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Brooke thought Liam was a fool to give Thomas any leeway with Hope, and Zoe decided to fool Paris to get revenge. But Flo was such a fool in love, you'd think something soapy and tragic was about to happen to her. Is she about to fall victim to the as-yet-invisible murder mystery apparently on the way? Collect clues with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you suddenly become suspicious of your one-time berry buddy? Did you decide to make your sister bow down to the porcelain goddess? Were you so deliriously happy, it was like someone painted a target on your back? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Fulton-Buckingham clan this week!

Something's about to hatch, Scoopers! At least according to news from the show itself -- apparently, someone in the cast is going to take a dirt nap on Monday, and Bill will somehow be involved. I didn't get any hints of that from this week's eps, though. I did get Quinn coming back to stir up trouble and Brooke taking up Liam's anti-Thomas baton. If all seems normal, then how do we get a visit from the Grim Reaper? Let's Scoop about it!


Douglas was hanging around Forrester, doing up a drawing, which I assume was not forged by Thomas this time, to get into Hope's good graces. No, instead, the confused tyke noted that Liam was no longer home. Could Daddy move in, then? Hope and Thomas scrambled to let Douglas know that wasn't an option; privately, Thomas assured Hope that he hadn't put Douglas up to that query.

Poor Douglas! He's coming up with this stuff on his own now. Actually, the kid's pretty well-rounded for having multiple mothers, being tormented with bad CGI ghosts, and being shamed by his own father for telling the truth. Thomas and his son have a good rapport now, but something about it still makes me uncomfortable. And it looks like I wasn't the only one catching that feeling.

Brooke and Ridge were in the CEO office, thankfully segueing from a convo about Lope's history to a convo about their own history. Loved it! It's gotten to the point I believe it was Thorsten Kaye's Ridge who met Caterer's Assistant Brooke on the Forrester patio all those years ago. It was nice to see Bridge happy. I'm glad I enjoyed it, because their marital reverie sure didn't last long.

After Ridge went from not quite understanding how Brooke could forgive Flo to understanding why his wife and her sisters gave Flo the Logan name (completely missing that Flo would still be in jail if Ridge hadn't gotten her out in the first place), the subject turned to Thomas, and Brooke's Stephanie senses kicked into full gear, pretty much out of nowhere.

Brooke started light, gently saying she didn't want Thomas to take advantage of Hope's separation from Liam. But then Brooke picked up speed, railing that Thomas had no impulse control and that she could still see the Hope obsession in Thomas' eyes. In fact, because Thomas didn't have a great track record, there was no way Brooke would ever let Hope and Thomas be a couple!

Ridge tried to slow down his frothing-at-the-mouth wife, rightly pointing out that they should wait until Thomas actually did something untoward before going on red alert about him. Also, Ridge found it quizzical that Brooke could forgive everyone, even Flo, but not Thomas. And many of you have taken issue with that, as well. Certainly, Flo actively taking part in Beth's kidnapping was worse than Thomas keeping it a secret.

I will continue to maintain that the Logan sisters should have run a legit DNA test first to make sure Flo truly is Storm's daughter instead of trusting one ancestry web site and just handing Flo the key to Logan City. But we don't bother with such confirmations on this show anymore. For that reason, I can't take Flo's acceptance into the Logan family seriously.

Anyway, back to Thomas. Ridge was torqued that Brooke still didn't trust Thomas, which Thomas overheard. Thomas sided with Brooke and wanted to repair his relationship with the woman who helped raise him (yes! Love continuity like that!). Too bad Thomas didn't still have some of those psychedelic berries stuffed in his pocket; maybe then Brooke would have gone for it.

In lieu of that, Brooke acknowledged Thomas' progress in other areas, but remained disturbed that Thomas always brought conversations around to Hope. Thomas tried to defend himself, resulting in Brooke again warning Thomas off of Hope. I wish I could say Brooke was overreacting. Her Stephanie-like dander going up was a little out of the blue, I admit; it's just I don't trust Thomas, either. He's simply pulled too much.


Over at Spencer Publications, Bill yanked Wyatt's chain about having proposed to Flo, basically making it sound like Flo had made the poor choice. But then Bill merrily let his older son know he was glad Wyatt and Flo were engaged. Wyatt came down with survivor guilt over his own good romantic fortune and worried he was flaunting it in Liam's lovelorn face.

Really, Wyatt? That's what you're worried about? You're not worried about how Liam might feel with you marrying the woman who helped keep his child from him for months on end? Nah. Guess Liam wasn't bothered by that, either, as he wished Wyatt a lifetime of happiness. When Beth becomes 18 in a few years, I hope she cuts more than one bitch about being kept from her parents, because no one else seems to care anymore.

What Bill cared about was that Liam wasn't doing enough to win Hope back. All the flower and meal deliveries weren't going to cut it. Liam needed to step up his game. 'Cause, you know, that's worked so well for Bill with Katie. In all seriousness, I wonder what Liam really can do? Constant gifts and texts would not convince me my beloved wasn't going to cheat on me with my biggest rival anymore.

One thing Liam didn't want to do to restore Hope's trust in him was badger her about Thomas' consistent presence. Yet that's exactly what Wyatt thought Liam should do, and the arriving Brooke wholeheartedly agreed! That was Brooke's sole reason for showing up at Spencer -- to warn Liam against letting Thomas worm his way into the rift between Liam and Hope.

Strangely, even Liam, town crier of them all when it comes to Thomas, wasn't as worried about "Mannequin Man" (good one, Bill!) as Brooke was! It does kind of make you wonder why Brooke is all "Danger, Will Robinson!" about Thomas these days. I really don't even like the possibility of Thope existing, however. I'll keep saying it: Thomas and Hope are stepsiblings. Even for B&B, that's gross.

Back at Forrester, Ridge tried to get Thomas to understand what Valley Girl Brooke's "major damage" was. Where was that understanding when Ridge was telling Brooke how wrong she was for not trusting Thomas? But then something happened that made my own eyebrows raise. Thomas got huffy and insisted that Brooke was trying to drive a wedge between him and Ridge.

Yes, Thomas had watched over and over again how Brooke had sandwiched her way in between Ridge and Taylor, and didn't want it to happen in his own relationship with his pop. Thomas was downright angry, and I even glimpsed an evil glint in his eye as he spoke. Based on that alone, I would say Thomas was about to murder Brooke, although an original character can't be the victim. Should Brooke be worried?

Deciding to take Bill and Brooke's advice and do more than keep delivery drivers busy, Liam went to the cabin to see Hope and Beth. There was more "tuneoutable" stuff from Liam about forgiveness and wanting his wife back and blah blah blah. Then he put his mouth where his mouth is and busted a move on his separated spouse! Dunno where this is going, or where it should go, but Hope did seem receptive to Liam's liplock.


Paris suddenly had a scene with Hope, but the combination was rather nice. Paris knew Hope was going through a hard time and offered her friendship. These ladies already are on the same page in terms of Hope for the Future and the Forrester Foundation sending out positive, empowering messages; sounds like Hope and Paris have enough in common already for a good, solid friendship.

Later, Zoe came by, still wearing a giant chip on each shoulder about how Paris was so happy with Zende, and Zoe had nobody. Paris hard truthed her sister, reminding Zoe that her blow-up with Carter had been Zoe's fault and no one else's. This is about as retread as Quinn asking Shauna if they were still friends after we already saw them make up several weeks ago.

I mention that because, not long after Quinn and Shauna totally flipped out over the news their children were getting married and got busy picking out wedding locales for them, Quinn sashayed into Forrester, creating another new character combination with Zoe. I don't think I'd ever seen them together before. At any rate, Quinn kept up on enough Forrester gossip to know that Zoe wanted revenge on Paris.

Does that girl learn nothing? Zoe still thinks her life would have been perfect if Paris hadn't come to town! Zoe would have accepted Carter's ring and wanted a try-before-you-buy with Zende even if Paris hadn't been there. Likely it would have been Ridge who busted Zoe instead of Paris, but that would have been the only difference. Yet Zoe can't stop blaming Paris for her own shady ish.

Earlier, when Quinn was talking to Shauna, the jewelry maker hinted to her BFF that "special time" with Eric couldn't be counted on, but that further comment on that subject was for another time. Well, Quinn filled us in as she brandished some kind of powder to Zoe that was meant to aid in Eric's digestion. Evidently, the herbal concoction made Eric sound like the brass section of a symphony orchestra!

Gee, Quinn, thanks for the visual! Much comedy was implied, but when Zoe lamented the special evening Paris had planned with Zende, Quinn excused herself and made a show of leaving Eric's remedy behind. Zoe got the memo and immediately dosed Paris' healthy smoothie with a generous portion of the stuff. Needless to say, Paris came back and gulped her drink down before heading out to meet Zende.

So we've descended to Zoe giving her sister the runs like out of some bad '80s teen movie? Zoe needs to accept that she messed things up with Carter and leave Paris alone. Maybe Carter will cool off and come back. And Quinn, we don't need any input from you. What's next -- Zoe pushes Paris off a ledge and into the L.A. River like Quinn did to Ivy in France? Mind you, the L.A. River generally has no water in it. Ouch.


As if Hope hadn't had enough to deal with, between Paris well-meaningly dredging up Hope's heartache about Liam and Douglas trying to move Thomas in with her, Flo popped into Hope's office, where no air conditioner was needed to drop the temperature below freezing. Hope was not about Flo being there, and Flo went into one of her famous song-and-dance routines about how sorry she was about Beth and all.

Flo hoped that Hope understood how much taking the Logan name meant to her. Hold. The Hell. Up. When Ridge questioned Brooke forgiving Flo, it was made clear that Hope didn't know about that yet. The next soap day, Ridge reiterated that Hope had still not been told about Flo being a Logan. So how did Hope already know about it when Flo mentioned her new last name?

What a missed beat. The whole thing was set up as if Hope would blow a gasket when she found out that her mother and aunts had welcomed her babynapper's accomplice into Hope's family. Hope was dealing with enough, Brooke claimed, and that was presumably why all this goodwill toward Flo was happening behind Hope's back. Yet Hope just sat there as if she already knew her cousin was a Logan!

For real! Hope continued to be chilly but reacted to Flo's Logan status as if it were common knowledge. I would have liked to see Hope open up a can of Whoop-Ass on her criminal cousin, then rip Brooke, Katie, and Donna a new one each for stabbing Hope in the back. And Flo had the nerve to suggest Hope accept her, too, since Hope had forgiven Zoe and Thomas! That. Girl. Tried it!

Can't believe the show did us out of a good confrontation. But I am grateful, at least, that they haven't had Hope drink the Flo Kool-Aid; at least Flo is still on someone's s**t list for facilitating Beth's illegal adoption. Flo is one of the most hated characters in recent memory, yet for her deeds, she gets cushy jobs, sparkly rings, husbands-to-be, and new last names. Could it all be too good to be true?


As most of you already know, the Innerwebs have been abuzz with the spoiler that someone is going to be murdered next week, and folks everywhere have been trying to figure out who's about to bite the dust. As Bill is predicted to be involved in a cover-up, some have suggested Katie will die, but I can't see that. No one would have a motive to kill Katie! Except maybe Will, for not taking his father back.

Like I said before, Thomas seemed to have just enough rage under the surface toward Brooke that I could see him trying to off her, but the show would never kill off a character with Brooke's longevity. Other potential victims as indicated by some Facebook posts (with no direct legitimacy) are Finn, Shauna, Flo, Vinny, or Thomas. Can't be Shauna. Only Brooke still hates Flo's mom, and not enough for something like that.

It's not gonna be Finn, either. He wasn't even on this week, plus he and Steffy just got engaged and confirmation they're having a baby. Vinny would almost make sense, as he was responsible for switching Steffy's paternity test, but he was arrested, as far as we know. Some suggest Liam kills Vinny and that Bill steps in to cover Liam's tracks. But Liam's too busy making out with Hope.

Besides, I think it would be lame if the victim ended up being Vinny. Other than Thomas, Vinny has no ties on the show, and he's always been a disposable character. That would be too easy. But Thomas himself? I have to admit he's a possibility. Wyatt, Bill, Liam, and Brooke were all on the lookout for Liam's "executioner" this week, and certainly Bill would cover for his sons and ex-wife.

But I don't think it's Thomas, either. Of course, contrary to what I already noted about the soap not killing off legacy characters, Phoebe died in 2008; who's to say Ridge and Taylor might not lose another child? And to some, Thomas hasn't really paid for his crimes yet (just ask Emma). Yet, for all that, Thomas hasn't done anything lately, and Brooke is the sole person angry enough with Thomas to have any kind of motive.

That leaves...Flo. Ordinarily, I would definitely peg Flo as the victim. Like Thomas, Flo hasn't done any real time for accepting $50,000 to pretend to be Beth's natural mother. And suddenly, Flo is outrageously happy. I mean, it's almost too much, all the prosperity that's rained on her lately, to the chagrin of many viewers who, like myself, cannot stand Felony Flo.

Historically, from what I've seen, when any character is too happy like this, it's a signal they're either about to experience a major tragedy or they're going to be pushing up daisies. Though no one but Hope seems to harbor any real anger toward Flo anymore, and Hope wouldn't kill anyone in a million years, Flo still seems like the obvious choice to me.

Maybe it's not murder, but just some kind of accident? Hope is supposed to identify the body, and since Bill is pro-Lope these days (who'da thunk it?), he'd probably protect his son's estranged wife. I gotta tell ya...usually, I can pick out an upcoming murder victim in seconds flat, but this time, the show really has me stumped! I just hope this story arc is worth the hype and doesn't peter out middle toward the end.

So, who's gonna beef it, Scoopers? And who's about to "dun" it? Lope's separation and Zoe's pettiness toward Paris don't even seem to matter compared to what we're about to see, so tell us why your prediction is to die for in the Comments section below or the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

"I have no idea why [B&B] has kept Flo on the show. [They] truly seem to think we have all forgotten everything about her FIRST story line. Again, I have not read ONE person online who has actually forgiven and forgotten what she did. I feel like she is being rammed down my throat and I DO NOT LIKE IT." -- "evave2"

"I can't believe Felonious Flo is going to ask for forgiveness from Hope! Just because your 'aunts' are blindly forgiving you doesn't mean Hope or Steffy have to forgive you, Flo! I sure wish she, her trifling mama and Wyatt the Weasel would go back to the desert! Their presence does absolutely NOTHING for this soap, other than sicken the viewers!" -- "thomascd"

Well, while there are no clear hints about any murder mystery from what we've seen of this week's episodes, someone is gonna go down next week, so it looks like it will be even more of a surprise! Keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And don't forget, protecting yourselves and others from a virus and getting vaccinated for it is always beautiful.

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