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Sami has always needed a man to suck up to, regardless of his disapproval and disrespect. She's done it with Austin, Lucas, Roman, and Rafe; now, she's focused on acquiring Will's approval.

Everybody happy dance now! Congrats to James Scott¸ Molly Burnett, Arianne Zucker, Dylan Patton, and Shelley Hennig on their Daytime Emmy Nominations. That's FIVE acting nominations for our little Salem love-fest. Add to that the four technical categories - casting, hair, song ("Captured"- the song that played during the steamy Danloe love sceens), and technical direction/electronic camera/video control - and it's clear that DAYS is on a roll.

Now, a lot of people will try to rain on our parade and say that Emmys don't mean a thing. Bull poop. They mean that for at least one night other soap fans are going to see clips of our fine show and realize what they're missing. If they're smart, they'll give DAYS a spot on the old DVR and see what all the fuss is about. So, thanks to James, Mollly, Arianne, Dylan, and Shelley for putting together great reels and getting our good-lookin' show some recognition. We're proud of you all! (PS - We're proud of Crystal Chappell and Julie Pinson too! We heart our DAYS alums!)

Speaking of our show, this week was a prep week to get everyone in place for their upcoming sweeps and summer storylines. In all honestly, it seemed a bit slow at times. But, good storylines take time to preheat. There was some gritty character stuff in each. Let's get into it!

E.J. and SAMI
When are people going to stop acting all surprised to hear that these two have feelings for each other? As long as they are both on the show, they are going to be in each other's worlds. So, let's stop acting (Will, Brady, and Stefano - I'm talking to you, boys!) like you're really going to "break them up." Mmm'k? Cool. Now that we got that out of the way, we can examine them individually.

E.J. is a hot mess. He's in love with Sami. He's dangerously close to being happy with her. But unfortunately for him, with each step towards said happiness E.J.'s conscious grows bigger and heavier. I still understand why E.J. did what he did and, surprisingly, I think Sami would too. But, the longer he lets this go on, the harder it's going to be for Sami to forgive him. Especially when she's already moving on with another man...

She's not replacing Rafe with E.J. She's replacing Rafe with Will. And no, not in that creepy, Oedipus kind of way. You see, Sami has always needed a man in her life, and by that I specifically mean a man to whom she constantly sucks up, regardless of his disapproval and disrespect. She's done it with Austin, Lucas, Roman, and Rafe.

Now Sami is focused on acquiring Will's approval. Getting some attention from tall, dark, and British is just an added bonus. Not a bad bonus, at all. But I believed Sami when she said that she moved into the mansion for Will.

Like Tony, I was a proud member of the 80s Fan Club. So, I had high hopes for the Anna and Calliope reunion. But alas, I found them extremely annoying. That's just too much daffiness for me. It reminded me of one of those dreadful children's shows where some purple dinosaur sings songs to a Care Bear. Only this time the dinosaur was drunk and the Care Bear kept sucking helium. *shudders*

And wherever suck exists, Rafe must be part of it. I get that it's his job to find Sydney's kidnapper. And I hear him say that he loves Sami. But seeing him bulldoze through everything and everyone is a lot-a-bit of an overkill.

I fail to see how this storyline is supposed to further Rafe's character. He doesn't need to prove anything to Sami. One grunt from him and she'd wrap all her kids in FBI jackets and fall at his feet. But he's the one who walked away from her. Is learning that E.J. masterminded the kidnapping going to suddenly make him forgive Sami for lying to him? I doubt it. If anything, learning that will make him even more mad at Sami for not trusting him.

John Aniston and Suzanne Rogers are perfectly pleasant together. There's no doubt about that. However, I'm not sure I can say the same about Victor and Maggie. While the two characters have coexisted in the same world, they've never really interacted with each other. Seeing them together (and flirting!) is sort of like seeing your schoolteacher at the grocery store. There's no reason she shouldn't be there. It just seems out of place.

Maybe that's not the best reason to temporarily oppose this pair. But I've got another. If Vivian Alamain touches one red hair on Maggie's head, I will personally come to Salem and kick someone's butt. I know that I claimed Viv needed something other to do than go after Carly. But if my only other option is Vivian vs. Maggie, I take it back, so hard.

Please email me for your prize if you had "they were hookers together" in the office pool. The only problem is that you'll have to share the $40 with the entire office because EVERYONE and their Greek uncle guessed the same dang thing.

Despite the acting talent and potential this storyline has, I'm irritated with the writers' focus. Let's get back to Kate's creepy flashback with the blood on her hands. Let's see more of Stefano threatening Madeline. And, let's stop trying to pretend like it matters if a judge in Salem used to be a prostitute. It's Salem.

If he's willing, I'd be in favor of Henderson carrying around a rolled-up newspaper and whacking Arianna every time she mentions Nicole's name. Someone has to stop the gal. I'll start putting together a Powerpoint if necessary. I'll start with the "Don't mention his ex's name while you're in his bed" slide, because someone OBVIOUSLY needs a refresher course.

On the bright side, their idea to team up and investigate the muggings was a tease of brilliance. I'd like to see the writers follow through with it. With his resources and her training as an undercover informant, they could go far. After all, they managed to bust Mr. Sleazy Motel Manager pretty quick during the whole Philip/Mel sex tape scandal.

Ahhhh, it seems like only yesterday she was blackmailing Baker and trying to keep another woman away from the man that she wanted. And now, after a stint in the big house, she's back in Salem to blackmail Baker and...well...you know the rest.

Sure the jolt back into full-on, scheming mode is a little sudden. But, it's what Nicole does best. Arianne Zucker has a catty coolness (still matched beautifully by Lindsay Hartley) that is always a pleasure to watch.

I don't know if she'll actually land Brady, but if Arianna doesn't get sent to jail, Nicole can always dust off the ol' flesh-eating bacteria. It worked the first time!

Did you know that "Kristian Alfonso" is a synonym for "awesome"? It is. Crazy Hope is my favorite storyline right now, and Kristian is marvelous. She's so deliciously evil that she gives me chills.

For those keeping score, Crazy Hope appeared to Carly, Arianna, Brady, and Ciarra. Carly obviously knows that something is up with Hope, as the real Hope would never apologize to Carly - much less hug the woman. But I have a feeling that Brady is going to be the key to uncovering this whole thing.

Once Nicole succeeds in framing Arianna for the muggings (which you know she will because Nicole is that good), Brady will have to put his thinking cap on and wonder who else could have committed the crimes. Add the fact that Brady has easy access to Hope's pills, and I think Brady could be the chosen one to crack the case. Well...at least until Bo and his bone marrow come back to town.

It's real swell that Chloe feels crappy about cheating on Daniel. But, watching her mope around town, almost spilling the beans is boring. And, for real, shouldn't she be used to this particular flavor of guilt? She's had plenty of practice.

However, for all his massive imperfections, Philip isn't used to cheating. So, he's working overtime to make sure that the Phloe secret never leaves Daniel's living room floor and hits Melanie's ears. Problem is, there's no way that Chloe can come clean without taking Philip down with her. I like this element of the story line. Both parties truly regret cheating, yet are dealing with their guilt in completely different ways.

As for Daniel, he's still on my good list, but he could use a lesson in relationship etiquette. I'm pretty sure that Dear Abby would advise against telling your fiancée's most personal secrets to anyone, much less the one person who makes her crazy. Considering the circumstances, Carly isn't the best choice of confidant. Remember when he was friends with Lexie and Brady? Try one of them next time, doc.

Mia is going to move to New York to study dance. (buh-bye!) Chad has decided to forgo Wake Forest for Salem U. Last time I checked, Stephanie Johnson is the only graduate on record from that college. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Hope thanked Abe for all the extra men he's put on the task force to catch the mugger. I'm not totally convinced that more Salem police officers is always a good thing. I've seen those jokers at work.

Baker admitted that he faked his death by injecting himself with a drug that slows down his heart rate enough to seem like he's dead, and then staged a strangling scene. Take notes, kids. It's a great way to get rid of all the extra "slow down my blood so it appears that I'm dead" drugs you have sitting around the house, AND it proves that those knots you learned how to tie in Scouts really do come in handy later in life.

If Chloe teams up with Vivian to take down Carly, Vivian has a good shot at finding out that Chloe slept with Philip. With that news, she could break up Melanie and Philip, thus leaving Melanie and Carly in no need of Victor's protection, but also leaving Victor with no need to marry Vivian. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

How does Stefano think he can blow the whistle on E.J. and not lose Sydney and Johnny in the process? He sure threatens E.J. like with one swoop, E.J.'s life will be ruined, yet Sami will still be happy to bring the kiddies over to see Grandpa DiMera. Somehow, I don't see that happening. So what leverage does Stefano really have?

Anna's "I will never drink again. I will never drink again. At least until lunch." was awesome.

Lindsay Hartley looks beautiful in pink.

Arianne Zucker got her post-baby body back into shape fast! She looked amazing this week.

Stefano's reaction to Johnny wearing an FBI jacket was hilarious. I thought he was going to break out in hives or start throwing garlic at Johnny.

Molly Burnett and Shawn Christian have chemistry over the phone. How is that possible?

Will telling Sami that he hates her could easily be my "Not" for the week. But, Brady did a very good job of rebutting the jerky teen, thanks in part to reminding Sami that she was no angel at 16 either. Considering their own history, Brady could easily take pleasure in the fact that some bratty kid is making Sami's life hell. But, I'm thrilled that Brady and Sami are playing nice instead.

I don't care that Stephanie thinks that Nathan is ready to get suckered into being a daddy. I'm not ready! I don't want to watch another woman use a baby to try to keep a man from turning back to his ex, especially if Steph's grand plan is just to throw away her birth control pills. At least Nicole stole a baby and outsmarted a DiMera. I don't see Stephanie "JV" Johnson pulling any of that off.

Sami (to E.J., who's pouting over Johnny's new FBI jacket): "We could get him a mobster jacket. Then you'd be even."

Dishonorable mention: Nicole (about her news story): "This baby is mine from start to finish." Really, writers!?!? Poor choice of words, much?

And with that, the Salemites head into another week. Tony will be back to continue the Emmy nod celebration and....oh yeah....cover more of May Sweeps. Questions to ponder in the meantime: Will Anna spill the beans to Rafe? How will Daniel and Chloe's therapy sessions go? And, can Johnny get any cuter? See you all next week!

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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