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Is DAYS on the verge of a great new storyline? Should Abigail and Gabi both dump Chad? Is it time for Bricole: For Real? Is Jennifer a better match for Roman? Let's discuss it all in this edition of Two Scoops.

Never underestimate the power of a group scene. With just one fun lunch on the square, I like Eli. Yes, I'm concerned that he's an FBI agent by trade yet didn't know the truth about his own identity for decades. But he likes double chocolate cake, so that makes up for a lot.

I got a kick out of Hope explaining to Eli how she and Julie are related. I adored that Lucas was there. And I loved Jen making Eli some of Alice's donuts. After the dark DAYS of the recent past, it's delightful to see a strong Horton family moment. We can use more of these. Always.

Speaking of nice family moments, I love how DAYS keeps up the relationship between Kate and Chad. They've been close ever since Kate uncovered the truth about Chad's paternity and helped him come to grips with his mother's past. So I have no problems with her being pro-Chad. But to support Gabi? Meh, I'm going to be Kate 2.0 here and say that neither of these women is right for Chad.

I know, I know. They both have passionate fan bases, and this is no disrespect to them. But neither pair seems to be a couple I'd rush home to watch. They're both just...okay. I've always wanted Chad with someone a little feistier. I wish they would try him with a Melanie/Chelsea/Theresa type. And as for the legitimately lovely Abigail and Gabi...well...I kinda see more potential elsewhere for them too.

Years ago, I was a fan of Mike and Carrie. Yes, I knew that Carrie and Austin were supposed to be the "it couple." But the way Mike loved Carrie so much was endearing. I'm starting to get that vibe from Dario and Abigail. That dude worships her, knowing full well she doesn't feel the same way. And she's so oblivious to the ways that she continues to dazzle him. It's all a bit enchanting.

And as for Eli and Gabi, they did not suck! I was not expecting that. Gabi's been through the wringer a bit with fellas. Her healthiest relationship to date was arguably with a closeted gay dude. So, it wouldn't be so bad to see an available guy pursue her for a change.

Then again, they could remove Gabi from the romance roller coaster altogether and throw her into the artifacts storyline more. I wouldn't mind it one bit if Gabi took over her "family business" from her brother and dad. And this storyline has promise!

I'm all in on Sonny teaming up with Chad to take down Deimos. Paul does have a point that Chad is in danger and Sonny should worry. (Actually, I can see Deimos swiping both Abigail and Gabi and making Chad pick which one to save.) But I like my Sonny a little cloudy these days. I couldn't agree more with his assessment, "This older generation, I'm sick and tired of this macho crap." Yup.

Kate has also been fantastic in this storyline. I loved that Kate was proud of Chad for outmaneuvering Deimos. And how about that fantastic scene with Abigail? Both women were strong in their convictions. Kate hasn't had a good rival in a while. Abigail held her own quite well!

Finally, Rafe in this storyline makes more sense! If there ever was anyone would could out-smug Deimos, it's Rafe. I mean that as a compliment! Someone needs to take Deimos down a peg or two. That guy is out of control.

For example, he tracked down Nicole and immediately began making the situation about himself. Throughout this whole scene, I just kept thinking how Nicole is on the run. She's in quite possibly the least effective disguise ever. There's an AMBER Alert out on Holly. Two people have already tracked her down. She does not have time to stand still and let the man brat plead his case about why he's not a total douchebag! Poor Nicole. Two days into parenting, and she's already dealing with a temper tantrum!

Okay, that's not completely fair. He's not a total douchebag. He is absolutely capable of making Nicole disappear. I mean, everyone still believes Xander is dead, even though Deimos added him to his personal payroll.

That brings us to Nicole and Brady. It's funny, but as the episodes were airing last week, I was texting back and forth with Tony, trying to remember a time when Brady and Nicole actually dated. The thing is, they never have.

They slept together during rebound periods. And they've had this lasting friendship. But I don't believe they've ever dated out in the daylight. It's been a hot minute since Brady's proposed to anyone. And Nicole's the only lover he's never proposed to. He might be getting antsy!

Every scene of this Jenneric (Erifer?) romance makes me want to reach for the fast-forward button. But the scene with Roman and Jennifer did not. Anyone else up for a love story for Roman? It's time!

Joey is ready for The Bachelor. He's got the "I love you, but I'm not in love with you" line down. That should prove interesting for Jade -- who has never been good at taking no for an answer. There has to be a payoff coming for Joey confessing murder to Jade. I think that may happen once Tripp gets to town.

I don't mean this to say that Claire is some angel child -- or even someone who's mildly tolerable. In fact, the writers have pretty much crafted her as the personification of all the negative things about Millennials. I brace myself every time she opens her mouth. Having said all of that, however, I have to side with her over Ciara.

You only get points for honesty when you're asked a question. Blunt, unwelcomed honesty is never heralded. I don't know why Ciara though she'd be different. Of course Claire is going to be ticked! Ciara was out of line for asking Claire not to be "boyfriendy" around her their own home. If it bothers Ciara that much, she should really consider staying somewhere else for a bit. Hey, maybe she can bunk with Rafe and get access to that boss bathtub!

I dunno, Jenny Bear. Chad probably can love, honor, and cherish two people at the same time. You did that when you dated both Jack and Daniel. This is pretty much the same sitch -- his spouse came back from the dead in the middle of his new relationship with a brunette hottie. I would think you could relate!

Chloe has now been compared to Kristen and Auntie Viv. Both comparisons are equal parts laughable and insulting. The big difference between Vivian and Chloe is that Vivian stole that embryo in order to win Victor's love and power. Chloe had permission to use the embryo and never demanded a thing. That's not to say Nicole shouldn't be furious. But Chloe isn't even close to the same league as those fantastic lady villains!

I like Abigail as a PR person. It's nice to see her doing actual work again. She's pretty darn good at her job too!

I'm holding out hope that when Adrienne picks Justin, the friendship with Kate still stays around. But I know that's a long shot.

You guys, Eric has an entire box of letters he's hand-written to Nicole. He signs them, "Yours." That's a sign of a guy who's definitely not preoccupied with a woman. Totally.

Extra Scoops

I loved Roman behind the bar at the Brady Pub! He was great dishing out advice to Kate. Let's make this a regular thing!

For starters, I felt bad for Billy and Camila having to play that whole baseball scene. They both looked and sounded ridiculous, which is tough to do to people who look and act as good as those two normally do. But worse than that, rewriting history to further the relationship between Chad and Gabi is foolish when their connection is much more believable as adults and parents. Gabi did get Chad through one of the hardest times in his life, and we saw her do that. We watched them as teens. None of this baseball nonsense happened.

Jennifer: "How are you gonna be when you find out your mom is in a sanitarium and she leaves you on the bus when you're three years old."
Doug (without missing a beat): "So, Eli, are you still glad you came to Salem?"
This may have been the most meta DAYS has ever gotten.

It was very green in Salem for winter. There were flowers blooming and everything!

Nicole and Daniel's relationship has lasted longer posthumously than it did when he was alive.

Chad has belly-dancing music on his phone. Dario has tango. These gents are well rounded.

Camila Banus looks stunning in teal.

I feel like Chad should have a stern talking-to with Andre about kidnapping his bestie Sonny.

Bad things happen when you lie to Maggie.

Can anyone even hear the name "Clarice" not in Hannibal Lector's voice?

I want Maggie and Victor to pick me up on their drive for ice cream.

Not one mention of St. Patrick's Day, and we even had a scene in the pub on that day! Boo!

Would it worry anyone else to have a glass front door?

If you're going to build a set with a bathtub, I guess you need to get more than one scene out of it.

Ciara is 18. I'm...not. So, is it still okay that I want her leather coat with the gray hoodie?

I bet Julie makes Claire, Lucas, and Will hang their Christmas ornaments on the Horton thorn bush outside the kitchen window. #NotMyHorton

Claire has hints of her Aunt Sami. That is not a bad thing in my book.

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