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In a B&B shocker that thrills more than it surprises, we learn that Eric can't resist honey-dipped pickles. Donna's back buzzing around Eric. It creates an opening for Carter and Quinn to rediscover love, but could Quinn's reminder that Paris is Zoe's sister hint to Paris being a stalker? We'll scoop about the impending end for Sheila -- plus, how much husband-sharing is Hope supposed to take?

Holy pickleballs, Eric!

I believed that the B&B writers can never surprise a seasoned fan, but color this viewer gobsmacked upon seeing Eric in bed with Donna Logan! It looks like the blonde vixen ain't scared of rolling chairs after all. For Donna, Eric's worth the honey-licious risk of Quinn's jealous wrath. Speaking of honey, I've been wondering what made Eric's legs so silky smooth. It's because Donna has been waxing him good, and he's been waxing her right back.

It's what Quinn gets for hating the player instead of inviting the player to the game. Quinn's insistence upon firing Donna gave Donna the free time to get Eric all honied up for pickleball every afternoon. Instead of giving up her human blow-up doll, Quinn should have negotiated Donna a lifetime membership to Eric's and Quinn's Sex Club. That way, Quinn could have had her cake and Carter, too.

Do I feel bad that Quinn is disillusioned with her marriage and forced into abstinence while Eric is having the dirty dancing time of his life in the sheets with Donna? Nope. With Quinn, that old dog just wouldn't hunt, but with Donna, he can get in a few good runs before the final sunset.

I don't blame Eric for his silence. Why should he risk Quinn capping Donna at the knees just because Quinn won't tolerate Donna giving Eric the same new leash on life that Carter gave Quinn? Quinn's still giddy about Carter and flirting right in his face. It's only a matter of time before they start back up regardless of Eric and Donna. In fact, Quinn ought to stop flirting with Carter and start winding up the pitch for the resumption of Sex Club. Something tells me that Eric might just be okay with it.

What's your view? Are you good with Eric's afternoon pickleball games? Should he be honest with Quinn about it? And if he had told Quinn, what do you think are the odds that she would have been as loving and selfless as Eric was by letting her play with Carter? I think the odds were none. I say Eric should get in as much pickleball as he can stand and die with one honey-of-an-O grin on his face.

Check out John McCook (Eric Forrester) and Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan) on Bold live.

Carter's a lowdown dog, but is Paris a lover, a fighter, or a stalker?

The week doled out more surprises as Carter flat-out admitted that he used Paris to get over Quinn. Carter seemed just a little bit full of himself as he conveyed to Quinn that he didn't know why he'd gotten involved with Paris. His only defense was that it had felt good to have another woman look at him in a special way again.

Katie was looking at Carter that way, wasn't she? He said he'd let her go because she wasn't over Bill. Wouldn't Katie, a woman on her own rebound, have been better to have a fling with than a sweet, young woman with little experience in life, love, and breakups?

Even though Bill would have rearranged Carter's face if he'd caught Katie with Carter, I doubt Katie would have been as naive as Paris to tell Bill about it the way Paris told Zende about herself and Carter. Paris thought she was being slick to get everything out in the open and remove any blocks to her ambitions with Carter, but she's about to get her feelings hurt, learning the hard way that when a man says he loves you, well, that doesn't really mean he loves you.

Paris has been a hard character for writers to match for romance. At first, she was a crusher when she daydreamed about Finn. She became a heartbreaker when she cast Thomas aside for Zende. Next, she was a cheater when she went behind Zende's back to become his friend's lover. Now that we know Carter doesn't really love her, is Paris' next transition into a stalker?

As Quinn said, Paris is Zoe's sister, and I suspect that Carter is about to learn the hard way what that means. In case you forgot, not only was Zoe Carter's ex-fiancee, but Zoe also arrived on the scene a little cray-cray. Xander left a whole continent to escape Zoe, and Zoe stalked him with her dead cat in tow. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Paris is also touched by the cray-cray.

Throw in Paris' overbearing mother Grace, and it's fair to say that Paris might be two scenes short of becoming Carter's stalker. I got the chills when Paris hinted, "When I put my mind to something..." Was that remark a threat or a promise? Carter knocked their relationship down a notch to friendship, and with a toy-doll smile on her face, Paris assumed the real problem was Quinn.

Uh-oh. In that moment, something just wasn't right about Paris. Could she make it as a porcelain-faced, grinning psycho? Otherwise, sweet Paris versus the worldly-wise and dastardly Quinn seems like a horribly matched competition. I'd love it if Paris was really a young Quinn in the making who gets to cut her evil teeth on the master manipulator herself, Quinn. Maybe it won't be Paris at all, but Grace, who'll seek to skin Carter alive for hurting another one of her daughters for the love of Quinn.

Kelly is cute, but she's sneaky

Finally sleeping her way into a new age bracket, the SORASed Kelly is the cutest thing since Douglas. Unfortunately, she's also the sneakiest thing since her mama, her grandma, and her great-grandma Stephanie Forrester. Taylor and Steffy admitted that Kelly is a stinker, and she gets it honestly from her DNA.

What did Kelly do to win the stinker title? She stole her mom's phone and called her daddy over to the cliff house. I'm not getting into where Steffy got the brand-new programmed phone from, but Kelly called Liam, whispering, so she couldn't get caught, and Liam dropped Hope like a flat glass of wine. He can't deny Kelly, and Kelly knows it.

Kelly has already figured out that she can manipulate her dad, but it's not like it was that hard to do. Liam craved an excuse to go to Steffy's to "preside" over her homecoming anyway. No surprise. He's a control freak who can't let Steffy work a two-piece puzzle without his help. It's what Hope complained about during the opioid storyline. Back then, Thomas was telling her the same thing he is right now -- That's just how Liam and Steffy are.

Thomas is right, and Hope accepted a long time ago that if Hope wanted to spend her life with Liam, she had to husband-share with Steffy. However, isn't it asking just a little bit too much for Hope to accept Liam spending the night at Steffy's house? Is Hope supposed to buy that Kelly was scared, his phone ran out of battery, and well -- it is what it is?

First of all, Kelly was happier than all the kittens and puppies in the world to have her parents with her. She wasn't scared. What would she be scared of on her mom's first night home? She should have felt safer than she'd felt in days. No, Kelly just wants her parents together, and she's already instinctively scheming to make it happen -- just like her great-grandma did with her grandparents.

Second, with three other adults in that house, Liam seriously couldn't find a charger or borrow another phone? Oh, he just fell asleep. I see. Well, you don't just forget your wife and fall asleep over at the ex-you-had-an-affair-with's house, on the same nasty couch as the deed, and forget to call the wife who forgave you for such an indiscretion.

Hope might as well pour herself a mega-pint of wine because she is no match for Kelly. Liam was visibly torn when Hope reminded him of his responsibilities at home. If he feels pulled in too many directions now, what will he do when Kelly wants her daddy at the same time Beth does?

It's all coming back to Steffy now

After a "real-time" month of hospital scenes to cover two or three days of Steffy's hospitalization, I expected it to take weeks to get to the bottom of Steffy and Finn's shooting. With Baker brought in, I figured we'd see a criminal investigation. After all, isn't someone supposed to find and interview the waiter who'd seen Steffy and Sheila arguing? Shouldn't Li be dropping by to let Steffy know about the funeral or to give her a box of ashes? Was there really all that hype of Liam playing hubby when it was just for three days' soap time? Really?

It looks like this storyline is wrapping up without all the mystery-solving bells and whistles. After only one night at home, Steffy's on the brink of remembering who shot her and Finn, and I doubt Sheila can continue on as a viable character Steffy's memory returns. Sheila contemplated leaving Los Angeles, but I suspect the temptation to see Hayes one final time will be the trap that does Sheila in.

Who's reading this hoping Sheila escapes and lives to terrorize the Forresters another day? The good news is, even if we have to kiss Sheila goodbye for now, Kimberlin Brown received an Emmy nomination for her role as Sheila Carter. Kimberlin sat down to chat with Soap Central about her nomination -- her first for her work on B&B. You can read that interview here. Congratulations to Kimberlin.

Click here to view a complete list of nominations.

Soap Central also caught up with Naomi Matsuda (Li Finnegan), Ted King (Jack Finnegan), and Aaron D. Spears (Justin Barber). John McCook is B&B's other acting nomination and we're hoping to chat with him in the days ahead.

In a look back: Caroline evades Ridge and grows closer to Thorne

For those keeping up with earlier seasons of the Bold and the Beautiful, this week in 1987, the show depicted Caroline Spencer's struggle to find herself after her dreams of becoming Ridge's wife were destroyed when her father, moments before her and Ridge's wedding, exposed Ridge's torrid one night stand with Alex Simpson.

Caroline blamed her father just as much -- if not more -- than she blamed Ridge for the infidelity. In fact, she still hadn't forgiven her father even once she started seeing Ridge again. Considering that Ridge and Bill had made a game of Chicken out of who'd tell her about the affair, do you feel Caroline was fair in withholding forgiveness from her father for telling her the truth? Was Thorne wrong to make advances on Caroline, or was she fair game due to Ridge's screw-up? Above Brooke and Taylor, is Caroline the true love of Ridge's life?

In a look ahead: Busted!

Spoilers indicate that Steffy remembers the night in the deadly alley and realizes that Finn died defending her. Ridge and Taylor want to call the police on Sheila, but Steffy convinces them to let her handle it her way. Could Steffy be about to launch a deadly plan that might give Sheila the opportunity to finish Steffy off and run away with Hayes?

Ridge learns Sheila's role in Brooke's drunken night with Deacon but remains torn between the two women. Ridge, go home to your wife before Bill and Deacon start moving in on her, and you have to punch your way back into her heart.

Quinn offers her guilt-ridden husband a gift. Is anyone else envisioning Quinn in a nightie and Eric praying that Kelly will sneak-call him to say he's needed at the cliff house?

Thanks for scooping with me this week. Let me know what you think about the events of the week in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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