OUCH! The Bold and the Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang injured while horse riding

Posted Tuesday, May 10, 2022 2:27:02 AM
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"I am not a happy camper," says Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful) of a Mother's Day accident that left her with a broken ankle, an ambulance trip to the hospital, and surgery.

What was supposed to be a beautiful, relaxing Mother's Day weekend ended up being anything but for The Bold and the Beautiful's Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan). The actress shared on Instagram that she was quite badly injured during a horse-riding excursion.

"I started out on a beautiful ride yesterday with friends. Our plan was to do 40 miles for training for the 50 mile horse race coming up in June. It was a beautiful day!" she shares. "At around 16 miles I got off my horse to walk down a steep and very rocky trail to give her a break. At the bottom of the trail I tripped on a rock and my left foot took the pounding. My ankle and foot dislocated off to the left at a 90 degree angle to my leg. I pushed it back into place. It was so gross but I had to do it."

Thankfully, as the actress shares, the painful incident happened near a road, where a nice stranger called 9-1-1 while Lang's friends helped take care of her horse and helped raise her spirits.

"The ambulance took me to the hospital and the x rays showed 3 broken bones in my ankle. Had surgery late that night and now have rods, pins, and screws in my ankle. No weight bearing on my foot for 6 weeks," she reports.

However, being the superstar that she is, Lang shares that she won't be fully slowed down by her ankle injury and plans to continue filming scenes at B&B while she recovers.

"I will still go to work later this week and try to heal quick so I can do all the things I love to do," she shares. "I am still in the hospital today and trying to have a smile on my face. I am not a happy camper when things slow me down like this. And there is always a lesson to learn. Not sure what that lesson is yet but will have the time to contemplate."

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Several of Lang's co-stars commented on her post with get-well wishes. Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan) shared, "Sis! Rest up! [Prayers] for quick recovery! Sending [love]," while Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton) wrote, "Oh my goodness!!!! Get well soon!"

Meanwhile, Krista Allen (Taylor Hayes) shared, "Omg the pictures! Ouch!!! I'm just a text away and close to the studio, if you need anything. But might I say... Even with a broken ankle and swollen foot... your pedicure looks fabulous dahhhling."

May seems to be a bad month for soap stars to be out riding horses. As Soap Central reported in May of 2020, Days of our Lives star Judi Evans (Bonnie Lockhart/Adrienne Kiriakis) was in a serious horse-riding accident that left her with seven broken ribs, a broken collarbone, two chipped vertebrae, and a collapsed lung from blunt force trauma. With a lot of love and support from the daytime community, Evans recovered -- and that seems like it will be the case for Lang, as well!

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