The pitchforks are out, but which wrongdoers really deserve a jab?

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Last week, it was all about rubber and glue because whatever Taylor and Steffy said about Bill and Sheila went double for the Forrester clan, too. Speaking of rubber, Mike was stretching it to think Sheila would love him, but she ignited the love triangle from hell by gluing herself to Bill while Deacon still carries a torch for her. The pitchforks are out for "Shill," plus, we'll name eight things viewers don't want to see in 2023. Let's scoop!

She's an easy lover -- Before you know it, you'll be on your knees

"She will play around and leave you, leave you and deceive you. Better forget it. Oh, you'll regret it," -- Easy Lover, by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey

The angry mob is coming for Bill, and he flung open the doors to let the haters come. He wants to get the whining over with so he can get on with his love life. Besides, it's like Sheila said: it's all these posers' faults, anyway. If they hadn't discarded Bill like trash, he wouldn't have been vulnerable Sheila.

The posers expect Bill to understand that Taylor shot him because Ridge falsely accused him of taking advantage of Steffy. Even though they say Sheila belongs in jail for shooting their precious Steffy and Finn, Bill is supposed to understand that Taylor doesn't deserve prison time for shooting him in the back for no reason.

It's supposed to be okay with Bill that Katie led him on since 2020 and dumped him for a chance with relationship hopper Carter. Bill is supposed to understand that even though Carter also played two sisters, Bill is the scum, not Carter. No, it doesn't work that way, and their double standards have made Bill become the Joker to Sheila's Harley Quinn.

Now Bill has everything he could want in a woman. When he wants to implode a building, Sheila will put on her hard hat. If he needs to fake someone's illness, Sheila's there with the mercury, ready to go. She admires his duplicity. She's turned on by his ruthlessness. It's very demented and oddly thrilling to know there are no brakes, no stop signs -- only an accelerator in one's alliance.

The thing about coupling two cobras is that they can't kill each other. Even so, a bite still hurts. Steffy learned that last week. She told Finn that she knew Bill could be ruthless, "but not against us!" Yes, Steffy, against Your Cobra Highness, too. A snake is not particular about whom it bites. With Sheila and Bill, who will bite whom first?

We got a clue this week when Deacon visited Sheila, and she appeared to be moved by the missed chance she didn't know she'd had with him. Unlike for Mike, who professed love for her, I believe Sheila has real feelings for Deacon, but he never told her that he loved her. Bill did. Because she was so moved by Bill, yet so passionless with Mike, I believe she has feelings for Bill.

Deacon, Sheila, and Bill will form the devil's triangle. I predict that Deacon will run "Il Giar-Deacon's Place," where he will be forced to serve Bill and Sheila meals and drinks. At least the convict can give Bill a whole lot of heartburn to go along with it.

The high-fashion mob

The mob is coming to Spencer Manor, and compliments go to the wardrobe department because the angry townspeople look great by torchlight. I even liked Taylor's latest high school band uniform with the glitter-striped sleeves. Brooke wore a soft pink that made her skin glow when she chuckled. Steffy was fire in her red suit.

And don't let me get started on how sexy Dollar Bill is in a checkered suit, or white dress shirt, or anything he ever wears. Finn was suave in his suit, too. I barely recognized Carter with his clothes on. Note to producers: Carter is sexy fully clothed, too.

As I said before, whatever the mob has to say, Bill's response should be "I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me because you did it, too." Who on the show hasn't wanted someone to get away with a shooting and bent the law to help it happen? Ridge got away with shooting Thorne in the head. Rick got away with shooting Grant. Steffy got away with shooting Sheila. Taylor is getting away with shooting Bill, and didn't all the Logans want Storm to get away with shooting Stephanie?

It stands to reason that they should understand Bill's position. Taylor, however, takes the hypocrisy of it all to a whole other level.

Hippocratic oath is not a pledge to be hypocritical

Before she heard about the blackmail, Taylor ran around giddy about Sheila getting payback for shooting Finn and Steffy and leaving them for dead. The problem is that Taylor herself shot someone and left him for dead: Bill! Taylor can't understand how Bill can protect Sheila when Sheila almost left Steffy's kids parentless and hurt Taylor's family; however, didn't Taylor shooting Bill in the back almost leave his kids parentless and almost destroy his family?

Here's what I mean about the "rubber/glue" argument. When Taylor was at Bill's house, pitchfork in hand, torching him and Sheila for all they've done, I thought of how Taylor, drunk driving, destroyed Thorne and Aly's family -- and yet Taylor walked free. Taylor shot Bill in the back and walked free. Everything Taylor said to Bill could be flipped right back around on Taylor.

It was maddening to hear Bill's self-righteous shooter lecture him on letting her daughter's shooter go free and expect herself to remain free for shooting him. Taylor explained her crime away as "maternal rage." She'd just wanted Bill out of her family members' lives. Can't Sheila have been in a "maternal rage," too? Can't Sheila have just wanted Steffy out of Finn's life? If Taylor can get off on "maternal rage," so can Sheila.

Back to Taylor, who has maternal rage for an entire flight from Paris to Los Angeles without even talking to her daughter to confirm the reason for the rage? By the way, where was that murderous "maternal rage" when Taylor caught Bill rolling around with Steffy in Taylor's house when Steffy was a very young woman, and he was married?

When Taylor discussed the shooting in front of Finn, I had hoped she'd admit she'd been wrong. Bill did not take advantage of Steffy or rape her. Steffy has said until she's pink in the face that, though she regrets it, she did it willingly. If it's okay for Thomas to sleep with a drunken Caroline after a breakup, and if it's okay for Steffy to sleep with the tequila-fermented Liam over a mannequin kiss, why can't it be okay with Ridge and Taylor that Steffy rode the stallion like an Olympian cowgirl?

It's a shame that Taylor, the world-renowned psychiatrist, didn't take Finn and Steffy's shooting as a chance to reflect upon her own crime and realize she had no right to act as erratically and unreasonably against Bill as Sheila had against Steffy and Finn. As lousy of a therapist as Taylor is, I get the feeling that she'll wind up "therapizing" Bill into a relationship. Think about it. We know Ridge will go after Brooke. Deacon will go after Sheila. That leaves Bill and Taylor.

Rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong friendship

Is anyone else "Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop" sick of Brooke and Taylor's giggly, compliment-competition relationship? Taylor was at Forrester, slurping up noodles with Brooke like she had nothing better to do -- like finding a competent therapist for her deviant son. Didn't she and Ridge tell Thomas he needed help?

I laughed when Taylor claimed that the "real threat" in her and Brooke's lives was Sheila and that Taylor and Brooke had merely been caught up in family drama and a toxic cycle. Thomas committing identity fraud to get his mother some sex isn't just "family drama." Thomas negotiating his silence with Sheila about the label switch Sheila did to garner favor with Taylor -- who slept with Brooke's husband -- wasn't just a toxic cycle.

Taylor went on to remark that she knows Brooke doesn't like to be alone and asked if Brooke would date. I was thinking, "Really?" After what Brooke went through last year and after the pact she and Taylor made about self first, Taylor asks this question?

Tone-deaf Taylor took it even further, asking if Brooke would take Bill back. Get this. Taylor said Bill and Brooke had been good together. I want to know if Taylor formed this view before or after she went through Brooke's medical files and outed Bill and Brooke for Brooke's miscarriage of Bill's baby when he'd been married to Katie. I want to know if Taylor formed this opinion before or after she decided Bill had raped her daughter and deserved a bullet in the back for it.

Something about Taylor and her motives in that conversation bothered me. I think Taylor is trying to marry Brooke off to clear the way for Tridge. What do you think that bit of girl talk was about? And how do you feel about Brooke and Taylor playing "dressmaker and model" in the CEO's office?

Eight things we don't want to hear or see in 2023

I wanted to start the year right by talking about things viewers want to see in the New Year, but when I talked to some devoted watchers of The Bold and the Beautiful, they concentrated on what they were fed up with. Here are the two scoops on what they do not want to hear or see in 2023:

8. "I'm pressing charges." No one wants to hear anything else about pressing charges. That's not how it works with felonies, and we've had enough of B&B "lawgic."

7. Sheila mad-chuckling or Joker-grinning at everything. Sheila's ending almost every scene with a sinister chuckle or grin, and it's losing its effect on viewers.

6. Ridge choosing someone. No one wants to see Ridge in a position to choose between women again. The plot device is so 1988. Women do not compete in romance pageants. Not even for the love of the great playboy Ridge Forrester.

5. Finn purse-holding for Steffy. No one wants to see Finn purse-holding for Steffy anymore. He's holding her purse because his balls are in there, but I wish he'd grow a new pair and start being a leading man instead of a led man.

4. Hope declaring that psycho Thomas is a changed man. No one wants to hear bad-judgment Hope be wrong about Thomas' mental state again.

3. Thomas under the bus. Viewers are fed up with Thomas being the fall guy in storylines. If he's changed, let him be changed and find a woman. Do the writers know how insane it is that playboy Ridge's son is a sociopath who can't get a date?

2. Carter naked in someone's office. I don't say no one wants to see Carter naked, but tone it down and get it out of Steffy's office. The place must smell like sweaty jock straps. Katie should also be against it now that Brooke has called Carter their "luscious" COO. Put up a "No Changing Zone" sign, Katie, because Brooke is single.

1. Brooke and Taylor in a bowl of popcorn, slathering hot butter on each other. These two have been way too salty over the years to pull this friendship off. It's too fast and too fake. Besides, Ridge wasn't their main problem, as they pretend he was. Let Steffy hit her head and want Liam again -- or get amnesia and want Liam again -- and Pay-Per-View will be promoting the newest boxing match between Brooke and Taylor.

In a look ahead:

Katie tries to talk Bill out of aligning himself with Sheila. Wyatt and Liam learn about the new woman in Bill's life. Taylor calls Sheila's bluff. Bill strains family ties and draws closer to Sheila. Brooke makes a move to protect her family.

Also coming up, Steffy vows to see Sheila back in jail. I suggest Steffy go her grandmother's route and put a gun in Sheila's hand, like Stephanie did with Brooke. Try it, Steffy. See what happens. Just remember, Sheila is a cobra, and she will strike.

That's all the Two Scoops and nothing but the Two Scoops! I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below. Let us know what you do not want to hear or see in 2023. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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