her daughter's latest pregnancy this past week, but not that Owen is the baby daddy. Boy, what a mess! Jackie was absolutely right about the future if Bridget tells Nick. It will be the end of two marriages -- Jackie and Owen's and Bridget and Nick's. There isn't enough forgiveness in the world to make all that infidelity right. It seems a bit convenient that now that Bridget is pregnant with Owen's baby, there's a procedure that might ensure that she can carry full term. Why wasn't that the case a couple of years ago when she miscarried?

Jackie wore down Bridget, convincing her to keep Nick in the dark until the baby is born -- assuming that the baby is born. Will Bridget be able to keep the secret for six more months? Um, I wouldn't bet on it. She's already acting suspicious. Brooke's noticed. Aggie's noticed. Whip won't be fooled forever. Let's face it, the cat's going to be out of the bag before you can say "what's new, pussycat!" Bridget is just not really good at masking her emotions.

There were some great letters in e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• I'm sorry to say but your write-ups are so biased and you are clearly a fan of the Logans. Why are you forgetting all the good that Stephanie has done? Well, on a white wall that has a black spot, the white wall that has the larger percentage is no longer seen, people now see the black spot. Analyze without siding anybody necessarily. Your support for the Logans (immorality), is so obvious. If you have been watching this program for the past 20 years at least, then, when you write, you always look back. -- Angel

• The Logans are the most hypocritical family in soapland. When Donna kissed Owen, Eric was supposed to understand; yet when he kisses Stephanie, it's called lack of respect. When Storm shot Stephanie, premeditated, she was supposed to be sympathetic to his mental state and the Logans begged for mercy which Stephanie gave. Now Donna wants to arrest Stephanie for Beth's death when it was her own family that let her wander around. When Beth, Brooke and Donna all cheated with Eric on Stephanie, it was because of "love." Stephanie has always been honest about Eric being the love of her life, yet I don't recall her ever cheating with Eric while he was married to someone else. Eric is the spineless jellyfish who always cheats, yet to the Logan women, he's a wonderful caring man. Stephanie hasn't done anything worse than Stephen Logan or Bill Spencer. Brooke's cheated on all her husbands, once with her own daughter's husband, yet because she "follows her heart," all is forgiven and she always get to keep her Forrester job? Yet Stephanie is always fired and vilified for trying to keep her marriage and position at Forrester. Even good girl Katie in essence cheated with her aunt's fiancé. This double standard where Stephanie is concerned makes me ill. -- Dawn

• Enough with Bridget the saint. This is the same woman who told Nick she had an abortion in order to "test" his love and the same woman who ruined her sister's wedding. Why do the writers go overboard with characterization just before they have the character stumble? It telegraphs everything with its heavy-handedness. Breaking up Jowen and Nicket is fine as they are both boring, but I don't know if I can take nine months of Bridget crying and fretting. Of course she will have this baby. It would have been gross for her to have Nick's. -- Buster

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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