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For the Week of March 11, 2013
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Bill encouraged Brooke to shake her moneymaker for increased power at Forrester, while Taylor had her mail redirected to a new address -- Stephanie's! Ooh, Weezy! It's B&B meets The Jeffersons this week with Two Scoops' Mike!

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Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you decide your baby was a better companion than your husband? Did you start wondering about your girlfriend's trade-in value? Did you move in with your new love faster than you can say "U-Haul"? These and more situations faced the Forresters et al this week!

It's the Battle of the Potential Forrester Matriarchs on B&B! In this corner, Brooke Logan, ex-wife of Eric Forrester and matriarch-elect selected by Queen Stephanie! In this corner, Taylor Hayes, once-favorite daughter-in-law of Stephanie and current bed buddy of Eric! Who will win? And will Pam decide who's a cut above the rest? Whoo, doggies! Rather a slam-bang week on our show of shows! Oh, yeah...and there was that other story. Let's get Leffy/Lope out of the way so we can get to the good stuff!

Basically, we have Hope sacrificing herself for the sake of Steffy's baby, and Steffy offering to sacrifice herself if Liam has any doubts about being with her. Um, hello, it's Liam! When does he not have doubts about anything? We knew that was true when Steffy wanted to hear "all the reasons you want to marry me," and all Liam could think about was how Hope told him to marry Steffy! The more things change... And really...the cheesy montages? The lighting was cool, but talk about filler.

Hope may be the only one showing any actual sense by being willing to move on. How can Steffy take Liam's proposal seriously? Just two soap days ago, Liam was putting a ring on Hope's finger! Does Steffy really believe she's Liam's first choice? I think the proposal might actually have been sweet if marriages weren't a dime a dozen with this bunch. Hope, in particular, seems obsessed with weddings. The '50s are over; Liam and Steffy don't have to be married to raise their child.

Interestingly, the trio each mentioned growing up without a father. Liam certainly didn't have one around. But the girls? True, Deacon wasn't there for Hope, but Ridge raised her, and even Nick did to a degree. And didn't have a father? Really? When was Ridge not around? Taylor and Ridge were together when Steffy was little, and after Taylor "died," Ridge continued to raise Steffy until she was almost an adult. You'd think Steffy would be more affected by growing up without her mother!

Speaking of Ridge, it will be interesting to see if he shows up for Steffy's wedding -- and with whose face. Other than that, there's no suspense, no matter how hard B&B keeps trying to portray Liam and Hope as star-crossed lovers. Yawn. Only intriguing part about any of this now is the reappearance of Oliver. Even Brooke lauded his good points (of course, she knows more about them than Hope). "But he's just not Liam," Hope sighed. Maybe Liam is the stallion, the way these girls fight over him!

I do have to say, I continually enjoy Rick and Hope's brother/sister dynamic. There's just something really sweet about it. But I kept hoping for a trap door to open under Caroline, to no avail. I still can't believe she's instantly become this bitchy, pouty princess! I actually hated her this week. Showing up at Dayzee's and raising a ruckus? No wonder Rick's making eyes at Maya. Although his sudden interest in Maya after his so-called devotion to Caroline is making him look like more than a bit of a cad.

Backing up for a moment, I really liked the rapport between Marcus and Carter, too. It was cool to get some subtle insights into Marcus' history growing up with Carter. Of course, Carter became the next in a long line of fortunate folks who have been hired on the spot at Forrester. I couldn't help but snicker when Rick spoke about how Spectra and Jackie M ripped off their designs. It wasn't all that long ago Rick himself delivered stolen designs to Jackie M! The word for the day is "irony," boys and girls.

Now, doesn't Carter have a life of his own back in Texas or wherever he lives? Don't you think it's contrived that Marcus wants Carter to just drop everything and move to L.A.? I thought we were being set up for a Carter/Maya romance, and I'm kind of disappointed that's not happening. It's kind of weird to have this former GL couple traveling in different orbits. And I'm not sure how I feel about Rick fawning over Maya. I see a bit of early Amber in her, being a struggling singer and all. Do we smell rehash?

Admittedly, the chemistry between Rick and Maya is palpable, and rather unique. But please -- she can't tell he comes from money? And Rick talks about how wonderful Maya is...would he have felt that way if he had seen Maya at Dayzee's a few weeks ago? "I'm not a complainer," she said with a smile. Yeah, well, I'll bet Marcus and Dayzee would beg to differ. Maya was nearly psychotic about her baby, and now she seems to care more about flirting with Rick than mourning her dead kid!

Not that Rick himself wasn't pretty psychotic back in 2008 and 2009. I keep getting the sense that his tour of duty at Dayzee's, and ultimately, being involved in Maya's life, is an attempt at some sort of redemption. I just wish B&B would have Rick acknowledge what a holy terror he was. He left a trail of destruction a mile wide behind him and only ever got a slap on the hand. I'd like to see him own it if he's going to be on some journey to being a better person.

Meanwhile, the Forrester mansion turned into a "deeluxe apartment in the sky" as Eric asked Taylor to do some "movin' on up." "People are going to say it's too soon," Eric glowed, "but I know what I want." No, it's too soon when another Hangover movie comes out. This is Guinness Book of World Records territory! If I wasn't enjoying the prevalence of John McCook so much, and the return of Eric's suave side, I'd probably be questioning this a lot more.

Although everyone else had something to say about it. "Taylor doesn't have a spontaneous bone in her body," Brooke sneered. But the best comment came from Steffy, who declared "She would have to analyze the pros and cons for three weeks before jumping into bed." Classic! Not always true, however, as with Rick and Stephen. Hmm...Brooke's son, her one point Brooke's brother, and now another ex-husband? Taylor may be catching up to Brooke in the "keep it in the family" department!

When Eric and Taylor had their brief flirtation in 1995, it was unexpected and tender, and I almost found myself rooting for them. But in 2013...well, Eric hasn't changed much, but Taylor has. Brooke thinks Taylor is only out to use Eric for revenge and position. "That seems awfully calculated for Taylor," Katie observed. That's true. It does. Taylor's feelings for Eric appear to be genuine, but then, her resentment toward "the Logans" can't be denied, either. Which makes Taylor's real intentions a rather intriguing mystery.

It's also interesting that, ordinarily, Taylor would be fuming about Brooke using her sexuality to get what she wants, and now Brooke is accusing Taylor of the same thing. I do have to admit, Eric and Taylor getting freaky in Stephanie's bed is more than a little skeevy. But I do like that Stephanie's continuing presence is playing a part in all this, as are the events surrounding Stephanie's death. It just makes the whole "Teric" thing crackle with a bit more substance than your standard soap relationship.

Brooke couldn't help running to Bill, who had his hands full with being rejected by Katie. Apparently all the near-death-experience mama wants to do is dote on baby Will to the point of obsession. Katie thinks she's making up for the formative weeks she went AWOL. And she's promised Bill she'll spend more time with him once Will has bonded with her. You mean he hasn't yet? That's an extremely telling declaration, and one that I think colors Katie's motivation more than she lets on.

Personally, I think Katie hasn't forgiven Bill for Deacon. She sticks around so Will will have a family, but it's clear she's using Will as a buffer between her and Bill. Katie has obviously checked out of the relationship -- and really, she should have after Bill dallied with Steffy. Katie should take the baby and half of Bill's holdings in a nasty divorce! Of course, then he'd be free for Brooke...maybe Katie is sticking around because she knows that? (If only B&B were so juicy.)

But the way things are presented, maybe Katie should change her name to Patsy, because she certainly seems like one. Did Bill really talk about his feelings for Brooke with Katie just upstairs? More incredulously, did Brooke really indulge Bill with a peek of her lingerie when Katie could have walked in at any second? There wasn't a lot of disbelief left to suspend with that one. Those incidents would have made a lot more sense at Forrester -- though I'm surprised Bill was allowed in the building over there.

Bill did make an excellent point: love her or hate her, Brooke has played a vital part in the success of Forrester Creations over the years. She created the BeLieF formula, and, though it led her to take over the company to spite Ridge and Stephanie, Brooke elevated Forrester to new heights in the '90s with the Brooke's Bedroom line. So it would make sense for Bill to suggest that Brooke reboot it. "I'm too old!" Brooke balked. Wow, a realistic concern for a soap! But I would have to say that Brooke -- and Katherine Kelly Lang -- have nothing to worry about. Ageism be damned!

However, there are some gaping holes in Bill's argument that can't be ignored. First, wasn't Brooke's Bedroom reinvented as Intimates and given to Steffy? I don't see Steffy relinquishing the line to Brooke. Second, how does Bill think a successful relaunch would give Brooke control of the company? Brooke owns no stock! Bill has 12.5%, but certainly not enough clout to say he wants Brooke running the company. If he really wanted Brooke to have control, he'd sign his shares to her so she has voting power!

Still, it will be interesting to see if Brooke can "out-tantalize" Taylor where Eric is concerned. He does seem to be everyone's sexiest septuagenarian these days; I'm surprised Madison isn't harboring a crush on him. Goodness knows Donna was crushed when she found out Eric had become Taylor-made. Were we supposed to feel sorry for her? The good ship Honey Bear has sailed, honey! So has Donna's -- love Jennifer Gareis, but does Donna really have a place on the canvas anymore?

Depending on how you, um, slice it, our loony lemon bar lady, Pam, may have painted herself into a corner. Granted, it was out of nowhere, but not unsubstantiated, when folks started worrying about how Pam would take "Teric." Donna saw the Sheila-esque stabbing of Taylor's picture and remembered her bear of a kidnapping at Pam's hands (now that's how you use a flashback), and suddenly the show became a hundred times more interesting!

After all, Pam also poisoned Eric to keep him away from Donna! Of course, that was before Pam's brain tumor operation -- does she still have enough coins for another ride on the crazy train? We don't know, because as Pam barged into Eric and Taylor's love nest and brandished a knife, Taylor screamed, and the screen went black! Bam! It doesn't even matter if we're being tricked into thinking Pam went serial killer, because that was a damn good cliffhanger. And it even made sense! Who knew?

And who knows what you all have to say? Well, we do here at, in the form of the comments you send us. Keep letting us know what you think of B&B, either by email, or by leaving a message for our Internet radio show, Soap Central Live. Your message could end up broadcast, and your written words could end up here in a future column. Like these!

    • "
    o "I wish Steffy had gotten there just after Hope and Liam had gotten married. Then Father Fontana would have been very confused." -- Deborah

    • "I very much enjoy your column, Adam-Michael. Do you think there will be any improvement in the storytelling on B&B?" -- Jim (EDITOR'S NOTE: One can hope, Jim...this week was better but there's still a long way to go!)

    • "I agree with Patricia that the seconds spent on the constant, lingering location shots could be better spent on plot, but also on the actor credits. I find it sad that it takes speed reading to glance at the names as they whiz by..." -- Patty

    • "I am so done with the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle that I no longer care what happens to them...[but] Steffy, Thomas, and Ridge own [50% of the company]...with Ridge's proxy Thomas can force Eric to step down..." -- Lois (EDITOR'S NOTE: I think it takes 51% to have controlling interest, and who knows how binding Stephanie's will is...)

    • "So tired of the love triangle of Hope and Steffy...I am for Steffy...she has grown up...I [know] for me if Steffy doesn't have [a happy] ending with her boyfriend I'll stop watching B&B period." -- Dawn

    • "I, for one, love the Hope/Liam drama and definitely HOPE they end up together..." -- C

    • "...I would like to know if [B&B] will replace Ridge or is he gone for good..." -- Solange (EDITOR'S NOTE: Your guess is as good as mine, Solange, but if and when Ridge does return, you'll hear about it right here at!)

    • "...I have stopped watching B&B, because I am so sick of Hope, Liam, and Steffy...why can't [they] write more stories about Thorne..." -- Mary Ann

    • "I would love to see Brooke move on with another man...Eric and Taylor can be head over heels in love as well. Then bring Ridge back. First he tries to get with Brooke, who won't have it, and when he bounces back to Taylor, she blows him off. It would be awesome." -- K

    • "Eric needs to get his locks changed." -- Ron

Great comments, everyone! Of course, I get the last word with Points to Ponder:

Can I just say Thomas is rockin' that new beard? Yow... It's also interesting how Liam is so much more dressed up these days. Did you notice he wasn't wearing his sword necklace in Hope's iPhone snaps? Obviously Kimberly Matula and Scott Clifton took those off-set... Steffy packing away Liam and Hope's Italy wedding photo was pretty LOL-worthy...

Marcus said it was familiar to see Rick on his iPad 24-7 -- it should be, considering the trouble Marcus got himself into with his texting addiction last year... Why did Rick think that Carter would know anyone in the entertainment industry? He's only visiting Los Angeles... Leilani got some good coverage this week: "Well, go ahead, playa!"... "I used to hang out here," Rick told Maya. Excellent continuity, considering how much Rick frequented Insomnia in the late '90s... Didn't Maya's apartment look a bit like Sheila's old apartment set from 2002? Though I was too distracted by the buzz of the set's overhead lights to tell for sure...

"You can save that company!" Bill declared to Brooke. Really? It needs saving?... "We've been dating!" Taylor announced to Steffy and Thomas. One date and a shag is "dating"?... Why did Steffy and Thomas continually refer to their grandfather as "Eric" instead of "Grandpa"? And did anyone see that Eric is still wearing his wedding ring?

Wow, we actually got to see a closet in the Forrester compound. But was Taylor really okay with the Forrester movers just going in and packing up her personal stuff? Boy, they made quick work of it, too... And don't you think Taylor would have been even a little weirded out unpacking her boxes in the exact same spot where she took an almost-fatal bullet from Sheila? I'm just sayin'.

But that's all I'm sayin' until I return to your screens March 25. Next week, it's Allison's turn to bring out her Scoop for you. Thanks for reading, and you know the drill: keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold!

Mike (Adam-Michael James)
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