Why Pende doesn't sizzle, Sinn can't sizzle, and Quarter is better off as "Quit Her"

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No one cared when Zende cooled things with Paris, not even Paris, the live-in wet blanket on Sinn's romantic aspirations. But is Paris a friend or man-coveting psycho? Though Quinn and Carter's heat is undeniable, we have several reasons why he needs to quit her before he's asked to personally rehang her portrait on Eric's wall.

In the first order of business, I'd like to say happy 60th birthday to the beautiful, vivacious Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan Forrester). She makes 60 look like the new 40, and her birthday photo shoot reminded us of just how "Unforgettable" the Bridge romance has been through the decades. You can see it in the way Ridge gazes at Brooke and sweetly utters "hi" as he pulls her into his arms and in those mischievous, sparkling eyes of hers when she giggles and grins back at him.

Whatever it is, Bridge has got it, and they don't have to have sex scenes to make us feel it. Why is it harder for romance to translate with other couples on the show this week? Well, one of the romances, Pende, never seemed to get off the ground to begin with. Then there's Sinn, who seems lost under an avalanche of laundry, to-do lists, work, and a wedding. Then, there is that roommate with roaming eyes to consider.

Then there's Quarter. This couple walks a fine line between love and lust, but signs indicate that Quarter's days might be numbered. We'll discuss a few reasons that Quarter should be renamed "Quit-her"-- namely because Carter better quit her before he gets his heart broken. After Quinn's bitter ex routine at Forrester this week, something tells me that she isn't done with Eric by a long shot. And he's not done with her.

On the other hand, Zende is done with Paris in the politest way possible. He has finally learned that business and relationships don't mix (Cough, cough: Nicole and Sasha). Paris takes it in stride. She barely noticed the brush-off because she was too busy swooning over Finn's dad jokes. Is Paris enamored with Finn, or is it that she really "doesn't mean to" flash hungry glares at him?

Let's get two scoops deep into the romantic folly this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Plus, we'll ask -- what's so sinister about Finn's adoption, anyway?

Maybe it was the gas, after all

We might never know what led Zende to pull back from his relationship with Paris. He claimed he didn't want to ruin a good thing personally and professionally. One would think Zende had already learned that lesson one pair of sisters and a fake toilet pregnancy ago. But some heads are thicker than others, and maybe the message finally hit home with him after he went through something similar with a new set of sisters (minus the fake pregnancy) and witnessed his grandpa's latest woes.

The pullback might not have to do with personal and professional relationships at all. That could be Zende's excuse to let Paris down easy. He just got back from a trip out of town -- location unknown -- and maybe he returned with a different tune because he rekindled another relationship. It's possible that he went to see his ex-wife, Nicole, and because they might be thinking of reuniting, he had to let Paris go. If not Nicole, he could have seen Zoe.

It might very well be, too, that the Pende romance is so uneventful, I have to make up my own intrigue. For all we know, the relationship was done in by Paris' farting spree during their fateful date. Pende could have been doomed by Kiara Barnes's (Zoe Buckingham) departure. It became apparent to me that the relationship was leading nowhere when Paris needed a place to stay in Zoe's absence, but Zende didn't bother asking his grandfather for the keys to the guesthouse.

Zende wants to take things slowly, but when he said he hoped he hadn't led Paris on, that was the kiss of death to a romance. She appeared unfazed. She acted like it was her idea, too, and continued chuckling about Finn's dad jokes. When you have to vie against Finn's lame dad jokes for a woman's attention, your relationship is pretty much doomed. I sense an indefinite trip to Paris in Zende's future, and I mean the city, not an intimate relationship with Paris, the woman.

Upon seeing Paris and Finn together, Zende wondered if he'd walked in on something. Paris said that when people lived together, one picked up on nuances. Viewers are definitely picking up on some nuances and wondering if this living arrangement will be more like Three's Company or the Hand That Rocks the Cradle. Zoe was a crazy stalker. Could stalking be in Paris' genes, too? I think so.

Three was already a crowd, anyway

Three was already a crowd at the cliff house. With Hayes's birth, the occupancy shot up to four. So why not make it five? What else does any young, engaged couple with a child and a newborn need but an attractive female roommate who just backed off her relationship and can't stop smiling and batting her eyes at the groom-to-be?

I'm not saying Finn's gonna cheat. He seems quite smitten with his bride-to-be, but at the same time, I'm not saying Paris won't try him. She seems a little too attuned to him, if you ask me. It's possible that she is there for reasons other than to brew a new triangle. She could be on hand to provide a friendly ear for Finn and Steffy to bounce ideas off of. Steffy's in the market for bridesmaids, too, and Paris will do in a pinch.

Unfortunately, for those looking for Sinn to steam up the screen after COVID restrictions, Paris is cold water on a Sinn blaze. The other day, the couple was hot for each other but decided to forego their sofa frolic because Paris might walk into the house. I'm kind of glad Sinn didn't sex each other on the Liam-soaked sofa, but what in the world were those two thinking when deciding to have a honeymoon at home but then move a grown woman into the house the same day?

And who does that? Who agrees to move in with soon-to-be-newlyweds? Paris -- the poster child for "I didn't mean to" when she obviously did. That's who.

What a drag to have to lock all the doors and play sex charades so no one can hear your naughty play in the living room. Nothing will turn Sinn's honeymoon sizzle to Pepto fizzle quicker than Paris in some bunny slippers, making a gastro-smoothie in the middle of the night. I can see Paris now, hearing strange sounds as she heads back upstairs. She goes over, opens their bedroom door, and says, "I don't mean to pry but...are you two okay in here? I hear strange noises. I don't mean to overstep, but don't your legs hurt bending back like that?"

I know one thing -- Jack and Li Finnegan had better get themselves a hotel room or bunk with Eric because there's absolutely no more room at the Finnegan Inn.

Adoption intrigue

Jack Finnegan, Finn's adoptive father, brought his tall, suave, and handsome self to Los Angeles to surprise Finn and meet the newcomers to the family. He was just in time to help Finn drop a paternity bombshell on Steffy. Jack and Li are not Finn's parents. In reality, Finn is adopted! (Insert sarcastic shock and awe emojis.)

For some reason, Finn has been reluctant to tell Steffy this information until now. I do not know why, given the fact that Steffy's family is full of non-blood-related people. For me, it just opened the door to more questions like how well does Finn know the Forresters? If he felt this awkward talking about his adoption, then he and Steffy couldn't have talked all that much about her family.

Finn claims it's important to know he's adopted because of Hayes's medical history. I wonder if Steffy told Finn that Hayes is a Marone, not Forrester, by blood. It's essential for Finn to know this because when Ridge split his head wide open, no Forrester could help him with a blood transfusion. It had to be a Marone. Additionally, there are adopted Forresters like Marcus and Zende. Did Steffy tell Finn about them?

Jack Finnegan left viewers with a bit of intrigue to gnaw on when he asked himself if he should tell Steffy and Finn another piece of information. Assuming it's related to Finn's biology, what other secret about Finn's origins could there be?

I'd love to see a crazy amnesia scandal in which Little Deacon somehow lost his memory, and Jack and Li Finnegan told him that he was their adopted son. Or maybe the writers will pull another impossible SORAS out of their hat and make Jack Marone somehow Jack and Li's adopted child. If the writers can DeSORAS Zende to be an intern when he was actually seven years older than Thomas, then they can work it out with Jack Marone to fit this plot. Maybe Child Services took him from Nick. Finn could also be the real Little Eric. Maybe he didn't die in Furnace Creek, and Amber is his real mother.

We know Finn can't be a brother of Liam's because that would have come out in the paternity tests for Hayes, but Finn can be a brother of Wyatt's. Maybe Quinn was wrong when she told Carter she couldn't give him a family. Maybe she can actually give Carter two fully grown stepsons. What do you think?

Am I sensing a curtain call for the Quarter affair?

Speaking of Quinn and Carter, did anyone else hear the cracking sound when Quinn said she couldn't give Carter kids or a family? Cause I heard it. It crackled among a cluster of other tiny little fissures spreading through the glass fragility of the Quarter relationship, foreshadowing what might ultimately do them in as a couple.

Quarter is a match made for sex, much like the fiery affair between Katie and her pizza man, Wyatt, and it's delectably forbidden, like Brooke's entanglement with Deacon. These types of pairings are hot and spicy -- and burn out quicker than a burst of Fourth of July fireworks. It's familiar territory for Quinn, who had forbidden and riveting sexual relationships with Liam and Bill Spencer. Quinn usually lands on her feet when it's all over, but the men in her wake are left scarred or brooding.

The writing for the storyline seems to be signaling that Eric and Quinn are not done with each other. I suggest Carter stop worrying about his libido and start worrying about his future before another Forrester man leaves him womanless. What are the signs that Quinn still has it bad for Eric, and he is still vulnerable to her?

For one, Quinn is dragging her feet on the divorce. When Ridge wanted to divorce Brooke in 2019, he had papers for Brooke to sign in a matter of episodes. One would think Carter would handle Eric's divorce just as quickly. If Quarter wants to be together, Eric should be asking how the divorce was so quick instead of daily wondering what the holdup is. If characters can indeed get divorce papers as quickly as Ridge got his in 2019, and Eric isn't the holdup on his in 2020, Quinn must logically be the snag.

It was telling that Carter didn't know about Quinn's rule-breaking visit to Eric the other day. Carter should have known something was up because she let him get in a full day's work instead of ordering him to the loft for sex midday. The way he stared at her photo and gazed at the door, probably wondering what Eric and Quinn were talking about across the hall, was another sign that Carter might need to quit her before she quits him.

Quinn is a walking contradiction. She sniffed Carter's shirt and flashed back to sex with him, but she's still wearing her wedding rings. That's the third sign that Queric isn't as over as the couple claims. When Quinn went to talk to Eric, he didn't throw her out, and she didn't want to discuss the divorce. Instead, she rehashed problems in their relationship that should have been settled before they'd agreed to the renewal of their vows -- as if the topics were still up for discussion and working through.

Quinn wanted to know why Eric couldn't forgive her like he does everyone else. She still wants him to defend her to Brooke, even with everything supposedly over and a divorce pending. Quinn can't get over it. She behaved like the spurned ex when Eric was the one still being cheated on. That's not how you act when you accept that your relationship is over and you're ready to move on. That's how you act when you still love someone and want their acceptance and love in return. And Eric was entertaining her, not throwing her out -- a sign that he's not done with her, either.

If you've wondered why Donna pined for Eric but isn't around, this is it. If you didn't get why Quinn's portrait was never destroyed or why Forrester kept her jewelry line and her along with it, this is why. It's because the writers intend to reunite Eric and Quinn.

That's also why the writers had Quinn at Carter's, hugging martini glasses and recalling happy times with Eric. It's why Carter told her that she could still save her marriage, and it's why Quinn told Carter that she couldn't give him a family. The writers are not subtle. These are all setups to transition back to Queric within a year. That's how long I'll give it.

I could be wrong, but I suggest Carter put his pants back on and stop screwing his boss's wife and lying to the only family he has in Los Angeles before he is asked to officiate Queric's next renewal of vows and do the dishonor of putting Quinn's portrait right back on that wall.

I cannot root for Queric to reunite. Eric claimed to understand that he sided with his family too much, and he valued Brooke higher than Quinn at times. I disagree. I don't know what else Eric thinks he should do when Quinn is sabotaging his family members. He did stand up for her when she was right, but when she wasn't -- like when she broke the rules to enter the building -- then no, Eric should not defend her. It's ludicrous of her to expect it.

Plus, Quinn has an insecurity about Brooke; it's true. It was there long before Eric, though. It has existed since Quinn wanted Bill, and it reared its head again when Quinn wanted Deacon. Quinn is insecure about any woman. It's why Pam can't be around Eric. It's why Quinn went after Shauna for having martinis with Eric. It's why Katie and Eric couldn't be friends.

Even if Eric and Quinn do not reunite, Carter needs to understand that this woman can't give him a family of his own. She won't let him have friends. She can't even allow him to complete a full day's work in peace. If she really cared about him, she'd back off until the divorce was final. But instead, she's goofing around like a kid, calling him home for sex when he's the COO, and childishly asking, "Oh, were you with Eric?" And Carter's a fool for being her on-call human blow-up doll.

Let us know what you think. Do you think the signs are pointing toward a Queric reunion? Or do you think that Quarter is really here to stay?

In a look ahead: Sinn wedding week

Previews indicate that next week's focus will be on Steffy and Finn's wedding. Steffy finally returns the favor and asks Hope to be her matron of honor. Expect Paris to back Hope up on the walk down the aisle. A mystery woman shows up at the wedding. I wonder if that woman is Stephanie in the form of her portrait on the wall.

Carter will not be officiating the nuptials, but I'm sure he and Quinn will do what they do best -- have sex and more sex. "Oh, Carter, we shouldn't..." "Oh, Quinn, I can't help myself..." It's getting old. Wake me up when the hokey porn music ends.

Before I go, I wanted to tell you that I learned something interesting about Bill's sword necklace. If you will recall, we discussed it two weeks back. Don Diamont participated a group interview about fashion in which he revealed that a friend of his had given him that sword necklace, and he asked if it could be incorporated into Bill's character. I found that very intriguing, since the necklace became a character itself over the years. Check the interview out here and also get an earful about Bold's fashion.

Thanks for joining me for Two Scoops, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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