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Mariah was kidnapped and is being held against her will! Is perceived good guy Stitch behind the diabolical deed? Will Abby ever realize that her supposed friend may be a wolf in sheep's clothing? Should Tessa get a clue from the nonworking app that Stitch recommended? And is there a bathroom connected to the bedroom where Mariah is being held? It's all about how well you really know someone in Two Scoops.

Mariah should be very frightened -- not because she was abducted and is being held against her will. That should scare her, of course, since she also has to worry about the well-being of the baby she's carrying. But Mariah should be very alarmed that her loved ones don't know her well enough to immediately realize that something is very wrong. Sure, Tessa, Abby and Nina became concerned when they hadn't heard from her except for some very cryptic text messages stating that she needed time away from them all. And then they played the blame game as they tried to determine why the redhead had needed to get away -- because of Tessa's past, even though that happened long ago. No, Abby and Tessa had been hovering over her too much. Mariah is in big trouble!

Abby and Tessa commented several times that they found it strange that Mariah would only text them, not call them, but not even that tipped them off that she may need help. Okay, Tessa finally texted "Mariah" and asked for a signal if she was in dire circumstances, but if Mariah wasn't the one who was sending the texts, how would that help her? But wait...it was Stitch to the rescue as they tried to solve exactly what was going on with Mariah. Stitch who, after many goodbyes, decided to stick around town, after all, and who is always suspiciously underfoot. Good guy Stitch, who, in the past, had always been a friend in need; however, when Mariah needed help the most, he appeared to throw out more red herrings than a fisherman who had caught way over his limit.

Is Stitch the same reliable and loyal friend and doctor who was always ready to lend a helping hand, or is he a wolf in sheep's clothing? Abby and Tessa are mesmerized by every word out of his mouth regarding Mariah's motive for her disappearance, and that's why Mariah should be worried. The people closest to her in the world don't even know her well enough to realize that Mariah would never just vanish without speaking to them first. Mariah has been excited about being Abby and Chance's surrogate, and she wouldn't want to worry them or Tessa about anything, especially since it would involve the baby, also. She loves them all too much. Instead of just swallowing every crumb that Stitch fed her, maybe Abby should take a good look at her dear friend.

While Abby was tempted to use the app that Stitch had said could track Mariah's location through her phone, she feared that it would be an invasion of privacy. Fortunately, Tessa has no fear of being intrusive where her significant other is concerned. And Mariah would have been grateful for that, if it had worked, since she is being held against her will in a bedroom by someone unknown even to her. Man, I sure hope that bedroom has a bathroom attached, especially since Mariah is pregnant. Kidnappers on soaps always hold their victims hostage in a cage or room for days, weeks, and sometimes even months with no toilet in sight. It just seems so unnatural. Mariah pleaded at the door for the mystery person to let her go, to no avail. And Stitch seems the likely suspect.

Even though he was the one to suggest the app to the ladies, Stitch could have just been throwing them off the trail when Abby, Tessa, and Nina started to question that maybe something was up -- and not in a good way. Although he bid them farewell numerous times, Stitch never really left town. Plus, he was always around to help out or to give his good advice. But a huge red flag was vigorously waving when it was discovered that Nate had just been appointed chief of surgery, which was the very position that Stitch claimed he had just been awarded at the hospital. Oh, yeah, something is rotten in Genoa City, and it stinks to high heaven.

Victoria sure seems like she truly cares for Ashland, since she's done everything in the world to try to convince him to seek treatment for his illness. Victoria wants Ashland to stick around for a while, so she can spend more time with him. She is reverting back to the truly loving woman that she has always proven to be instead of attempting to be a female version of her father. It's actually nice to see that side of Victoria again. But is Ashland on the up and up about his cancer? He and Tara seem to be in constant competition against each other, so is Victoria just a pawn to help him score points against Tara in their latest battle? Billy is concerned about his ex, and he should be, as long as he doesn't let it interfere with his relationship with Lily.

Billy didn't judge Victoria because he could see that she is in love with Ashland, which is why he is worried about her, knowing that Ashland doesn't have long to live. Billy truly cares about Victoria still, and she appreciates that. Victoria is going to need a friend during this tough time, and she and Billy still love each other, even if they can't be together as a couple. After admitting it to Billy, Victoria felt that she needed to let Ashland also know that she is in love with him, so Ashland decided then and there that he would need to start treatment immediately so he can stay around a little longer for her. See, if Victoria had just declared that she loved Ashland from the get-go, she could have saved them both so much time and trouble with her trying to convince him to seek help.

Billy is still teaming up with Phyllis, whose only purpose in life is to prove that Tara and Sally worked together to chase her beloved daughter out of town. Yet Billy also tried to be realistic when he pointed out to Phyllis that Summer and Kyle had been through so many ups and downs throughout the years that it was inevitable that they would become toast as a couple, anyway. Besides, Summer landed a terrific fashion job in Italy that any sane girl would crave to have as her own. It is hard to feel too sorry for her. But, no, Phyllis misses her daughter, so Tara and Sally need to pay. Phyllis appears to be underestimating her foe, though, which could end up costing her dearly. The more we see of Tara, the more wicked and deceitful she appears to be.

Oh, yeah, her butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth act is starting to wear thin. Tara is certainly no Gone with the Wind's Scarlett O'Hara, who could bat her eyelashes as she seduced the next man that she targeted to be her husband. Tara's mask is starting to slip just a little. When Kyle suggested that Sharon offer advice on counseling Harrison, Tara's eyes clearly showed that she resented the idea. Come on, Tara's scheme was all going according to plan. If Tara truly loves her son, she would want Harrison to see Ashland after his mild attack in the park to prove that the father he adores is still the man who truly loves him and to show him that Ashland has not suddenly turned into a monster. But she wants Harrison to fear Ashland so that she can have control.

Acting as a counselor, Sharon advised Tara that both Ashland and Tara should talk to Harrison in a loving way to explain his father's illness, since death is a natural part of life. Sharon believes that Harrison should be told about Ashland's health so he won't fear death throughout his life. And although Tara's eyes seemed to indicate that she was having none of it, she surprised me by telling Ashland about Sharon's advice while making sure to spin it her way. Because it is his illness, Ashland wanted to be the one to tell his son about his poor health, but Tara pushed Sharon's suggestion because it suited her purpose in gaining control of her son. As Ashland pointed out, Tara is only thinking of one person -- Tara. She sure has a habit of using every situation to her advantage.

Thanks to Victoria, Ashland had a change of heart and agreed to let Tara be present when he told Harrison about his illness. While Ashland credited Victoria for his new generous attitude, he's been good for her, too. At one point, Victoria was all work and no play, taking no time for love, which made her a very lonely lady. But Ashland entered her world and opened it up to love, which made her care about others again. Victoria wants him to get treatment so they can have more time together. Tara probably heard the worst news ever when Ashland announced that he would be fighting his cancer. His plans to have a future probably put a kink into her plans for her future, since it went against all her plotting to ensnare her new Abbott family.

Kyle was furious that Phyllis was still targeting his son's mother and demanded that she stop. While Phyllis is right that Tara wormed her way into the Abbott mansion by using Harrison as bait, Kyle is right, also, because he pointed out that Summer was the one to leave him. Yes, Tara had better peer over her shoulder because Phyllis is coming after her. And even if she is underestimating Tara, Phyllis is still a dangerous enemy to have. Kyle told Tara that she should take Phyllis with a grain of salt, but the blonde is going to need a tankful of it to put up with the poo-poo that Phyllis will keep hurling at her -- and Phyllis isn't above using Sally to do it. Phyllis stole Sally's phone to tip Tara off that Phyllis is onto them, which had "those two little girls" freaking out.

Jack admires Sally's fighting spirit, and he decided he wanted her around more. At least Kyle and Sally have something in common -- they both want Jack to be happy. Jack and Sally were all smiles as they decided to give their relationship one more shot, but you know that won't last long, since he still isn't aware that she was in cahoots with Tara to drive Summer out of town. But Sally had nothing to do with posting Ashland's unfortunate video on social media and was surprised it even existed. She had absolutely nothing to gain from doing that, while Tara had every reason to do so. Yet somehow, Sally will probably be blamed for it, while Tara will come out squeaky clean. Like Kyle, Jack also glorified Tara and believed every sickeningly sweet word out of her mouth.

Phyllis is determined to make sure the happiness between Jack and Sally won't last long, and she watched the confrontation between Tara and Sally on the elevator security camera and considered the video as proof that the two had partnered up together. For two supposedly savvy ladies, Tara and Sally aren't very bright to shine their obvious annoyance right in front of the camera, where anyone could witness it. They obviously need to watch an episode of Dateline or 48 Hours, where killers have been caught through the evidence retrieved by a camera in an elevator. I mean, really, they couldn't wait a few more minutes to talk in the privacy of Sally's room? (One would hope that Phyllis hadn't bugged her room with a camera, which would be a real invasion of privacy.)

Of course, Phyllis sent the video to both Kyle and Jack, who immediately decided to chat with Tara and Sally. A grain of salt certainly wouldn't help Tara deal with Phyllis, so she distanced herself from Phyllis' feud with Sally. Poor Sally must have tire tracks up and down her body after Tara threw her under the bus. Tara stressed to Jack that Phyllis is just trying to run her out of town. Phyllis later told Jack that Tara and Sally caused Summer to leave town. When Jack asked Sally for the truth, she was very evasive, and Jack saw that she wasn't open to being honest with him, so he dumped her again. Between the tire tracks and the dumping, Sally must feel lower than dirt. Yet, Jack is still willing to give Tara every benefit of the doubt. Figures.

Maybe not so much for Kyle, though, after he overheard Tara on the phone, telling Sally that everything was fine on her end. Kyle looked concerned, and I was baffled, since Sally surely was still wiping off the tire tracks as she spoke to Tara. I can't imagine that the redhead will still be able to trust the blonde after that. But Sally felt cornered and seemed to be trying to figure it out as she went along. However, Sally really needs a new strategy. The constant butting heads with Phyllis just isn't working for her. While Sally's hot as fire tactics are hurting more than helping her, Tara's cool as a cucumber attitude keeps scoring points with both Jack and Kyle. Yet the phone call finally had Kyle thinking that there may be something to Phyllis' claims regarding the two.

Amanda wisely advised Phyllis to change targets and to start going after Tara. And after she overheard Kyle and Jack actually consider that Phyllis' claims shouldn't be dismissed, Tara related to Jack that she was an open book and pleaded with him to give her the chance to answer any questions that he might have about her. Tara still has the best weapon to use against Phyllis -- Harrison -- and she constantly brings up his name to the Abbotts as a reminder. However, Sally is definitely on edge, maybe even enough to spill the beans to Kyle. And Phyllis might finally get her evidence in her planned trip to Los Angeles. The truth is going to come out -- soon -- and Tara's taking Phyllis with a grain of salt won't be able to stop it from happening.

But maybe Tara could get that grain of salt from Sharon, who was so deep in thought that she overfilled the salt shakers at Crimson Lights. Shoot, all the overflowing salt on the counter could represent all the years that Sharon needed to take Phyllis with a grain of salt. Sharon's mind was on Adam, not on Rey, as she claimed to Faith, but Faith knew Sharon was thinking of Adam, since her mother mistakenly said Adam's name instead of Rey's. Yeah, that's a dead giveaway. Sharon was just a little too busy claiming to Faith and Adam that she isn't obsessed with him by any stretch of the imagination. Okay. Sharon only wants Rey to return home as soon as possible, probably to help her keep her mind off Adam. But that didn't work before, so why would it work now?

When Adam asked to have Connor return home so he could attend lacrosse camp, Chelsea sure didn't look too pleased. I'm not sure why Adam believed she was mentally stable when no professional physician ever declared that to be true. No doctor that Victor hadn't paid off, that is. Chelsea appeared to agree to let Connor return to Genoa City; however, that could have been an act to keep Adam off guard. In the meantime, Chelsea's bestie, Chloe, reported to duty at Newman Media, where she instantly began looking for boobytraps, but Adam expected nothing less. He saw Chloe as his biggest challenge to convince he was redeemable, so he realized if he could get her on his side, he was good as gold. Adam then kicked Chloe out -- with a key in hand to her new office.

But, no, Chelsea was true to her word, and Connor got to return home, accompanied by Rey. Oh, joy, Rey returned, and the very first thing he heard was Sharon saying how much Adam constantly talked about his son. So, of course, Rey immediately suspected that Sharon and Adam had spent all their time together while he was gone. Nope, there is still absolutely no trust between Rey and Sharon. Well, for Rey, anyway. Sharon didn't seem to worry herself sick, wondering if Rey was being true to her in Minnesota. Or maybe she just didn't care. Anyway, Rey was impressed with Chelsea's recovery, and Chelsea did appear sincere in wanting to let go of the anger against Adam. She even wants them to move on together in a healthy relationship as Connor's parents. What a relief!

It's rather hard to say goodbye to Summer when she keeps popping up here and there as she visits with different family members in Italy. First her father, then her mother, and then her grandparents. Noah doesn't even get that luxury. He's probably thanking his lucky stars that the Newman side of his family started to visit his sister in Milan, so they can stop by in merry ol' England to say a quick cheerio to him, too. We will probably continue to catch glimpses of Summer until Kyle, played by Michael Mealor, is ready to leave, also. It appears that Summer will be providing Kyle's exit, so they can walk, arm in arm, into the sunset together to live happily ever after. Well, until one or the other -- or both -- returns. I would say that Summer and Kyle's story is not done just yet.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

When Victoria tried to convince Ashland to begin treatment for his illness and he continued to refuse to even consider it, Victoria called him a "control freak." Sorry, Victoria, but Rey already has the honor of that title. At least Ashland hasn't tried to control Victoria's every thought and act as Rey does for Sharon.

You would think that someone, anyone, would be against Moses giving up becoming a doctor to pursue being a big musical star. In the real world, this would really be discouraged, since the odds of becoming a big star are pretty slim. It could realistically be a case of don't quit your day job while going after your dream, since it's always nice to have a career to fall back on if you don't make it as a singer/musician. But, of course, in Genoa City, any person who tries to make it big in the world of music always succeeds.

When Jack angrily stated that Phyllis would never change, Red said, "You say that like it's a bad thing." Yeah, Phyllis, Jack should know you pretty well after all these years.

Things heated up quickly between Devon and Amanda when first, he suggested that she have a key made to his penthouse, then second, he told her those three little words: I love you. And Amanda said right back, "I love you, too." Although Devon did look pretty dapper in that suit, I'm sure it was more than that for Amanda, since he didn't have the suit on for too long.

I wonder if, while they are in New York City, Ashland and Victoria will "Boogaloo Down Broadway." I just heard that song by The Fantastic Johnny C for the first time in a long time the other day. That's a cool tune!

Our own Sally Spectra, Courtney Hope, began her wedding celebration with a bachelorette party attended by four close friends. Congratulations to Courtney Hope and Chad Duell, Michael on General Hospital, who should be marrying in the next couple of months. But will Chad want a bachelor party beforehand? Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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