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Does Apple have something against the characters on The Bold and the Beautiful? For the second time, an iPad has been responsible for messing up a relationship. Check out this week's Two Scoops for more -- and like a B&B iPad, no password is required.

Hello, my Bold and Beautiful peeps! How was your week? Did you make a video montage of you and your fiancée and then decide to make one for your ex-wife? Did you take a peek at someone's iPad and send an anonymous email to your son's crush? Did you put your soon-to-be ex-husband in his place? Get your dishes ready; it's time for me to share my two scoops!

Oh, my goodness, where do I begin? Let's start off with the train wreck I like to call Brill. This week, Donna found out that her sister was engaged to her other sister's husband. The look on Donna's face was hilarious. She looked just as confused as probably the rest of the viewers did when the Brill pairing actually got off the ground.

If I was Donna, and my sister (Brooke) told me that she was engaged to my other sister's (Katie) husband, I would probably slap her across the face. I would then slap my two-timing brother-in-law in the face as well. Well, maybe the slapping would be a little harsh. No, never mind. Brooke needs some sense slapped into her.

Donna needs to sit her sister down and explain to her that men come and go, but her sister is for life. She can't divorce her sister. It is never okay to have an inappropriate relationship with your sister's, daughter's, or any family member's significant other. Just when I thought Donna would actually break things down for Brooke, she turned to Bill and said, "Don't screw it up!" Really, Donna? Really?

The HFTF fashion show was a success. Caroline's designs were praised by everyone, including Thorne, who decided to come out of the basement. I have a feeling we'll be seeing lots more him when Aly comes home from boarding school. Hope sashayed down the catwalk, showing off the magical Hope Diamond, and both Liam and Wyatt looked on with awe. Hope blew Liam a kiss. Thanks to Quinn's scheming, it will probably be their last kiss. Hopefully.

I'm starting to love Quinn more and more. She reminds me of Queen Stephanie and Amber. Stephanie used to meddle and scheme in Ridge's love life like it was her favorite hobby. Amber came on the scene with a taste for the glamorous life. Quinn embodies these traits beautifully. Here's how:

Liam approached Quinn at the fashion show and gave her a bit of a warning to stay away from Hope and to stop trying to encourage her son into a romantic relationship with his fiancée. This little confrontation only added fuel to the fire. Quinn was now more determined than ever to ruin Liam and Hope (Lope). Liam left his iPad on a table behind the scenes at the fashion show. I'm sorry, but who leaves their iPad in a very open setting where people are running back and forth? Anyone could snatch it up. And that's exactly what the blue-eyed beauty did.

Liam got a notification on his iPad. Quinn decided to open the message. To Quinn's delight, she found the video Liam had made for Steffy. She quickly forwarded the message to herself. Quinn was set to destroy Liam. I'm rooting for it.

After the fashion show, Hope and Liam decided to go to Big Bear for some quiet time and wedding planning. Before they left, Wyatt and Hope shared a nice moment. Wyatt decided to bow out of the race to win Hope's heart. Quinn was eavesdropping during their moment.

That was when Quinn put her plan in motion. She set up a fake email account and sent Hope the video of Liam and Steffy. That is something that I'm sure the Queen would've done. I know, I know -- snooping through someone else's email is wrong, but I'm all for anyone ruining Liam's life.

What are your thoughts on Liam making a video for both Hope and Steffy? Here's my take. I hate the fact Liam made the video for Steffy. I also hate the fact that Steffy even asked for the video. Yes, Liam and Steffy were married and shared a life together. I understand that. What I don't understand is why this woman asked Liam to make her a video. Doesn't she have tons of pictures and even a wedding video to boot? I don't think she was being malicious in asking for the video; I just think it's sad.

Steffy left Liam. Point-blank. Yes, she was mourning the loss of her child. I just think she should've stayed in town and mourned with her husband. The fact that she won't be able to conceive a child is brutal. Why did she think it was okay for her to leave and pass Liam off to Hope because Hope could conceive? There are various ways this story could've gone. Steffy and Liam could've adopted or even gone through the surrogacy progress. She didn't have to divorce him.

Liam could've said no to her request for a video. The man made a video for his current fiancée. (I use the term loosely.) It was supposed to be about their life together. I think that it was totally disrespectful of him to make a video for Steffy just because he felt sorry for her. "It wasn't important," Liam told Hope with that clueless tone he normally has.

That's another thing. How many of you open anonymous emails? Wouldn't you be scared of opening a virus? I guess that's exactly what happened to Hope when she opened the anonymous email and unleashed the virus known as Leffy.

I completely understand why Hope is disgusted with Liam. I would be too. If my fiancé made a sentimental video just for me then turned around and did the same thing for his ex, that would be like a slap in the face. On the other hand, I don't feel bad for Hope. She shouldn't even be dealing with him since the first time Steffy interfered in her relationship.

Remember, during the first Lope engagement, Steffy was all over Liam like a cheap suit, and Liam didn't look like he was pushing her away. Hope saw that with her own eyes. She chose to forgive him and put up with Liam's indecisiveness.

Hope really needs to wake up. She'll never be the only woman in Liam's life. It seems like whenever things seem to be going right, Steffy is somehow right smack in the middle, even if it was unintentional. Hope shouldn't put up with it. She should really give Wyatt a chance. Why not? He's handsome, funny, intelligent, and doesn't have any emotional ties to anyone else. I mean, she already admitted to having some feelings for him.

Here's your chance to get out, Hope. Take it and run. Run far away! Oh, and please don't rush into another engagement. How about stick to dating for a little while?

Quinn told Wyatt all about Liam's tribute video for Steffy. Naturally, he was angry. He doesn't understand how Liam could disrespect Hope the way he does. He also couldn't understand how Brooke could be okay with Liam constantly mistreating her daughter.

Honestly, Wyatt? Are you surprised? Brooke is currently shacking up with Bill, the man that tormented her daughter for the past three years. Brooke seemed a little ticked at Liam, so she sent Wyatt to the cabin on the Logan property so he could have some alone time with Hope.

At the cabin, Wyatt broke everything down for Hope. He told her that she didn't have to be second best with him. Then, he made the ultimate move and took Hope's engagement ring off her finger. The thing that would've made everything about that moment perfect for me was if Liam had witnessed it. I wonder how he would feel? Maybe like crap? Maybe he would feel defeated? Who cares? I want him to suffer! It's about time Liam gets dumped and has no one to fall back on.

I'm team Hyatt. I think that Hope and Wyatt have great chemistry. Their relationship doesn't seem forced like Liam and Hope (Lope) do. I also think that Liam and Steffy (Leffy) have better chemistry. To me, they just gel better. It's a better fit.

I was extremely happy to see Heather Tom (Katie) back on my screen. This woman is taking Katie to a whole other level -- and I like it. I love her "take-charge" attitude in the boardroom. She was well-prepared and ready to take on the Big Bad Wolf Bill Spencer.

Of course, Bill has an axe to grind. He's been booted out of the top-notch position as CEO of Spencer Publications. Bill came in the meeting with a nasty, bitter attitude. Katie had no problem telling Bill to have a seat and pretty much shut up. The company is moving in a different direction. Bill has to deal with it. Most of the board members seemed to be on-board with Katie's new vision. Of course, Bill hated it.

Katie cleared the room to have a chat with her soon-to-be ex-husband. It was actually a pretty calm conversation. I think Katie actually got into Bill's head. She reminded him of what a great team they made when they first started out, only to have their relationship end with Bill cheating on her with his sister. She then looked deep into his eyes and said, "I didn't want it like this." To me, Bill looked like he was about to say something like, "I didn't want this either. You know I still love you."

I wish I could sit down and have a chat with Katie. I would ask her exactly why it took her so long to divorce Bill. This man cheated on her with Steffy and then did everything he could to keep Steffy in the family by passing her off on his son. He also plotted to kill a pregnant woman (Amber), broke a felon out of jail (Deacon), and locked Katie in a tower to prevent her from telling the truth, among other things. Did she happen to forget while she was suffering from postpartum depression that, instead of supporting her, he bedded and impregnated her sister? I didn't.

I absolutely loved the interaction with Oliver and Wyatt. It's very rare that you see guys just hanging out for a few drinks, shooting the breeze, and wallowing in misery over the same girl. When Oliver told Wyatt about the infamous wall boink with Brooke, Wyatt's reaction was priceless.

I also loved seeing the incredibly beautiful Crystal Chappell reprise her role of Danielle, Karen's partner. It was a treat to see the sexy Aaron Spears reprise the role of Justin Barber, Marcus' biological father and Bill's best friend. Why can't these characters be utilized more? I would love to see Marcus and his father actually develop a father/son relationship.

Why don't any of the women on the show have any girlfriends? I'm sure if Hope and Steffy had friends, their friends would've told them to get rid of Liam. Maybe the writers should really consider having a friend for these girls. Who knows, maybe Hope might get a BFF in Aly. Only time will tell.

This column is strictly based on my opinion about the current storylines on the show. I'd love to know what your thoughts are about these storylines. Do you agree with some of my viewpoints, or do you disagree? Either way, let your voice be heard. Spill your thoughts on the Soap Central message boards or the comments section. Send us some email or leave a voicemail. And then, there's a little thing called Facebook below. Your comments could end up in a future column. Like these!

• Even when they're fighting, Bill and Katie still have it. Meaning the chemistry and they are ten times more interesting than disgusting Bill and Brooke. Something tells me this nonsense with Bill and Brooke won't last much longer. -- Laurie45

• I'm not sold on HOTT. Not yet at least. It's not even because I've been a Lope fan. It's just that Wyatt is coming on too strong. At Brooke's he seemed kind of psycho the way he was going to run upstairs to Hope's bedroom. It was too forceful and too assuming. Then putting pressure on her to take off her ring? It was too fast and too soon, if you ask me. Let the girl have some space. The last thing she needs right now is to be confused even further. If Liam is the one that Hope wants then all the pressuring in the world by Wyatt is not going to change that. Let her come to him if it doesn't work out with Liam. She knows he wants her. She knows where he lives. Right now all he's doing is taking advantage of the situation. I don't even know if I'm sold on the HOTT chemistry yet either. Some days I think I am and then others day I'm like....eh. I'm hoping that down the road Hope and Liam will reunite.....but ONLY if and when Liam has redeemed himself 100%. -- Deestar

• Lope is over-end game-finished-played out-boring-waste of time-PATHETIC!! Steam is -recycled-annoying-sad-unrealistic-torturous-PATHETIC!! Debating who Liam loves or...which woman is more at fault or who started this whole triangle is a HUGE waste of time. SC is a great actor, but this has made him so unwatchable it is mindboggling that the writers continue!! I want Liam to be ALONE for a while and be a man! People say Hope should do that, well Liam is much less mature IMO. He runs around speaking out of both sides of his mouth and letting his father bully him and constantly tell him what he feels for these women! Steffy needs to stop acting like a loser who can only attract the likes of Liam -- even though she is in the most romantic city in the world... and get on with her life. Hope needs to face the truth about Liam and live a little and have fun dating (Wyatt preferably)! -- FAN87

• Steffy is gone. Hope is moving on. As for Liam -- he could join the marines, go back to college, have an addiction problem, be accused of a murder, and start his own company....ANYTHING new for this fellow. Scott Clifton got an Emmy for acting, even though all he had to do was look confused and tell everybody how much he loved them. Give this actor something ELSE to do. -- Penny B.

That's all for me right now. I'd like to leave you with a few things to consider. Will Hope finally dump Liam? Is Bill really over Katie? Will Quinn be exposed for sending Hope the anonymous email? Where is Maya? Is she happily planning for her wedding to Carter? Is she really ready to let Rick go?

Mike will be back next week to serve his two scoops about B&B. Until next time, keep watching and stay Bold and Beautiful.

Tracy B. Lovell
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