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This week, Hope is at a low point in her life, so why are the Logans heaping their support on Flo instead? Separation is the new annulment, but some viewers think Liam deserves a permanent divorce. All of Flo Logan's dreams are coming true, but what goes up must come down. Get the two scoops on how hard viewers think Flo will fall on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Happy 34th anniversary to the Bold and the Beautiful! In 1987, on March the 23rd, the show aired for the first time, showing us the glamorous and sometimes seedy world of the fashion and magazine-publishing industries. The more things changed over the years, the more they stayed the same. The show is still centered on family and scandals, and the families are still trying to unify and remain together, even as their own hellish deeds tear them apart.

This week, Liam learns that the things he won't do for love, Hope won't do, either. It's about time she channeled her true inner Hope and sent Liam packing. Did Liam really think that Hope, who couldn't forgive hair dye and a temporary tattoo, would take him sleeping with Steffy during their marriage? Liam was ready to kick Hope to the curb and give the role of Beth's stepmom to Steffy based on just a kiss! So, it is no wonder that his spiel to Hope about sticking it out for the family did not work. He wouldn't have done it. Why should she?

Liam isn't really taking it seriously. It's just a separation, he says. I see the writing on that document. Donna doesn't even have to stamp it because they'll rip it up right after Liam wins Hope back in a Thomas triangle saga. That is, if they even get a legal separation. Is that a thing -- or do you just stop talking to each other until you feel like putting up with each other again?

For now, Thomas claims he isn't after Hope. He's just trying to get his drawings right and keep up with Douglas. Anyone besides Brooke giving Thomas the side-eye when he says that? I know Ridge is, but he doesn't want Brooke to see. In Brooke's face, Ridge is all, "See, Thomas has changed!" Behind Brooke's back, Ridge is all, "Thomas, are you sure you changed?"

Hope stayed home from work to tend to the kids and grieve for her marriage, so what did the Logan sisters do? They gathered around Hope to lend their support and eat ice cream. Nah, I'm just playing. They threw Flo another Logan party that Hope was once again not invited to. Isn't that just like family? To uplift the grifter who sold your baby while you're down?

Flo's life just keeps getting better. She took the Logan last name, and when Wyatt proposed, she agreed to tack the Spencer name onto that. Flo sure is having a lot of good fortune these days; however, while some viewers enjoy seeing Flo have her dreams come true, others wish Flo actually would get her due. Some even say that the happier Flo is, the more they hate her.

I can't find a use for Flo Fulton Logan, and I'm just "over-Floed" at this point. The only solace I have is in knowing that what goes up must come down. The higher Flo goes, the harder she'll crash. Let's get two scoops deep into it this week on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brooke, you do not know Hope

Brooke does not know Hope and needs to stop pretending that she does. What Brooke really knows is that person in the mirror. Brooke, just because you forgive every damn thing Ridge did to you when he ran out on you and married a woman just because you kissed somebody doesn't mean that Hope should forgive Liam for running out and having sex with somebody just because he thought Hope kissed somebody else. It seems as if somebody's trying to validate their choices through their daughter, doesn't it?

Brooke has been drilling forgiveness into Hope. Every time Brooke comes talking about Hope's forgiving nature, Hope's eyes glaze over. Frankly, so do mine, because for what I know of Hope, she can hold a grudge like a mother-murmur.

I said it before: a new actress had to take over before Hope let bygones be bygones with Bill and Quinn, and has Hope really forgiven Thomas yet? In fact, Brooke doesn't even want her to. There's a reason the Logan sisters are playing family with Flo behind Hope's back. They know Hope ain't down with that. The Logans don't know Hope at all if she thinks Hope is ready to forgive the baby-napper, and that's probably why they haven't even asked!

I love Brooke, but let me tell you something. These Easter outfits and her hypocritical forgiveness have got to go. Brooke has some nerve asking Hope to forgive Liam, but Brooke hasn't even forgiven Flo, Shauna, or Thomas!

Poor Thomas is gonna get a brain tumor from all of Brooke's side-eye vibes. When Shauna thanked Brooke for the name change for Flo, Brooke was all like, "Well, that was Katie, not me. I had to be convinced, and I still remember what you did, too, sucker!" Shauna just said thanks and left. What else could she do under that killer side-eye of Brooke's?

Brooke is tripping me out by acting like she knows how sorry Liam is and how much Liam regrets cheating. How can Brooke know anything about how Liam feels when she hasn't even had a single one-on-one conversation with him? She doesn't know. She just doesn't want to be the only one forgiving her husband for cheating. Heck, Katie hasn't even forgiven Bill yet.

Here's what some viewers from our Soap Central message board say about it:

"I love Brooke but I hate some of the things Bell puts in her mouth. Saving that snake Liam at all costs makes me sick." -- Cindy

"Brooke knows darn well that Hope and Liam are not finished...and she doesn't want her daughter to do something that she knows she will regret." -- PennyB

"Liam broke Hope's heart and Brooke just wants Hope to forgive him and move on?? Maybe Brooke needs some self-reflection on why she adores Liam and seems to hate Thomas. I know Thomas did some horrible things, but he is trying to be a better person. Meanwhile, Liam not only cheats on Hope but tells Steffy he loves her..." -- HarranGames2014

All I can say, HarranGames2014, is two things: barbecued Rick and "Taboo" berries.

Can't have your Beth and raise her together, too

A communal sigh of relief was heard around the soap world when Hope finally, against her mother's advice, told Liam goodbye. Liam pulled every sympathy string he could think of to try to get Hope to keep working on their marriage together. Hope, however, decided that they'd have to work on it apart because she couldn't take any more apologies and speeches from Liam. She couldn't get what he'd done out of her head, and she couldn't get over him turning to Steffy and saying that he loved Steffy.

I hate to be the one to tell Hope, but it was a lot more than that. Maybe she and Liam need to play 20 Questions, so she can learn the full truth. Liam not only told Steffy he loved her, but he was glad that portrait was still up on the wall. He wanted to know how serious Steffy's relationship was because he was ready to cold dump Hope over an unverified kiss.

Liam implored Hope to think of all they have been to each other and what they endured as a couple, but I'd like to know if Liam was thinking about any of that when he lay down with Steffy. Liam would have Hope believe he was too drunk to know what he was doing, but he didn't tell Hope how he reinforced his actions the next day. He didn't tell Hope that Steffy would always be sitting in his back pocket as a memory.

Liam kept bringing up Beth as a reason to stick it out, and Hope said that they might be meant to have only Beth. Maybe that's true, but it looks like they can't have Beth and raise her together, too, while Steffy flashbacks are bubbling in Liam's back pocket. He also claimed he needed help. He needed to learn to communicate better and to be a better man.

One step toward that goal would be Liam keeping his pants and his mouth zipped around Steffy. Maybe Liam should learn what his daddy meant when Bill said, "There's love and then there's love." There's love in one's head and love in one's pants. That's what I'm guessing. Well, at least Liam stopped wearing the Mr. Rogers sweaters. That could mean he's ready to leave his land of make believe, where all people like and adore him.

I'm glad Hope finally took the step of tossing Liam out, but unless she files for a divorce, it's a meaningless gesture. What's the difference if he isn't at the cabin for dinner? He was always at Steffy's house, trying to eat, anyway, according to Finn. What does it matter to Liam if he sleeps in the cabin? Ever since he left Steffy, he's used to bunking all over the place -- hotels, offices, Bill's house, and, of course, Steffy's couch. I wonder if Steffy will throw that nasty thing out along with the portrait.

Hope needed to skip the separation and file for a divorce. She needs to make Liam clean out his pockets figuratively and literally. That's Bill Spencer's son. That means he has money. Instead of praising and rewarding Felony Flo, Katie ought to be at her niece's house, teaching Hope how to get some of those Spencer boats, jets, and vacation compounds.

Members of our message boards had this to say of Lope's split:

"Hallelujah! This is the first time I found myself cheering for Hope and her decision making. She DOES need to separate and figure things out for herself and her kids and Liam should allow her that without whining. She didn't say she was done, but she needs space. Good for her!" -- Jo-Jo

"Hope isn't really making a decision. She isn't moving forward or even getting help. She is just banishing Liam and leaving everything in limbo. What a pathetic person." -- B-Hold

"Liam will be groveling and begging Hope for months while she uses Thomas to get him jealous, only to see how long it will take of him jumping through those hoops until 'he is worthy of Princess Hope'. And Bill is so on board for the girl who he thought wasn't the right one for Liam years ago." -- Lovely Rita

Lovely Rita, I believe Liam should be groveling. He should be jumping through hoops until he's worthy of Hope. That's his wife. That is the woman to whom he made the ultimate commitment, and he broke it. I think any man who wants to get his wife back would do the same thing. If Liam gets jealous of Thomas around Hope, then Liam hasn't grown or learned a thing. It's Liam's jealousy and ego that got him into this problem in the first place.

Can we knock it off with the Flo-fest already?

I'd love to say we're at scoops end, but unfortunately, this was Flo week. Flo's Fairy Godparents (Wyatt and Katie) just can't stop making all of Flo's dreams come true. Instead of consoling Hope and giving her the best advice any Spencer ex-wife could give a future one, Katie took it upon herself to talk Brooke into giving Flo the Logan name. There was no need to talk Twiddle Donna into it. She goes along with everything.

Meanwhile, Wyatt planned a name change of his own. He wants to make Flo Mrs. Wyatt Spencer. I spent an hour digging all the sugar out of my ears after listening to Wyatt go on and on about how perfect Flo is and how in love they are. He is elated that he found her again.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Flo just across the desert in the same house and at the same casino her mother had lived in and worked at when she was conceived? Flo really wasn't that hard to find if Wyatt really wanted her back. Plus, Shauna and Flo followed the fashion world. You mean to tell me they never saw photos of Wyatt and Hope traveling the world with the biggest diamond ever mined?

Wyatt thought about Flo every day of his life, including every day of his marriages to Hope and Steffy, I assume. Wyatt falls in love and proposes to every girl he dates, including Ivy, Sally, and Katie, so he'll have to excuse me if I don't buy his crap about pining for Flo. There was nothing stopping him from using Bill's resources to get a message to Flo or bring her to Los Angeles long before he found love with her again in a dive bar on the beach.

What's odd to me is that Hope hasn't been included in this whole Flo fest that the Logans have been on. As far as the script goes, Hope doesn't even know Flo got forgiveness and works at Forrester. Isn't Hope the reason the Logan clan shunned Flo? If so, wouldn't it stand to reason that they'd get Hope's view on it before deciding to un-shun Flo? I'm not saying Hope has to approve anything. I'm just asking why they don't bother mentioning it to her, the only other Logan in town since, you know, it was about Hope to begin with.

Liam even forgave Flo without talking to Hope about it. He said he doesn't know about Hope's feelings, but he's over what Flo did. Liam is damn right he doesn't know Hope's feelings. He doesn't even know Hope from a mannequin, so it's unsurprising that he'd think it was okay to forgive the baby-napper without even discussing it with Hope. In his view, Flo didn't know what she was getting herself into, and Flo at least tried to tell the truth. Flo knew what she was getting into -- fifty thousand dollars and a trip with Reese, supposedly.

If those are Liam's true feelings, then Liam ought to stop judging Thomas for doing far less in the baby-napping case than Flo had done. It unnerves me every time I hear Liam remind Hope that Thomas kept their baby from them. As far as Liam knows, Thomas took advantage of information and made some threats. He did not indulge in child trafficking.

Bill even got in on the act while blaming Thomas for Liam's "misunderstanding." Yes, sex with Liam's ex is just a misunderstanding nowadays. Bill made it sound like Thomas had single-handedly delivered two babies, switched a live one with a stillborn one, dressed up as the mother, and sold one to Steffy. Meanwhile, Flo gets a permanent hall pass at Spencer because she didn't know any better.

I've given up trying to figure out why the writers want to keep shoving Flo down our throats, but her good fortune is becoming another's vomit bag. Flo has been on a winning streak ever since she got arrested, and hopefully, once she's got her minivan, we can relegate her to the backburner until she disappears like characters better than she have done.

Here's what some of our board members think about the week of Flo:

"She willingly agrees to participate in a fraud and a kidnapping, and then sees a member of her family in deep grief but does nothing, put the blame on Thomas who learnt for a few weeks only ... She is rewarded with a top job and a proposal ....WHY the double standard?" -- Kwaime

"What is the purpose of changing Flo's name when she is going to be having Wyatt's name anyway? What a holy waste of time and air space. But one thing is for sure, I guess crime does pay, just look at Felon Flo's life. She not only did not go to prison for her crimes, she gets to go free, she gets the man, a proposal, a great job and the injured parties are just forgiving her. Liam don't even act like he is upset with her anymore. She got it all and gets to run off and be happy while people are still picking up the pieces of their lives from the mess she helped to cause." -- Russellgm

"My gut feel is that they are setting Flo up to be killed off. This sudden "love fest" from the Logans is designed to make it more poignant when she bites the dust. The problem is, I don't like Flo, never have, and never will...So, if this does play out...I won't be invested." -- NuttyAboutSoaps

In a look ahead: Murder mystery

NuttyAboutSoaps just might be onto something. It does seem as if they have set Flo up with an endless buffet of everything she's ever wanted. No one has a lucky streak this long, even if they are from Las Vegas. With rumors and spoilers swirling about a murder happening in April, I suspect that Flo is going down for a long dirt nap.

According to spoilers for next week, Shauna and Quinn team up again, probably to start knitting baby booties and car seats for the minivan. There's also word that a new man comes into Quinn's life. Is this romantically or biologically?

Ridge questions Brooke's sincerity toward Flo, which we all do at this point, and Hope will probably question Flo's sincerity toward her when Flo asks something of Hope. Oh, hell. I'll bet she has the nerve to ask Hope to be a bridesmaid. Hope might not have a say in who gets to be a Logan, but I sure hope she has something to say about how she really feels about Flo.

Thomas helps Hope explain things to Douglas. Douglas probably isn't going to get it and might think it means Thomas can move into the cabin. And finally, Bill will be involved in a murder mystery.

Who knows who will die or at the hands of whom, but if Bill is involved somehow, then it could happen to someone in the Spencer family tree. That would be a shame, since we just lost Caroline. Actually, no family can afford to lose any more members.

My vote is for Flo to bite the dust, but here are some of your suggestions from the message board:

"I want Flo to die. I don't care how or who does it as long as she's gone for good. If I have a preference, I'd prefer her to suffer." -- Camille78

"Brad seems to love the Flo character. She is staying. I really believe something will happen to Vinny." -- SheilaFan32

"It would be pretty exciting to have Sally cross back over to kill Flo, but she is pretty interested in Jack Abbott, so unless Flo does something to ruin that, I don't see why Sally would." -- veryoldatwtfan

"Surprised nobody thinks it could be Katie since Bill is involved..." -- PeaceOut

There you have it. Some think it could be Wyatt, too, that dies. One person even mentioned Will because Liam and Wyatt spoke about him this week. By the way, Liam said Will would throw Wyatt a dinosaur-themed bachelor party. It seems Liam doesn't know Will, either. Did Liam not see the kind of events Will set up when he tried to woo Bill and Katie into reuniting? The child deals in caviar, not dino toys.

Thanks for scooping with me. Leave your murder theories in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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