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One couple seems to be over due to loving the wrong person (or people). One couple is not over despite the same reason. Family loyalty is in flux, and some people are struggling with deep feelings of inadequacy. All in all, a typical week on The Young and the Restless. But there's a dark cloud hanging over Genoa City as we prepare to say goodbye to Neil. Join our columnist as she ponders the goings-on in Genoa City in this week's Two Scoops.

Kyle, Lola, and Summer are unquestionably in a maddening love triangle. I'm not going to blame these wacky kids for not getting the love thing right. I don't think any of them had great role models. I'll name just a few of their romantic examples. This will not be a comprehensive list.

Kyle's dad has been romantically involved with the woman who killed his mother -- and with many, many other women. Lola's parents had an unhealthy relationship, and Dad left before she was born. Her sister-in-law was with her other brother before she married the one she married, but she hasn't let go of the other brother. Summer's parents are consistently in and out of relationships with each other and others. None of these is a good role model for what a healthy relationship would look like, so they're all starting at a disadvantage.

Summer has chosen to end conversations with "what we have is real." Is she delusional, or is she trying to convince Kyle that their romance is real? I wonder if Summer is mostly drawn to Kyle because he's not that into her anymore. Once he fell for Lola -- and he did fall for her hard -- he was suddenly the man Summer had wanted all her life. If he was all in, there might be a brief honeymoon period, but I think she'd lose interest fast. The unattainability makes him more appealing to her, but at the same time, I think the hurt is going to set in soon, too.

Summer fully expected that Kyle was giving her the diamond heart necklace that she sneaked a peek at. It wasn't big and flashy, which she would normally expect, because Lola accepted it, and Lola wouldn't accept anything too big or pricy, as we learned from her Christmas purse. At Abby's restaurant, when Kyle was alone with Lola and gave her the necklace, it was clear he had gotten that price/thoughtful balance down when she accepted it and put it on. Summer's lip quivered when she saw it around Lola's neck, which showed a level of hurt that was understandable because Kyle is her husband. But she doesn't fool herself into thinking Kyle doesn't love Lola, just that she can make him stop loving Lola.

Kyle is in a tough spot, walking on eggshells, wanting to break things off with Summer but needing to make Summer believe it is her idea. Because he does care about her, kind of like a sister, as I said in a previous column, he wants to make sure that her hurt is minimal, but he also wants to make sure that Phyllis has no weapon to destroy Jabot over the breakup. Lola asked Kyle not to have sex with Summer anymore, and he agreed. Will he keep that promise?

I do feel like Lola is changing. Are her morals shifting? She wants Kyle and he's married, so there's definitely something happening there.

There was something very childlike about Summer's interactions this week, especially the quivering lip when she saw Lola in the necklace and breaking down in her mother's arms. However, I'd like her to realize she really doesn't want to be with Kyle because she will never be her best self with him. She sees how Kyle looks at Lola. I would not want my child to be with someone who was that in love with another person. I wouldn't want to be with someone who was that in love with another person. Perhaps another trip to Dubai would help her find more strength in herself. Or that trip she didn't take to the spa with her mother.

Speaking of Summer's Mother...

Summer apologized to Phyllis, which was huge. She admitted she had wanted to hurt her mother, and that sex act is what made the likelihood of a Phyllis/Billy reunion miniscule. I'd like to say it would make it zero, but this is a soap, and I fear that even in real life, there's no guarantee a dysfunctional relationship wouldn't resume, even despite this level of betrayal.

In the middle of Billy's proposal to Victoria, Phyllis came a-knocking and a-shouting, and Victoria agreed they should take that conversation elsewhere. Phyllis told Billy, "You're gonna be held accountable for what you did." Will she blow up Summer's life further by telling everyone about the night of passion between Billy and Summer? She told him that she had supported him and saved him, and she wanted money to start her own business so they could finally be done. Billy asked how much she needed. I don't know if he gave her any money or not, and her typing away at the end could have been preparing the full disclosure of his sins or it could have been writing a business plan. We'll have to wait and see, obviously, but she does seem to be sliding off the rails.

I have a problem here with the character of Phyllis, and I know it's not out of character, for either Gina Tognoni or Michelle Stafford as Phyllis. Phyllis is trying to blow up everyone's lives instead of making plans of her own. She has rich friends, or at least former friends. She could go to Billy and say, "Look, we had a thing, you blew up that thing, but I can move past that. I want a fresh start. Here's a business I want to start up. Check this plan out, and let me know how much you'll invest." She could ask Jack. She could ask Nick. She could ask any number of people in Genoa City or even a bank. They would likely all invest in a good opportunity. Then she could have pride in the work she accomplished. Instead, she's trying bribery blackmail (thank you, DaffySez. I meant that and got caught on the other related B crime).

That Whole Attack on Lola Thing

Pregnant or not, I think Mia should be held accountable for nearly murdering her sister-in-law.

Rey has confessed to Sharon that Mia attacked Lola, and he told the whole sordid tale. Rey even said he had been on the verge of arresting Mia when she had revealed that she was pregnant. Now, I recall a declaration of love in which Sharon and Rey told one another how they felt, then Rey found out that Sharon knew of J.T.'s murder, and Sharon ended up in handcuffs, in jail, and sentenced to three years in prison. First off, even if I loved a dude, once he put me in jail, that love might waver a bit. But, if that man then confessed knowledge of a crime he was doing nothing about, I would not be okay with that. The rules aren't even close to the same for these two.

Mia knew full well that this was no prank. She did web searches for news articles on Abby Newman's attack. I feel like Lola is the only Rosales who can be honest, although she does struggle with being honest with herself about her feelings -- but don't we all sometimes?

Arturo was mad when Mia interrupted his conversation with Abby. Mia, of course, felt her needs were more important, and she said he was her alibi for the time after he left Abby at the Athletic Club on the night of Lola's attack. Arturo realized that Mia had attacked Lola. Mia denied it was her, but Arturo isn't a complete idiot and wasn't inclined to help until... she told him she was pregnant, and he could be the baby daddy.

Paul definitely wants answers about what happened to Lola, and he knows Rey is holding something back. He told Christine he's testing Rey, and so far, Rey is failing. For Rey to have the audacity to claim that perhaps Lola was confused and wasn't even attacked at all was mind-blowing. That is his sister who he helped raise.

I'm glad Paul isn't giving up, and there is an easy solution: Paul could ask Abby what she and Arturo did after the fight. I don't think they separated that night, or at least I don't recall it. I wasn't paying attention then. Paul could also find where that earring was manufactured and sold; if it's a one of a kind, it should be obvious it was sold in Miami (but in real life, that might be hard to prove, too).

A baby born in jail would get good medical care, I'd imagine, and it could immediately be removed from the mother and go to the father, which would be Arturo or Rey. I have told my child that if she murdered someone, I would be the one to turn her in. It's not that I don't love her; it's because I do. People need to be held accountable for their actions, and someone who assaults someone like Mia did to "Abby" (Lola, in reality) is clearly not someone who is safe. Even if the sentence is probation, therapy, and anger management, there should be some recourse for nearly killing a person after an intentional and premeditated attack.

High-Class Society

It was appropriate for Abby to say no to holding the Jabot Collective launch at Society, even though there were good business reasons to do so. It would not have been a good family decision. Of course, she turned around and made the bad decision to tell Mariah that Devon had approved GC Buzz promoting the restaurant. Business-wise, it would make sense for the TV show he owned to promote the new restaurant he's opening, but it wasn't a good choice for Abby to unilaterally make the decision. And she knew it because she denied it when he asked her about it.

I was glad Jett agreed to sing at opening. I think the Jett/Ana story could provide a lot of drama because both characters are largely unknown. Yes, we know Ana, but she's been away from Genoa City far more than she's been in GC. Devon's music acts could be a good draw for the new business. I do hope it succeeds. I like the Abby/Lola vibe, and they make a good pair right now (because in real life, we get by with a little help from our friends).

Arturo was brave to show up at Society before the opening and should not have been surprised that Abby had nothing to say to him. He agreed when she said he was more in love with the idea of Abby than with Abby, but he wanted to change. And then Mia ruined Arturo and Abby's moment, although Abby later admitted to Lola that Mia was always between them.

Lola and Abby sampled Lola's latest signature drink, Red Hot Revenge, which Mia had inspired. Honestly, it looked a little scary, even if Lola thought it had a little "badass" in it. I loved when Abby asked how Lola stayed so positive and Lola said that no matter how much a day had sucked, the next one could always be better.

When Lola said, "If the delivery doesn't arrive, I have nothing to serve," I said out loud, "Maybe go to the store?" Seriously, don't wait and risk it. I was impressed at how calm Tessa stayed in the crisis, and that she helped solve it. Meanwhile, Arturo helped solve the fire alarm and electrical crises (which never would have passed muster with inspectors in the real world), although it was probably too little, too late to endear him enough to Abby for another chance. Especially with Arturo carrying around that ultrasound picture and caressing it (like Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful).

Love in the Afternoon

Tessa closed Crimson Lights early so she could perform for Mariah and get honest feedback. Just when they kissed, a brick crashed through the window. Mariah picked it up and opened the note that read, "Give up the gossip. You're ruining peoples' lives." I'd call the police before reading the note, honestly. What if there were fingerprints and she marred them?

I was glad that Mariah went to the police. There was mention of the people who roughed up Tessa and that this might not be an act against Mariah. This has the potential to open up a new plotline that could involve interesting new combinations of people (like Sharon, Rey, and Tessa working together). I hope it's a full storyline, though!

I'm not sure what I think about Sharon and Rey. They clearly have sex. Is there more there, and does this relationship have staying power? Or is this just a hot diversion before Sharon and Nick reunite for the 87th time. He confessed Mia's crime, and they just got frisky. He told her Paul is testing him (Paul told Christine the same), but none of the real world matters when they're in the mood. Where is Faith? Sharon and Rey are having sexy time 24/7. Even right after they expressed concern over the window brick and threatening note Mariah received. Could you jump right into sex if your daughter had just been threatened?

I loved that Cane wanted to work with marriage counselor Traci. Honestly, the thing that makes therapy effective or ineffective is the connection between the counselor and the patient. He is comfortable with her, and she is wise to the ways of romance. He knows it's because of her novels, but that's okay with him. When talking with Traci, he admitted he lies. He shared his belief that Lily is from a good family, and he's the opposite. He admitted that deep down, he doesn't believe he deserves her.

Traci was the strongest I've seen her recently when she was Cane's reluctant therapist. I legit used some of her questions with people I talk to in real life. Now, using the details about Cane in her novel, well... I am perhaps less on board with that. Yes, she can use it (there's no confidentiality outside a real therapy session), but change it up a little bit more.

Lily got out of jail, but she told Cane, "I'm not free unless you sign the divorce papers." She also told him that sometimes saying sorry wasn't enough. We know bad news is coming soon. Will Cane be Lily's rock, and will grief pull them back together? Can he truly change if he examines himself and learns his motivation for bad choices? Is it too late? I suppose it all depends on whether or not Lily goes to work for the prison. If she's out of town, they'll probably have to move on (unless he joins her there, but I haven't read anything about him leaving the show).

On Monday, I sank a little when I saw the prominent positioning of the picture of Devon with Neil at Devon's apartment. I know it's coming. I don't want it, but it has to happen. Kristoff St. John cannot be replaced.

The new Nate came and... we saw him once. It's kind of too bad NuNate is the one who will be mourning Neil because PreviousNate worked with St. John and knew him, and from what I hear, the ones who knew him loved him. Next week is going to be sad. I'll have tissues ready. Probably next to the remote, so I can pause if my eyes get too blurry with tears.

Nikki sensed Victoria's secret, and when Victoria disclosed the Vegas truth, Nikki said, "That man has lied to me for the last time," which I feel we may have heard before. Nikki asked Paul for help, and he wisely refused. She appealed to Rey, who feels some sense of obligation (and isn't doing much these days, aside from having sex with Sharon). I suspect this is how NuAdam will be ushered onto the scene.

Adam gambled. He was good at it. Victor is with a mysterious blurry stranger in Vegas, and he's paying for a psychiatrist. How are they bringing Adam back, and how damaged is he going to be? I hope we find out in May Sweeps!

A Family in Crisis

Jack saw the Jack of Hearts ad with Kerry and, against Traci's wishes, called Ashley and told her it was "well played." His smirk over the business rivalry shows that, despite the challenges, this has put some fire in his bones and given him motivation.

On Tuesday, Dina told Jack, "I think you're ruining your father's legacy." This hit him hard, and he reacted harshly (but also like a wounded little boy). But I wondered, what in the world does Dina know about John's legacy, anyway? For her to say, "Your father would be ashamed of you," rang hollow. Not that he would or wouldn't be, but she wouldn't really know, would she?

After the blowup, Jack told Traci, "I have resented our mother for so long -- since I was a teenager. I had adulthood forced on me at the age of 15, and I became 'Smiling Jack Abbott,' not a care in the world." What a way for the show to put in a painful explanation for any of Jack's behavior throughout the years. Family trauma can cause so much damage, and Dina's departure clearly was traumatic for Jack.

It is one thing to not be fulfilled in a marriage, to feel your husband's first love is work, and second is the kids, and third is perhaps you, even though you know he loves you. It's absolutely understandable to leave that unfulfilling relationship and try to find happiness. However, leaving three children behind without explanation, effectively cutting ties with them? That is far less sympathetic, and Dina did that. I understand that resentment still exists. The adult kids want answers they'll never get. The actress does a great job being young Dina, giving insight into her rapidly changing moods. See the reader comment below for the one shortcoming in the casting.

Young Dina seems as changeable as current Dina, and that has nothing to do with Alzheimer's. She seems like a challenge on multiple fronts, and no question, she left some scars on her children, which is a factor in their ongoing sibling rivalry. Young Dina told Jack that "Jabot was your father's dream. It doesn't have to be yours." But it also doesn't have to not be his dream. He was groomed for it and grew up believing it was his legacy, too.

Lines of the Week

Rey told Mariah and Tessa to change up their routines, even possibly getting coffee somewhere else. Mariah's response: "And pay for it? Oh, my God, the horror!"

Victoria to Billy: "I'm sorry, Billy, I can't give you an answer right now."
Writer's aside: When the time is right, I hope the answer is yes.

Sharon to Rey: "GCPD never gives up."
What I said when I heard this: "Because they never solve a crime." Oops.

Jack to Billy: "Hell hath no fury like an Abbott scorned!"

Random Thoughts

How hot a date is pizza and bowling? I loved the rocky road confession, and that the loser had to buy more. Christine and Paul feel like a real couple.

I loved Billy hiding behind Traci when Cane visited to apologize.

I thought it looked very green in Wisconsin in mid-April.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I kept thinking Sharon's blouse should be tied.

Reader Feedback

tina barnett shared: My biggest peeve is the young Deena, the actress clearly has brown eyes but the older Deena has blue. I can only hope I'm not the only one who has caught that blooper.
Writer's response: I thought the same thing and wondered why they didn't use colored contacts. But I guess it's like when we got Billy replaced and went from blue-eyed Billy Miller to brown-eyed Jason Thompson. We need to suspend a little disbelief.

Closing Thoughts

I guess I don't need to ask what will happen next week. Some of it will be a surprise, but CBS has already let us know that this is the week when The Young and the Restless will lose Neil. I'll be watching with you and look forward to scooping about it when we meet again, which will be during May Sweeps!

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