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Last week, Liam looked an "invitation horse" in the mouth by refusing to go to Rome on principle, but Thomas couldn't recognize an invitation horse if it gazed at him all jet-ride long. Is Thomas really too oblivious to make Liam's Rome nightmares come true? Brooke justified why she went to Rome, but why is Ridge there other than a Bridge reunion? Plus, Deacon gave out fatherly advice, and in honor of Father's Day, here's a look back at some welcome and unwelcome fatherly assistance from our bold and beautiful dads.

When not in Rome

The crew is off to Rome for the preview, and it looks like those who got invited are just as important as those who didn't -- and those who declined. Brooke proved her worthiness to tag along. Who better to hobnob with buyers and suppliers than the creator and innovator of many of Forrester's lines? I believe the writers left off of Brooke's résumé that she also established FC's boutiques, but kudos to them for remembering she helped create Taboo.

If only the writers had followed up by having Brooke tell Hope that, once upon a time, Thomas worked on a line with her mom and became just as enamored with her mom, and it ended in just as much disaster as Hope's sex fantasies about Thomas will end. With the ominous, slow-mo takeoff scene at the end of Thursday's episode, I almost wondered if the crew was headed for another Berry Island plane crash. At least if that happened, Hope could blame it on the berries.

Taylor gave up her passive-aggressive campaign to board the plane, but she made sure Ridge knew to "consider the source" when Brooke bad-mouthed her to him in Rome. I agree that Ridge needs to consider the source, especially if it's the woman whom he divorced decades ago for bad-mouthing Brooke while having James's skeletons in her own closet.

And I dare say that we all know very well that the last person Brooke will be talking about in Rome is Taylor. Not on this trip. It is not "Et tu, Tay-Tay" this time. But I do wonder why Brooke, on the jet, made that comment about Thomas to Ridge about not wanting Thomas watching them after all Thomas had done to them. I mean, I get why she'd think it -- just not why she'd say it to Ridge, who eye-rolled her in response.

We know why Brooke went to Rome and Taylor didn't; however, what is Ridge's purpose for being on the trip? He's not the lead designer or co-designer of HFTF, and the co-CEO and the COO are on the trip. Why do they need Ridge? I think he's on this trip for one reason only -- a Bridge reunion we could all see coming from the moment Ridge left Brooke. It's definitely not to have a beer with his BFF. Carter set him straight about that, and I doubt Carter would be thinking about a beer with Ridge if Carter's Logan was there.

If anyone should have been on the trip, it should have been Katie. Katie is the head of PR. Why wouldn't she be at the Italy preview? Plus, she is involved in a brand-new relationship. All the characters keep asserting that the city put the "Rome" in "romance," so why aren't Carter and Katie falling in love in Italy while Bill is home, burning candles with Phil Collins' "One More Night" on repeat?

Another left-behind person is Eric, who reminded us about how much satisfaction he used to get behind his desk. I suspect he's thinking of the satisfaction he got "on" the desk, too. What's up with Eric reclaiming his office and his desk? Will he make an executive comeback soon?

Then there are those who declined an invitation to Rome. Those like Liam. Before Finn talked some sense into him, Liam stood on wife-trust principle and denied himself a legitimate ticket to watch Thomas and Hope like a hawk. Would Liam have given Thomas the jockeying position to take Liam's wife, or is Thomas really too oblivious to Hope's feelings to make a move on Hope?

If Thomas' invitation to massage Hope on the flight in front of everyone is any indication, I'd say the dream team might truly connect only in Hope's dreams.

I want your sex! C-C-C-C-Come on (get the hint)!

"I know we can come together, but the question is...will we ever, ever..." George Michael

All week, it was sexy baby, sexy body, and cheesy fantasies to keep us guessing about whether Hope will succumb to her deepest Thomas-filled desires. Brooke and Steffy side-eyed the situation with intensity, and Liam all but imploded his marriage over a feeling he just can't shake. Meanwhile, Thomas doodled away on more sketches, completely oblivious to the fact that, after years of blue balls, he might be on the verge of having the fan-blowing, gold-candle-hued, seventies-disco-ball-twirling sex of his life in the eternal city of love and pasta.

You know what convinced me that Thomas is clueless about Hope? In front of Steffy, Ridge, Carter, and Brooke, he offered to give her a backrub as easily as if he was offering it to Carter. That's how innocent he thinks everything has become between him and Hope. He's so unattuned to Hope's vibe that he'd probably offer to give Liam one, too, if Liam were there.

Hope keeps staring at Thomas across the room and across the jet. She's watching him sketch, watching him talk to Steffy, and grinning at him anytime he looks up at her. You're telling me that Thomas isn't catching any of these mating calls? Even after people told him Hope wants him? No matter what Hope throws at him, he just ain't catching it. If anything goes down in Rome, it will be because Hope knocks him down and hops on his lap. But even then, Thomas might just roll her off him and reach for his pad, saying he just got an idea for an HFTF designer condom.

According to Friday's episode, Finn was able to convince Liam to fly out to Rome to surprise Liam's wife. Will Liam arrive in time to catch a preview of the HFTF line or a preview of Hope's backside as she rides Thomas as she only can in her dreams? I really hope Finn wasn't so stupid as to send Liam into heartbreak, knowing that Liam uses Steffy like a tissue.

I'm ready to make a Rome prediction. Liam will happen upon Hope and Thomas at the precise moment that Hope loses control. Maybe Liam will witness a kiss. Once he walks away devastated, Thomas will set Hope straight about their relationship. It will be too late. This will be the end of Hope and Liam, and the next storyline will be a legit romance with Hope and Thomas. In the meantime, Steffy was watching Hope and Thomas more closely than a Ring cam, chiming in on every intimate Hope and Thomas moment. Surely, Steffy will discover Liam -- and we know what happens every time Steffy is there to pick up the pieces for Liam. RSVP paternity test.

B&B Fatherly "help" and advice for the not-so-squeamish

Last week, I was impressed by Deacon and the fatherly advice he gave Hope regarding her marriage. He advised her to listen to her husband, not handle him, and Deacon gave Hope permission to be imperfect and to make mistakes. Any inexperienced daughter might have taken that as permission to dive on Thomas, but Hope's in control, right?

Deacon additionally had words of wisdom for his son-in-law, but Liam is wound so tight right now that if Hope called to check on the kids and asked him to hand the phone to Douglas so Thomas could talk to him, Liam's head might explode. What's still strange to me is that Liam and Deacon interact like Deacon and "Adam" never met, and Liam doesn't recognize Deacon from Liam's time in captivity during his abduction by Quinn.

Hey, but all fathers can't be perfect, and in honor of our not-so-perfect dads, here are some unforgettably bold and beautiful fatherly memories just in time for Father's Day:

Stepfather Ridge forces a toast. Who can forget the Thanksgiving when Ridge tried to forge peace between his daughter and stepdaughter by coercing Hope to propose a toast to the newly wedded Steffy and Liam? Ridge's heart was in the right place, even if his brain wasn't.

Ridge "saves" his grandson from his father. Because of the terrible rogue Thomas had been at the time, other reckless relationships Thomas had had with women, and Thomas' drunken night with Caroline, Ridge decided that he was the father of Thomas' child, Douglas, not Thomas. Caroline eventually told Thomas the truth, and Thomas abducted Douglas for a day.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts. Thomas set up a projector to terrify Douglas with ghostly images in hopes of drawing Hope nearer to their family.

My son for your sex. Thomas offered to give Hope custody of Douglas if Hope agreed to spend the night with Thomas.

Eric employs his motor skills to help Bridget break up with Deacon. When the young Bridget wouldn't give up the toxic Deacon, Eric shifted into gear -- literally -- by mowing down the blackmailing bastard in a failed attempt to permanently rid his daughter of Deacon.

Eric advised Ridge to get his ass back to Brooke. One line I will never forget on this show was when Eric told Ridge, "Get your ass back to Brooke!" That was back when wrong-headed poet Ridge thought he loved Katie. And Eric has been telling Ridge the same thing ever since.

Stephen takes one for the stock. When your daughter needs controlling interest in Forrester Creations, it's Stephen Logan to the rescue. Stephen befriended Taylor and helped her see the wisdom in signing her stock over to him just to stick it to Stephanie. Brooke gained the controlling interest she needed to fire the Forrester gang, and Stephen rewarded himself by bedding Taylor.

Stephen collects $5 million to make Brooke move. Massimo offered Stephen $5 million dollars to exaggerate his heart condition to con Brooke into moving to Paris. Brooke moved but fell off the Eiffel Tower, and it was Ridge to the rescue.

Deacon delayed Hope's wedding. Speaking of cons and being paid to hurt your child, Deacon accepted an earlier release from prison and cash from Bill. All Deacon had to do was go to Italy and reveal himself to Hope moments before her wedding to Liam in Puglia.

Deacon tries to sell Little D to the highest bidder. When it was revealed that Little Eric was actually Little D., Rick tried to buy Deacon's parental rights. Deacon attempted to extort money from the Spectras and the Forresters in exchange for his parental rights.

Bill helps Liam save his marriage. When Liam decided to leave Steffy, despite her ATV accident, Bill sprang into action to save his son's marriage by paying the doctor in Cabo to fake a blood clot on Steffy's brain that could kill her at any moment.

Bill helps Liam end his marriage. Bill, who still had feelings for Steffy, offered her the ultimate comfort when she was disillusioned by the kiss Liam and Sally shared in the demolished Spectra building. Steffy's one-night stand was the beginning of the end for Steam, and Bill finally demolished the pair by planting lipstick on a pillow in his office.

Liam and Finn's hot Dad's Day. Thank you, Bold, for giving us the shirtless Liam and Finn on Friday. Love seeing dads being good role models and getting their workouts on!

If you want to honor any of our other dastardly or angelic fathers, please do so in the comments section below.

In a look ahead: Love and heartache in Rome

If you check out Soap Central's B&B spoiler section, it teases that the Colosseum will provide the backdrop for some of the scenes that unfold in picturesque Rome. Ridge races to get to Brooke in time, and as Liam prepares to make a grand gesture, his world comes crashing down.

Thanks for getting the Two Scoops with me this week. Let me know your Rome predictions in the comments section below. And until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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