Daddy's home... or is he?

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It was a week of tears, cheers, and jeers on The Bold and the Beautiful. From Maya getting her job back at Forrester to Brooke crying about her breakup with Bill, Katie crying about her possible make-up with Bill, and Wyatt and the diamond heist. Get your dish ready; it's time to serve a little Two Scoops!

It was a week of tears, cheers, and jeers on The Bold and the Beautiful. From Maya getting her job back at Forrester to Brooke crying about her breakup with Bill, Katie crying about her possible make-up with Bill (eww!), and Wyatt and the diamond heist. Get your dish ready; it's time to serve a little Two Scoops!

Okay, so it looks like the Maya, Rick, Carter, Caroline quadrilateral is back on in full effect. Carter made his return to Los Angeles from Hong Kong, promoting the relaunch of Hope For the Future. Here's a funny thought, why is Carter promoting the line? Isn't he a lawyer? I thought promoting new fashion lines was supposed to be a spokesperson's job. Maybe someone can clarify this for me.

Anyway, after his reunion with his fiancée, Carter could tell something was off with Maya. He realized that she missed the catwalk. This hunky piece of Godiva would do anything to keep his woman happy, so what did he do? Begged the boss, his fiancée's ex-boyfriend, to hire Maya back. Rick seemed to be on board. He said Maya was an asset to the company, but before he made any decisions, Mr. President of Forrester Creations had to clear it with the soon-to-be First Lady Caroline Spencer Forrester.

I have to give Rick some credit. I thought it was kind of him to consider Caroline's feelings in this matter. I mean, everyone knows how much Caroline and Maya, a.k.a Carol and Maribelle, loathe each other. Everyone, including their significant others, knows that Rick and Maya still have feelings for each other. We saw Maya try her best to convince her man that she was over Rick. Come on now, maybe she should try to convince herself.

I still believe that she shouldn't have accepted Carter's marriage proposal while she knew very well that she was still hung up on Pretty Ricky. The same goes for Pretty Ricky's proposal to Caroline. Caroline was a fool to accept his proposal. Doesn't she realize that she was only a rebound proposal? I wish I could jump through my television set and smack the daylights out of these people.

It's time for the comic relief of the week: the diamond heist. I'm Team Wyatt. Actually, I'm Team Anyone Who Wrecks Liam's Life. My boy Wyatt lost a ton of cool points by staging this diamond heist. I thought Wyatt was a no-nonsense, no gimmicks, straightforward kind of person. If this description holds true, where is this Wyatt? Will the real Wyatt Fuller Spencer please stand up?

Why would you go through this whole dog and pony show just to get Hope's attention? She already set eyes on you, Wyatt. Calm down. Patience is a virtue. I did find it very comical when the two jewel thieves actually tried to rob the boutique. Wyatt slipped the diamond into one of the thief's bags. The men had the nerve to demand to speak to a supervisor. Dude, didn't you go to the boutique with the intentions of robbing the store?

I liked the fact that Eric said that he thought the diamond was missing before the attempted robbery. It shows that he was actually paying attention. I wish he had followed up on his question. What would've made this entire scene better is if Lt. Baker had walked into the store, eating a hot dog.

Now it's time for the meat and potatoes of the column: Brooke, Bill, and Katie. This week, Bill had an epiphany. Since his close brush with death, Bill decided to reevaluate his life and the direction it seems to be going. Weekend father and mediocre businessman aren't ways Bill wants to be identified. So, what did Bill do to change this situation into his favor? He dumped his mistress, sister-in-law Brooke. Am I surprised? No.

Before I get into everything, I must say I have to give props to The Bold and the Beautiful promotions crew. They really had me fooled. I swore that Bill was going to have a great fall. I mean, Humpty Dumpty-style. Have amnesia or become paralyzed or something. But what happened? He had a little slip, and he was wearing the harness. Ugh!

Another thing... why in the world was Othello there? Wasn't he supposed to be spinning records at an L.A. nightclub? Othello: rock climber by day, world traveling disc jockey by night.

I digress. Bill basically decided that his youngest son and job were more important than his current relationship. I'm thinking that Bill thinks he can sweet-talk Katie into letting him back into her orbit, regain control over Spencer Publications, and eventually gain custody of the baby. I don't believe that Bill has any romantic feelings towards his soon-to-be ex-wife anymore. This whole "I'm a new man" bit seems too forced. Bill is up to something.

It seems to me that Katie isn't buying this "changed man" attitude either. She said she'd heard enough. So have I, Mrs. Spencer. Bill needs to chill out and think. He still has 48% of Spencer Publications. That's a huge piece of the Spencer dynasty. I know it's not the same as CEO, but still, 48% is a lot.

The whole Brill breakup scene was done a few years back when Bill decided to end his relationship with Steffy. Lots of people felt sorry for Steffy and Brooke, seeing how they both got dumped. Any sympathy from me? Nope. Both women should have known better. Never get involved with a married man, especially if he's your brother-in-law.

During the entire breakup scene, I didn't hear Bill say that he loved Katie. He keeps reiterating that he needs to take back what's rightfully his. He feels that if he plays on Katie's emotions, she'll let him have his CEO seat back and have more visits with Will. I think he's right. If he plays his cards right, he could probably get his position back. Do I think it'll happen right away? No. Be strong, Katie.

When Bill showed up on Katie's doorstep, I thought, "Okay, here we go. She'll be weak again. He'll say all the right things she's been dying to hear. All is forgiven." To my surprise, Katie saw right through Bill's shenanigans. She reminded him that he had said that he was fulfilled with Brooke.

Yes, Katie, he did say that. I believe he meant it. Bill just wants to take his cake and eat it too. If I could hop through the television set, I'd say, "Katie girl, he's playing you. He wants Brooke, the company, and the baby. He hates you. He claims you stripped him of everything that he built, which technically Bill Sr. did, but whatever! Don't fall into the trap!"

How come Brooke couldn't see that Bill was full of crap? I saw it a mile away. The man kept saying over and over that he had to get back what was rightfully his. Being with Katie is the only way to do that. Not once did he say, "I love your sister; you mean nothing." Whatever. I never liked the Brooke/Bill relationship anyway.

Brooke and Hope had a heart-to-heart. Brooke was not only heartbroken that Bill left her; I think she was really starting to feel remorseful of her ruined relationship with her sister. She kept reiterating that she should've followed her instincts. Hope gently gave her mother an "I told you" look and comforted her the best way she could. She told her mother to stop putting all the blame on herself. Bill is also a guilty party in the matter.

Katie decided to call Brooke over to really get down to the core of the issue. Brooke arrived and confirmed Bill story. She then told her sister to take her husband back. Katie shot her big sister a "WTH" look and delivered the best line of the week: "How could I ever consider resuming a relationship with a man who has proven over and over again that I can't trust him, and why would I ever want a man who comes crawling back to me, smelling of you?" Seriously, whoever wrote this line gets a high-five from me.

I like the fact that Katie's assistant, Adele, said that things went exactly the way Katie had wanted in regards to Brooke and Bill. We then saw flashbacks of Katie setting up the balloon ride and the notice of divorce to Bill. She reminded Adele that postpartum depression was like living in a fog. Nothing was clear. This just proves that, in a way, Katie set things in motion, but it shouldn't have gone down the way it did. These two people knew that she wasn't in her right mind.

How do I think this Brooke, Bill, and Katie triangle will end? I think that Bill will get very cocky, as usual, and let his guard down. Katie will overhear him confirming her suspicions on not wanting to reunite their family but wanting to take back everything he lost. Katie will officially be done with Bill. No more going back. Their love story came to a tragic end due to Bill's infidelity and indiscretions.

I also believe he just put Brooke on the backburner. He still wants her but has to put up a façade. Brooke would be very hurt because he hurt her and her sister again. Brooke will claim she's done with Bill. Enter new Ridge.

As we all know by now, the role of Ridge Forrester will now be played by the incredibly sexy, brilliant Thorsten Kaye. How will Ridge fit into this saga? Will he return to Los Angeles, claiming that he overreacted in regard to the Deacon text message? Will he want to start over with Brooke?

Will Ridge come home to an engaged Brooke and Bill and comfort grieving sister Katie, which will send Brooke into a panic because she can't handle Ridge showing another woman any kind of affection?

More Alexandria Forrester spoilers came out this week. Alexandria (Aly) will be returning to Los Angeles, fresh out of law school. She will have a lovely family reunion with her father, Thorne, and grandfather, Eric. Supposedly, Eric will offer his granddaughter a job, which she will happily accept. Will Aly be the new family attorney? I have a sick feeling that the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle will now turn into a quadrilateral. Why not have Aly pair up with Oliver?

Tell me, what are your thoughts about the latest trials and tribulations on The Bold and the Beautiful? Do you agree with some of my viewpoints, or do you disagree? Either way let your voice be heard. Share your "you scoops" on the Soap Central message boards or the comments section. Send us some email or leave a voicemail. And then, there's a little thing called Facebook below. Your comments could end up in a future column. Like these!

• Brooke I know is terribly sorry for her part in the Brill affair. The whole time this affair was going on she felt guilty and deep down she wasn't happy about it. As for Bill, I cannot really tell if he has any remorse or not. All I know is, he really loves his son and he is trying to make it work with his wife who is also his son's mother. Not many men of today's time would try to stick around and try to be a father to his children. At least Bill is trying to be a father to his sons.

With any luck at all, Katie will forgive both Bill and Brooke and recognize that she is flawed too. Because as human beings we are ALL flawed individuals and we ALL have made our share of mistakes.

I really do believe that this will be the FINAL time that Brooke will make a mistake like this. I think that she needs to have some therapy sessions with her friend Dr. Barton or another psychologist/psychiatrist (someone other than Taylor please) and figure out why she do the things that she do to hurt herself and others.

Truth be told, Bill can go to therapy too. And I would advise Katie to go to therapy. Because both Bill and Katie need individual and couple's counseling to repair themselves and each other. -- Hyatt4Life

• I wouldn't have taken Bill back the first time he cheated with Steffy and laid the blame mostly at Katie's feet then too. Katie is super stupid. I understand she loves Bill, but she is an idiot to not know that he will do this to her now whenever, with whomever he wants. She better hope she walks the straight and narrow because any little thing from her will send Bill into someone else's bed. She's an idiot. Weak. I get that she loves him but I wish she were strong enough to grieve, heal and eventually move on. Taking Bill back a second time after an affair is akin to giving him permission to do it for the rest of their marriage. -- Lakotachris

• If Rick/Maya don't get married, nobody will. Maya isn't fooling anyone, nor does she have to. Maya knows who was at her place begging her to give him another chance. Caroline is a consolation prize and she knows that, which is why she is pathetic now. Maya is a real woman with class and talent. Caroline a bottled blonde who was born into money and got it in her head that it makes her something special and she deserves whatever she wants, regardless of who it hurts. Yeah, that is one terrific person right there. -- Evianfan

I'd like to leave you with a few questions to think about. Will Hope ever decide which Spencer man she'd like to spend her life with? Where do Aly and Steffy fit into this picture? How long will it take Katie to figure out that Bill is just playing on her emotions? Now that Brooke and Bill are over, can Brooke and Katie be sisters again?

And speaking of Steffy, be sure to check out a great interview with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood that aired last week on Soap Central Live. It's free from an Internet-connected device -- just click here.

Mike will be back the week of November 18th to serve his Two Scoops about the latest trickeries happening on The Bold and the Beautiful. Until next time, scoopers!!

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