B&B fake love: Is it wrong if it's for all the right reasons?

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Fake love blooms for Zoe and Sally. These women think their dreams are coming true, but their men really have eyes for other women. Is Thomas wrong to lead Zoe on if it means his son can have a family? Is Wyatt wrong to pledge his life to Sally, knowing that he'll be off the hook in a few weeks? Get the two scoops on the trouble with deceit this week on the Bold and the Beautiful.

When Will retired and made Katie cupid, he should have left a manual for his matchmaking mom. If he had, it would have said that the second rule of matchmaking is to not matchmake for your ex. Rule three would be to avoid unmatching your ex with his subsequent ex in order to rematch him with his first ex of all time. Rule four would be to avoid trying to forge a friendship between all the exes with yourself in the middle.

In the spring, two things suck -- fake flowers and fake love. Fake flowers have their uses, but there's nothing like the real thing in spring. Sure, with real flowers, you have allergies and pollen, but the fragrance and beauty are worth it, even if they're fleeting. It should be obvious why one would prefer real love to fake, thorns and all, but is there value in fake love?

We'll have Zoe's answer on it once she's humiliated on her wedding day by her not-so-in-love groom who's playing wedding chicken with Hope. But what about Sally Spectra? Sally wants pity from no one, but behind her back, people are shoveling it on. Is it okay for Wyatt to tell Sally that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her while knowing that she'll be dead in less than a month? Bill and Katie praise Flo for making such a big sacrifice for Sally, but is it really a burden for Flo to loan her boyfriend out if she has an ironclad return policy?

If the bedroom's a-rocking, Hope ain't a-knocking!

Normally, it would be the thrill of a lifetime for Thomas if Hope lost control and busted into his bedroom in the middle of the night -- but not when she's complaining about how loud he's being while consummating his engagement to another woman. Or maybe that is exactly what he hoped would happen when, while lighting candles in his bedroom, Thomas was on a call with Vinny, saying that he had one more gift for Zoe and surprise for Douglas and Hope.

Hope was in the next room, reading Douglas to sleep, when, through the wall, she heard a clatter and Thomas and Zoe giggling and talking. Like a shot, she whizzed into Thomas' room to raise holy hell about the couple being so loud with their sexcapades near Douglas. Thomas figured Douglas wouldn't even know what the noises were and said that if Douglas asked, Hope could explain it away.

Really, Thomas? What was Hope supposed to tell Douglas about the sexy noises had they awakened him? "Don't worry, Douglas. Daddy isn't killing Zoe. They're just pretend-playing WWE together. Go back to sleep."

Some viewers believe that Hope was wrong to barge into the room, interrupting the couple's intimate moment. Hope should have knocked, but something tells me that Thomas would have upped the volume until Hope eventually came in or until Eric arrived to throw a bucket of ice on Thomas and Zoe. How rude of Hope to barge in, but how rude of Thomas to carry on like that in his grandfather's house!

Hope's rudeness didn't end there. Hope asked the bride-to-be how she could marry Thomas, knowing that he was in love with someone else. Zoe was smug in her response -- until Thomas said he loved both women, but Hope had made it clear that she wasn't an option for him. Zoe wondered if that meant she was in second place. Thomas assured her that he loved her and wanted to marry her.

In other words, yeah, you're in second place, Zoe.

Thomas is leading Zoe on, and he will drop her faster than a crack addict will drop a blunt for a crystal pipe if Hope agrees to marry him instead. Zoe seems to believe Thomas' lines, but is it because she buys into his supposed love for her or because she doesn't want to face the humiliation of the fact that Thomas is just using her to irk Hope?

Lord knows that enough people have told Zoe to watch out. Brooke told her. Liam told her. Hope told her. Ridge is even starting to catch on, so you know it has to be obvious. Maybe Zoe needs to hear it from Douglas before she gets it. I wonder if Zoe would catch on if Douglas told her that his daddy told him that his daddy would rather marry Hope.

Until now, I was feeling sorry for Zoe, but I can't empathize with willful ignorance. She wants the wool over her eyes with Thomas the same way it was over her eyes with her father. This week, Thomas was pretty real with both women in the bedroom when he said that he loved them both but couldn't have Hope.

At this point, I question whether we can fault Thomas for using Zoe to get the woman he wants and the family Douglas wants. For using Douglas, certainly. But for using Zoe, I'm starting to think not. Regardless, the pain and humiliation will decimate Zoe. For some reason, I'm imagining Zoe's wedding going the way of Carrie's prom night if Zoe is left at the altar.

Here are some comments that our message board members have on the subject:

"She doesn't even knock. It isn't her house. Douglas is asleep, not hearing what Thomas and Zoe are doing, but Hope can't help herself. She has to barge in and throw a fit. When she sees them there in their underwear, instead of excusing herself or asking to speak to Thomas in the hall, she stands there playing her 'how dare you' game. This chick has quite a sense of entitlement!" -- Sunspots

"Thomas is literally shoving Zoe down the kid's throat and using him to get to Hope. The whole thing is disgusting." -- Jadey

"If I heard someone bang against a wall, I would be concerned for their well-being! For all she knew and knows of Thomas, she didn't know if they were engaging in sex or someone was being hurt...Douglas is in the next room. That is sick for Thomas to do. The fact that Thomas did it on purpose seems to be ignored." --LoganFan1234

"How can you find Hope's reaction objectionable when Thomas set up the situation that Hope reacted to and welcomed her reaction?" -- Reesiecup

"Does anyone else remember Brooke just barging into Eric's bedroom to lecture him about how inappropriate it was that he was with Taylor (and vice versa)? Or am I just imagining that I once saw a scene like that?" -- Xyla

You guys were highly opinionated on this topic. Most people did not like Hope barging in there. That is very clear. To answer Xyla's question, Brooke went to check on Eric. He was in bed with Taylor, who hid in the closet. Brooke chastised them both for hooking up so soon after Stephanie's death. Another time, Pam barged in with what they thought was a butcher's knife. It was a spatula, and Pam expressed relief that Eric was hooking up with Taylor, not Donna.

Eric and Taylor found comfort in each other when they'd lost Stephanie. There's nothing wrong with that. Is there anything wrong with someone putting their current relationship on hold to offer a lifetime to a person who only has about a month left to live? To me, it all depends on how up-front everyone is with each other. But with Felony Flo orchestrating the show, you know it's gonna be a sham of lies and secrets till death does Sally part.

Terminal-rella and her gossipy fairy godmother

Sally is dying, and Katie's taking her to Disneyland! Maybe I exaggerate. Katie, however, is memorializing Sally as a new princess in the story of Terminal-rella, the terminal patient on the verge of losing her career and man until her fairy godmother waves her tongue and blabs to her boss and ex about the illness. Now, instead of having her family and a competent physician by her side, Sally has the lying Prince Wyatt, who, out of nowhere, claims to want to spend the rest of his life with her, and a boss who went from wanting to fire her to featuring her designs in couture for no apparent reason.

Additionally, Sally has an archenemy who will probably want to tack her on his magazine cover, too. Bill ain't stupid. The issue will be worth money the moment Forrester's newest couture designer dies in the middle of a collection Ridge had to finish in honor of her. Sally suspects that Katie just might have told her secret. You think? What gave it away? Was it that, all in one day, Bill complimented her, Ridge promoted her, and Wyatt asked to see her twice and asked her to move in with him?

Katie can't take all the credit for the miraculous developments in Sally's life. She had help from Felony Flo, the godmother who giveth babies and taketh babies away when she's caught lying about baby-napping schemes. Flo is also the godmother who anonymously donates kidneys unless one asks who the donor is. And Flo is the godmother who secretly loans her boyfriend out with a 30-day return policy to terminally ill patients.

It's a great plan. Sally gets to win for once. All of her dreams come true. She's a top designer. The love of her life chooses her over a woman whom he dumped her for twice already. She won't die alone. Ridge gets to tweak some designs for couture and collaborate again like he did with Caroline. Wyatt sheds his guilt over dumping Sally. Flo gets to steal moments on the sidelines and reunite with Wyatt after Sally's memorial. What could go wrong?

Sally could live. That's what.

Have any of these do-gooders stopped to think for a moment what would happen if Sally lived one, two, or three months longer than projected? What if Sally has been misdiagnosed? What if all of these great things happening in her life give her the will to live, and she actually undergoes a successful treatment?

My mama said to never loan out anything that you can't afford to lose. Somebody should have told Flo, Wyatt, Ridge, and Steffy that, because if Sally lives, she will expect to keep her man and her elevated career, not have them disappear at the stroke of all-healed o'clock.

What else could go wrong? Sally could find out that Katie, Flo, and Wyatt turned her life into a pile of lies. That's what. Come on, guys. This is a soap. What's the likelihood that Sally will die with a smile on her face and a bunch of lies on her epitaph? The drama is in her finding out.

Katie broke Sally's trust by telling her boss, her ex, and her archenemy about her illness. It was supposedly for Sally's own good, but why couldn't Katie break Sally's trust by telling her relatives and close friends instead? Or a doctor who could evaluate Sally on the down-low? By telling Wyatt, Ridge, and Steffy, Katie took Sally's control of her life out of her own hands and essentially let Flo dictate how Sally would live out her last days.

Flo, not Sally, got to decide where Sally would live in her last days and with whom. Flo, not Sally, decided that Wyatt would go on deathwatch. And Flo deserves to lose Wyatt if, in the end, Wyatt decides that he loves Sally, not Flo. But, in my book, Wyatt needs to lose Sally for offering her a fake romance instead of supporting her as a real friend.

I do think that Ridge and Steffy made the right decision based upon the information that Katie foisted upon them. My beef really isn't with them. My only beef with the chicken Katie is that she keeps blabbing to people even though Sally repeatedly tells Katie what Sally's wishes are. Otherwise, like Ridge and Steffy, Katie is trying to do the right thing.

My real problem is with Flo and Wyatt, who decided to create a fake, fairy tale ending for Sally. I can't expect much from Flo. She actually thought she was doing a good thing by letting Hope suffer without her baby while Steffy raised Beth. But I do expect more from Wyatt, who acts like he can't tolerate lies.

Wyatt berated Sally for lying. He left Flo for lying. I do not understand why he is okay with lying to Sally about truly wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. He wants to spend his life with Flo. He knows full well that he would not be telling Sally that he "realized" he hadn't appreciated her and wanted to spend his life making it up to her if she wasn't dying and if he thought she'd last more than 30 days. I mean, who does this? Who feels so generous with time that they can toss away a month to those in time poverty?

It's an ugly lie, and Sally will be completely crushed when she catches Wyatt and Flo stealing kisses or overhears Bill and Katie talking about "poor Sally" one of these days. If Sally finds out that Wyatt is pretending because he knows that she is sick, I wouldn't blame her one bit for pretending she's still sick if she happens to find a cure.

Viewers on our boards have a lot of opinions about this storyline, too:

"It's cruel because Sally will eventually figure it out and then she will be extremely hurt that Wyatt pitied her, which is exactly what she did not want...He wants to be there to help her, but the deception is wrong. He tells her for the rest of their lives or their future knowing that she doesn't even have a month left. I am sure this will backfire on him." -- dedicatedsoaper

"I love Sally and she doesn't deserve to be pitied. She wants dignity and has no idea yet that Wyatt knows because Katie keeps lying to her." -- Lovely_Rita

"Remember how, long ago, Bridget allowed a dying Katie to go away with her husband, Nick? It came out that Nick and Katie had done the deed (not what Bridget okayed!) and Katie got pregnant? Then Katie ended up not dying. Sadly for Katie, she lost the baby." -- catmommy9

"I want Sally to go out on her own terms and not some pity party for Quinn and everyone to gloat over and pat Wyatt on the back once Sally is gone. At least tell her the truth. They all need to take their pity and shove it. I would rather die alone if it were me." -- Russellgm

"Katie promised Sally numerous times that she would not tell The Secret. It took her about 5 minutes before she told Bill, promised again and told Wyatt, promised again and told Ridge and Steffy. Sally needs her family and real friends around her now, not some blabbermouth and an ex who dumped her twice and is now feeding her a lot of bull out of guilt and pity." -- Katbert

"Katie has a tough call keeping it quiet and watching her suffer and get fired and die alone or tell the people who can make the end of her life happy and peaceful." Kenna15

"I understand keeping a confidence and trust being an issue but it can be a burden too and having to be strong with no one to talk to. Sally is in that place a lot of people get and won't even ask for help it's hard for another person to watch that." -- Emerald_greens

Catmommy9, I do remember that about Katie and Nick and Mike touched on it last week. I wish Katie would remember and tell her niece that she did it to her other niece! Katie is an expert on how man-swapping can turn out wrong when a woman loans her man to a terminally ill person or when a terminally ill person tries to give her man to someone who's healthy, as Katie tried to do with Brooke and Bill. Maybe Bridget can remind Katie of it when Bridget comes to town.

Russellgm is right. The people around Sally need to tell her the truth. In turn, if Sally agrees to live with Wyatt, she should also be honest with him about her condition. Instead of following Flo's lying ways, Katie and Wyatt should go to Sally and be frank. Katie can apologize and say that she did what she felt she could live with by telling Wyatt. Wyatt could then be there for Sally as a friend. Sally would probably even bless Wyatt being with Flo, since Sally can't be with him.

As it seems now, the only person who would probably tell Sally the truth would be Quinn, who one poster said would probably tell Sally the truth after tiring of waiting for her to die.

In a look ahead: Thomas and his schemes

In next week's preview video, Thomas ups the ante by pressing to marry Zoe as soon as possible. Douglas cries that he doesn't want that. Steffy confronts Thomas about the way he is using his son. She asks if Thomas plans to pressure Douglas until the child begs Hope to stop the wedding and marry Thomas instead.

In other news, expect March Madness to interrupt the B&B madness as Vinny and Steffy threaten to put an end to Thomas' manipulation of Douglas and Zoe. Shauna worries that a wedding might mean a reunion for Brooke and Ridge. Sally's suspicion of Katie lingers as Wyatt continues to play prince to Sally's Terminal-rella.

Thanks for getting two scoops deep with me this week. Let us know how you felt about the antics this week and if you agree with Bill about whether Sally looked good in snakeskin. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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