Love, forgiveness, broken hearts, and caviar

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From the moment that Liam got all starry-eyed at the sight of Hope, you knew that young love was about to blossom. Oliver's pretty much out of the picture (along with his Chinese necklace).

There were more than a few surprises on The Bold and the Beautiful this past week, but if you think I'm talking about Hope and Liam declaring their love for each other, then you really haven't been paying attention. That turn of events was as predictable as overdosing on Halloween candy in October! From the moment Liam got all starry-eyed at the sight of Hope, you knew young love was about to blossom. They haven't even bothered to wedge Liam and Hope into a triangle, at least not yet. Oliver's pretty much out of the picture -- along with his Chinese necklace -- and Steffy has yet to express her desire for Liam beyond a wink and a smile. So, Liam loves Hope, and Hope loves Liam, and all is right with the world. Ho-hum. It's time for a wrench in that relationship, don't you think?

Now, Bill accepting Liam as his son...that was a surprise. I guess Katie must really be persuasive because I didn't anticipate Bill welcoming Liam into the family so fast, did you? I guess Brad Bell decided to move the story along and get Liam involved with Spencer Publishing right away. Bill's change in attitude will be interesting if it turns out to be real. Maybe because it's Bill, I keep wondering if there's a twist coming. Does he have an ulterior motive in making peace with Liam? It just was such a sudden turnaround.

I'm concerned about some of the characters on the show right now. Has it occurred to you, as it has me, that there are people who have nothing to do? This past week, Amber went to see Brooke because she's interested in rekindling a romance with Rick. Um, I don't think so. Rick's stalking cougar these days, not gazelle. So that means Amber's got nothing going on. Why did they bring her onto the show? Seriously, what were they thinking? And then there's Aggie. I love Sarah Brown as an actress, but could they maybe write a story for her? Have you also realized that since the wedding, Whip and Taylor are sans storyline? Is there really nothing going on between Mr. and Mrs. Jones worth covering? Even Nick has been twiddling his thumbs since breaking up with Bridget. What's going on here? Has Brad brought on too many actors -- really good actors -- without expanding the storylines to accommodate all the talent?

Remember when Katie was a thriving public relations director? How about when she was Forrester CEO? And do you recall the "Hope for the Future" campaign? Or Hope going to school to learn a little something about the business before becoming a mogul? I'm asking these questions because for some reason, the main focus for Katie and Hope has been caring for Bill and Liam. Say what? The shift in focus is disturbing. There's no saying that they can't care about what happens to daddy and son, but it would be more realistic for these women to be a bit more self-motivated. Give Katie a job to do at Spencer, and if Hope wants to be taken seriously at Forrester, let her go to USC and take some college classes!

Did you pick up on the reference to Katie and Hope being Logan women? Is this a nod to Cramer women on One Life to Live? I wonder. Of course, it might just be a phrase to get under Stephanie's skin. Her reaction to Bridget naming her son Logan was priceless. She looked like she'd just sucked a lemon. If the Logan women are meant to be formidable opponents to Stephanie and Steffy, they should probably get Donna up to speed. Now that Jennifer Gareis has had her baby, she's another actress in desperate need of a storyline!

So is Bridget a Logan woman or a Forrester woman? Right now, she's seemingly overcome with being a mommy-woman. I don't think Bridget will ever get back to that medical career (what a waste!), and if I were Jackie M, I'd be a bit concerned about our main designer. Sure, they have Amber now, but can you really expect Amber to design for the Jackie M clientele? Jackie supposedly represents elegant woman. Amber's from the Lindsay Lohan collection.

It may not matter much because unless I miss my guess, Owen and Bridget are bound to be a couple, and that's probably going to jeopardize Bridget staying at Jackie M. How could she stay on if she's on the outs with Nick and Jackie? There's such a lack of attention to fashion on the show right now. Is anybody designing anything? Where are the fashion shows? Actually, Jackie M is finally getting around to a fashion show next week, but what about Forrester? What about their bottom line? Shouldn't Forrester Creations be concerned about making money instead of giving Steffy a big office and printing new business cards for Thomas!

But the Forrester who's really intriguing me right now is Rick! Hooray, hooray! Rick is back in the action again. I absolutely loved his pursuit of Jackie. How Cary Grant of him to woo her with champagne and caviar! However, I don't fully buy his claim that he's interested in her because she's a beautiful woman. Oh, yes, Rick is a man who loves variety. He's dated both Taylor and her daughter, but his infatuation with Jackie comes at a very interesting time. It wasn't until Bridget confessed that she wants a future with Owen that Rick made a beeline for Jackie. So, Rick's sudden desire to go to Paris with Jackie might be a grand, romantic gesture, but it's also calculated. He's clearing the way for his big sister. If Jackie is caught up in a whirlwind romance with Rick, Owen and Bridget will find a way to become Mr. and Mrs. Logan's Parents.

So I'm still waiting for Brad's big bombshell, you know, the one that's going to blow every other Brooke-Stephanie conflagration out of the water. What could it possibly be? The previews for next week are centering on Stephanie's birthday and some secret being revealed...hmm, is it possible that Stephanie is really Brooke's mother? Or vice versa! (KIDDING!!!) No, we'll just have to wait and see. Whatever it is, I hope it's something really off the wall. Brad's been known to write some wild storylines!

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• To tell the honest truth, I'm bored with Bill-Katie-Liam storyline. So, so boring. Can we see more of fashion than battle for supremacy and immorality on B&B? These are the issues the writers of Two Scoops commentary should be writing about, not following the uninteresting lines of the writer of B&B. -- Angel

• I always enjoy reading The Scoops commentary every week. I agree with the stop the presses Brad Bell is on a roll of surprise, surprise. Bridget has her baby. What a downer. I thought we would have a 'will she live or die?' in November but, Brad seems to be wanting to get through the Bridget debacle to get the fall story. Scott Clifton/Liam is really doing his job. He held his own with Susan Flannery and Don Diamont. He even makes Hope appear better than when she was with Oliver. He is such a weak, colorless character. I see no purpose for the Jones family. Whip is no longer shown. I don't miss Whip, Aggie or Oliver. October is fast approaching and Brad Bell promises a story line with Brooke and Stephanie that will be the story line better than any story line we have had in the history of B&B. If it is more Stephanie being violent with Brooke than he can have it. I will hold judgment until the end of November for an honest opinion on this great happening. -- Marie

• Hi, thank you to you and Allison for keeping the column real. I read the comment from the first poster this week, and I have one question? Why is it that all we are reading on boards is how Brooke is going to bed Thomas? Do these people not realize that there is only ONE woman on this show that has boinked a much younger son, and that was Taylor? This seems to be a Brooke-hating mantra... "Brooke will bed Thomas because she is lonely..." Seems that some cannot stand the fact that that story line was already penned, a lonely older woman bedding a much younger man, son of her enemy, all because he sided with her. I also think it is safe to say, in the case of Rick and Taylor, it was per usual. Per usual that Taylor was obsessed with bedding any man that was connected in any way to Brooke. So why in the world would anyone think Brooke would be going after Thomas? I think there is a better chance of Taylor bedding RJ, before Brooke would ever bed Thomas. Given the history of the characters. -- Cyd

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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