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Shauna ran interference as Quinn's jacket almost had Zoe figuring out Quarter's quivering. But will Quinn and Carter find that reuniting with Eric and Zoe isn't as easy as putting their jackets (and the rest of their clothes) back on? See how they fit with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you fall on the mattress for your best friend? Did you let someone make their own decision by insisting they make it your way? Did it take you five days to say what you could have said in two? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Walton-Buckingham-Fulton clan this week!

Don't "jacket" up, Scoopers! Okay, so I'm having trouble coming up with puns around that particular item of clothing, but Shauna, Quinn, and Carter had no trouble covering Quarter's tracks to Eric and Zoe. And that's fine, but something in the pacing this week made it feel like material was being unnecessarily stretched out, and that material was not the leather in Quinn's jacket. Y'all ready? Let's Scoop about it!


Maybe it's just because I'm in a less than stellar mood today, but in watching the whole week's episodes all at once for this column, I found my feathers ruffled by the current offering's pacing. How many times were Brooke and Ridge going to let Eric come to his own decision about Quinn, only to relay their thoughts about his marriage again?

Same with Zoe getting "confirmation" from Shauna that she was the woman Carter was bedding down with, only for Zoe to say twice that she wondered if the telltale jacket she saw in Carter's boudoir was Quinn's, but "you wouldn't do that to me, would you, Quinn?" Scenes just dragged on and on, with conversations going in circles, and perhaps my usual patience just wore extra thin watching this time.

Not to mention, as much as Liam and his constant ups and downs qualify as overkill from month to month, I was genuinely surprised that Quarter's quandaries took center stage all week. Vinny's dead, Liam's haunted, Baker's on the case, and there wasn't a word about any of it. Is the show just not capable of telling more than one story in an episode anymore?

Maybe it's just more convenient to film with the same group of actors in chunks, particularly with COVID still a thing, even if proof of actors' vaccinations is on full display in kissing scenes and more crowded groupings. I'm trying to understand. I just don't see why one story happens at a time and everybody has to talk about it. Used to be each subset of characters dealt with their own stuff in tandem.

I can't help but find the one-trackness frustrating, but I know a lot of you have been more frustrated by the experimental wardrobe our characters are donning of late. That's one thing I'm not frustrated by. The show does take place in the fashion industry, and it makes sense for those working within it to sport more unusual couture. We just need to get Ridge out of those dull suits while we're at it.

I'd also like to address Chanel's floating question from her column last week, in which she pondered what kind of future Quinn and Carter will have when they're found out, Carter especially. Hey, I'm sure Bill would snatch Carter up in a heartbeat to work alongside fellow lawyer Justin. And Quinn must still own Quinn Artisan Jewelers, where she was making a decent living pre-Forrester. They'd be just fine.

I keep wondering where this is all going, with Kiara Barnes heading off the canvas as Zoe. I was thinking Zoe would pack up and split once she learned Carter had moved on. Instead, she got a reconciliation. And it turns out the most interesting part of the week was that Shauna stepped in to play the role of Carter's bedwarmer to throw Zoe off the scent. But I guess I should back up a bit first.


At Carter's loft, I could have sworn his bed was round, because the convo he and Quinn kept having was definitely circular. Much like their previous protestations, they had to stop boinking; it was wrong. Quinn was married! Carter should go back to Zoe! And then awwwwwww yeahhhhhh! Clothes were flying off, and it was like none of that happened.

"I didn't expect to feel this way," Carter said breathlessly. Yeah, excuse me, you know these two aren't feeling anything but raw lust. Can't we just have them say it's only sex without trying to inject romance into their coupling to make it more acceptable? And the way Carter kept justifying Quinn's actions, you'd think he'd never had a problem with fiancée Maya catching feelings for Rick while engaged to Carter.

I'm perfectly fine with the show throwing Carter into an illicit affair with Quinn, but let's not act like there's anything emotional about it, and let's not be hypocrites about it. The one thing that struck a chord was when Quinn suggested it'd be easier for Carter to forgive Zoe now that he'd made a mistake similar to the one Zoe made with Zende. Not that I need Quinn pleading Zoe's case anymore.

I mean, seriously, could Miss Zoe have been any more pathetic this week? It was one thing for her to sing Quinn's praises to the shocked Brooke, who cringed to hear that Zoe had been developing a friendship with her digital frame nemesis. But once Eric and Ridge showed up, Zoe bleated on so much about Eric repairing things with Quinn that every single elder told Zoe how inappropriate it was.

Yeah, I don't recall ever offering unsolicited counseling to any of my bosses about their sex lives. Even when I've been my own boss. But Zoe. Simply. Would not. Shut up! When she wasn't babbling on about Quinn to Eric, she was taking up airtime ad nauseam about Carter. Which I might understand if Zoe had ever been into Carter in the first place. She just wants him because she can't have him.

Out of the blue, Zoe announced to Brooke, Ridge, and Eric that she had a surprise for Carter -- if by "surprise" she meant just showing up at Carter's without calling or texting first. Apparently, Carter never asked for his key back, as Zoe thankfully clarified later, but, months after getting dumped, Zoe should never have even thought to let herself into Carter's pad with it.

And so, I have to tell you, Zoe got what she deserved. Unsatisfied with Carter's lack of presence downstairs, Zoe traipsed upstairs and called to Carter outside his bedroom. Apparently, Carter didn't hear Zoe, but Quinn did, as Quinn later reported pulling a Brooke and ducking under the bed as soon as Quinn's ears picked up Zoe's voice. Seeing Carter in bed, Zoe did some painful yammering about Carter being sick.

But when Zoe saw ladies' unmentionables strewn around Carter's bedroom, it was Zoe who needed medicine. Zoe was appalled and demanded to know if there was another woman in the room! So what if there was, Zoe? Carter ditched you in February. Three months ago. Not that Zoe noticed, because when Carter couldn't deny a bed partner, Zoe yelped, "So soon?"

Girl, please. Y'all have been apart longer than you were together. And you spent your whole relationship with Carter thirsting for Zende. "What kind of woman makes a move on a man who just called off his engagement?" Zoe cried. And then Carter goes and intimates that he never stopped loving Zoe? For real? Someone in that writing room isn't paying attention. Carter's barely given Zoe a second thought for weeks.

After the defeated Zoe left, Quinn crawled out from under the bed and told Carter that he hadn't actually moved on because he wanted a life with Zoe! I guess Quinn and Zoe both got a little heady from the asbestos that must have been in Carter's mattress. But Quinn and Carter did genuinely feel bad for Zoe's hurt and said no one could ever know they'd ugly bumped. Which is code for someone's definitely finding out.


Over the course of two soap days, Brooke and Ridge offered opposite counsel to Eric regarding Quinn. Ridge thought Eric should do whatever he felt was right. So did Brooke, except when it was implied that right thing wasn't divorcing Quinn. I've been known to cut Brooke enough slack that I've been accused of being a "Logan lover," but La Logan was realllllllly overbearing this week.

Brooke, we get it. You don't like Quinn. Given how Quinn and Shauna tried to wrest Ridge away from you, it's understandable. But how about making your opinion known and then leaving it at that? Brooke simply could not stop pushing Eric to give Quinn the heave-ho, even when Brooke was suggesting Queric reconnect by doing something romantic. Brooke really did learn at Stephanie's knee, didn't she?

The other unsettling part of Bridge going all Dr. Ruth with Eric is that Eric was married to Brooke. And it's not exaggerating to say that Eric never completely got over Rick and Bridget's mom. Wouldn't that make Brooke giving Eric relationship advice in front of Ridge kind of weird? To say nothing of Eric declaring Quinn had always been faithful to him...with Ridge standing right there!

Remember all the pearl-clutching and hand-wringing that went on when it came out that Quinn and Ridge couldn't keep their lips off each other? I'd hardly call that "faithful" -- and let's not forget Eric wasn't faithful in kind because he kissed Sheila as a result, even though that remained secret. Eric can champion Quinn's fidelity with proof of that being false in the same room with him? Sloppy. Just sloppy.

Just to even things out, Beric/Bridge decided they had to talk about Carter and Zoe's not-relationship, as well. Have B&B characters always spent two-thirds of their time talking about others' affairs and I'm just now noticing, or is this a more recent conceit? Imagine if we filled those minutes with actual story instead of gossipy conversations that don't affect the characters having them.


Quinn took Shauna aside in the CEO's office to fill her bestie in on the latest, although at least, unlike most of her other contemporaries, Quinn had the foresight to lock the door before spilling tea on the carpet. Shauna couldn't believe Zoe had almost caught Quinn in Carter's bed and lamented that there wasn't any way she could help Quinn this time. Until Shauna hit upon a way to help that was actually pretty entertaining.

Unfortunately, that entertainment came at a contrived price. After Quinn had unlocked the door for Carter and the philandering pair had gotten a semi-earful from Shauna about their conduct, Zoe walked in on the trio. Ms. Buckingham put her ex on the spot by sob-storying about catching Carter with another woman...who just happened to have shed the same jacket Zoe now saw on a conference room chair.

Now, I can't take credit for this...but it was pointed out on a Facebook group that Quinn dropped her jacket near Carter's bedroom it shouldn't have been right next to his bed for Zoe to find. The next thing is, why the hell was Quinn wearing the same jacket the next day? When do you ever see these people wearing anything a second day in a row?

And why bring it to the office? Quinn knew Zoe had seen her clothes all over Carter's bedroom floor. I'm sorry, but there was no rational reason for that jacket to be there. Or for Zoe to exactly recognize it. Like there isn't more than one dark red leather jacket in the world? It's not like the coat was so distinctive (like Zoe's three-headed snake dress of the previous day) that it couldn't be mistaken.

Well, wouldn't you know Shauna reached over and claimed the jacket as hers! Carter's other woman was Shauna! I have to say, that's one of the more interesting twists I've seen in a while. Maybe it's just the mood I'm in. I just don't recall, in recent history, one character taking responsibility for an affair to cover for another. Zoe was full of questions. How long had this been going on?

Zoe had to be reminded once again that she and Carter were not involved in any way, shape, or fashion; ergo, Carter had not cheated on her. Just when I thought Zoe couldn't be any more clueless, she actually deduced she and Carter still had a chance because his thing with Shauna was just about sex! Doesn't it feel out of character for Zoe to be this codependent?

Honestly, the Zoe we saw coming to L.A. and cyberbullying Hope to mess with Emma would have had the current Zoe for breakfast. And then, like I said, Zoe accepted Shauna's "involvement" with Carter, only to query if Quinn was the owner of the jacket. I about got whiplash from shaking my head. Happily, Quinn dragged Shauna out of the office to leave Carter and Zoe on their own.


Not so happily, at that moment, Carter came down with Liam Disease. You know, pacing, sweating, making cryptic comments, causing someone to worry, and acting excessively guilty. Maybe if I hadn't just seen Liam doing that for a month, I could more easily accept it in Carter; it's not like Lawrence Saint-Victor didn't give a great performance in that scene. It just too closely mirrors Liam's behavior.

"What mistakes are you talking about?" the confused Zoe asked when she was telling Carter he didn't owe her an explanation, despite just spending two episodes grilling him. Carter kept mumbling to himself until he realized that he was his best version...when he was with Zoe! Noooooo! Who needs to see them back together? Carter decided the wedding was back on, and Zoe was over the moon.

"You're really forgiving me?" Zoe interrogated incredulously. Hey, at least the story moved forward. But you know this is going to be a disaster. I guess Zoe will end up leaving by walking humiliated out of a second wedding. It's not that I think Carter has any feelings for Quinn...but he only took Zoe back to cover his ass, and it seems to me Carter fell out of love with Zoe quite a while ago.

Across town, Eric kept staring at his giant portrait of Quinn, even though he had told Bridge he was leaving for work when they showed up unannounced. Quinn did the same thing, and Eric immediately told his wife they shouldn't be together. I actually found that refreshing! Eric and his pride would move on, Carter would be unavailable, and Quinn would be alone.

Then Eric amended his statement by also saying that he didn't know how he and Quinn had lasted so long...but they had. (It's true: Queric is the longest-enduring marriage on the show.) Eric did at least remain on the refreshing tip by following through on what he told Bridge he was going to on his marriage. Quinn couldn't believe it!

Quinn deemed Eric the only man for her...and the second he was out of the room, she called Carter. Did Quinn learn nothing from detailing her whole Rauna scheme on the phone with her back turned in that very room? That was how Katie was able to bust Quinn. Even Carter thought Quinn shouldn't be calling. But Quarter informed each other that they had patched up their errant relationships.

It was just as well, Quinn and Carter agreed. Their fooling around was over, and it was a secret they had to take to their graves. Eric may end up in the grave when he finds out about this. The reunions of Queric and Zarter are not going to end well, though I also find it unique that an affair ended via such reunions. I wonder if Reese will bust out of jail and waste Carter when he learns his daughter was done over a second time?

How do you want to see all this play out, Scoopers? Will either Zarter or Queric last? Is Brooke meddling too much? Would you rather see separate storylines unfolding in the same episode? And would it work better for you if characters did less talking and more doing? Put the needle on the record in the Comments section below or the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

"I guess I'm in the minority, but Quarter does nothing for me. Maybe it's because I dislike Quinn so much! As soon as their tryst is discovered, the Forresters will come down on Quarter with a vengeance. I hope Carter has plenty of money saved, because he will end up unemployed. The Forresters can do what they want to whomever they want, but heaven help anyone that betrays them. The one thing I will relish is the moment when Zoe discovers that the woman she thought had her back plunged a big old butcher knife in it. That is going to be sweet!" -- "thomascd"

"The very first question any competent cop would ask Liam is 'Where were you on the night of the accident', NOT did you deliberately run over Vinny! Liam would be forced to answer that he was driving a car on the same road. He could not lie because there were witness to him having left with Bill." -- Rob

Oh, is that story still going on? I hope Finn and Steffy get pulled into it soon, because they had as much of a beef against Vinny as Liam did, despite Thomas twice being asked if he killed his best friend. As for Quarter, they were hot until the breezes of repetition blew on them. Still, that Carter and Quinn have reconciled with Zoe and Eric, respectively, has me curious! So, all I can say is, keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. Plus, protecting yourselves and others from a virus and getting vaccinated for it is always beautiful.

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