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It's time for Halloween, Scoopers! This week, Two Scoops celebrates by escaping the lame land of the living to revisit the bold and the dead. We'll reopen viewer-disputed cold cases like the death of Ricardo Montemayor, recall morbid deaths like the attack of Sheila's killer bees, and celebrate the walking dead of The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Bold and the Beautiful can be spooky even when it isn't Halloween. Remember when Darla-headroom floated around, egging Aly to murder family members? Douglas cried about fake ghosts on the wall. Who can forget Stephanie wrapping phone cords around people's necks and holding knives to their throats? Then, there's Thomas creeping up behind Ivy in a dark, empty mansion. Yikes and Ew!

On this show, death is a fact of life -- especially when a character won't stay dead. The writers approach death with as much flair as their fashion shows, leaving viewers either reeling incredulously or sobbing uncontrollably when B&B snuffs out a character. Sometimes a death remains a mystery. And sometimes, even when the character is wasted on-screen, the storyline leaves the viewers either wondering who done it or adamant that the one who done it didn't really do it.

This Halloween, let's get two scoops deep into solved deaths that still remain "unsolved" in some viewer's minds. We'll flash back to two electrifying and stinging demises and regale ourselves with tales from the undead crypt by recounting how some of our faves cheated their bold and beautiful deaths.

Guilty or not guilty? It's a matter of opinion

The Bold and the Beautiful characters are prone to die in the heat of passion. Even when their deaths are portrayed on-screen -- and their demises ruled accidental or medical -- rumors and accusations still swirl like menacing fog around their graves. Below, we list the deaths of characters for which viewers swear to this day that other characters are responsible no matter what any police report, medical examiner, or eyewitness says.

The Quinn-tessent death of Ricardo Montemayor

Ricardo Montemayor was the eccentric owner of the HFTF diamond, which he loaned to the HFTF campaign. After Quinn disappeared following her attempt to murder Liam, Montemayor mysteriously died and left the diamond, the only thing that had helped Wyatt in his romance of Hope, to Wyatt. Wyatt found that odd -- and so did the police.

When Quinn showed up after supposedly seeking treatment in a facility, she denied having anything to do with Montemayor's death. Police discovered that he'd died while handling a rare, poisonous jewel. The police questioned Deacon about it, to no avail. Later, Deacon searched his and Quinn's home and discovered Montemayor's video message to Wyatt in which Montemayor bequeathed the jewel to Wyatt. In it, Montemayor said,

Wyatt, I can only imagine how surprised you are. I am, too. My heart was never fuller than when I was caretaker of the diamond. It was only out of my reach once when I loaned it to you. You have a shared passion and reverence for the quintessence of this gem. I am at her mercy, as you will be. The mother of all diamonds. She is yours.

"Fuller?" "Quintessence?" Montemayor is "at her mercy?" Hmm. Suspicious indeed. But did Quinn kill him? Is Quinn freaking out and pulling a gun on Deacon for threatening to go to the police about it proof enough? We may never know the answer. What we do know is that Wyatt gave the cursed diamond to Hope, and the last we knew of it, she'd put it on the jewelry tour with Stephanie's collection.

Aly Forrester: "Murda," she taped

In a morbidly ironic twist of fate, Aly Forrester's life ended in the exact same place as her mother's had and at the hands of her mother's killer's daughter. Taylor Hayes killed Darla Forrester during a drunk driving incident, and her daughter, Steffy Forrester, killed Aly in the exact same spot. Steffy claimed to have swung a tire iron at Aly in self-defense; however, Ivy Forrester cried "murda," and she had the video to prove it.

Aly was crazy. Of that, there is no doubt, but did she set out to kill Steffy the same way Taylor had killed Darla -- on the side of PCH? Aly, urged by Darla's voice in her head, drove at Steffy as she changed her car tire, but Aly stopped short of actually running Steffy over. Aly struggled to go through with her plan to kill Steffy, and some viewers believed that Steffy could have reacted differently to Aly, causing a completely different outcome.

For starters, some viewers feel that Steffy shouldn't have yanked Aly out of the car, but let's be real; what other options did Steffy have? From there, an argument ensued about "California Freedom" and Steffy and Maya's contribution to a demoralized society.

Aly attacked Steffy with a tire iron. Steffy managed to wrest it away, but it went flying to the ground along with Steffy. Aly picked up a rock and went after Steffy. Steffy managed to rebound with the tire iron in hand. She struck Aly with the tool. Aly fell and hit her head on a rock.

Ivy, who'd driven to the spot in search of Aly, filmed the whole thing. She accused Steffy of murder, and many viewers agreed. Steffy told the police that Aly had hit her head on a rock, leaving out the fact that a blow from Steffy's tire iron had precipitated the fall. The police didn't investigate further, but Ivy blackmailed Steffy to become the new face of Forrester.

Although Steffy seemed to have acted in self-defense, some viewers think that Steffy didn't have to hit Aly with the tire iron. Some are also bitter about Steffy not being straight with the police and about the lack of a police investigation into Aly's death.

Did Steffy use excessive force with Aly? Should Steffy have told the police the full story of that night? Even if you believe Steffy was acting in self-defense, do you still think Steffy or any of the family members are at fault for Aly's death because they shunned her instead of getting her much-needed help?

Emma Barber: Road rage against the distracted driver

Emma Barber's death was ruled an accident precipitated by texting and driving on a dark, winding road. Police found Emma at the bottom of a ravine after she plunged off the side of Mulholland Drive. With her was a cell phone showing a half-written message to Hope Logan.

It would have been a simple case of distracted driving had it not been for the Scooby-Doo-not-tell gang at Forrester. They knew they'd asked the unconscionable Thomas to deal with Emma, and they feared that he had done just that.

Viewers are split about whether Thomas murdered Emma, ran her off the road, or just happened to be innocently honking and flashing his lights behind her when she busted through a guardrail. Xander tipped police off to evidence in Thomas' car that could shed light on who'd stopped at the crash site a short time before someone happened upon the wreckage.

Suspicious of Thomas, Brooke and Bill were puzzled by why the police were unable to find evidence in Thomas' car. It was no mystery to Ridge, though. He had informed Thomas of the investigation, castigated his son for running Emma off the road, and vowed to protect his son. As a result, Thomas destroyed the GPS recording, and the police closed the case.

Did Thomas run Emma off the road, or was it an accident with bad timing?

A strange way to go

Unlike in the cases above, sometimes, the killer is as indisputable as the death is bizarre or gruesome. Below, we'll take a wicked walkthrough of two of B&B's bizarre deaths.

Andy Johnson: An electrifying ending for a rapist

An evening out for the predator Andy Johnson wound up having sizzling consequences for him when he and Ridge did the electric slide on a rooftop after Andy bragged about raping Brooke. Stephanie Forrester took her Slut from the Valley belief about Brooke too far when she coached a rapist into wooing Brooke -- and with irreversible consequences.

While Brooke was at a bar, reeling from losing custody of her children, she met a jerk named Andy. Brooke rebuffed his advances, but after seeing a napkin with his name and number on it in Brooke's possession, Stephanie encouraged Andy to pursue Brooke.

Dressed as a deliveryman, Andy delivered Brooke a gift from a secret admirer. Brooke didn't recognize him from the bar, and he watched her open the gift through her slightly ajar front door. Stephanie lauded Andy for becoming the secret admirer. She encouraged his pursuit of Brooke, telling him that Brooke was an average girl from the valley who hid her key under the flowerpot "like the rest of us." I don't know about you, but I promptly relocated my key after witnessing what Andy did with that information.

Andy revealed himself to Brooke as her secret admirer. Brooke was guarded but listened when he said he could help her get her children back. She was terrified when, later that night, he showed up inside her home. Brooke got him to leave, but he used Stephanie's tip about the spare key to reenter the house and rape Brooke.

When Ridge found out about the rape, he chased Andy to the rooftop of a restaurant. Andy wielded an electricity conductor and taunted Ridge about the good time Andy had had raping Brooke. He showed off Brooke's key, and Ridge demanded to know who'd set Brooke up. Before Andy could reveal it, a flock of pigeons flew at him. A transformer box short-circuited, and Andy turned into the fried chicken we all knew him to be.

Lance: The stinging demise of Sheila's lackey

We flashed back on Lance when Sheila returned to town, but his story is sorely worthy of the retelling. Sheila enlisted Lance to help her thwart Amber's drug recovery and marriage to Rick. Lance slipped something into Amber's drink, and she wound up spending the night in Lance's bed. Erica informed Rick that she'd seen Amber with Lance.

Amber hounded Lance for the truth about that night. Lance warned Sheila that Amber was onto them. He wanted to confess to Amber, but Sheila bribed him into agreeing to leave town. Sheila left his apartment but quickly returned. Through an open window, she flooded the place with bees, thereby killing Lance, who was severely allergic to them.

A nod to the walking dead

A rundown of B&B's deaths wouldn't be complete without an acknowledgement of our very own walking dead -- or undead -- or mistakenly dead, whatever the case might be. The following characters lived to tell -- some more than once!

Deacon Sharpe: Return of the swamp thing

Deacon is a glutton for punishment, and Quinn doles it out tenfold. Our girl likes it rough, and her deadly foreplay sent Deacon sailing right over a cliff when he threatened to destroy the fairytale life she'd made for herself with the amnesiac Liam Spencer.

Desperate for money after Quinn had left him, Deacon tracked her down to her hideaway cabin and discovered that she'd kidnapped Liam and convinced him that they were Adam and Eve, a happily married couple. Deacon wondered what she'd do when Liam figured out who he really was, and she talked Deacon into believing that they'd have another chance if he helped her kill Liam.

Deacon and Quinn planned to push Liam off a cliff, but when the time came to take action, she sent Liam to the car for her inhaler. Deacon, who'd been waiting in the bushes, asked Quinn what had happened to pushing Liam. She claimed that there were people below the cliff who could be witnesses. Deacon leaned forward to see the people, and Quinn shoved him over the cliff instead of Liam.

Wyatt eventually rescued Liam from Quinn's modern-day Eden, and together, the brothers locked Quinn in a cabin closet. To Quinn's horror, someone hacked their way into the closet, and she saw an enraged Deacon on the threshold, covered in seaweed.

Ridge Forrester: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

If Shauna Fulton thinks Ridge is so handsome, she might want to ask who his skin graft surgeon is. Ridge looks damn good for a man who narrowly escaped being incinerated in a blazing furnace. Yep, you already know what he was doing when it happened -- trying to save Brooke!

In South America, Massimo joined Brooke in rescuing Nick and Ridge from Sheila and her brutes. Everybody was kung fu fighting. Massimo kicked over a motorcycle, and Sheila knocked Brooke into a cauldron. Sheila pushed a button, and a conveyor belt carried the cauldron to the furnace.

As the cauldron hovered over the furnace, Ridge swung in on a rope to save Brooke. She got down, but Ridge kept standing up there, leaning on the rope as if he was posing for Hunk of the Year. The rope snapped, and Ridge fell. His team rushed over to turn off the flames, but Sheila pushed the lever first, sending the flames higher.

It was only a matter of days, just the amount of time it took for a grieving Brooke to succumb to passion with Ridge's brother, and Ridge reappeared with only a bandage on his neck.

This isn't the only fall Ridge miraculously survived. Recall that he survived the helicopter fall into the sea while -- you know it -- trying to save Brooke, that time from a marriage to Bill.

Macy Alexander: Great balls of fire!

The moment Brooke had the nerve to charge up to Big Bear and slip divorce papers for Macy beneath the cabin door will live in infamy. An epic argument over Thorne ensued between the women. Macy charged out, determined to drive home. Brooke hopped into the car with her, and as the argument continued, Macy crashed into a tanker truck.

Brooke was thrown from the car. Kimberly and Thorne arrived on the scene and found Brooke first. As they attended to her, the truck driver tried to pull Macy, whose legs were stuck, out of her car. Thorne smelled gas and feared that Macy's car would explode. He ran toward the car, but it burst into flames, the force of which blew Thorne back several feet.

The truck driver died, and everyone assumed that Macy had, too, until Thorne saw her in Portofino, Italy, where she'd been living ever since her father had secretly rescued her from a fiery death.

Macy lived a drama-filled life until a chandelier fell on her, an "accident" orchestrated by Oscar's enemies. Sally had to decide whether to leave Macy on life support or pull the plug. I never saw Macy actually die, did you? Could Macy rise again like the next undead fave on the list?

Taylor Hayes: Seven lives left

Taylor Hayes, the queen of the undead, is the last on our homage to the dead list. Death becomes her, but it doesn't overcome her. With the help of Prince Omar, she powered through a plane crash and a shooting at the Forrester mansion.

When Taylor first died, her family was told that she'd been killed in an overseas plane crash. Taylor's charred belongings were found in the crash, but as fate would have it, Taylor had been mugged in an airport during a layover. She suffered from amnesia and fell under the care of the Moroccan Prince Omar, who dubbed her Laila.

Taylor regained her memory but married the prince after he'd arranged for her to see the happily married Ridge and Brooke together. Taylor returned to the States to see her ailing father and disguised herself as Ridge's nurse after he'd been blinded in a lab incident. She eventually revealed herself to Ridge. Despite still being legally married to Taylor, he remained with Brooke.

Taylor's next appointment with death was when she found out that Sheila was back in town. Taylor hurried to the mansion to warn Eric and was shocked to see Sheila holding him at gunpoint. Taylor stood between Eric and Sheila and tried to talk Sheila down. Taylor would have succeeded if Brooke hadn't stridden in from the kitchen with a baby bottle in hand.

Cue the opera music. Sheila turned the gun on Brooke. Punk Brooke tried to run. Taylor wrestled Sheila for the gun and got shot. Brooke ran back to help Eric as he fought with Sheila, but Sheila shot Brooke, too.

Taylor was rushed into surgery but later died in Ridge's arms -- or was that just a long, low-pulse coma? Taylor had an open-casket funeral, but as we learned years later, Prince Omar had a better wax sculptor than Madame Tussaud.

Prince Omar spirited Taylor's body from the hospital, found a faint pulse, and tended to her as she spent years in a coma. Taylor escaped again and revealed herself to Ridge just as he'd gone nutty enough to dig up her grave and find her wax dummy inside her coffin.

In a look ahead: yet another person dies this year

As if we haven't had enough sadness and death this year, spoilers reveal that yet another character has an appointment with death. Rumor has it that it's a major character who will befall an untimely death. With all the fear-mongering against Thomas these days, one has to wonder if Hope and Douglas are actually in imminent danger from him as Brooke and Liam claim.

If it's not one of Thomas' enemies or Thomas himself, it could be one of our most-recent hospital patients, Katie or Flo. Yes, Katie is on the mend, and Flo is already at home, taking walks in the park -- but could Flo's next walk be through the pearly gates?

According to next week's preview video, "Bump in the Night," Ridge and Shauna find out the old-fashioned way that that Quinn and Eric double-booked a room in the mansion. Ridge and Shauna share a kiss and reminisce about it at Quinn and Eric's Halloween party. Brooke asks Donna what the point is of wearing her rings if Ridge can't be loyal. Quinn is shocked to learn that Shauna awakened with a big, handsome man in her bed.

Thanks for helping us pay tribute to the dead and undead in this Halloween edition of Two Scoops. Until we scoop again, if you are lucky enough to return from the dead, grab yourself a Forrester Original because your reveal has got to be bold and beautiful, baby!

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