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As we sail into summer, will Mason's demands force Ava into an alliance with Sonny? Is "Eddie Maine's " appearance Nina's salvation? Can Dex do his job and keep Josslyn happy? Let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops of secrets and summer shenanigans.

Portia should never be put in charge of a birthday bash again. Ever. Curtis' party was a pitiful gathering, and I couldn't help but wonder if the lack of friends and co-workers was because Portia didn't extend invitations, or are they as annoyed with Curtis as I have been? To be fair, it's not just Curtis who bothers me. Portia gets on my nerves, too.

I don't think that Curtis' kiss with Jordan was an unforgiveable act. It can easily be chalked up to a moment of weakness with a bit of payback mixed in for good measure. Not a good look, but certainly not the end of the world. No, Curtis' sin was asking Jordan to give him time to sort things out after he had moved back home to try to work things out with Portia. Mr. Morality actually wanted his backup waiting in the wings, just in case it didn't work out with Portia. It was such a slap in the face to both Jordan and Portia.

I'm thrilled that Zeke has caught Jordan's eye because she deserves better than to be someone's consolation prize, especially when that someone is the person who bailed on their marriage at the first sign of trouble. As frustrated as I am with Portia, she, too, is entitled to honesty from the man who claims to want to "figure things out" with her. Curtis is such a cad. That said, did anyone else find it a tad odd that Zeke seemed surprised that Taggert was a in a bad place? Of course, Taggert is a wreck. How could he not be?

My heart broke for Taggert when he bared his soul to Jordan about the DNA test and how crushed he'd been to learn that he was not Trina's biological father. I hate that Taggert feels like he's lost his daughter, because nothing could be further from the truth. A father isn't about biology, it's about love and being present and supportive. Taggert is all those things and more to Trina. Worse than seeing Taggert in so much pain was how everyone seemed to accept that Taggert was handling the news well. No wonder Taggert's a mess; he has no support system.

Réal Andrews was absolutely phenomenal. Taggert's breakdown was easily the standout scene of the week. It was tragic, gripping, and, most of all, powerful to watch. I ended up crying right along with him, and I can't tell you how much I want it to be revealed that Selina had her minion in the lab tamper with those DNA test results.

Meanwhile, Portia has adopted Nina's philosophy in life. When things go well, self-sabotage it to hell. Portia has her husband back home and a chance to repair her fractured relationship with Trina, but what does Portia do with that wonderful opportunity? She starts low-key undermining Trina's romance with Spencer. The worst thing possible.

Look, I wouldn't want my daughter to date someone like Spencer, either. He has a short fuse and a crazy family prone to plotting world domination, and now he's bound and determined to take on the responsibility of a baby. No mother would want a guy like that for her 20-year-old daughter. However, the Machiavellian approach never ends well for anyone, least of all the manipulators.

It drives me crazy that Portia is aggressively scheming against Spencer because it speaks to how little she respects the young woman she raised Trina to be. Portia doesn't trust Trina's judgment, which is tragic. I have children, and when they turned 18, we took a step back. It wasn't always easy or perfect -- there was a bit of a learning curve -- but my husband and I trusted our kids. Did my daughter date someone I didn't approve of? Yup, but I was honest with her. I told her how I felt, and I let her make her own choices.

The relationship only lasted a few months because mama was right. Mama is always right. However, my little cub had to figure things out for herself. It's part of gaining wisdom and evolving.

Now, let's talk about the other debacle at Metro Court's pool.

Ned found out that Nina tipped off the SEC, so he hightailed it to the pool area to share the news with Drew. Ned was on a mission to vindicate himself, but he tripped on a discarded towel, bonked his head on the edge of the pool, and fell in. Had it not been for Drew, Ned might very well have died. Drew not only pulled Ned out of the water, but he proceeded to give him CPR. Tracy thanked Drew by accusing him of attacking Ned.

If it hadn't been for security cameras at the pool, Tracy might very well have succeeded in having Drew charged with assault on top of the charges that he's facing from the SEC. That's why I was a bit ticked that Drew got hauled down to the police station for questioning, while Tracy got a free pass on filing a false police report. I didn't expect Chase to ignore what Tracy had said, but if he knew there were security cameras around, shouldn't he have at least looked at them first?

I hope Drew blackmails Tracy. He knows that he hit a nerve when he confronted her about using Brook Lynn to spy on Deception, and it would serve Tracy right for the stunt that she pulled. Ned isn't the only person with connections and deep pockets.

Yes, I know that Drew and Carly are guilty of insider trading, but this is a soap opera not real life. If all the characters were held accountable for their crimes, we'd be watching General Hospital: Stripes Are the New Scrubs. Justice on soaps is often more about karma than the law. That's why I want Tracy to have to help Drew and why I feel that Carly has paid enough for her sins by losing both Sonny and the hotel to Nina -- and now having to deal with the threat of jail looming over her.

It's also why I do not expect Sonny and Nina to make it down the aisle. Nina sealed her fate by ratting out Carly and putting a noose around Sonny's neck. If Sonny and Nina do manage to exchange vows, their marriage won't last long. Sonny's protective side has roared to life, and he's hellbent on making sure that the mother of his children does not end up in jail. Anyone who threatens that objective is the enemy, which puts Nina squarely in Sonny's you're-dead-to-me camp.

Nina seems to recognize that she's been the master of her own disaster. She knows that she will lose everything once Sonny learns that she was the one who got the ball rolling on the Feds putting the screws to Carly. Since we now have a wedding date -- Sonny said the church will be available in the fall -- I don't expect the truth to come out until then. No doubt, someone will run up to Sonny and Nina just as she's about to confess and share the news about Eddie Maine. I'm okay with that because I think the truth coming out at the wedding is much soapier.

Even though things might not last between Sonny and Nina, I don't want Sonny and Carly to get back together. That ship sailed, caught fire, and sank at sea. There were no survivors. I'd rather Sonny and Alexis get back together than have to suffer through another round of Sonny and Carly.

Too bad for Sonny, Eddie Maine might soon snag Alexis' full attention, which would be a hoot. Not for a second do I think Alexis would actually fall for "Eddie's" romantic overtures -- she's way too interested in Gregory -- but it would be fun to watch "Eddie" try. Also, Olivia needs a little bit of karma herself after that ridiculous outburst with Carly.

I get that some people don't handle stress well, and clearly Olivia is one of those people, but wow, was that uncalled for. Don't get me wrong, I felt terrible for Olivia when Brook Lynn found her quietly weeping and clutching the rosary as she prayed. Listening to Olivia talk about her grandmothers and great-aunts whipping out their rosaries in times of crisis and how she learned to take comfort in prayer was so real and sad. I felt incredibly bad for Olivia, but the tide turned when Carly arrived, and Olivia greeted her with silence.

Olivia's frosty reception made me think that she didn't want Carly there, so I was rather surprised when Carly offered to leave, and Olivia began to sob as she asked Carly to stay. Five minutes later, angry Olivia returned and went straight for the jugular over something that Olivia pulled out of thin air.

In no way shape or form did Carly imply that Drew saving Ned was ironic, and Carly most certainly gave no indication that she hoped for anything other than a full and speedy recovery for Ned. Olivia was cruel and hateful, and I don't care if she was lashing out. You don't treat friends that way. It was completely unprovoked, and if that kind of blistering tongue-lashing makes Olivia feel better, then she needs to open the Bible more.

Speaking of rotten people, Mason wants Ava to gather intel on Sonny because Mason's boss has plans to take down Sonny. The fool. Austin, who seems to think that this is Sonny's first rodeo, is pressuring Ava to comply because Austin's boss is a bad, bad lady.

I don't understand why Ava isn't going to Sonny with this nonsense. Sonny is not going to care one fig that Ava clobbered Nikolas and made him disappear. As far as Sonny is concerned, good riddance. Sonny hates Nikolas. Ava could actually score some major points by letting Sonny know that there's an enemy plotting against him. If you have to dance with the devil, do it with the devil you know. Sonny has proven himself to be invincible time and again. How many times has he cheated death?

Sonny is also the father of Ava's daughter, and she has finally gotten to a place with him where they can have conversations and co-parent their daughter. Avery loves her father. For Ava to help someone take Sonny down will do irreparable harm to her relationship with her only surviving daughter. Yes, Sonny will be out of the way and Ava will be able to raise Avery, but we saw with Kiki how lies destroy even the deepest of love.

I know Austin thinks his lady boss is bad news, but Ava is an ex-mob boss who has dealt with a serial killer stalker. If anyone can give Austin's boss a run for her money, it's Ava. If she teamed up with Sonny, Ava and Sonny would be unstoppable.

Finally, Dex has decided to keep working for Sonny. He explained to Josslyn that he's a mercenary, and a mercenary must do mercenary things, which apparently includes mobster work. Josslyn was not happy -- she seldom is these days -- but she accepted his decision because it meant that Dex would be staying in Port Charles. Two seconds later, Josslyn was angry again because Michael offered Dex a job as Sonny's secret bodyguard. Josslyn acted like Michael was forcing Dex back into Sonny's world, even though Dex just got done telling her that he had no intention of leaving it.

I hate what has happened to Josslyn. It really feels like her relationship with Dex has brought out the worst in her. If she's not yelling at someone, she's seething with fury. The only time she smiles is when Dex is either kissing her or having sex with her. It's not a good look, and neither is her hypocrisy. Dex is exactly like Sonny. For her sisters' sakes, Josslyn needs to let her anger at Sonny go. Michael and Carly have, and they were hurt far worse by Sonny's mob crossfire than Josslyn ever was.

Between Josslyn's surly attitude and the scant knowledge that we have of Dex's background, I just can't get into this pairing. It didn't help that they got off to a rocky start with Josslyn sleeping with Dex before ending things with Cameron, but since then, there has been little to draw me in. The writing seems to be more focused on sizzling sex scenes rather than meaningful romance. I can appreciate good chemistry as much as the next person, but I also need substance.

I want to know more about Dex. Who is he really, and why would he choose violence instead of using the money that Michael paid him to go into culinary school and study to be chef? Dex mentioned that his older brothers had bullied and tormented him and that his parents did nothing about it. How could they have been blind to that kind of abuse, and if they weren't, why would they not protect their youngest son? Maybe if I knew more about Dex, and understood what made him tick, I might see some of what Josslyn seems to see in him.

Right now, I don't. Dex is very much one-dimensional to me, and what little I know does not bode well. He reminds me of other doomed bad boys like Zander Smith, Johnny Zacchara, and Diego Alcazar.

Random thoughts and observations

I loved Alexis' comment that Esme is the latest person to join the Cassadine Squid Games. What a fabulous description of what it's like to tangle with the Cassadine crew.

Why does Spencer act like the evidence against Esme that Victor left in the safe deposit box will land him in jail if the police determine that Victor had fabricated it? All Spencer has to do is go to Jordan and say, "Hey, Comish, Victor left me this cache of evidence against Esme. Can you find out if it's legit, and if so, send that little snake to jail? Thanks, bruh." (If you're a boy mom, you know.)

So, are we expected to believe that there are security cameras all over Metro Court, except in the areas that Gladys used when she planted the bracelet on Cody during the Nurses Ball?

Why have we had a dozen love scenes between Dex and Josslyn, but we've barely had two passionate kisses between Spencer and Trina? The last time that I checked, Spencer and Trina are two young, healthy adults who have had romantic feelings for each other for well over a year. Come on, writers, share the love with Sprina!

Reader feedback

How did Spencer and Trina know which bank to go to? Was it engraved on the key? And how did Victor get these things? And how does an UNUSED prescription prove anything? Who's the doctor who signed it? And suddenly there's security photos from the pier? Oh, wait, this is Port Charles, where things like actual legitimate evidence don't count. -- Missez Premise

I'll give Carly credit for admonishing Michael and eventually Josslyn too for even thinking of trying to put Sonny in jail. I understand Sonny might've emotionally hurt her mother but Sonny has stood in for Jax for many periods of her life, especially when Carly was jailed/institutionalized for pushing Nelle. Sonny still sees Joss as a daughter even if she doesn't view him as family. I think they've done Eden McCoy such a disservice in plummeting the honor of her character. She was so good with Oscar and his illness, eventually his death. Then grieving for him. She was a great friend to Trina when she was kidnapped by Cyrus and supportive when she thought Taggert died. She was great with Cam. But all of a sudden she's just been a selfish brat. -- Surge Benjamin

Anna's cover is blown? I've always wondered how one could be a spy when everyone seems to know that person is a spy. Another laugh was provided when the WSB accused her of treason against the state. What state is that? After all these years we still don't know who the WSB is affiliated with or where they get their authority. Let's retire the WSB and Anna as an agent. -- JDF

What are your thoughts about what's going on on General Hospital? Do you agree or disagree with anything that I've shared in this week's column? I love hearing from everyone and reading your thoughts, so drop me a comment in the Comments section below. You can also join us over on the message boards for even more conversation!

Take care and happy viewing,
Liz Masters

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