A Big Bear baby and the daddy blues

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If you go by the notion that all's well that ends well, then the idea of Bridget taking her at-risk pregnancy to Big Bear for a last-trimester visit to a remote cabin in the woods was all hunky-dory.

If you go by the notion that all's well that ends well, then the idea of Bridget taking her at-risk pregnancy to Big Bear for a last-trimester visit to a remote cabin in the woods was all hunky-dory. To me, it was the height of stupidity. Here's a woman who is not only a doctor, but someone who has suffered devastating losses when trying to have a child. What could have compelled her to go off to the woods for a rest when she was so close to having the baby? Wouldn't she have wanted to be careful and safe and near a hospital with the greatest post-natal care available?

But instead of sense, we get bizarre behavior and strange combinations like Stephanie and Bridget up in Big Bear for some girl talk. Give me a break! What would be the rationale for Bridget to take a respite with Stephanie? Why not Brooke? After all, Brooke is her mother, and Brooke is at loose ends with her leave of absence from Forrester? Did it seem odd to you -- like it did me -- that Bridget would be so comfortable with Stephanie that she would blab to her about Owen being the Daddy and how Bridget had cheated on Nick?

But it set up the situation that Brad Bell wanted. He got Owen shlepping up to the cabin to get Bridget to sign off on some patterns (yeah, right!) and Stephanie high-tailing it back to L.A. to confront Jackie about her domestic drama with Owen and Bridget. I mean, you really didn't think that Stephanie would keep her opinion about the Jackie-Bridget-Owen paradigm to herself, did you? Stephanie feels a moral imperative to tell everyone else how they should live. Even when she's nice about it -- and she was nice to Jackie -- Stephanie's just too in everybody else's business for me. Why doesn't she ever mind her own business? Bridget's not her child, so why was she hanging out with her in Big Bear?

It was more appropriate that Stephanie was concerned for Thorne. And wasn't that overdue? Somebody actually paying attention to Ridge's brother, the legitimate number one Forrester male heir. I thought it was touching how Thorne reacted to the possibility that Liam might have been his child. Instead of seeing it as a bad thing or something to dodge, Thorne was fully ready to accept responsibility and be a father to Liam. Compare that to Ridge's nasty reaction and Bill's disgust at the thought of being a father. Thorne's more of a stand-up guy than either of those guys.

Of course when you saw the antipathy between Bill and Liam, it was going to definitely be Bill who was the father. And there's a lot more conflict with that angle than if Liam turned out to be another Forrester. Bill's not interested in having a son, and Liam has already gotten a really bad impression of the man who fathered him. The possibilities for trouble between those two are ripe, especially since Liam is going to work with the Forresters against Spencer ... or is he? Maybe now things will be different.

Back to Thorne for a minute ... did you pick up on the line between Oliver and Steffy about how nobody wants to go to Thorne's office? What's that all about? You mean that in all the reorganization and Ridge and Eric being back in charge, Thorne's still being shoved into the basement like Cinderfella? How come? Why wouldn't Ridge or Steffy or Eric give him a better place to work? Those kinds of inconsistencies make me scratch my head. Thorne used to be pretty important to Stephanie, even though he's not Ridge, so why the short shrift?

I'm looking forward to more of Thomas sticking up for Brooke and taking on Steffy. Wasn't that refreshing when he called his mother on giving Steffy the shares of Forrester? Finally, some honest emotion! It was dead wrong of Taylor to play favorites like that, and Thomas was dead right to be pissed off. And Ridge giving Thomas a vice presidency was such a shoddy bit of business. Like some new title on a business card would make up for his sister being made a major stockholder!

All things considered, is a leave of absence really such a terrible thing for Brooke to bear? I don't think so. The way Ridge acted -- and her sisters, too -- you'd have thought she was banished to Devil's Island rather than a Beverly Hills mansion. Frankly, if I were Brooke, I'd take the time off to enjoy my life. Go to the spa, go horseback riding, take Hope shopping ... especially since Hope finally spoke to her mother again. And kudos to Ridge for bridging that chasm between mother and daughter and for making that romantic dinner for Brooke. You know, something's been happening with Ridge of late. Could it be he's grown up and become a man?

Getting back to the cabin and Owen and Bridget ... what's going to happen now that the words "I love you" have been uttered? We've seen this coming for a long time now. Bridget and Owen are drawn to each other -- and not just because of the baby. But Owen does really love Jackie, and I don't think he wants to hurt her. This isn't going to end well.

Another love story that may be heading for the rocks is Oliver and Hope. While Oliver still has his heart set on Hope, she's definitely become infatuated with Liam. It wouldn't surprise me to see Hope fall for Liam for a number of reasons. For one thing, he's not tainted by the graduation party. Every time Hope sees Liam, she doesn't hear the Daddy Yankee song blaring in her head! And Liam is vulnerable and sweet and appeals to the big heart that Hope clearly has. She wants to help him, and that's a powerful draw.

So will that put Steffy and Oliver together? Could be. I've been surprised at how understanding Oliver's been when it comes to Steffy. She's been bitchy and controlling and pushy, but Oliver's always given her the benefit of the doubt and tried to understand where she's been coming from.

Any way you cut it, there are definitely relationships in flux on the show! And according to Brad Bell, there's a lollapalooza Brooke-Stephanie story coming up later this month that he claims will be the biggest conflict ever. I can't even imagine what that is, but you can be sure that I'll be watching ... won't you?

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• Speaking as one of the younger viewers of this show, I have to say that I cannot wrap my head around how Ridge found it so easy to cast Steffy out and embrace Brooke? She only told him of the affair because of the blackmail. I am almost positive she would have kept it a secret for as long as she could if Steffy had not put the pieces of the puzzle together. As for Nick, what a hypocrite! Didn't he have an affair with Brooke after the whole faux-miscarriage deal? It makes me so livid the double standards on B&B sometimes. I am with you that Stephanie acts like everything she does is above reproach! When will this woman get her comeuppance? Though it's good to see the younger cast take center stage this past summer, it would be good to have the veterans more involved in the story lines, Oh wait, it's just Eric that's been M.I.A. Could it be that he is trapped in the basement working on a new line that we will get to see unveiled at a fashion show? -- Flora

• I lurk and read the posts, but never post a comment. I am not a Brooke hater, although I am not a fan either. I take from reading your "Two Scoops" that you are more partial to Brooke. It's funny how so many people can find rationale for her behavior, but like to highlight Stephanie and others. This is what I find more irritating is that you speak as though Brooke has played no part in this feud. She did plenty hateful things just as Stephanie has. It does not matter if one side was more combative than the other, wrong is wrong and this woman never take responsibility for anything she does. Thanks for listening. -- Neil

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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