Oh, my dirty wordy! B&B just turned thirty!

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B&B is thirty, and it's pop quiz time! Show what you know and learn what you don't in this week's Two Scoops!

Happy thirtieth anniversary to the Bold and the Beautiful! For three decades, our talented writers, actors, and producers have given us everything on earth to scoop about from scandalous pregnancies to mysterious deaths, glamorous weddings, and oh, so delicious heartbreak. This week's column celebrates our show with a pop quiz for the decades.

Don't worry. It's not hard, especially for loyal viewers with steady memories. At the end, feel free to add your own questions and answers in the comments section below and share your fondest memories of the characters and plots gone by.

Before we get to our quiz, let's scoop a little about the three-day week gone by, just in case you missed it.

Dunna-nanna-na...Inspector Katie...Dunna-nanna-na -- whoo-hoo!
Donald Trump suspects that Barrack Obama spied on him during the election, and according to Kellyanne Conway -- who swears she's no Inspector Gadget -- people can spy with cameras that turn into microwaves. Katie Logan knows how to set the microwave, the nanny cam, and the cell phone to spy mode, but how can she pull off the ultimate last-minute spy game in a plane cabin crowded with travelers?

Sometimes spying is all about location, location, location. When you can't blow your cover by pulling out your go-go-gadget microwave, you've got to position yourself in just the right place to catch the action. Maybe it's a crack in the door -- just make sure you're not reflecting in a nearby mirror. For Katie, a witty combination of musical chairs and peek-a-boo gave her just the edge she needed to spy on the intimacy between Ridge and Quinn.

In case you missed it, the Forrester-Spencer gang boarded a first-class cabin for their flight to Australia. Katie got stuck sitting with Bill, but she was in a prime spot to see Ridge and Quinn doing their weird, wordless chemistry thing across the cabin. Katie slinked from seat to seat quicker than Rikki-Tikki-Tavi as she ducked behind partitions and studied Ridge and Quinn as they passed the time while Eric spoke privately with Brooke.

Katie didn't have a spy microwave, but I wonder why she didn't have her cell phone handy when she finally got close enough to see Ridge hold onto Quinn's hand in a reassuring gesture. Video or pictures are probably the only ways Katie can save Brooke from drowning in denial, but all Katie had was her go-go-gadget mouth, which she cracked to full blab mode the moment they landed.

Speaking of when they landed, did you see those booty shorts Ashleigh Brewer had on? Can someone tell her that she is not allowed to look that hot in public? She makes me disgusted with myself and this Boston creme doughnut in the bag on the kitchen table. Don't think I'm not going to eat it, but also don't think I'm not going to hate on the leggy Brewer while I'm doing it. Just wait till June, Ashleigh. You won't be the only one looking fly in hot pants.

I'm glad Ivy gave up on dressing like Steffy, who once again arrived in a foreign city looking like Beetlejuice in stripes. No matter how hot Ivy looks, Thomas only has eyes for Sally, who also wore a black and white striped -- or maybe Zebra skeleton print -- feathered getup this week. Sorry, Mike. I know you said you liked Sally's designs. I'm not there yet.

In an awkward instance on the plane, Ivy mentioned her surprise that Thomas didn't have a date for the wedding. I call it awkward because all I could think of was whether the two have even spoken since Thomas had been on Ivy like gas on a blazing fire.

Instead of asking why Thomas had no date, Ivy should have asked how the "wifey" and kid are. When is Thomas ever gonna open up about what really happened in New York and why he and Caroline never made that family they talked about?

Thomas is all about Sally now, and right about now, Sally is all about surviving airplane middle-seat hell with Quinn's former travel buddies. While the Spencers and Forresters enjoyed enough legroom to accommodate a Mack truck on their first-class flight, Sally flew to Australia, wedged between Mrs. Windowseat and Mr. Aisle-Only because Thomas said she'd be his date if she happened to be in the country during the wedding.

That's just the kind of thing a rich, hair-flipping guy would say without a second thought to what a last-minute ticket might cost. After all, Australia's just a twelve hundred dollar flight away, according to Cheap-O-Air. Cheap-O for Sally's Bucko but a hefty price for the broke Sally Spectra, who hasn't written even one paycheck to Saul or Darlita yet.

Maybe Sally hopes Thomas has a girlfriend reimbursement program. Oh, wait. Sally's not his girlfriend. Have they even been on a date yet? I'll bet he hasn't offered her any of his ice cream. Sally must be third-degree dumb to spend that kind of money for a first date with Thomas.

SPOILER ALERT: In a look ahead to next week, Steffy tells Thomas what she thinks about him inviting the dessert murderer to her wedding. Brooke doesn't want to hear one more word out of Katie's go-go-gadget mouth about Ridge and Quinn. That means it's time for some go-go-gadget proof. Katie might have a chance to get some when Ridge and Quinn reportedly put their looky, touchy, feely, kissing thing behind them for the thirtieth time this year.

Speaking of thirty...On March twenty-third, you can look forward to Eric and Brooke reminiscing on the thirty years they've known each other. As you know, March twenty-third is the date of the Bold and the Beautiful's very first airing in 1987. Earlier this week, Brooke mentioned that she'd been fighting to be with Ridge for thirty years. How old does that make Rick, Bridget, Thomas, Hope, R.J., and Steffy?

In honor of the anniversary, let's shelve the SORAS puzzle for now. Pass this angel some of Charlie's delicious cake, and grab your pencils for a little pop quiz down the Bold and the Beautiful Memory Lane.

Grab your pencils! Two Scoops B&B Pop Quiz time!

1. What was the first Daytime Emmy ever won by the Bold and the Beautiful?

a. Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction, Set Direction, Scenic Design for a Drama Series
b. Outstanding Achievement in Graphics and Title Design
c. Outstanding Achievement for Technical Direction, Electronic Camera, Video Control for a Drama Series
d. All the above.

Answer: D. All the above were awarded to the show at the Fifteenth annual Daytime Emmys for 1987-1988. Though it was immediately recognized for its behind-the-scenes talent, the show didn't start getting actor Emmy recognition until several years after its inception.

2. How many times has the Bold and the Beautiful been awarded the "Outstanding Drama Series" Emmy?

a. Never
b. Three times
c. Only once
d. Depends on what you mean by "Outstanding Drama Series."

Answer: B (or D). The show won Outstanding Drama Series in 2009, 2010, and 2011 -- the Hope/Liam/Steffy years. But it may depends on what you mean by "Outstanding Drama Series." It won ODS Directing Team in 2011, 2013, and 2015. It won the ODS Writing Team in 2010, 2013, 2015, and 2016.

3. Which actress got the most leading actress Emmys and which one got the least?

a. Heather Tom got the most. Susan Flannery got the least.
b. Katherine Kelly Lang got the most. Hunter Tylo got the least.
c. Kim Matula got the most. Heather Tom got the least.
d. Susan Flannery got the most. Katherine Kelly Lang got the least.

Answer: D. Susan Flannery won three lead actress awards. Katherine Kelly Lang was nominated in the past, but she never won. For bonus points, Heather Tom won twice, and Susan Flannery has four of these Emmys, counting her 1975 Days win.

4. Which B&B male actor won Outstanding Lead Actor at least once?

a. Ronn Moss
b. John McCook
c. Jacob Young
d. None at all.

Answer: D. None at all. As weird as it may seem, B&B's leading men haven't won an Emmy in their category yet. John McCook was nominated in 2001 and 2012. Jack Wagner was nominated in 2005.

5. Which of these sets of B&B male actors have won in any Emmy category?

a. Jacob Young, Obba Babatundé, and Ian Buchanan
b. Fred Willard, Obba Babatundé, Ian Buchanan, Drew Tyler Bell, and Scott Clifton
c. Fred Willard, Obba Babatundé, and Scott Clifton
d. Ian Buchanan, Drew Tyler Bell, and Scott Clifton

Answer B. Fred Willard and Obba Babatundé won Emmys as guest performers. Ian Buchanan, and Scott Clifton each won for supporting actor. Drew Tyler Bell won for Outstanding Younger Actor. While Jacob Young has won an Emmy -- it was for his work on General Hospital.

6. Which of the following animals caused the most injury to a B&B character?

a. Clarke Garrison versus the python
b. Donna Logan versus the grizzly bear
c. Jackie Marone versus the cougar
d. Wyatt Spencer versus Bu the Cat

Answer: A. Clarke Garrison versus the python. Morgan set a python loose in Clarke's office to keep Clark from revealing the paternity of her baby. The python squeezed Clarke into unconsciousness and landed him in the hospital.

Pam tied Donna up and sicced a bear on her honey-covered body, but Owen saved Donna before the bear touched her. Whip hired a trained cougar for Jackie's photo shoot. Someone popped a champagne cork and spooked the feline, but Owen saved Jackie before things got out of hand. Bu made Wyatt sneeze, but I think that's about it. Owen loves rescuing women, apparently. He also rescued Steffy when she hit her head and fell off a boat.

7. True or false: Steffy Forrester has had the most accidents and tragedy of any character.

Answer: True, subjectively speaking. Over the years, many characters have had their share of mishaps, but for her age, Steffy truly takes the cake. As a matter of fact, she slipped in cake while food-fighting with Hope.

As a child, Steffy was lost at sea and kidnapped by Morgan. Steffy's mother and twin sister died, but at least her mother came back to life. Steffy fell and hit her head on a boat and a bathtub. A bird pooped on her head, and she fell off a cliff. She also collided with Hope while skiing and then hit her head when she fell off an ATV. Steffy also had a miscarriage and accidentally killed her cousin. Am I missing an incident? Let me know, and let's hope Steffy doesn't get boxed in the head by a kangaroo on her wedding day.

8. What was Beth Logan's last name before she married Stephen Logan?

a. Howard
b. Hamilton
c. Henderson
d. Hernandez
e. Twoscoopson

Answer: C. Beth Logan's maiden name is Henderson. When Stephanie found out that Eric was still interested in his old flame, Liz Henderson, Stephanie quickly deduced that Liz Henderson had become Beth Logan. Stephanie used a private investigator to find Stephen, who Eric was pressing Storm to legally declare dead at the time.

9. True or False: C.J. Garrison is Clarke Garrison's oldest son.

Answer: False. Clarke's oldest son is Mark Maclaine, whose mother is Margo Lynley.

10. Before becoming a successful model for Forrester, Donna Logan's modeling past involved which of the following?

a. Prostitution
b. A nude photo scandal
c. Dabbling in porno
d. All of the above

Answer: B. Early in her modeling career, Rocco saved Donna from a photo shoot that she didn't know was really a prostitution appointment, but Donna did agree to pose for nude photos for another agency, as long as the pics only appeared in Europe. Bill Spencer Sr. published them in his American magazine anyway. Rocco took revenge by snapping naked photos of Bill for a male nude magazine that Caroline Sr. was shocked to learn her family actually owned.

11. True or false: Katie has always been second choice to her family members in romance.

Answer: False. While it's true that Bill prefers Brooke, Rocco preferred Donna, and Nick preferred Bridget, apparently a young man named Kurt had fallen for Katie before her character went on the back burner. Katie remained back burnered for about a decade before Heather Tom reprised the role, so we don't know anything else about this Kurt.

12. What storyline helped introduced Jake Maclaine, Margo's brother?

a. A romance between Jake and Felicia
b. A romance between Jake and Kristen
c. A plot involving design theft
d. A child molestation story

Answer: D. A child molestation story. Jake arrived in Los Angeles as Margo's troubled younger brother. He believed that his father had molested him as a child, but his father vehemently denied it. During the journey for the truth, the familiar and dreadful sound of clinking dog tags caused Jake to realize that the molester had been his uncle.

13. Why was Eric temporarily blinded?

a. Eric got BeLieF formula in his eyes
b. The blindness was a complication from saving Rick
c. Stephanie poked Eric in his eyes for being a cheater
d. None of the above

Answer B. The blindness was a complication from saving Rick. When Rick was a child, Eric saved Rick from a falling bookcase. Eric was injured and temporarily blinded in the incident. For bonus points, Ridge pitied his father, backed off Brooke, and married Taylor. Eric left Brooke for Shelia when Bridget's paternity test disqualified him as Bridget's father. The storyline contradicts Eric's current belief that Ridge stole Brooke from him.

14. True or false: Katie officiated Nick and Bridget's wedding while pregnant with Nick's baby.

Answer: True. Katie and Nick had sex off-screen around the time that Bridget and Nick were helping Katie, who was very sick due to her newly transplanted heart. Bridget left Nick when she learned of the indiscretion, and Katie miscarried.

15. True or false: Katie met Dollar Bill when she found him sloppy drunk in a bar and urged him not to take another shot.

Answer: False. Katie was actually the drunk one when Katie and Bill met. Even though Katie was comprised of ninety percent liquor at the time, she was able to assert that Bill was one fine-looking man.

16. What did Dollar Bill ask Brooke within two minutes of meeting her for the first time?

a. "Are you the same Slut From the Valley Stephanie's been writing about?"
b. "Brooke Logan. You must be Katie and Donna's sister, right?"
c. "What are you wearing under there?"
d. "Can you tell me which office is Eric's? I'm lost."

Answer: C. "What are you wearing under there?" Bill asked Brooke what she was wearing beneath her outfit because, according to Stephanie's scandalous blog, Brooke was always wearing some piece of skimpy lingerie. He made a deal that if Brooke was wearing granny panties, he'd shut Stephanie's blog down; however, if Brooke had on a nasty lace teddy, he'd know Stephanie was on the up and up.

17. What famous musical performer(s) briefly guest-starred on B&B, and their collaboration with the Jabbawockeez caused a huge scandal?

a. Celtic Woman performed with the Jabbawockeez on the Queen Mary
b. Daddy Yankee performed at Hope's Jabbawockeez-mask graduation party
c. Usher sang at the funeral of Amber's baby
d. Cyndi Lauper sang at Katie's prom

Answer: B, Daddy Yankee performed at Hope's graduation, and the party guests wore masks for the music video footage Daddy Yankee wanted to film during the event. The masks were a nod to the Jabbawockeez dance group featured in Daddy Yankee's "Pose" video. Brooke slipped outside the party to have wall sex with the masked Ridge but later found out that she'd really done it with the masked Oliver.

18. Which of these characters had doppelgängers, look-alikes, or twins?

a. Caroline Senior
b. Amber
c. Dayzee
d. Caroline Senior and Amber

Answer: d. Caroline Senior and Amber. Caroline Senior had a long lost twin sister named Karen, and Amber's long lost twin was named April Knight, no known relation to Owen Knight.

19. True or false: Tawny only raised Amber because Amber's adoption fell through.

Answer: True. April told Amber that their mother had given both of them up at birth; however, April's adoption went through, but Amber's fell through, forcing Tawny to keep Amber.

20. Which of the following characters returned from the dead on B&B?

a. Felicia Forrester
b. Taylor Forrester
c. Macy Alexander
d. All of the above

Answer: D, all of the above. Felicia supposedly died of cancer, but Stephanie did the same thing with Felicia as Stephanie had done with Angela by hiding Felicia until she recovered. Everyone believed Macy had died in a car crash, but Thorne found her living in Portofino after her father had saved her from the crash and taken her on the run with him. Macy died again when a chandelier fell on her head, sending her into a coma. Sally supposedly allegedly took Macy off life support. The action happened off-screen, so one never knows if Macy is alive.

Taylor died twice and returned from the dead twice. Taylor supposedly perished in a plane crash, but Prince Omar saved her. The prince really loved Taylor because, when she "died" from a bullet meant for Brooke, Prince Omar once again swooped in and nursed Taylor back to life. What are the odds that Taylor might be belly-dancing for her prince at this very moment?

21. True or false: Rick was involved with Taylor and both of her daughters.

Answer: True. Rick had a love affair with Phoebe that threatened to destroy Ridge and Brooke. Rick then used Steffy's emotions to get under Ridge's skin. Next, Rick got involved with Taylor. Phoebe flew off the handle about Rick using the women to get back at Ridge, leading Rick to lose control of his car. Rick crashed the car, and Phoebe died.

22. How did Sally get back at Clarke for planning to divorce her the moment he'd been married and faithful to her long enough to earn fifty percent of Spectra Fashions in a divorce settlement?

a. Sally set Clarke up to have a little "accident" before he could divorce her
b. Sally had a court declare the entire marriage invalid
c. Sally turned Clarke's clock ahead and filmed him in bed with Kristen
d. Sally used a loophole in the pre-nup to divorce Clarke before he could divorce her

Answer: C. Sally turned Clarke's clock ahead and filmed him in bed with Kristen. Darla told Sally that Clarke was counting down to the seconds to divorce Sally, and Sally's lawyer said the only way to nullify the pre-nup giving Clarke half of Spectra was to prove that Clarke had cheated. Sally set Clarke's clock ahead so he'd believe the deadline for being faithful had passed. Clarke fell for it, and believing he no longer had to be faithful to Sally, he had sex with Kristen. Sally and Saul filmed it and burst into the room to tell Clarke that he'd had an affair while still obligated to be faithful to Sally.

23. True or false: Beth Logan isn't the only Logan to have a mishap in the Forrester pool.

Answer: True. Stephanie threw Beth's lace in the pool, and Beth died trying to retrieve it. Ridge was horseplaying with Brooke when he pushed her in the pool. She hit her head, and he had to take her to the hospital. Remember kids -- never around near a pool!

24. Besides Sheila and Lauren, what other characters appeared on B&B and the Young and the Restless?

a. Ashley and Abby Abbott
b. Victor Newman
c. Amber and Deacon Sharpe
d. All of the above

Answer: D, all of the above. Ashley moved to town after an off-screen affair with Rick. She was briefly engaged to Ridge before returning to Genoa City. Victor Newman was in town for a business meeting, and Brooke used him to make Ridge jealous. Amber and Deacon each went to live in Genoa City for a time.

25. True or false: Stephanie lived among the homeless long before she met Dayzee.

Answer: True. A stroke caused Stephanie to lose her memory, and she wound up living on the streets with Ruthanne and Adam, who eventually saw some missing person fliers Sally had posted of Stephanie, and they sent Stephanie home.

26. True or false: Thomas Forrester has never been married before.

Answer: False. The answer could also be true when testing the legality. Thomas married Gabriela Moreno to keep her in the country, but the marriage was annulled.

27. Why did Eric hit Deacon with his car?

a. Because Deacon had an affair with Bridget's mother
b. Because Deacon married Bridget and had sex with her while Eric was on the phone
c. Because Deacon tried to extort money from the Forresters
d. Because Deacon made Hope late to her Italy wedding
e. Because Eric is just a really bad driver

Answer: B. Although Deacon is guilty of all the things mentioned above, Eric lost it when Deacon ran off with Bridget to get married and took Bridget's virginity while family members sat on speakerphone with him.

28. By now, you probably know that The Bold and the Beautiful is simulcast in Spanish. When translated back into English, what is the Spanish title of B&B?
a. The Beautiful People b. Beauty and Power c. Strength and Fashion d. The Bold and the Beautiful

Answer: b. Belleza y Poder translates most closely to Beauty and Power.

29. Essay Question: What's your favorite memory or scene from the Bold and the Beautiful?

Answer below in the comments section. The memory that always sticks out in my mind is when Ridge drove a motorcycle to a foggy pier to stop Brooke's wedding to Grant. Additionally, I'll never forget the look on Oliver's face when he figured out he'd just had sex with Brooke, not Hope. The next one is Ridge shining a flashlight on a wax doll in Taylor's coffin.

Lastly, I will always remember the Jourdan Rystrom song, "What's Left to Say," played when Hope broke up with Liam. It became the theme song of my life when I finally left my ten-year relationship upon realizing that my ex wasn't serious about marriage.

Days of our Lives | General Hospital | The Young and the Restless

For bonus points, the other soap song that gave me solace was Reva's "In a Moment" cancer reveal song from Guiding Light.

My all-time favorite couple that I rooted for come hell or high water was the pre-2012 Bridge. The most romantic and tragic relationship that I still secretly root for is Liam and Hope. One couple I was glad to never see again was Tridge.

30. Essay question: When you hear the name B&B, what is the first thing you think of?

Answer in the comment section below. When I hear the name of the show, I automatically hear the horns from the show's credits and see that pink bolt of fabric unfurling on a table. I think of Brooke, Ridge, Stephanie, or Eric. I think of fashion, scandal, family, and Dollar Bill.

B&B is exotic locations, romance, intrigue, and social issues. B&B is emotion. It's infuriating. It's honest. It's unrealistic. It's over the top. It's sad. It's hilarious. B&B is outrageous and adventurous, and living up to its name, it's one hundred percent bold and beautiful, baby!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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