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It turned out that Eric and Donna were busy little bees, pollinating each other behind Quinn's back. But the real buzz came from Steffy and her family when they set up a sting to capture the hive's venomous queen! Go from flower to flower with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you decide to make karma a real bitch? Did you pick a really bad time to play town crier? Did you discover that "BFF" stands for "Big Freaking Felon"? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Walton-Buckingham clan this week!

May Sweeps haven't felt this Sweepy in a long time, Scoopers! Eric is only doing what Quinn did by cheating with Donna; he just added honey to it. Then, Deacon dished to Hope and Brooke about Sheila...who got tricked into a visit with Hayes that was really designed to make Sheila wish she'd put on a diaper! Yet Sheila's coerced confession led to her spilling so much tea, Lipton called to file a complaint! Let's Scoop about it!


"IIIIIII wanna tell ya! Just how much! I love youuuuu..." Oh, sorry, but that's still a killer song. And it may just fit, since Paris seemed to clue in to the feelings Carter continued to harbor for Quinn. Paris came off uber jealous as she put Carter on the spot about there being no reason they couldn't be together, and in front of Eric and Quinn, no less. Paris had friend zoned Zende and wanted to be the woman Carter moved on with!

So, where's Grace to lay down the smackdown now that Paris has officially kicked Zende to the curb? You'd think Grace would be raising holy hell, the way her youngest is so thirsty for Carter -- and this with Carter clearly not into Paris anymore. The Honeydrippers' Sea of Love came out in 1984, right about the time we would have called Carter "like, a total flake-a-zoid."

I can't really be bothered with Carter's affaires de coeur anymore. And with Paris cut off from both Zende and Carter, she's rather rudderless now. Translation: there's not much point in her being on the show. Not unless she goes full-on stalker on Carter like her sister Zoe, which some of you are predicting. Paris has become quite desperate, and it's uncomfortable to watch, which I suppose it's meant to be.

As for Carter and Quinn, they spent a couple of episodes yapping about how they'll always care for each other, but their bed romps couldn't happen again, yada-yada-yada. As I've said before, Quarter was fiyah last fall, but putting a new log on that couple after all this time isn't going to make it burn again. The only interesting part of this reboot is that now, the shoe is most definitely on the other foot!

Yes, the guesthouse-residing, Pickleball-playing Eric was, in fact, getting his pickle played with. (Pickleball is actually akin to tennis, I just now found out from looking it up. Strange they would go with such an obscure game!) That's right, one and all -- Eric has been spending his time away from Quinn, sexing up Donna for pretty much the whole of Queric's reconciliation.

When it turned out last year that Eric's love machine could be turned on by Donna despite his bout with erectile dysfunction, I wrote that it was rather a disservice to those dealing with the ailment in real life. I'm guessing most guys don't bone off the second they receive a loving caress from an ex-wife. On the flip side, a lot of you are vocally grossed out by a septuagenarian dropping trou with his sidepiece.

For my part, I'm rather happy for Eric! No, he shouldn't be cheating -- he should have divorced Quinn if he found his reunion with her wanting -- but older people don't just have their junk dry up and fall off, you know! B&B so rarely does any kind of generational story, so pulling an As the World Turns and exploring the love life of a 75-year-old is really pretty cool. And who doesn't love for John McCook to get screen time?

My only real gripe is that one minute, Eric feels guilty, and the next, he's laughing with Donna because they almost got caught by Quinn's video chat. Why the hell did Eric even take the call? Then there's Donna, who months ago was crying to her sisters about how much she wanted to reunite with her honey bear, and now she seems to be just as happy only having sex with him.

I wonder if, when Donna was sleeping with her high school hottie Mark in 1987, she envisioned one day bedding a guy old enough to be her missing father? (Check out all our recaps from B&B's first season, plug plug.) After giggling about Quinn FaceTiming her two-timer, Donna suddenly became worried. "If anyone knows how volatile [Quinn] is, it's me," she said as she pouted.

Girl, you only got a chair pushed into you. Ask your niece's husband Liam how Quinn sat on top of him, ready to plunge a homemade sword through his heart. But Quinn had other creations in mind for Eric. She showed Carter a ring she had designed with technology that would monitor Eric's heart rate and vital stats. But she wasn't going to tell Eric about the tracking tech!

That's weird, isn't it? She didn't want Eric to think she was worried, Quinn explained to Carter, but we all know where this is headed. When Eric's heart rate spikes up, Quinn will learn why -- and when she does, she'd better take a stadium of seats. Quinn cheated first; this is just karma coming back to bite her ass. Maybe instead of divorcing, Queric will just open up their relationship permanently! It's not a parameter I agree with, but lots of people are happy in polyamorous set-ups. Who am I to judge?


I don't know how the hell Il Giardino stays in business -- no one ever eats there, and Deacon seems to be its only employee. (For that matter, how is Forrester Creations still running? Even Eric said he had to fill the void left by co-CEOs Ridge and Steffy, who were never there!) Deacon worked to cheer up a sullen Sheila, who insisted she had to leave Los Angeles.

She might have been thinking of guns that killed her son; I was distracted by the guns sticking out of Deacon's T-shirt sleeves! Okay, Mikey, concentrate. All right. I'm fine. The thing is, I don't know why Sheila has been hanging around the City of Angels at all! She's too much into self-preservation to stay for Hayes; the minute she finished pilfering phones and IDs from Steffy and Finn's bleeding bodies, Sheila should have split!

I'm a Sheila die-hard, and I truly believe that's what the old Sheila would have done. Instead, she just hung around the hospital, risking detection with each intense glare. I guess it's fortunate that, as Deacon reported, the police had no leads in the Finnegans' shooting, which is lame, considering Deputy Chief Baker never actually catches B&B criminals. Have the Keystone Cops silent flicks from the 1910s been made into a series starring Baker?

I know no soap has the budget for glorious remotes anymore, but it would have been cool if Sheila had taken off and a manhunt had been put out for her, with Ridge and Steffy leading the pack. They could have tracked Sheila to the California side of Tijuana as Sheila tried to get into Mexico. But my imagination isn't grandiose for nothing. As it was, Sheila talked about leaving but did nothing to haul ass.

Which she might have wanted to take more seriously, since Steffy was pulling an Arnold Schwarzenegger and having total recall in her living room! Consider that a divorce. Oops, wrong context. Unless you want to count Steffy getting a divorce in the alley by way of Sheila shooting her husband, all of which came rushing back to Steffy as Taylor kept questioning her daughter's word.

Yes, Taylor, the "world-renowned" shrink who spent years at Prince Omar's palace because of Sheila's (however unintentional) bullet, kept wanting to give Sheila the benefit of the doubt. But finally, when Steffy remained steadfast in her recounting of that fatal night (and I've never seen Steffy more determined -- you go, JMW!), Taylor had her own total recall and realized she was the one who had opened the door to Sheila.

Taylor wanted to call the police, which is kinda the smartest thing I've seen these people do in regard to this incident. But Steffy had a different idea. She wanted to have Taylor invite Sheila over under the false pretense of seeing Hayes and coming together as a family over the loss of Finn loss so Steffy could face her attacker and smack her upside the head with her restored memory.

There are those of you who scratched your heads at this rationale. I have to admit, I did, too, to a point. What did Steffy think she was going to do once she ambushed Sheila with her culpability, lock her in a gondola? It may be possible that Steffy and her parents called the law ahead of Sheila's arrival, but Sheila's cop radar is strong, as it was in 1995, when she evaded them to hold the Forresters at gunpoint.

I'm surprised Ridge didn't mention that when he tried to dissuade Steffy from confronting his ex-wife's almost killer. After all, Ridge was willing to take a bullet for Stephanie at Sheila's "goodbye party." Nevertheless, Taylor made the call to Sheila and did an unexpectedly good job at playing up her BFF role for Sheila's benefit. Sheila was so jazzed that she actually hugged Deacon! Oh, to be in those strong arms...


But I digress once again! Deacon caught me and threw on a shirt over his T...well, actually, he did that so he could pay a visit to Hope and Brooke, who were still talking about Ridge's absence. Deacon took some jabs at Ridge but then diverted the conversation...to the topic of Sheila getting her Tridge/Steffy invite! Huh? Why would Deacon think Brooke and Hope would even care about that?

Brooke had her moments of compassion for Sheila -- after all, Sheila had lost a son, and Brooke was a mother, too. And the Logan lasses were certainly shocked to hear that Taylor had nearly plunged off the hospital roof, trying to talk down a suicidal Sheila, who had ended up saving Taylor. But again, this all seemed manufactured. It just didn't make sense for Deacon to be gossiping about Sheila that way.

Then Brooke got back around to her self-flagellation about how her New Year's Eve drinking had driven Ridge away. OMG, seriously? Do you realize it's been four-and-a-half months since then? And Brooke is still sitting there, moping and wondering why she drank? Man, the Brooke of even not that long ago would have already had that mystery solved. And the subject seemed kind of random, given the ish going down at Steffy's house. But they were connected. We'll get to why.

Sheila arrived at Steffy's and had been under the mistaken impression that it would just be her, Taylor, and Hayes. That wasn't Sheila's only misconception. She thought she was finally going to be a permanent fixture in Hayes's life. She got that from one phone call? Anyway, Taylor continued the friendly ruse better than Ridge and Steffy (considering it was Steffy's idea), who stood there so stiffly, Sheila started to suspect.

Taylor jumped in and explained that the discomfort came from the "very painful and disturbing past" they had all shared but also that they all had a common loss in Finn. That said, it was time everyone came together. Ridge caught on and added that there had been too much pain. It was time to make it come to an end. Sheila was moved and blubbered a lot about how much it meant to her to be a part of Finn's family.

But Steffy couldn't keep up the pretense much longer. She seethed that she finally remembered what had happened to her in the alley. "What kind of sick animal shoots someone in cold blood?" Steffy raged. I half expected the scene to cut away to Taylor. I mean, did Taylor not shoot Bill in cold blood and then try again? I wish the show would stop acting like Taylor is still who she was from 1990 to 2002.

In fact, wouldn't it have been fascinating layering for Taylor to want to give Sheila a chance because Taylor had also gone to the dark side and now understood a little about what made Sheila tick? At any rate, Sheila tried to deflect and suggested that they would probably never know who shot Steffy and Finn. But Steffy knew, and she deemed Sheila a murderer!

Sheila realized she had been manipulated into coming over and tried to leave, but Taylor stopped her. Perhaps Sheila has been watching the doings of certain political figures, because she proceeded to turn things around on her accusers in every way she could. It didn't make sense that Sheila could be the Finnegans' assailant because Sheila had rushed to the hospital and cooperated with the police.

Besides, Steffy had very recently thought Liam was her husband and forgotten that Finn existed. Steffy couldn't say why she thought Sheila had shot her, Sheila said, reasoning that Steffy was looking to lay blame at someone's feet, and of course those feet would be Sheila's. Next, Sheila appealed to Taylor and their bond, and from the look on Taylor's face, it almost seemed like it was working.

"I served my time," Sheila insisted. Yeah, about that! Sheila had presumably just gotten out of jail when she returned in 2017, and the last time we saw her was at Il Giardino in 2018, when Ridge accused her of shooting Bill (one crime she actually wasn't responsible for). Did Sheila go back to the slammer after that? For what? And what was she serving time for in the first place, her kidnapping and attempted murder of Lauren Fenmore on Y&R in 2006?

Because that was the last time before 2017 that we saw Sheila with Sheila's face -- I still don't believe that the 2007 reign of "Pheila" (Sheila supposedly having had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis Summers) was actually Sheila. Ay, these are questions that will never be answered. How much would you love for Lauren to show up right about now and back the Forresters?

It took Ridge to get in Sheila's face for the one-time nurse and all-time psycho to loudly admit that YES! She did it! "You were gonna kill me," Steffy recalled, which brings up an interesting question. Did Sheila think that offing Steffy would leave Finn and Hayes free for her? I don't think that would have worked out too well. But, according to Sheila, it was Steffy's fault that Finn was gone. And only Steffy's!


Taylor was aghast that Sheila would blame Steffy for her own shooting and for the death of her own husband, and I have to say, Krista Allen really strutted her stuff here. We're used to this version of Taylor being rather bubbly and clueless, but with Taylor realizing the true darkness of her apparent friend, Allen's Taylor brought back some of Taylor's original feistiness and told Sheila, "You're still the same heartless bitch you've always been!"

I don't recall nuTaylor being angry before, so this was a welcome surprise, and Allen made the most of the opportunity. For his part, Ridge blasted Sheila for "shooting my mother" as well as his wife and daughter. (Gee, Sheila's sort of in a rut, isn't she? At least killing someone with bees was more original!). It's true that Stephanie did take Sheila's bullet in 1998; great continuity.

Let's not forget, Brooke got a shot in the arm she probably didn't need thanks to Sheila, as well. And that's apt, because Sheila "hydroplaned on the information superhighway," as I used to call a sudden subject switch in the Internet's early days. Shifting from justifying making the crime scene look like a robbery because "I just reacted," Sheila abruptly went into a tirade about Brooke, confusing everyone.

Including me. What did that have to do with anything in that particular moment? No, Sheila was mad because Steffy had defended Brooke over her, and that's when the rest of Steffy's memories filled in -- Steffy remembered finding out about how Sheila had punked Brooke into drinking by switching Brooke's bottle labels. Sheila had done it to help reunite Tridge.

No, she didn't! She did it to get back at Brooke for swearing Sheila would have nothing to do with Finn or Hayes, even though Brooke never did anything to follow up. (Brooke is also in a rut these days.) Getting Ridge back with Taylor was only an afterthought. It's just that Sheila admitting her NYE prank on Brooke was really anticlimactic, considering Sheila had just gotten busted for Finn and Steffy's bloodshed.

To make things odder, Sheila chose that moment to out Thomas and his knowledge of Sheila's label trade! Again, such bizarre timing! Those misdeeds are chicken feed next to Sheila killing Finn, albeit accidentally. I do take some issue with everyone yelling that Sheila murdered her son. Is it still murder if you kill someone unintentionally? Now, Steffy...Sheila did pop Steffy on purpose. Or am I splitting hairs?

"You don't deserve to live; you don't," Ridge decided, promising, "Every chance I get, I will make you suffer." Hmm! It's long been rumored that Thorsten Kaye is taking an extended vacation...could it be Ridge might actually try to kill Sheila, or even succeed in doing so? Hey, Ridge did choke the crap out of Sheila when she went to prison for Taylor's "death," so it wouldn't be out of character.

"Your reign of terror is over!" Steffy declared. "It ends today!" Um...how? What are Steffy and her parents going to do, wrestle Sheila to the ground while making Kelly call the police like she called Liam? Unless this branch of the Forresters already gave the 9-1-1 the 4-1-1 about Sheila's shooting spree, I'm not sure how Sheila gets any comeuppance just because Steffy says it's coming. I, for one, want to see how that plays out!

What do you think, Scoopers? Do you think Steffy shares any responsibility in Finn's death, as Sheila said? With Sheila backed into a corner but Kimberlin Brown being on contract, how do you envision Sheila's continued presence on the show? Should Ridge go back to Brooke now that the truth about her entrapped drinking has been exposed? Does Paris have a place on the canvas anymore? Are you glad Eric is getting his own back on Quinn by fooling around with Donna? And where the hell is Bridget? Buzz around in the Comments section below or the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could be in a future column! Like these!

"...[B&B is] capable of legitimately shocking twists, but in between them spends literally all its time doing nothing but rehashing plots everyone got tired of years ago (and hyping those tired old rehashes as 'twists you won't see coming')." -- "monkeysntypewriters"

"John McCook definitely deserves the Emmy for his performance during his ED/Cuck storyline..also, Kimberlin deserves her Emmy [nom] too. IMHO I don't think the other actors nominated from the show were given enough time and scenes to justify their nominations (especially Ted King aka Jack). I really want to know how Eric went from firing Donna for Quinn (to prove he still wanted his wife and to put her first) to lying about afternoon pickleball games which are really his time for him and Donna and a lot of honey to mess around at what looks like a fake bungalow room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He should have just dumped Quinn when Donna declared her love for him 6 months ago and let Quinn be with Carter. I cannot stand that they brought back both the Leffy/Lope triangle and Bridge/Tridge triangles. Soon Kelly and Beth will be fighting over someone as they just SORASed Kelly..." -- "Dorinda's Pajamas"

OMG, I can totally see Beth and Kelly competing for a boy, though I don't know who...all the current boys of their age are related to them! Of course, on B&B...

Yes, congrats to all our Emmy nominees! I'm most vehemently rooting for John McCook, because he rocks, and Aaron D. Spears did some great work, although Justin's turn to the dark side in keeping Bill in jail to gain power was rather out of left field. And let's all send healing vibes to Katherine Kelly Lang! On Mother's Day, she slipped while walking her horse down an incline and broke a few bones in her ankle. I would suspect that, whatever happens to Brooke in June and July, La Logan will have to take everything sitting down, literally. Get well soon, KKL!

Apparently, Sheila is down but not out according to spoilers, so keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And, no matter where you are in the world, democracy and freedom are always beautiful.

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