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It was a hilarious week on The Bold and the Beautiful. From Maya bawling over Rick, Brooke second-guessing her 'relationship' with Bill 'four quarters' Spencer, to Pam and Liam playing detective. This week left me in stitches. Get your dishes ready; it's time to serve a little Two Scoops!

Okay, so you're dating a cute, rich guy from a very prominent family (Rick). You break up with him because he cheats on you with his ex-girlfriend (Caroline). Then, you accept the proposal of a man (Carter, who is amazingly handsome) who has a colossal crush on you, very well knowing that the feelings aren't mutual. You see the rich guy out with the girl he cheated on you with. All of a sudden, you want him back? What? Really? That whole situation doesn't make sense, right? Can someone please tell this to Maya?

I mean, is she for real? Rick pulled a Liam. He slept with Caroline without even trying to see if Maya was okay, or even putting up a fight to win her back. When the going got tough, the tough got going... right to Caroline. Just like Liam did with Hope and Steffy. Anyway, why would Maya want to be with a man like that? Obviously, he didn't care so much about her as he claimed he did.

Maya needs to open those big brown eyes of hers to see she has a nice piece of Godiva Chocolate in the form of Carter, her fiancé. Carter is all about Maya. He only sees and cares about her. To me, Carter doesn't deserve the type of treatment Maya is giving him. She knew very well that she was still hung up on Pretty Ricky. Why accept Carter's proposal? That's cold.

What do you all think of Carter and Maya? I know that Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley (ex-Remy/ex-Christina) were a couple on Guiding Light (RIP). They had great chemistry then. Now I'm not so much feeling it anymore. Just because certain couples made a great team on one show, doesn't mean the pairing will have the same results on another show. Their characters are too different. They don't mesh well to me. Honestly, I'd like to see Maya paired with Thomas, Carter and Steffy (maybe), Pretty Rick with Caroline, and Amber back in the mix.

I like the fact that I'm getting to see more of Oliver (Zach Conroy). Instead of knocking back a few beers with Wyatt, this time he was with the other Spencer brother, Liam. Oliver laughed at Liam when he found out that Liam had made a "tribute" video for Steffy. (Yeah, Oliver. I had the same reaction.) Again, I love the fact that we're seeing some of the guys just hanging out and talking. How come we never see any of the women on the show go out for coffee with someone who's not related to them?

The laughs kept on coming when Liam and Pam decided to play detective to try to figure out who had sent Hope the anonymous email. Doesn't Liam have a job? Why isn't he at work? Anyway, Pam's comments about Hope overreacting about the video and then her retraction of the comment when she found out Liam had signed the video "LOVE, LIAM" were awesome. Alley Mills has great comedic timing.

My question is, why is Liam so concerned about who sent the video? The fact is that he made the video and didn't consider his fiancée's feelings. I guess all logic goes out the window when it comes to Steffy. Like father, like son, right?

Sherlock Spencer and his Lemon Bar Sidekick figured out that Quinn was the culprit behind the anonymous email. Does Liam think that Quinn is scared of him? I really wish that he would just disappear. He really irritates me.

Quinn's reaction to Liam's accusations was spot-on. Her nonchalant confession was hilarious. What did Liam think she was going to do? Bow down to him and say, "Yes, Prince Liam, I sent the video! Banish me to the tower!"

Quinn's right. Hope doesn't care who sent her the video. The fact that the video was made was a sign of disrespect. Go sit down, Liam. You're not ready to go toe-to-toe with Quinn. Like Pam said, Quinn walked out of the room, looking like the dog that had won the fight.

I absolutely loved the Big Brother and Amazing Race cast members this week. They played extras at the Bikini Bar during karaoke night. Rachel, winner of Big Brother 13, even showed off her vocal talents by singing that annoying Forrester Intimates theme song, a.k.a Steffy's song "Stop Being a Good Girl."

It was nice to see Hope act like a young adult and just have fun. She seems to be more carefree with Wyatt. With Liam, things are always so intense. I really hope the powers that be just do away with Hope and Liam (Lope) and gear towards Hope and Wyatt (Hyatt or Hott).

In my last column, I said that I wanted Donna to sit Brooke down and explain to her that men come and go, but her sister is for life. I guess that honor went to Hope this week. Hope basically said everything that I've been saying for the past few weeks. Basically, Brooke chose a man over her own family. Not only did she choose a man, she chose her sister's husband -- the same man who tormented her youngest daughter.

Just when I think that Brooke would come to her senses, she asked Hope "to get past this." I'm sorry. Come again? She told her daughter to break bread with the man who tortured her for years. How can Brooke have a romantic relationship with this man? Also, who does Bill think he is? He's called Brooke and Hope every name in the book. Now, he's sleeping with Brooke and trying to make nice with Hope.

Bill could move heaven and earth; it still wouldn't make Hope change her mind out Brill. Hope was giving Bill nasty looks all week. If looks could kill, Bill would be six feet under.

Brooke needs to realize that her family, especially her sister, would never accept Brill. Brooke doesn't leave the house anymore because she doesn't want to end up on the front-page tabloid. She doesn't want to hurt anyone. Doesn't she realize it's too late? One of the most important people in Brooke's life is totally disgusted with her. That person is her sister Katie.

Yes, Katie asked for a divorce. Yes, Katie pushed Brooke and Bill together when she was going through her postpartum depression. In the end, Brooke and Katie are blood. They're sisters. It's just sad.

Then, Brooke has the nerve to bring up the family. Stephen is working in Dallas (Patrick Duffy, ex-Stephen, reprised his infamous role as Bobby Ewing on Dallas), Mom and Storm are dead. Donna is in the middle. She then tells Katie to basically accept Brill's relationship. What? What dreamland is Brooke living in?

I don't really think that Katie wants Bill back. Yes, maybe a little piece of her wants her old life back, her life before both Brooke and Steffy interfered in her marriage. People are saying that she's being harsh towards Bill about their son, Will. I can't really blame her for the way she's behaving. I don't think Bill should be shacking up with Auntie Brooke, thinking that all is well.

I know that I wouldn't want my child in the middle of this riffraff. It's not like she's keeping Bill from spending time with the baby. She just doesn't want him having overnight visits with daddy and his new lady friend. Basically, I think Katie would have been okay with it if Bill had moved on with another woman. I don't think it would've stung so much. Moving on with her older sister? That's like a punch in the gut. I'm so surprised that Katie hasn't clutched her chest yet.

Katie found out that Bill was going mountain climbing. She begged him not to go because she thinks something bad will happen to him. She claimed she didn't want her son to grow up with out his father, but it's obvious that she still loves him. So, she pretty much swallowed her pride and asked her sister to talk some sense into him and convince him not to go.

Of course, Brooke didn't do it because she didn't think anything was wrong with Bill going climbing, and she felt that Katie was just trying to be too controlling. I'm thinking Bill is going to be like the cliffhanger guy on the Price is Right. Something is going to happen, and he's going to fall off the mountain. Good. Have a nice trip.

Late last week, news broke that the incredibly sexy, brilliant Thorsten Kaye will assume the role of Ridge Forrester, previously played by originator, Ronn Moss. Facebook and Twitter were going crazy when this news hit. There are lots of mixed emotions out there.

I am very happy with this recast. At first, I didn't think I would want to see anyone reprise the role of Ridge besides Mr. Moss. Sometimes we need to embrace change. The show must go on. Ridge is a vital character that is very much needed. I think that Thorsten is a perfect fit for the role. I can't wait to see how he can make Ridge his own.

I have a few theories about Ridge's return spinning around in my head. Earlier this week, Brooke mentioned R.J. (Ridge and Brooke's son). She said that R.J. is spending time with Ridge at boarding school. I say Ridge brings R.J. home for Christmas and walks in on this mess called Brill. Ridge is not having his son subjected to another scandal, so he takes R.J. back to Eric's house with him. Brooke tells Bill to bounce because she can't risk losing her son. Then again, Hope told Brooke that she wouldn't be able to live with Bill in the same house, and Brooke told her to "get past it," so maybe that theory is too far-fetched.

Here's another theory. Ridge returns. He sees Brooke carrying on with Bill. He's disgusted with her. He meets up with Katie. They bond. Brooke can't stand it and breaks up with Bill, saying that Ridge is her destiny, proving Katie to be right. The only thing is that Ridge doesn't want her back. He's grown very fond of Katie. He wants to start a life with her, but Katie refuses. Or Katie goes along with it, just to stick it to her big sis and rub it in Bill's face.

Let me throw another one out there. What if Ridge comes back and is immediately attracted to Quinn? We can all see that it looks like there will be a Quinn and Eric (Queric) pairing. This would cause a rift between father and son. Then Brooke wouldn't be able to handle the fact that Ridge is paying attention to another woman because Ridge has always been Brooke's "destiny." Then Brooke will all of a sudden fall out of love with Bill and try to interfere with Quinn and Ridge (Rinn or Quidge, what do you all think?), which then makes Katie's prediction to Bill come true. She warned Bill that as soon as Ridge comes back, Bill is history. Then,maybe Bill will remember that he was Katie's one and only.

Earlier this month, news broke out that Alexandria Forrester will return from the garden sometime in November. (The last time the viewers saw the seven-year-old Aly, she was playing with her cousin R.J. in Stephanie's garden.) Rumors are going around that Aly and Hope will be close friends. Looking at some of the soap boards, a lot of people are upset by this. They want Aly to come back resenting Hope for having her own line. To me, if she were to have an issue with someone, it should be Taylor.

Taylor played a huge role in the death of Darla, Aly's mother. It seems like Hunter Tylo (ex-Taylor) has severed ties with the show, so why not recast the role? If the show can recast Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge), why not recast Hunter Tylo? When I heard that Hunter decided to part ways with the show, I thought that Rena Sofer (Quinn) would be a great recast. Little did I know that the powers that be had already decided to create a new character for her. Since Rena can't be Taylor, I would pick someone like Martha Bryne (ex-Lily, ATWT) or Lesli Kay, but she's already slated as Felicia Forrester. Speaking of Felicia, where is she?

Tell me, what are your thoughts about the latest trials and tribulations on The Bold and the Beautiful? Do you agree with some of my viewpoints, or do you disagree? Either way let your voice be heard. Share your "you scoops" on the Soap Central message boards or the comments section. Send us some email or leave a voicemail. And then, there's a little thing called Facebook below. Your comments could end up in a future column. Like these!

• Brooke now blaming Katie for destruction of Logan family? Because Katie won't allow Will around Brooke, it would be her fault if the family falls apart? She can not be serious, can't she step back and see her mistakes? Can't she realize the almost impossible position she puts Katie in? -- Rike

• I'm starting to think that Bill and Brooke belong together. Nothing is ever their fault and they can never take responsibility for their actions. What else are they going to blame Katie for? Global warming? Gas prices? Conflict in the Middle East? Hey Brooke....I have news for you.....KATIE IS WILL'S MOTHER!!!!! -- blkbear

• Ok, I have loved Brooke forever. But, honestly, I just want to lunge thru the screen and slap her hard almost every time she opens her mouth to Katie! Dark days for this Brookie. Quinn scored a direct hit when she told Liam he was being judged for something he did instead of how he justified it to himself. Liam has always rationalized and excused all his crappy and pathetic behavior by blaming somebody else. Glad Quinn nailed him with that comment and left him standing there with a stupid expression on his face. -- Naturenut

• Quinn needs to look in the mirror and apply that same statement to herself. She snooped, stole, butted in, and she is justifying it with "Hope would want to know!" as if what happens in Liam and Hope's relationship, or Liam and Steffy's, is any of her darn business. She needs to hold that same mirror up to Wyatt, and then hold it up to Hope. And no, I'm not giving Liam a pass, or defending him, I'm just fed up with the parents being so overly involved in the kiddie's love lives and not letting them figure it out on their own, and I'm tired of so many characters being such colossal hypocrites. -- SPF5

I'd like to leave with you with a few questions to think about. Will Wyatt come clean with Hope? When Hope finds out about Quinn's anonymous email, will she sever all ties with Wyatt and forgive Liam? Will Bill take a nasty fall off a mountain?

Zane Alexander Anchor (Baby Will, Heather Tom's son) will celebrate his first birthday on October 28. Be sure to send him a birthday shout-out via Heather Tom's twitter.

My partner in crime, Mike, will be back next week to serve his two scoops about the latest shenanigans happening on B&B. Until next time, scoopers!!

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