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A new supercouple took shape, our favorite former lawyer is going to the slammer, the amnesiac mobster is dancing and laughing, and the mob is without a leader. So much to discuss in this week's GH Two Scoops!

Dear readers, I know that some significant things happened on GH this week, but you know what I want to talk about? Scotty Baldwin and Liesl Obrecht. First, I'm going to gush over Kin Shriner. I started watching GH in high school, and the teen scene at the time was Scotty and Laura. I was mad crushing on him, just as I am sure some high school girls out there are mad crushing on William Lipton (Cam) right now.

Scotty started out as a romantic hero and rescued Laura from a tragic situation. I remember Scotty holding Laura in front of a Christmas tree as they gazed at the star atop the tree. She cried, her non-waterproof mascara left a black trail of her tears down her face, and I wept in my room with her. Anyone as old as me remember Laura before she met Luke?

At any rate, after Luke arrived, Scott became a jealous villain, had a series of failed romances, had one epic romance with Dominique that ended in tragedy, then moved on to Lucy, on and off. Bobbie was with him on and off over the years, and then Scott became comic relief. He's good at it. He's hilarious and charming; I love that side of him. But I also love romantic Scott, lonely Scott, the guy who can't quite win at love. When I saw the writers pairing up Liesl and Scott in scenes, I was giddy.

Kathleen Gati turned a character who was meant to be a short-term villain into a well-rounded character that we root for and adore. Is Liesl more villain or hero? Who's to say. "Tomato, tom-ah-to," as she said this week. Whoever writes dialogue for Dr. Obrecht should get their own special Daytime Emmy. The lines she had this week were hilarious and chilling in equal measure. The "justice is coming" speech she gave to Peter sent chills up my spine. But back to romance...

Scott and Liesl make sense. They both love Franco. They are both lonely. They are both a little quirky. They covered up a murder together. You know, the kinds of things that unite people. I hope this isn't a one-night stand. I hope they let these two crazy kids fall madly in love.

Imagine the family Thanksgiving with their two combined families. Speaking of which, it's been a long time since Serena showed up in Port Charles. Since it looks like Willow is going back to Chase, and Sasha is hot for Brando, maybe Serena could be a love match for Michael. They age soap characters up all the time. Why not shave a few years off of Serena's age to make her fit with Michael?

At any rate, a big fat "Yes!" to... Scott'l or, Lies-ott, or O'Baldwin -- or whatever their cutesie couple name is going to be. I'm in.

My husband, who pretends not to watch GH, said, "Scotty has always been a little shady, and Obrecht is, too, so I wonder what sort of skullduggery they will do to one another..." Yeah, he said, "Skullduggery." He knows Jeopardy answers, too.

You know what I'm not in for? Nina toying with the emotions of amnesiac Sonny and playing God with his life. When she was dancing with "Mike" at the Tan-O, I wanted her to trip. I don't care how snarky Carly was to her on the phone. I don't care that Jax and Carly didn't tell Nina that Nelle was her daughter after she was already dead. It's sick for Nina to let Sonny's kids think their dad is dead because she hates his wife. I know the writers are going out of their way to give Nina a pass on this, something along the lines of seeing Sonny is happy and smiling, and convincing herself that he is better off in his new life.

But it's also perilous. Sonny had many enemies, and even though he doesn't know who he is, the mobsters who hate him sure know who he is. Suppose one of the cousins of the Five Families who live in Jersey stops into the Tan-O for a beer and recognizes that their bartender is Sonny. He had their Uncle Vinny whacked in the '90s. Will they care that he has amnesia? I think not. Could Nina live with herself if something happened to Sonny while she was playing God with his life?

That having been said, I am really enjoying this storyline, and it's great to see Maurice Benard have a chance to shine in a totally different role -- a working man doing chores, laughing, and dancing, but still with an edge and a suspicious nature that ties him to his old life. So, while I disapprove of Nina's choices, I wholeheartedly endorse this storyline and enjoy the Sliding Doors sort of plot. Have you ever seen that film? It stars Gwyneth Paltrow and shows a woman's life from two different angles: how her life went if she caught the train one day and how it went if she missed the train on the same day, a brilliant concept showing how one random little thing can change the course of a life.

We are getting a glimpse into how Sonny's life might have played out if he'd never met Joe Scully. We can ask, "What if?" if Zeke hadn't abused him. Would Sonny be just an average, friendly, working-class guy with a loyal heart and a playful soul? I love this glimpse into what might have been. But I don't want it to last forever. He went out like a lamb, and I want him to come home like a lion.

Who should he take on first? Peter? Cyrus? Knock them both out in one fell swoop?

Cyrus got Martin uninvited from Easter with Laura. She was stunned to discover Martin had a dark side. But let's be honest...suppose Laura's family members told Martin about some of Laura's former crimes, like leaving her son Nikolas' father in a freezer to die or killing David Hamilton. In that case, I think her new brothers might say she fit right into their family.

I love Michael E. Knight, and Martin Gray is a character worthy of more development. Give him a love interest. Right now, he mostly does Valentin's bidding and worries about his mom. I want more for him, so I was excited that they made him Laura's biological brother. Let him come to Easter. Integrate him into the family. I want him to stay.

As for Peter, I don't even know where to start. I would seriously rather have Shiloh back. As evil scoundrels go, at least Shiloh did charity work between assaulting young women. Peter, at this moment in time, has no redeeming qualities. In the beginning, I had sympathy for his character. I believed he was trying to be a better man and was a victim of his upbringing, fighting to overcome it. But now, I just think he's an a-hole. All the work that the writers did at the get-go to convince us that the love of a good woman saved Peter was knocked down like a Jenga tower.

Anna, Carly, Valentin, and Robert are teamed up to take him down -- an extremely formidable team. Britt has taken on the role of Maxie's protector to try to keep Peter from harming her sister-in-law and her niece on the way. Maxie is playing along with Peter, trying to placate him. Still, he inherited Faison's obsessive gene and can't seem to help himself from showing up.

I don't know what the writers' ultimate plan is for Peter. Will they try to redeem him, or are they trying to recreate a next-gen Anna/Faison lifelong obsession, wherein Peter will show up occasionally and creep Maxie out? I miss Anders Hove. If Caesar Faison came back from the dead right now, I wouldn't be mad.

I want Peter to pay for his crimes, but he doesn't have to die. If GH wants to redeem him later on, I'm okay with it, but this storyline needs to wrap up with some conclusion soon. I think we are all a bit weary from Peter never getting caught.

I wouldn't mind at all if Gladys died. Her character irks me, and I just want her to go away. I know Valentin will play her and probably get her to admit she lied about Jason, but I just want her to be out of town or to take a trip to the Pine Barrens.

The teen scene was very intense this week. Eden McCoy and William Lipton as Joss and Cam tore up the screen in their heated argument over Jason's guilt or innocence. Trina knows there is tension, but she doesn't know why her friends are fighting.

All three kids have been accepted into college. Still, after Joss's big pronouncement about how glad she was to attend college out of state to get away from Cam, she discovered she didn't get into that college. Bad news for her, but excellent news for us, because that means our three feisty teens will be staying in Port Charles, and there is more drama sure to come. Perhaps this Joss and Cam fight will be the beginning of them realizing they actually love each other. They have known each other their entire lives. I predict this fight and separation will force them to recognize how much they truly mean to one another.

When Jason is cleared, as we know he will be, Cam will offer an apology to Joss, and even though she might make him earn it, she will forgive him eventually. Now that Dev is gone, we need one more teen to complete the quadrangle. Maybe it's time to bring Spencer Cassadine home. Nicholas Bechtel is 16, the other teen actors are 17 in real life, so the age works. Nicholas would be a stellar addition to this group of fantastic young actors. It's way past time.

It's also way past time for Shawn to get out of prison and come back to Port Charles, and that day has finally arrived! The guy has been in jail for shooting Hayden, a crime he didn't do, for over five years now. I wonder if he was in a cell with Blackie Parrish. At any rate, T.J. will be happy to see his bio-dad. Curtis may not be as excited to see him, as it will complicate things with Jordan even further. I like Sean Blakemore. It will be wonderful to have him back on the canvas.

I wonder if he will get out before or after Alexis gets locked up? The co-ed prison thing just cracks me up. I am trying to think what other female criminals are still there right now? Heather? Olivia Jerome? Willow's mom vanished. Is she back in prison or still quietly working for Cyrus? Nelle is dead, so she's not there. Am I missing anyone?

There is no way Alexis is really going to stay in prison for three years, so I am wondering what technicality they will get her out on. At least she will be able to remain sober unless she wants to drink prison toilet wine. (Gross) I'm looking forward to Thursday's all-Alexis episode this week to celebrate her 25th year on GH! I am a big fan of Nancy Lee Grahn, and I hope for a lot of flashbacks: Alexis and Ric, Alexis and Ned, Alexis and Julian, Alexis pushing Luis Alcazar off the balcony to his death, many drunken nights with Diane. You know, the good stuff.

Readers, what is it about Michael Easton that gets to me so much when he is sad? He is so soulful. When his eyes look haunted or lonely, my eyes tear up. I can't help it. He's just so superb at conveying his character's heartbreak. I want Finn to find love, either with Anna or by bringing back Hayden and giving Violet a whole family again. Or let Finn and Liz fall in love as they both grieve, losing the lives they thought they had built. Or, since Finn always picks women who lie, let him hook up with Britt in a moment of weakness. I don't care. Just take that sadness from his eyes so I can stop crying.

Last but not least, Elizabeth must realize Jason would *never* hurt Jake, and she must stop accusing him of murder. I understand Cam's passionate feelings on it, but those feelings were born after his mother's insistence that Jason was a murderer. Liz is finally starting to crack after Jason's impassioned plea to Jake. For years, she has defended Jason, and I want her to see him through the eyes of love again.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Michael take over the mob? Will Alexis and Jason be cell neighbors in co-ed prison? Will Gregory and Jackie rekindle their love now that their secret is out? Will Jackie write substandard articles for the Invader, since Peter won't release her from her contract? Will Martin get reinvited to Easter and get Peeps? Will Elijah find out Nina knows "Mike" and blackmail her? Will Taggert promise to make Jordan pancakes and set off his ankle monitor when he goes to buy buttermilk?

Will Scotty and Liesl fall passionately in love or nein? Will Cam major in music at PCU? Will Joss and Trina join sororities? Will Laura ever see her husband again, or would she be tricked into thinking one-armed Ryan was Kevin, since they haven't been in the same room together for so long? Will Lulu come out of her coma before Charlotte and Rocco are in college? Will Lucky ever come home for a visit? Will anyone ever ask why Luke hasn't been to visit Cupcake in the hospital?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.


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