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Chelsea revealed to the viewers that she was the mastermind behind Rey's poisoning and the theft of Sharon's items! Will Adam learn in time to avoid being framed for the crime? Could Chelsea pay the price legally for her criminal act by doing jail time and personally by losing her family? Feeling the fool after the ultimate pre-April Fools' Day trick, will Faith make a bad situation worse by drowning her sorrows in booze? And no wonder why Amanda felt so burned in her love life -- all this and more in Two Scoops.

Really, was anyone surprised that Victor...uh, I mean Adam won the media company lottery? Come on, they have to stay in the corporate game somehow. Besides, Victor's never been one to lose, and with his connections, he's never had to taste the agony of defeat. And it sure didn't hurt Adam any to have a daddy as powerful as Victor Newman. Victor has proven time and time again that he's nobody's fool, and Adam sure hoped to follow along in his father's footsteps in that regard. However, Chelsea was doing her best to prove that wrong by her ongoing charade of being the paralyzed lady in the wheelchair. Even if Adam couldn't see it, Chelsea sure wouldn't win any Oscar awards for her portrayal.

Strangely, for once, Adam was trying to do the right thing by Chelsea and his family. (Well, excluding the infamous kiss, of course.) While it was totally out of character for him, Adam was trying to be the good guy for a change. He must have gotten tired of being typecast. And since Chelsea was tied to her wheelchair by necessity at first and then later voluntarily, there was really no way for her to know otherwise. She had it in her head that Adam's every waking moment was spent on trying to find a way to be with Sharon, and no one, especially not Adam, was going to tell her differently. But the majority of his time had been spent, just as he said, trying to help Chelsea recover and with his dad for their new business. Adam was trying to be honorable, even if she didn't see it.

Seriously, you would think as a con artist with many years of experience, Chelsea would have a better poker face around Adam, especially since she had some diabolical scheme that she wanted to carry out to eliminate her husband from her life. And because, as far as Adam knew, Chelsea's facial expressions were her only communication with her hubby, you'd think she would do a better job of covering her tracks instead of constantly showing her hard, emotionless face anytime he was around. Her continuous stone-cold glares at Adam could burn some serious holes into him. If she really wanted to keep him off guard, Chelsea should soften the look in her eyes and have a sweety-sweety smile that would melt Adam's heart as she planned to take him down. That would show him!

Chelsea's scheme to send Sharon loving messages supposedly from Adam could only backfire, since that was too easy for him to check out. Adam's phone and tablet were connected, just as my iPhone and iPad are, so even if Adam had his phone with him, the texts could still be sent from the other. Besides, Sharon was too busy worrying over her husband, who had been poisoned with thallium. Man, that's some bad stuff! On Dateline, I saw where a lady had been poisoned with thallium, and she truly suffered and was in a whole lot of pain during her long road to recovery. Thank heavens for the Prussian blue antidote. However, the doctors discovered Rey's affliction fairly early on and were able to treat him. So, who poisoned Rey?

That certainly was the question once Rey recovered from the thallium poisoning, which had "wreaked havoc" in his body, in lickety-split time. His healing was so miraculous, the whole thing had been almost like a mild annoyance rather than a life-threatening malady. And then, Nate revealed that Sharon's entire house contained thallium, but only in the men's products. Aha! You could almost see Rey licking his chops, and he looked as if he was about ready to spring out of his hospital bed and jump for joy. Because, yes, that's right -- Rey had another case to solve, and it happened to be his own. Shoot, he should add Nate to his squad, because the doc turned out to be a pretty good sleuth, although it wasn't too hard to guess the identity of the suspect that would first come to mind.

Of course, everyone under the sun (at least the "Rey" of the sun) believed that Adam was the culprit who wanted to eliminate Rey so that Sharon could be all his. Well, everyone but Sharon, who only defended Adam. Hey...wait a minute. Chelsea kept telling Chloe about her grand scheme that would get some heavy-duty payback on Adam. And she even swore to her bestie that her plot did not involve any physical injury to Adam. But Chelsea never said that no harm would come to anyone else, plus poisoning Rey to set up Adam for the dirty deed would be a really great way for Chelsea to quench her thirst for revenge. And, by golly, I was right. It was Chelsea! She had wanted Adam to pay, and if that meant Rey had to be in a lot of agony, so be it. It was just too bad that Adam didn't know that.

Okay, even I knew that Rey didn't poison himself. That would be crazy, and even I didn't think he'd gone that far over the deep end yet. However, Rey's idea of marriage counseling and his expectations of what the results would bring have been very unrealistic. He seemed to think that the counseling would turn Sharon into the kind of person that he wanted her to be. And Rey believed that talking to a professional counselor would wipe any and all feelings that Sharon has ever had for Adam completely out of her mind. Actually, that would be more of a brainwashing, yet Rey almost seemed to want just that. He should have married one of The Stepford Wives. Now, that was a weird movie. Men would turn their wives into androids to serve their every need. Right out of the caveman days.

Yet, Chelsea's behavior has been very suspicious, so much so that Adam even pondered if she had sent the texts to Sharon. If nothing else, at least the expression on Chelsea's face finally changed around him, and she almost looked sad. Or scared. But Adam then decided that Chloe had been the one. Oh, so close, yet still so far. Of course, Chloe declared that she would never do anything that would jeopardize her family's happiness again, and she was telling the truth. Well, sort of, since she was Chelsea's co-conspirator, after all. But apparently, it was all going according to Chelsea's plan. Frustrated, Adam turned to leave, and he found an angry Rey at his door.

Rey carried a warrant to search the house, and Chelsea had a front row seat. Oh, you can bet she really enjoyed the show. Shoot, Adam hadn't even known that Rey had been poisoned until then. Then he was certain that Chelsea somehow had been behind it all. Adam must have felt like such a fool when he silently opened his door to see Chelsea smile and stretch in her wheelchair. Chelsea got her comeuppance, but at what price? She just shot down any chance of Connor's parents reuniting with their son. And she could be arrested for what was a criminal act. Of course, Rey found plenty of evidence to blame Adam: a vial of white thallium powder and the missing figurine and tray. Only Chelsea was behind it all, not Adam. So, Sharon had been right all along, only she didn't know it.

Ashland Locke must be one scary dude to have Phyllis completely back off her ploy to get more dirt on Sally, so that "Red" could protect the apparently helpless Jack from the younger redhead. Summer had to plead with her mother, though, to let the dust regarding Sally settle, so that Sally wouldn't then retaliate and spill all about Kyle and Mrs. Tara Locke to the world. No, Ashland probably wouldn't appreciate learning that his wife had slept with Kyle and especially that Kyle was Harrison's biological father. Even if Kyle had foolishly believed he could just put the truth behind him, the powerful, vengeful corporate mogul could still squash Kyle like a bug into a rug. Sadly, that would also wipe out the smile that Sally has put on Jack's face. It's been great seeing Jack smile these days.

Kyle felt very threatened by Ashland, who had decided to return to Genoa City and wanted to meet with Kyle. So, Kyle decided to finally come clean to his father about his brief fling with Tara and the result of it, which was Harrison. Well, Phyllis sure wasn't going to say anything, no matter how hard Jack tried to pry the truth out of her. Phyllis is nothing if not stubborn. But just as Kyle told Jack that he had a problem with Ashland Locke, Sally made a noise when she dropped her cell phone outside the door. So, Jack would have to wait to hear the shocking news.

Nick was curious about the identity of Faith's mysterious texter -- and so was she, since she had no clue about who "he" was. And his idea of a "fun game" may not be so fun, after all. But how could Faith possibly fall in love with the "super sweet" guy, when she knew absolutely nothing about him?! The mystery messenger claimed that he wanted to finally meet her for the first time; however, he was a no-show when the time had come. And still, the only clue he would give her was that they didn't share any classes together but that they had spent time together. For all she knew, that could still be just about anyone -- young or old, Mr. Nice Guy or a serial killer. Maybe even a female like Jordan. Faith didn't really know anything about the person at all.

Tommy Ross. Well, that's what the mystery texter claimed his name was, and judging by Faith's reaction, he was a cutie, as she had hoped. But was it really him? Tommy then wanted Faith to tell him she loved him to use to humiliate her on social media later -- and then the jig was up. I knew it was Jordan all along. So, Faith's only friend, if she ever really was that, turned on her, too, and became one of her haters. Faith felt like such a fool. Young girls can be very mean and cruel, and Jordan was showing all her nasty colors. It had all just been a dirty trick, and it wasn't even April Fools' Day yet. Faith grabbed a bottle of tequila to drown her sorrows and ran from the house. Oh, this promises to not end well.

Although Devon tried to talk to Amanda, she made it perfectly clear that she needed more time and space to think, since two different men had cheated on her with the same women. Ouch! That had to burn. Amanda may need to check with Elena first, before she wastes any more time trying to develop her next relationship. But at least Devon realized that actions have consequences, which was a rather mature way to think. Then Nate reminded Devon that Moses would be coming to town. Oh, yeah, Jacob Aaron Gaines as Moses Winters was on his way.

Naya made a dramatic entrance as she melodramatically announced to Amanda that there was trouble in River City -- or in a town near Genoa City, anyway. A reporter accused Amanda's grandfather of killing her father many years ago, and her mother wanted Amanda to defend him. Wasn't that just typical? They hadn't wanted anything to do with her all her life until they needed her. Shoot, she went from being a dirty secret to possibly being a savior. How things change. Naya claimed that her father was being set up and that Amanda's father had been killed in a car crash. By representing Sutton, Amanda could then be brought "into the fold," and they could then welcome her with open arms. How gracious of them. Amanda's no fool, so she told Naya that she'd let her know.

With her lucky penny in hand (given lovingly to her from Devon), Mariah was all set and ready to go as she prepared for the embryo implant. It's a little strange that she and Tessa moved into the Chancellor Mansion before Mariah became pregnant, since the process may not "take" the first time or two -- or more. But in the Soap World, things tend to happen quickly, and even if the implant doesn't take right away, Mariah will have her support system of Abby, Tessa, and Nina by her side. So, while they waited for the results, Mariah looked like she was going to be waited on hand and foot, as she and Tessa kicked around the dream of having their very own wing in the mansion. Hey, who wouldn't want to live in the Chancellor Mansion with all its luxury and perks?

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

It's always strange to see a soap couple get along so well after just breaking up. I mean I know that Nate and Elena have to work together, so they should be civil to each other, of course. But they've been really chummy together, haven't they? It almost makes one wonder just how deep their love for each other had really been. Most people with broken hearts would still be crying in their beer so shortly after the breakup, for heaven's sake.

Aww...Faith told Nick that she always felt safe whenever she was around him, which would melt any father's heart. But who on earth would ever believe that Nick will no longer "hover" over his daughter? You know, Nick, who always has to be the knight in shining armor, coming to the rescue of the ladies in his life. Nope, me neither.

Sharon said it best when she told Mariah that hope and fear will always be a part of raising a child. They will find out more just how true that is when they learn how Jordan played Faith. Sharon, Mariah, and their family are going to need more hope to help Faith through her humiliation and devastation.

Until next time, please stay tuned. And please take care and stay safe!

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