Reality is slip-slidin' away from Stephanie

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The idea that a woman like Stephanie would accept a fatal diagnosis without considering a fight just rings hollow. It's taken Brooke, of all people, to point out to her mother-in-law/nemesis that she's not facing facts.

Cancer is nothing to ignore and a dicey subject to tackle on soaps if you can't do the story realistically. I start by saying this because Stephanie's lung cancer story has already gotten over-the-top for me. The idea that a woman like Stephanie would accept a fatal diagnosis without considering a fight just rings hollow. And it's taken Brooke, of all people, to point out to her mother-in-law/nemesis that she's not facing facts. For Stephanie to simply succumb is totally against character. If the idea is that she's on a journey to discover that she does want to live, perhaps it'll be worth the ride. However, right now, this is asinine.

Let's examine some facts, first, shall we? When given the news of her cancer, Stephanie and Brooke declared that Stephanie had never been sick, that she was a strong woman. Well, not really. Stephanie has a history with strokes. Stephanie is also not a nutrition or fitness freak, meaning she's not really taking care of herself. She drinks martinis daily. So what if she never smoked. A lot of lung cancer patients never had a cigarette in their lives either. The point is, Stephanie cannot be overly shocked that at her age, she's not indomitable. Her spirit is strong and vibrant. Her mind is sharp. Her body is breaking down. Welcome to the circle of life!

For her to let the reality of her plight slip her mind, so she could put a sliding pond in her living room for a birthday party or contemplate a bucket list of things to do before she dies, is just irresponsible. And, dare I say it, it sends a bad message to viewers. Cancer is not to be trifled with, and at stage four, Stephanie should be aggressively fighting back. Sure, the odds aren't great, but with all the money in the world and great health care coverage, which you know the Forresters have, her odds are much better than she thinks. And Stephanie should want to fight and live and thrive for years to come. She does finally have almost everything she wants. Who gives up and dies when the prize is in their hands? Not Stephanie Douglas Forrester.

Of course, this is all about the story. Brad Bell promised a humdinger, and that's what he's going to try to deliver. Brooke and Stephanie's collaboration through this trauma might actually forge a new relationship for them, which would be nice. If it happens, don't expect it to last, but for a short time, they'll bond. The thing for me is that Stephanie needs to get real and get real fast. Cancer doesn't kid around.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, the kidding around at Jackie M is pretty laughable. How on earth did that fashion house become a playpen, with Roman statues and abs on parade? If I were Nick Marone, I'd get to the gym fast, because those younger guys are making him look like Father Time. At least he has a good thing going with Aggie. I'm not sure if it's a long-term thing, but I prefer Nick with Aggie than Nick alone. And Jack Wagner is too good to be doing nothing. Which is also how I feel about Rick Hearst, which is why they need to write a story for Whip Jones, don't you think?

Are you as over Bridget and Owen as I am? Okay, you had a baby. You love the baby. You're playing "Three's Company" with Jackie, and all is well in the world... or is it? All this contentment just feels forced. Yes, Bridget has longed to be a mother, but it's hard work. She should be struggling a bit, don't you think? How about hiring a nanny so she can get back to Jackie M? Amber has some cute ideas, but it's Bridget the genius that's made Jackie M successful. Funny, neither fashion house has been too concerned about business, have you noticed? All the debt and the bottom line have been virtually ignored. Hmm ... maybe it's time for Dollar Bill to shake things up again?

I have to say that I'm pleased that Rick finally has something going on. He was really on the back burner too long. But the romancing of the cougar has been done before. Owen and Jackie were a redux of Rick and Taylor, right? How many times are we going to go around that plot line? Here's a thought for Brad, why not give the Forrester second generation of men something to shout about. Instead of romance and love, imagine if Rick and Thomas and Marcus decided to create their own fashion empire? Everyone is so addicted to Forrester that you have to question the family ambition. Wouldn't Rick be the type to want to start up the Logan/Forrester Line? Thomas would hop on board, and Marcus needs a place to hang out!

I'm wondering why we had a men's line story crop up this week. Was that just an excuse to show us Ronn Moss's abs? He looks okay, but really, why? Steffy is spinning her wheels with her projects at the company. She seems lost, but then, does she have any idea what she's doing? She's a neophyte. And Hope is even younger and less experienced in business. Doesn't anyone value education and apprenticeship anymore?

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• Over the last several weeks I think the writing for this show has been awful. What are they thinking? Is everyone on vacation with and sense? The new Liam character could be something good to watch but Bridget and Owen? Ugh! And now Rick and Jackie? Give me a break -- Irene W.

• Did someone just say that Brooke has decent kids but Taylor doesn't? Bridget gets pregnant and has a child by her step-father-in-law; Rick is trying to break up said father-in-law from mother-in-law. Before this Rick was busy trying to break up the marriage of his brother and his mother? This is what you call decent kids? These two kids between them have committed enough chaos to last any normal family a lifetime. Whereas Taylor's kids, as far as I know, just try to please their idiot father. Excuse me, where is the logic in this type of thinking? We are just supposed to overlook Brooke and her brats no matter what they do? Give me a break. -- Nannie T.

• If Susan Flannery (Stephanie) leaves, B&B will lose the fire this show has. I've watched it from day one. No one can fill her shoes. I know I'll miss her. She's the whole reason I watch the show. She's the show's bomb and that the truth. Hey, it is what it is. -- Phachita

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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