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by Mike
For the Week of July 7, 2014
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Have you heard about the new dance craze? Oliver freaked out when his words about Aly boomeranged on him. Brooke freaked out to see Deacon at her door. And Liam freaked out about Quinn freaking out! Find out why this week it's chic to freak with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Were you forced to eat your words one syllable at a time? Did one of your babydaddies want to be a daddy? Did your half-brother's mother make you literally get the point? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer clan this week!

Can you believe it, Scoopers? The year is half over already. This mid-point usually means fireworks, at least in the United States and Canada (for differing national holidays, of course), but the real fireworks seemed to be on B&B -- and not the ones our characters were watching from their windows. Quinn not only crossed the line, she sprinted right over it, making moves that usually mean a storyline-dictated exit isn't far behind. At least Pam had a brain tumor to explain her "beary" wicked behavior!

Speaking of whom, Lady Lemon Bar actually never mentioned her trademark pastry while at Medieval Times, which was quite the relief. Yes, it's a real place, at least in California, where one can dine admist the same pageantry witnessed by Pam, Charlie, Oliver, and Aly. Was Charlie's post-Renaissance confession too sweet, or what? Pam has finally found herself a man that's right for her; I'm sure even sister Stephanie would approve. And who knew: Pam and Charlie are the most stable couple on the show!

Oliver didn't know that his words were coming back to haunt him, as Maya thrust her smartphone in Rick and Caroline's faces. Maya is the latest in a long line of characters to come down with Sudden Personality Switch Disorder (SPSD). All right, when we first met her, she looked like she was going to cut Dayzee regarding her given-up-for-adoption baby. But soon, Maya became sweet as pie. Now, she's hitting on married men and coveting money when she didn't give two hoots about it this time last year!

It was as weird as Oliver's bout with SPSD; in fact, it now seems Oliver and Maya have traded personalities. When confronted with the recording of himself saying he'd put up with Aly to secure his place at Forrester, Oliver told Rick and Caroline he had been angry over Ridge firing him, that he'd popped off with that months ago, and that he had developed genuine feelings for Aly since. It's possible: Oliver and Aly did seem to bond over the whole showdown with Taylor. Does he mean it?

Rick wasn't sure and told Oliver that he would be watching. I hate to see Jacob Young stuck in the role of protector again (remember all the energy Rick used up on Hope?), but he does rather bring a compelling intensity to the proceedings. And Caroline knows what's up, too. "You are so far off-message, you're anti-message," she railed at Maya, deeming Miss Avant no longer appropriate to rep HFTF. It's true. And a shame B&B had to assassinate Maya's character just to give her a story.

Then, out of nowhere, we saw Bill and Brooke canoodling on the couch, discussing Ridge's off-screen recovery. This is the second time that Ridge, one of the show's biggest legacy characters, has been backburnered during an important story. Instead, Brooke flashed back to her trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi! There was no rhyme or reason to it, except to reuse that expensive-to-get footage. I mean, really. The only good point was made by Bill, who asked Brooke why they were waiting to take another crack at marriage.

Brooke made me laugh when she told Bill, "I'm going to need time to plan the wedding." This from the woman who has thrown insta-weddings like they're Tupperware parties? Wow. Thankfully, this repartée was interrupted by Deacon, who can always liven up a party. It's been a long time since we've seen Brooke and Deacon in a room together (they didn't interact during Deacon's 2012 appearance). Do they still have the same spark? Interestingly, no. I don't see any Breacon reunions in the future.

Deacon insisted to Brooke that he and Hope wanted to work on their father-daughter relationship. You may or may not remember that Brooke barred Deacon from Hope when she was a child; now, Deacon said he wouldn't try to bond with Hope unless Brooke was okay with it. Before Brooke could respond, Bill came lumbering down the stairs, very much not pleased to see his former instrument of matrimonial destruction. And this is where things got weird for me.

To begin with, the last time Bill and Deacon were together, Spencer swore he would have Sharpe killed if he came back to Los Angeles. Maybe Bill just kept quiet about that because Brooke was there. Okay. But, once Deacon was gone, Bill had nothing but bad things to say about the very "convict" he himself brought to Italy to wreck Liam and Hope's wedding! Where does Bill get off saying anything about Deacon?

At least Brooke reminded Bill that he was "a very big part" of the Italian job, and later, Hope remarked that she had forgiven Deacon for it the way Liam had forgiven Bill. But something just felt off, especially when Big Bad Bill vowed to protect Brooke from Deacon. Nice, Bill, considering Hope never would have reconnected with Deacon in the first place if you hadn't made it happen while trying to manipulate your son into being with the girl you wanted him to be with.

It's actually rather amazing Bill and Quinn haven't gotten together, because they have so much in common -- at least where controlling their children's love lives is concerned. Bill was ready to kill Amber for trying to hook Liam, and now Quinn is ready to kill Liam so Wyatt can have Hope. Quinn, honey, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. Killing Liam will only push Hope even further away from Wyatt!

The wind howled, the house creaked, and suddenly Liam saw Quinn's face outside his patio door, making him drop his flashlight and sprain his ankle, tripping over his furniture. When Hope heard about this, she finally got smart: she made a beeline for Quinn and asked just exactly what Quinn meant when she told Liam that those who live by the sword die by the sword. Quinn deflected, of course, basically begging Hope to take Wyatt back. At least Quinn's one-track mind is consistent!

Deacon overheard the confrontation, impressed that his daughter wasn't a "marshmallow" (well, she's not today, anyway). We all thought we were in for a hot "Dequinn" romance, but now I don't think it's going to happen. Deacon resented Quinn using him as an example as she tried to convince Hope to be with Wyatt, and he told Ms. Fuller, "I don't go to Wyatt and tell him what a freak his mother is!" No, Dequinn ain't bedding down any time soon.

Wyatt made sure to encounter Hope at the Bikini Bar, which has only ever played one piece of music in the 20-plus years we've had this set. (Get a new cue, Bikini Bar!) Wyatt did the right thing by telling Hope that Deacon had been to see him. Oh, if only half-bro Liam were as smart. A woman stabs you in the neck, and you're pretty sure she's lurking outside your house. So what do you do? If you're Liam, you hobble around in the dark. I would have every light on full blast and the cops on speed dial!

Naturally, Quinn got into Casa Spencer, and I admit I literally did laugh out loud when she called Liam a "whiny little bitch." There is a certain satisfaction watching Liam get some just deserts after waffling between Hope and Steffy so long. But then...well, Quinn did something that, in television, is called "jumping the shark;" the term comes from '70s-'80s show Happy Days seeming to go downhill after Fonzie water-skied over a shark. Quinn told Liam that she would kill him...and Hope.

You heard right! Quinn said she would kill Hope before she allowed her to be with Liam. Well, it was fun, Quinn -- you've officially become unredeemable, and you'll be off our screens soon. There's no coming back from this. This is what happens when you contract Sudden Personality Switch Disorder; remember, when Quinn was introduced, she was very meek. Did she go nuts last year when Wyatt rejected her for lying about his father being alive? No.

By the way, what happened to all these workers at Quinn Artisan Jewelers who were going to starve if Quinn lost her contract with Forrester? Instead of spending her time making sure her employees can be paid, Quinn turned her attention to making a giant Spencer sword -- interesting connection, considering other members of our cast watched swordplay at Medieval Times. But what is Quinn going to do, run Liam through? How messy! And ineffective -- a gun would be so much faster. Sheila she is not!

Quinn, the new Sheila? No way, no day. My girl would have kidnapped Hope and terrorized her into dumping Liam! And Sheila would never have shown her potential murder weapon to someone she's only known a few weeks. No wonder Deacon went on alert! Wyatt may have had trouble believing Hope and Liam about Quinn's death threat, but Deacon confirmed it for him. Wyatt bolted and made a mad dash to his rival/sibling's house. Will Wyatt make it there before Quinn filets Liam?

Hope lost the points she scored by coming home to Brooke and Bill and saying nothing about the fact that Quinn threatened to kill her and Liam. Excuse me? Bill's an ass, but do you think he wouldn't amass an army in five seconds to stop Quinn from hurting Liam? And Brooke's got enough mama bear in her that she might just do some hair-pulling with Quinn herself! No, Hope just said Liam was having trouble with his ankle and went to bed. Unbelievable.

Liam did have trouble with his ankle, after Quinn kicked it and went after her crumpled adversary with her giant Spencer sword. It would serve Quinn right if Wyatt got there to stop her, and she accidentally killed her son instead. But my money says Deacon will save the day, either by chasing Quinn off or taking the blade himself -- either of which would result in Brooke and Hope giving Mr. Sharpe a second chance. Regardless, all this certainly kills any possibility for some Quinn/Liam hate sex, damn it!

How do you think Quinn's attempt to murder Liam will go down? Talk to us on the Soap Central message boards or the comments section. Send email or leave a voicemail! Or talk about it on Facebook below. Your comments could end up in a future column. Like these!

• "I'm rooting for Quinn. If she kills Liam, it will be the end of the Liam/Hope/whoever love triangle." -- Ron

• "So, if Maya is a skank -- reminding me so clearly of the word Hope fans used to call Steffy -- then is Hope a slut for playing with the emotions of two men...? Fans begged for a story for Maya and this is what B&B gave us, causing popular bloggers to deem her a skank. Why don't [they] apply just as nasty a name to Hope? What she is doing is even nastier. But, no. She is the blond princess of B&B. " -- Sheryl

• "Please let Brooke and Ridge get married and Wyatt and Hope get back together. Let Steffy come back. Please, please, kick that whiny Liam to the curb. We are really tired of his whiny ways. Wyatt has been so good to Hope; he deserves her, and not Liam." -- Molly

• "[Rena Sofer] is a good actress but I can't stand [Quinn] and I will be so glad for [B&B] to drop her and Wyatt from The Bold and The Beautiful. Liam is a wuss but I do like him and Hope together; please let it work this time and get on with something else, like Brooke and Deacon getting together again. They had a chemistry before when they were together. And let Ridge remember seeing the Spencer Publications emblem on Justin's clothes." -- Jewel

• "I already have calluses on the calluses on my fingers from automatically fast forwarding whenever [Liam/Hope/Wyatt] appear, which seems to be a daily event. I only pause for Quinn foaming at the mouth to Liam for interfering with her 'plansss for her preciousss, Wyatt' but even though they'd make an intriguing couple -- Liam only really 'mans up' when he's dealing with Quinn -- all they do is find new ways to fight about Hope, Hope, Hope! If I was Quinn I'd have stabbed MYSELF with Liam's toy sword necklace, just to be able to stop talking about Hope!" -- Julia

Yeah, after a year, some have indeed reached the same saturation point we did with Leffy/Lope. Marry Hope off to somebody and then put them on the backburner for a while. Even Bridge/Tridge got backburnered sometimes to give other characters a chance to shine!

Now, let's consider some other Points to Ponder:

It's a's a plane...oh, no, it's the Floating Darla Head! Can't we ever just see Darla in her ethereal entirety? It's a real disservice to the beloved character, and, if Aly is over being a whackjob, she shouldn't still be having visions of Darla-as-basketball... Brooke asked Deacon if Little D was at school. Deacon said yes. That would be fine, except that Little D is older than Hope! Thanks to SORAS, D ain't that little anymore, and certainly wouldn't be "in school," unless it was a college...

"It's a miracle they found him," Hope surmised, referring to Ridge. They? Brooke was the one who found him. Then, as day turned to night, and the Independence Day fireworks began, Brooke and Bill stood in the exact same place, discussing the exact same thing, even though at least six hours had to have passed! Okay, so that was better than the night before, when a full moon and an owl's hooting stereotypically set the scene for Liam's night of horror...

Did any of you catch the wow-we-got-away-with-that-one moment when Hope reminded Quinn about stabbing Liam with the necklace, and Quinn muttered, "little prick"? Then, Quinn did try to take responsibility for Hope dumping Wyatt, but Hope forgot to correct her: Hope really dumped Wyatt because he punched Liam out... Why did Oliver look so befuddled when he learned he'd have to eat his Medieval Times meal with his hands? Has he never had KFC or watched a medieval-themed movie before?

Discussing Oliver's original intentions, Rick and Caroline worried how Aly would react, "given her past." How do they know anything about it? It was very specifically stated this spring that none of Aly's contemporaries were told about her issues or the reason for them! Speaking of being hip to unavailable information, Quinn barked about Deacon "freeloading off the women in your life." I don't recall Brooke, Bridget, Macy, Jackie, or Y&R's Nikki taking Quinn aside for a Deacon tutorial...

Aly's room is still very much the HFTF shrine it was when Thorne was worried about what it said about her mental state. Yet Oliver didn't seem bothered to see that none of Aly's Hope memorabilia has been taken down... Brooke turned down sex with Bill to fret about Deacon wanting a relationship with Hope? Maybe times are changing...

Our Miss Tracy will be back with you next week to herald the arrival of one Ivy Forrester, who makes her début July 10. As for me, I will inevitably have some things to say on the subject when I return, Scoop in hand, on July 21. Quinn had better start watching some Orange is the New Black because whether or not she slices Liam up like a Butterball, it looks like she's gonna be making jewelry for some fellow inmates! Keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold!

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