Who's minding the shop?

by Tony
For the Week of October 14, 2013
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They say the truth will set you free, but J.J. may question that statement. Marge may also disagree. She couldn't handle truth, but she did handle a gun like an expert. Just who did she shoot? Find out about all the shattered lives in Salem in this week's Two Scoops!

Oh, boy! Laurisa is not going to be happy with me. She left me in charge of Salem for two weeks, and the town square gets smashed up, someone mugged Marlena, and Mad Marge brought a gun to E.J. and Sami's engagement party. Whoopsy. Did I do that?

Still, I'm not that upset with the way things unfolded. There were a lot of "ups" last week. There were breakups, blowups, shakeups, and shoot-'em-ups. And with all those ups, how can I be too down?

For starters, "J.J. smash!" was all shades of amazing. Casey Moss completely wowed me, and it was great to see Mary Beth Evans get some screen time that really allowed Kayla to be her own character again (as opposed to a Dannifer cheerleader or a stern aunt to Jeannie-T). Sure, this storyline has its flaws, but I was into the reveal nonetheless, and I'm actually excited to see where this will take J.J. Will he find redemption? Will he say f-it and keep self-destructing? Will he go on his own walkabout, or go in search for the real Jennifer Horton? In any event, this is sure to keep the Deveraux family busy for a while, you know, when one of them isn't attending a party.

Speaking of that party, I'll be the first to admit I love big group scenes, especially when all the characters are dressed up and looking fabulous. However, there was something a little off about E.J. and Sami's engagement festivities. Maybe it was the club. I'll admit it -- I'm not a fan of the decor. It looks more swanky hotel lobby/bar than a happening nightclub. But that's just me being a picky jerk.

The party itself was sort of a showdown of dirty looks and exchanging jabs, well, before things went bang-bang. I didn't mind the interactions prior, but I kind of wanted more. What that "more" was, I'm not sure, but I wanted it.

I also felt some key players were missing. Eric should have been there, and Abe, too, since he and Sami are so close (and because Roman rode his high horse to Stubborn Land). I'm surprised Maggie wasn't there just because the lady would go to the opening of an envelope so as to not miss any gossip (sorry, Big Red, but I call 'em like I see 'em). I also think it would have been good to have Theresa there, you know, since she is family. I mean, it was enthralling to watch Jeannie-T interact with a random nurse, but a chat with Cousin Sami might have been interesting, too. Oh, and where were aunts, Kayla and Hope? If Abigail felt up to putting on her party shoes after J.J. smashed, I'm sure they would have gone, too. But the writers managed to work Rafe in, so, really, I can't claim total disappointment. Ugh.

Anyway, in the end, I got my something more. Mad Marge brought her gun and started taking shots. Who she hit is still a mystery, but I hope it's not E.J. If he gets plugged one more time, he's going to be sneezing bullets. I'm hoping that at least one of those shots took out some of the light fixtures, as the club is too bright, but I digress.

Finally, it's official. Eric believes that Nicole might have been the one to drug him. He's confused. She's confused. I'm a bit confused, too, mainly because I never knew Nicole wanted to name her baby Fay Taylor. But that's neither here nor there. The point is Eric suspects Nicole, and I'm interested to see how this plays out. At this point, he doesn't suspect Kristen. At all. And that doesn't bode well for Nicole.

However, there are so many layers to this storyline that I find fascinating. What will Eric do when he realizes he's been the victim of such a heinous crime? How will his loved ones react? And is there really an appropriate Edible Arrangement that he'll be able to send Nicole to say, "Sorry I thought you drugged and raped me!"

Well, I finally stopped crying over Gabi ending things with Nick. I really thought those two had a chance this time. They seemed like such a solid couple. But there is an upside -- Gabi actually learned a lesson! No, I'm being serious. She reminded Nick they used a condom so she can't be preggers. So, see, maybe she won't sit idly by the next time one of her besties is abducted.

Okay, points to Cameron for figuring out that Chad is faking his tumor. I'll give him props there. And I don't advocate what Chad has done, but I'm still on his side. Cam might have a dazzling smile and handsomeness that won't quit, but Cam's half-used bottle of stripper oil has more personality than he does. More so, Chad has the smile, the handsomeness, and the personality. Oh, and Chad also has an E.J. Sorry, nice guy Cam, but Team DiMera has a snazzier sales pitch and much better swag bags.

Ironically, I'm all for Cam and Gabi. Aside from being an attractive couple, his boringness somehow balances out her annoyingness and vice versa. If I were the writers, I'd fast-track them as a solid couple and then put them on the Doug and Julie plan -- i.e. have them show up once or twice a year, say something snappy, and leave again. That would work well for Cam and Gabi, even though it doesn't for Doug and Julie. Finally, can I just get a "What! What!" for Marlena and Nicole?! Those two cracked me up. I'm pretty convinced being single is doing wonders for Mar Mar's funny bone. I haven't enjoyed Doc this much in...well, I have never enjoyed her this much.

Extra Scoops

Hats off to you, young Casey Moss! He did an amazing job during J.J.'s breakdown after finding out what Jack did to Kayla. He nailed the grand explosions of emotions. He nailed the subtle emotions. He just nailed it all around. Bravo, Casey, bravo!

I'm glad that Kristian Alfonso is such a fan favorite, or else we'd be sick of seeing her overexposed self. Oh, wait! I thought this was opposite day. No, really, I need more Fancy Face in my life. It's one thing to be Bo-less, but barely having Hope around utterly stinks. Come on, writers. Let's get this lady a juicy storyline, please and thank you.

Caroline (to Gabi, regarding Cameron): "Know him!? I shoved a ten dollar bill down his pants."
Caroline's a feisty, horny 'ol gal, isn't she!? I think she's DAYS' version of Blanche Deveraux.

Sami: "Wow. I can't believe we're going to be partying with Stefano at a party hosted by my mother."
E.J.: "And my sister."
Sami: "Who hate each other."
E.J.: "At a club owned by my half-brother."
Sami: "And my son's boyfriend."
E.J.: "It's a family affair."
Sami: "Yes, a family that makes the Manson Family look like the Waltons."

Hmm, I wonder what's in Jordan's little blue carrier.

I think the "Unintentionally Funny Moment of the Week" goes to Dr. Dan exclaiming, "I got this!" then running after J.J. Seriously? That's like sending in an exterminator to calm down an angry swarm of bees.

When Rory and Dr. Dan shared a scene, I had a stoner movie flashback, dude.

I love, love, love the way Marlena says "Hello!" when she answers her phone.

That is the smallest physical therapy room ever.

I'd like to get to know Ms. Jordan Ridgeway better. Okay. I'm biased. I simply love Chrishell Stause.

Ro Ro is commissioner again. I bet that will lead to some exciting storylines. Or not.

Aw, Fay! I miss her, too, Nicole.

I think I need a Harold around to ensure martinis are always on standby.

I wonder who will end up buying E.J. and Sami's portrait on eBay. I think it would look good in Marge's jail cell -- or padded room.

Has Dr. Dad met Parker's babysitter, Joana? She might be a good distraction from Dannifer. Quick! Someone grab her a hospital gown and let's get this started.

Why I love Kristen Example 5,661: Even when she's not fighting with Marlena, they're pretty amazing sparring partners. Those two party-planning together was hysterical. Kristen said it best, "Is this cool and civilized, or what?" I'm pretty sure Marlena's response would have been, "Or what."

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of October 14. Laurisa will be back next week to fix the windows in the town square and patch up the wounded, and "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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