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The Easter Bunny is watching as Thomas sets a twisted plan in motion
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This week on the Bold and the Beautiful, Liam wondered if he should stay or go, and Thomas added fuel to Liam's jet by playing on Hope's adoration for Douglas and Steffy's girls. Thomas claims his feelings for Hope have resurrected from the Cabo tomb, but can viewers root for a guy willing to compete with his grieving son for Hope's affections?

On Easter weekend, kids usually hunt for eggs, but Thomas sent his kid searching for rocks while he used the child's need for a mother like ticket to a speed date with Hope. Ridge warned Thomas that Hope is a married woman, but to Thomas, the warning was as good as waving Reese's Eggs in front of my face at the right time of the month.

To make matters worse, not only is Thomas going after a grieving man's wife, but he's using his son in mourning to get facetime with Hope and then stealing Hope's attention from the poor boy who's desperately in need of Hope's love.

Liam needs some loving, too, but Hope can barely conjure up a kiss for the sexiest man in her life. Disillusioned, Liam wants to heal with his wife, who seems to be stuck in neutral and stuck on stupid. Just when viewers thought Hope was too busy gushing over Flo to try to give her husband back to his ex, Hope's guilt about Steffy's kids rears its head again, and surprisingly, it gains support among Liam's family and friends.

With Liam in need of sexual healing, the last thing Hope needs to be doing is sending her husband abroad to see the lingerie specialist. As Liam contemplates traveling abroad to see his other family, Thomas moves in on Hope. Can Liam reconnect with his wife before Thomas short-circuits Hope and Liam's marriage?

Speaking of Flo -- and when do we not speak of Flo these days -- the newest Logan was thisclose to telling Hope the truth. Shauna almost busted the baby-napping scheme wide open when she asserted that Flo had never been pregnant; however, as usual, Hope let her motormouth get in her own way of learning the truth, and Flo learned a final lesson from her mother about integrity -- that the Fultons have none.

Let's get two scoops deep into whether mourning kills your libido and whether another man can possibly resurrect it. We'll scoop into what kind of man uses his grieving child to score with a married woman in mourning and why Thomas just might have a chance with Hope when her own husband doesn't. Lastly, we'll touch upon the dichotomy of Shauna, who was as indignant about Flo's crime as she was insistent that Flo keep it a secret on the Bold and the Beautiful.

In case you missed it

Actually, you didn't miss much. A lot happened, but as Liam said of his relationship with Hope, it felt like a lot of filler as we float along, waiting for "M" Day to arrive. By "M" Day, I mean Mother's Day. I still predict that it will be the day when the water breaks on the baby-napping storyline, and the writers will finally deliver a conclusion. We can only pray.

We saw Charlie, yay! He was there when Brooke made the lackluster announcement that there was a new Logan in town. Charlie probably learned about it before Stephen Logan Senior did. I don't recall hearing any Logan bothering to say, "I can't wait to tell Dad!"

Let's see...What else...Oh, Pam spiced up the lemon bars this week. We heard from Thomas that Douglas is in school. That was surprising. I pegged the kid at four, and you know, maybe he is. Maybe it's preschool. Any guesses as to Douglas' SORASed age, guys?

Yes, me pondering the child's age pretty much tells you how slow the week was. Flo spent most of it with a dazed, mouth-gaping look on her face as everyone else spoke for her, and she mindlessly nodded that their conclusions were correct instead of telling the truth about Beth. Great outfit, though. Did anyone else love Flo's pink romper?

Hope took Flo to meet the Logans, who did exactly what Quinn said they would do. Donna, Katie, and Brooke cried, hugged Flo, and cried some more. They readily accepted the results displayed on Wyatt's phone, and all that was left was for Brooke to open her home up to Shauna and Flo, as Brooke has done with everyone from Maya and Lizzy, to Liam and Hope, to Thomas and Douglas when they arrived in town or needed a place to crash.

If Brooke planned on offering her home, she never got around to it because mouth-almighty Hope started blabbing about Flo being Phoebe's mother, and Shauna was all like, "Excuse me? No. No, honey. No. My child ain't never birthed no babies. Do you not see that ultra-flat tummy of hers?"

Hope, instead of getting to the bottom of such a huge discrepancy, decided to insult Shauna and Flo's relationship by apologizing for not realizing that Shauna and Flo didn't have a close bond like Hope and Brooke. Eye rolls and kudos to Hope for self-righteous and ignorant at once as she blithely ignores the fact that Shauna and Flo could be close, but Flo hid her pregnancy from everyone. Or that Hope's bestie lied to her.

Shauna was angrier than a mama bobcat that Flo had pretended to be the birth mother in a scheme to sell her cousin's baby to Steffy. It was quite a riveting scene that rapidly cemented for viewers just the kind of strong mother/daughter relationship Shauna and Flo actually have. I almost thought Shauna might grab Flo by the ear and drag her back to Brooke's house to tell the truth. Until she didn't.

Shauna heaped so much condemnation on Flo that Flo was ready to run on her heels back to Brooke's to tell Hope the truth, but suddenly, Shauna took a complete turn. She decided that Flo shouldn't say anything until Shauna consulted her best friend and chief criminologist. After all, who would know better about how to deal with self-incrimination than Quinn, who disappeared into the night to successfully avoid her Vegas scams?

I'm not sure how talking to Quinn helped Shauna reach her conclusions. She didn't even tell Quinn about the crime, and all Quinn talked about was how great Flo would have it as a Logan, which meant that Flo was practically a Forrester. Yeah, tell that to Katie the next time she brings your hubby some drawing pencils, Quinn. Tell that to Ridge the next time he has to choose between what's best for Hope or what's best for Steffy.

Shauna told Flo to stop being so na´ve and keep her trap shut or else the first family gift she received from the Logans would be a set of handcuffs. Flo was mortified that her mother would want to perpetuate the lie after raising her to tell the truth, but not so mortified that she didn't keep her mouth shut exactly as Shauna told her to do.

Meanwhile, Thomas strutted through Brooke's living room in swim trunks to remind us of three things: it's Springtime in Los Angeles, sexy men are out on display, and Thomas is not in mourning for Caroline. Twice more, he reminded people that he and Caroline didn't get down like that. When talking to his father, he sounded still resentful of the illness lie Caroline had told him. Which begs the question of how Sally and Thomas really broke up.

When Thomas learned that Flo is Hope's cousin, her name sounded familiar to Thomas. Please tell me it's because Steffy told him Phoebe's birth mother's name and not because Flo is another woman with a story to tell about drinking too much with Thomas.

Ridge warned Thomas -- again -- that Hope is a married woman. This time, Thomas admitted that he hadn't gotten over his feelings for Hope. Really, Thomas? You mean those feelings from back in 2011 or 2012? Those feelings you forgot all about when Caroline, Ivy, Sasha, and Sally won the love of your life pageant? Those feelings, Thomas?

If Thomas couldn't get Hope away from Liam when he was married to Steffy, how the heck does Thomas think he'll get Hope when she's actually married to him? As they say, a way to a woman's heart is through one's dog or child, and Thomas is going from using Hope to help Douglas get over his grief to using Douglas to get facetime with Hope.

Don't believe me? How else would you explain Thomas telling the child, "I bet you want to see Hope," but then, when they get to Hope's house, Thomas tells Douglas to kick rocks? I mean pick rocks. He sent his poor son out there to be alone in a haunted garden while he put the moves on Hope. Thomas agreed that Liam needed to be with Steffy and her kids and said that he and Hope needed to help each other become fulfilled. We see you, Thomas.

Meanwhile, poor Liam doesn't know what he should do. He and Flo have one thing in common. Their instincts tell them to do one thing, but everyone else is telling them to do another. He wants to be there for his wife, but everyone else, including his wife, is telling him to leave Hope and be with Steffy and her daughters. Liam needs to figure it out before Thomas has Hope drunk on a beach somewhere, and Liam is fresh out of ATVs.

Why creepy Thomas might actually have a chance with Hope

I had hopes that the writers would go in a new direction with Thomas, but nope. He's still a sleazeball whom his father has to heavily monitor around women. Around Hope, Thomas is about as creepy and obvious as a daytime flasher with all of his "feelings" on display. When he told Hope that he was always thinking about her, I yelled one thing to Hope: Run! Eerie factor aside, Thomas might just have a chance with her for two reasons. One, the girl isn't in her right mind, and two, he isn't Liam.

So, Thomas is "thinking" a lot about Hope. Someone should tell him that's what happens when he spends all his freaking time with one adult and a child. He needs to get a job already. Or find his old L.A. friends, if he ever had any. Or -- here's a novel idea: he can sit his fine self down and deal with the disastrous past year he had before he latches onto another catastrophically-ever-after with yet another taken woman.

About a year ago, Thomas was living in ignorant bliss with his lover and his son until Caroline got sick of being "sick" and told him the truth about being well. Next thing we know, he's "thinking a lot about" Sally. He swept her to New York to play second mommy to Douglas, but she was back almost immediately. I don't know if we'll ever get the details on why Sally and Thomas couldn't continue their romantic relationship if all he and Caroline were doing was tag-team parenting.

Fast-forward to Thomas' 2019 return. Thomas told Hope that he wished he'd made moves on Sally at the memorial, and now he wants to tango with Liam's dance partner. Though Thomas told Douglas that no one can replace his mother, this week, he suggested to Douglas that they could get a new woman to tuck them both in at night. "Like Hope?" the boy asked.

Agreeing, Thomas loaded the boy straight into Hope's arms for maximum effect. Thomas knows how hard it is to deny that cute little Douglas anything, and that makes Thomas an opportunistic leech for using the child and the child's grief to make inroads with Hope.

To ingratiate himself with Hope even more, Thomas flattered her, offered her some designs, and suggested that they help each other become happy and fulfilled. On the face of it, there's nothing wrong with two friends teaming up to find fulfillment, but the last time I checked, it's called cheating when a married person seeks fulfillment with someone else. Just ask Rick, who had to deal with Caroline and Ridge doing that very thing.

Thomas' plan just might work because Thomas isn't Liam. Hope went through a terrible, life-altering event with Liam, and everything about her relationship with him probably reminds her of it. With Thomas, Hope can be at ease and return to her normal self because there is no guilt between them for any perceived failures surrounding Beth's death.

With Thomas, there are no expectations, no obligations, and no regrets. In fact, Hope can fulfill her desire to be a mother without fear of failure because Douglas isn't her child. However, if Thomas wants a romantic connection with Hope, I'm not sure how the writers can make her be okay with having sex with Thomas but not her own husband if her lack of libido stems from her fear of failing as a mother.

According to Wyatt, grieving can definitely curb one's desire for intimacy. It would stand to reason that once Hope makes it through her mourning, she should be able to reconnect with her sexuality, but Hope's sexual issues also stem from her lack of confidence in her own body to deliver a child. How exactly does one overcome that issue?

Thomas might have a shot at Hope right now, but where do Thomas and Douglas fit in once Hope has Beth back in her life? Will Hope continue to gravitate toward Thomas and Douglas and allow Liam to float back to Steffy? Or is it more likely that Thomas is unwittingly setting his son up for undue heartbreak because Hope will not be Douglas' new mommy, after all?

Go with the Flo, er, flow

The writers worked overtime to turn Flo into a na´ve victim of Reese's, but Shauna blew down that house of straw with a stern look and one word. "Florence!"

From then on, it was clear that Shauna didn't approve of what her daughter had done and that Flo had been raised smarter and better than to get herself wrapped up in Reese's scam. In that instant, Flo found her true north and knew what she needed to do -- tell Hope the truth, no matter the cost. Imagine Flo's disillusionment when, after one conversation with Quinn, Shauna instructed Flo to remain silent about her crime and just "go with the flow."

It's safe to say Shauna hasn't learned a thing about lying and burying one's mistakes instead of owning up to them. Shauna still has no compunction about keeping people away from their children. How can she, after experiencing the emotional union of her daughter with the Logan family, deprive Beth of the very things Flo had been deprived of as a child?

Shauna isn't the slightest bit concerned about Beth growing up as Flo did, fragmented and full of questions. Nor has Shauna considered that, because Flo is a Logan, there's no way the Logans or Forresters won't tell "Phoebe" that Flo is her "real" mother. By being silent, Flo is sentencing herself to a lifetime in the role of Phoebe's birth mother and a lifetime of watching Hope struggle to deal with the loss of a child who is right under Hope's nose.

Does Shauna even realize she just made herself a grandma? I hope Shauna got all that partying out of her system because Steffy believes in the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. And Shauna should also know that the rich Phoebe has expensive tastes if Shauna plans to dote on her grandchild.

What's amazing to me is the number of characters the writers are willing to grind beneath a train to whitewash Flo, criminal cohort turned victim. From Reese to Zoe to Shauna, I've never seen so many people pressuring a person to do wrong when all she wants to do is right. What they press Flo to do is not only wrong, but it's cruel.

Shauna and Zoe each went from being repulsed by the crime to aiding Reese in getting away with it. Shauna's motivation for the cover-up is to protect Flo's opportunities with her new family and possible future with Wyatt; however, "going with the flow" will definitely cost Flo any chance of an overflowing future with Wyatt, even if the Logans do forgive her.

Wyatt witnessed the difficult struggle for Hope and Liam to recover from their daughter's death. Wyatt has a big heart, but he might be incapable of forgiving Flo for participating in a crime that caused Liam and Hope to lose their marriage to a diabolical lie. The longer Flo perpetrates the farce, the worse she will look in Wyatt's eyes for just sitting back and watching all the suffering Beth's "death" brought to the Logans and the Spencers.

In a look ahead: A Plan and a Mission

Next week's preview video depicts a man with a plan and a woman on a mission. Thomas is a man with a plan. He vows to break up Hope and Liam. Quinn is a woman on a mission. She vies to send Sally on a one-way trip out of Wyatt's life.

Under the delusion that he, Douglas, and Hope will make a perfect family, Thomas sets in motion his plan to break up Liam and Hope, using Douglas and Steffy's girls as leverage. Liam plans a special night for Hope, and the couple reconnects for the first time since losing Beth.

Quinn suspects that Sally isn't being faithful to Wyatt and sets out to remove her from his life. Katie makes a disappointing decision regarding Bill, whom she spots with Shauna. A situation turns potentially deadly when Shauna intervenes in a fight between Zoe and Flo.

Let us know what you think about Thomas' plan to reconnect with Hope by disconnecting her from Liam and give us an estimate of how many years you think Thomas should burn in hell for using Douglas to accomplish it. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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