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It was a bad week to be a Salemite! From deaths to despair, not many townies had a terrific time. Let's grab some wine and tissues and take a look at all the misery in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Our fair Sister Shania of the Tremendous Twain Order once sang, "Honey, I'm home, and I had a hard day." Preach, sister. Preach. It's been a bad few days in Salem, filled with bellyaching and all-out bawling. Man, I hate that.

And just when I thought things couldn't get worse, now we have to call a hearse for Kate and Kayla. Let me be the first on my feet to celebrate the performances surrounding these sad scenes. They were wonderfully heartbreaking. I applaud the cast so hard. Josh Taylor and Stephen Nichols are especially outstanding as Roman and Steve reel from their crushing losses. My hands also hurt from clapping for Abigail Klein, too!

That said, will there be a heavenly payoff to all the sadness, or are Salem "deaths" redundant at this point!? We've spotted some scenes in the promos regarding Kate, Kayla, and Doc bathed in white and seemingly in heaven. So, we know they're not gone-gone off our scenes, and I doubt many of us believe they're gone-gone from Salem in any permanent fashion. So, again, what will the payoff be!?

Will these three ladies' resurrections lead the way for other "dead" Salemites to return home, or are we just getting a jaunt through soap afterlife to see some of our fallen favorites again? It would be a possibly fun way to see old faces once again. Is Bo still in heaven now that he's opened his eyes in Beyond Salem 2? Will Angel-Upon-the-Tree Abigail grant them their wishes to return to the land of the living!? Will Isabella show up this time? Loretta Devine's Angela was swell and all, but looking back, Bo's sister should have played the divine guardian angel role. Maybe this time? Maybe!

Still. Neither Kate nor Kayla's deaths, or Marlena's deteriorating health, is the worst tragedy to befall Salem last week. Honestly, I don't know how I'm going to write the next words. They're so sad. SO tragic. What's worse than tragic!? I don't know, and I'm two heartbroken to Google, but let's brace ourselves and turn down our veils of mourning because, you guys, Alex didn't get what he wanted. I know. I know. It's, well, tragic.

I mean, I couldn't be more Team Stephanie on this one if you promised me all the wine in the DiMera cellar, endless amounts of Maggie's lemon bars, and access to Chad's snazzy blazer when he's done wearing it. She had every right to be furious and heartbroken over what Alex did. There're so many levels to his betrayal.

To be fair, could more have been done to contact Stephanie? Sure. A bit more, but a consumed Steve tasked it to Chad, who's "second mother" had just passed. Neither was in the best head or heart spaces. At the end of the day, though, Stephanie's phone was a direct line to her in this time of crisis, and Alex severed that line.

Right! Alex feels real, real bad. Someone be sure to get him a cookie and a gold star sticker for his growth chart, since he properly identified a feeling.

Steph pretty much shut the argument down by stating, "Sorry doesn't cut it." Nope. Not in this case. From the very beginning Alex attempted to bulldoze through her words and wishes to get what he wished for, and he's still doing it. He hasn't grown at all. He's just added jealousy to the mix. Guh-rate.

In the meantime, I'm heading to Steph's with some breakup playlists, lots of snacks, and tissues. Her spirits need bolstering, and she also needs some tender-yet-tough love -- her shaming herself because she was having sex at the time Kayla died was utter nonsense. She had no way of knowing Kayla was going to relapse and die within the time it took to make some whoopie. Well. She did, but Alex prevented that. Anyway...

No. Stephanie should not feel bad at all. What does she think she should be doing? Waiting on a bench, staring at a blank wall with a to-go bag JUST in case something bad happened to someone!? I'd say she should forgive herself, but she did nothing wrong. Consenting safe sex happened. It should be celebrated, not used to make one feel bad. The only shameful act that day was done by Alex.


Agent John Black spoke some pretty exciting words last week! He said of an investigation, "A couple of Black Patch investigators [are on it]." Um, yes, please! And who are these Black Patchians!? Paul Narita and Andrew Donovan with Wendy on tech!? Again, "Yes, please!" Either way, I love that the agency is expanding.

Eric's new attitude reminds me of a quote from the movie Wonder Boys. There's a character who explained his mother as a devout Catholic and later the contrary when he said she was a "dancer for money." When questioned, the character replies, "When we [Catholics] fall, we fall hard." I feel like that applies to Eric, though he was more pushed than fell.

Speaking of fell, er, falling, I think when Clyde shanked Sonny, Ye Old Care Bear must have hit his head on the way down. He's just not himself lately. There are so many instances, but really, he couldn't even imagine what Steve was going through losing a spouse? Really? I mean, "Will-y!?" Speaking of! It's time for a side rant...

Grief is a powerful thing, and it can be awkward when giving condolences. We've all been there. Still, so many Salemites seem to have forgotten fallen loved ones when making statements like the abovementioned "I couldn't imagine." Both Chad and Alex lost their mothers. Nicole did, too! How could she not relate to what Eric's going through. There's a big difference between one-upping someone's tales of grief and "I can relate." Okay. I digress.

I get everyone's exasperation with Sonny's stance on forgiveness. I think it's all coming from a loving place, as nobody wants to see him get hurt again-again. I was frustrated, too, but I'm kind of torn. On one hand, if Sonny changes, he won't be Sonny anymore. And we don't need another former cheery Salemite roaming around town like a Gloomy Gus. Oh, hi, Eric! But again, I digress.

On the other hand, Sonny does have room to change. I've unknowingly had my generosity taken advantage of before in life. It hurt, but I grew from the experience. I would still give, but just keep my eyes open as I do. Sonny needs to work on that last part. There're many ways for him to cheerlead redemption, but Sonny needs to realize that his forgiveness shouldn't put his loved ones at risk or make them feel uncomfortable. Set Leo up at a hotel for a month and see him for "Musical Mondays" at Unicorn Highway. See, Sonny, compromise, and you can redeem yourself in the process. Win-win.

Opposite of a "Win-Win" is a "Lose-Lose" otherwise known as Special K. Actually, there are two Lose-Losers in play in Salem, and both got the tongue-lashings they deserved. Those are Kristen and Li. I especially loved Brady finally being able to blast his blackmailer. Though it was also thoroughly satisfying to watch the Chloemeister calling out Li. Sorry, losers, but it was nice to see a win for Team Broe (even if they aren't so Broe-y at the moment).

Excuse me, Li. No, no, no. You do not get to bully your sister. Wendy kept your dirty secret out of love and loyalty, but she shouldn't be forced to do your dirty work. Still, I can't blame Gabi for shutting the door in her face.

So, Sloan slapped Chanel and Paulina with another lawsuit. I feel the missing part of this revenge plot is her sibling. What's brother's take on all of this? Have we met him yet!? I feel like we need his perspective a bit. Like, does he feel the same way she does, or is he a little more comfortable with the tragic truth?

On the topic of "tragedy," Kate and Kayla's deaths, and Mar Mar's fading health, have brought Lucas and Will back onto the canvas, as well as brought the feels from the plethora of Salemites sharing the love. I adored Rex and Lucas, as well as Will and Allie, bonding.

Steve and Jada's scene was great! I loved Marcus, so she was a good delegate to console Steve. I wish to see more of these two together. Perhaps Jada could be one of those new Black Patchians!

I also loved that Jada extended her condolences to Roman and highlighted how kind Kate was to her. Paulina, too! Roman needed to hear those nice words. Kate was often the town's pariah, but to know she was a fierce friend, too, was good for him. I hope Chad pays Roman a nice long visit, too.

I kept getting the heart warm and fuzzies when Tripp was referred to as Kayla's son. He so was in all matters of the heart. DAYS does nontraditional families so well, and I'm glad their bond was celebrated.

I enjoyed Rex's swagger last week! He and Lucas were great together, and I was all in on how he warned the prison guard. Then he mic-dropped the week when he said, "Kate Roberts' kids stick together." I hope he means that! He did learn about Philip and said he had already reached out to Austin, Billie, and Cassie. Will we get a family reunion!? I hope so! Rex. Make. This. Happen.

Extra Scoops


Elton John asked in song, "And can you feel the love tonight?" Yes! The answer is "Yes!" At least in Salem, it is. Last week was a spectacular showing of support and love as the city mourned Kate and Kayla. The various connections and outreaching of condolences were touching. Will their "deaths" last? Probably not, but the love felt for their losses was real and a real reminder of what Team DAYS does right. Let's pour one for each of our fallen Salemites -- a Shirley Temple for Kayla and a martini for Kate. Cheers, you lovely ladies!


Kate having a chic urn tracks. Kate's chic urn not being blue is just a failure. If you know, you know.


Li: "She threw our wedding cookies at me!"

Brady (to Kristen): "How the hell is that my problem?"

I love that Brady finally got his, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn," moment with Special K!


Sorry, John and Eric, but Marlena would want to see her "My Dear Boy" immediately.

Take a shot! Rafe said he had a contact in Jakarta at the State Department. That is SO Rafe's thing. I love it.

Sami is trying to get to Salem! Yes, please.

I love when Will gets snarky.

The card from Thomas and Little Lotte was a heavy-handed plot device, but so adorable, nonetheless.

I cracked up when Kristen told E.J. to stop clutching his pearls. She's MUCH better in the family orbit than begging and bothering Brady.

I'm still not convinced that we don't already know Jada's mother and that she might have just "died." Hmm!

Whoops! I kind of forgot about Justin and Kayla's past relationship. Legit feel bad about that one. It was beautiful for a moment.

I can't wait to watch Will go ham on Leo! This will be great. Sorry, not sorry, Sonny Bear.

Good on Lucas for turning over the booze to Rex!

I wonder if Jack will take a moment to pay tribute to Kate?

I was worried at first that Roman was going to go "full Anna" with the urn, so I'm glad he actually brought her up in the conversation. It made sense. Though, if we're being honest, Kate would have probably gotten a bigger kick out of a martini shaker-like eternal resting place than a purple urn.

No, really. Chad's blazer was a win! You go, good sir.

Also, Stephanie has the best loungewear in Salem. Comfy and pocketed? Again, a win-win.

I loved, loved, loved it when Kristen told Brady not to blame himself, and he blasted her with, "I blame you!" Sadly, she still doesn't get it.

When Steve picked up the handcrafted flower vase in Kayla's office that Stephanie made in second grade, was I the only one who expected him to say Joey made it for his mother...last week?


So, friends and fellow fans, that's it for January 16! Are you stocking up on tissues as Salem's Tour de Sadness continues? What was the biggest boohoo moment last week!? Or are you just ready for this storyline to be over -- again!? While you answer those questions and more, Laurisa will be preparing an all-new DAYS Two Scoops for next week! As always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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